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									                                            Script for La Bella Consultants

Below is our script. Once you read it a few times, you will find that it’s a very simple script and not difficult at all!

Remember, every time you pick up the phone to call a prospect, you are giving them the greatest gift. That is the
gift of opportunity. So pass on the gift to as many as possible. The more people you help, the closer it will bring
you to your dream and goals.

The best ways to get comfortable with our script is by listening to us do our presentation.
You can listen to our presentation 24/7 by visiting:

Before you start making a presentation:
It is important to sound "natural" when you call your prospects. You do not want
to sound like you are "reading a script". People don't like it when you sound like you are reading a
script, so PLEASE, practice your presentation out loud 50 times before you start calling people that showed interest
about the business. My suggestion, call your friends and say "I'm working for a great company at home, do you
mind if I go over my script with you and PLEASE grade me. Let me know how I sound”.

Tip #1:
Relax and have fun on the phone AND make a good friend. We are simply giving people information about our
business. We do not pressure anyone to join our business. We are here to help people and give them an
opportunity to build a business that belongs to them and their family. We are the good guys 

Tip #2
 Enthusiasm sells!
Get excited about your business and remember that nothing sells without enthusiasm.
If you not excited about your business, here are 5 reasons why you should be excited!

#1 You won’t find a company that offers what we have. This opportunity is wide open. You are on the front line
of this company and it puts you in a very unique position. It enables you can grow as much as you like, at any pace
you wish.

#2 This is a ground floor opportunity. Haven't you ever wished that you had been the first one to join a growing
company? Well, you have that right here with La Bella Baskets! What you do with this, is up to you.

#3. It’s a fun business and you will be surrounded by beautiful gifts

#4 Anyone can afford this business and they can start learning how to grow a nice customer base that will
continue ordering from them.

#5 We are the perfect business.
We people don’t have to buy expensive products, buy kits, stock inventory, deliver products or throw parties.

Note: So, grab a script and start sharing this opportunity. Don’t worry about knowing everything! If you are given
a question that you don’t know the answer, don’t worry. Learn to say “that is a very good question, let me find out
the answer and call you back”. Then call your mentor! W e are here to help you. Just remember, the more
presentations you do, the easier it will become.

Tip #3
Learn the 9 Referral Rules and apply them to your business every day. These do work.
#1. Make the Prospect Comfortable
#2 Keep the Conversation Focused on the Prospect
#3 Build Trust
#4 Hear the Prospect, don't just Listen
#5 Take the Pressure off the Prospect
#6 Connect w ith the Prospect and They Must Connect w ith You
#7 Pour Out Hope, not Hype
#8 Have Something FOR the Prospect, do not want Something FROM the Prospect
#9 Do Not Be Emotionally Attached to the Result


                                                          SCRIP T

Hi, my name is _______________and I'm a La Bella Baskets consultant. You had visited my website and
requested more information. What can I do for you?
(It is important to build a relationship with them and make them feel comfortable. The way you make them feel comfortable is by
asking them questions about themselves. For example. Why are you looking for work at home, have you tried anything at home
before? the more questions you ask, it will show that you care.
Note: People don’t’ really care how much you know but they do want to know how much you care about them.

Next, give them information about our company.

FIRSTNAME, I am going to go over our program and see if this company is a match for you.
I have 4 items to go over with you.
#1 How our Progr am Works
#2 How do we generate income
#3 How we receive training and support
#4 The last Item…we will determine if this career is for you.

Item #1 How Does Our Program Work?
We have a very simple program that we are super excited about.

a. We provide you with a beautiful website with over 300 gourmet and specialty gift baskets. We can also market
flowers & cookie bouquets. All of these gifts are very popular. These gifts are loaded on your gifting store with
your own shopping cart. No need to figure out all the details. Within minutes you can start taking orders.

b. Customers visit your gifting store.
They can shop for beautiful gifts and receive all their gifting needs and place orders thru your site 24/7. Most of
our consultants start receiving orders just from people that they know right away! For example, you probably
already know people that are s ending flowers, sending gift baskets for birthdays, welcome new baby, anniversary
and other special occasions and holidays. Now, instead of them picking up the phone and placing their orders with
other gifting companies, they will order them from you! People like to do business with people that they know.

We will show you how to generate customers and build a great customer base that keeps coming back to your
store. (especially since we offer free shipping & specials…customers love that and they come back to our store).

c. We ship to your customer within 24-48 hours.
We work behind the scenes in the warehouse taking the shipping, assembly of gifts and other burdens off your
shoulders. We also make sure all packages are professionally prepared.
You DO NO T have to stock any inventory
You DO NO T have to buy any products
You DO NO T have to deal with shipping
You DO NO T have to collect money

We make the baskets and you generate a nice income. That's it! Pretty simple!
Item #2. How do we get paid:
There are three methods to generate income with La Bella Baskets. Many of our consultants work both of these
methods. This way they can generate two sources of income.

Income #1
We can generate income from the gifts that are on our store:
We, as gift consultants, are independent contractors. We work our own hours and work for ourselves. We can
help people with their gifting needs and can receive 20-35% commission on everything that our customer
purchase and also receive commission on our repeat customers. Which adds up BIG overtime (especially when we
build a large customer base). There is also Leadership Positions, Bonuses and Referral Rewards.

Commission checks are paid on the 1st and 16th of each month.

By becoming a consultant we also save money. W e can receive discounts on our personal gifts (20% discount).
For example, every time we need to send flowers, gift baskets, cookie bouquets, birthday gifts or holiday gifts,
We can simply contact La Bella Baskets and enjoy 20% on our personal gifts. We will never have to pay retail

Income #2
We have a referral program:

The company rewards us nicely every time we share this opportunity. They provide all the training we need for
those of us that want to generate income with their referral program. I personally LOVE it and its rewarding to
help others.

We are paid a onetime $15.00 referral bonus for each new consultant that joins La Bella Baskets.

Some of our consultants like to work the referral program while they are building their customer base. With our
referral program you can earn $400 a month by referring one consultant a day and if you refer two consultants a
day, you can generate $900 a month (and so forth). Are these numbers doable? YES! Many Consultants are
doing it every day. This program is affordable, simple and fun and who doesn't like gift baskets and flowers!

The best part is that you won’t find a company like La Bella Baskets out there. You will find many make-up, jewelry
and other home opportunities but you won’t find a company like ours! There are millions of people that have
never heard of our company and the market is wide open. What you do with this opportunity is up to you!
People love this career! (who doesn’t love gift baskets and flowers!)

Income #3

Marketing La Bella Baskets to Corporations / Businesses!

We are offering companies 30% off every order they place with La Bella Baskets and
we have 2 memberships for them to choose from. (6 months and 1 year membership)
We can get paid $25 or $59 for each membership and the best part is that every time
that corporation purchase gifts, it will get you closer to your leadership positions,
bonuses and sales commission % increases.
Now it even gets better. Each time that company that you signed up renews their membership,
you will continue to receive 20% for the six month and 25% for the annual membership.

Item #3 Support & Training

Our company has amazing training and tools available to us.

        We receive a training website that shows us how to generate customers and repeat customers.
       Our customers have Professional customer service.
       Consultants receive a toll-free numbers for support.
       We have access to live and recorded Live Training calls
       We have a forum that you can login anytime to talk to other consultants all over the united
       We also receive a Weekly newsletter to keep us informed of any updates.

So, as you can see, the program is simple and we receive lots of support.

4. Is thi s career a match for you?

The way you will determine if you will do well with this our company is by simply asking yourself two questions:

#1 Can you get excited about helping people with their gifting needs: For example,every time they need to
send flowers or gifts baskets for (spe cial occasions and holiday) such as: Birthdays, Get Well Wishes, Thank
You, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation Day, Holidays, Sympathy, Love & Romance and every holiday?

#2 Can you get excited about sharing this opportunity with other people?
If you answered yes, Then you will do great because if you love what you do, the money will always follow.

First name, do you have any questions ?

If they have no questions…simply go to the next step (the get started section) and educate them that
this is not a job, there is better! They own the business.

To get your started…(educate them that is not a job..this i s better,they OWN the biz)

FIRST NAME, when I was looking for ways to generate income at home, I finally realized, th at tere are not that
many good jobs in the internet, if they were, we would all be working at home for them. That is why I stop lo oking
for jobs, I stop buying work at home directories and I’m with La Bella Baskets.

This is not a job, this is better, you OWN it. You are the boss, you are the CEO of your company.
To start your own gift basket and flower business, it would normally cost thousands of dollars.
La Bella Baskets doesn’t work that way. La Bella Baskets was born because they wanted to help everyone to own
their own gift basket and flower business that is affordable and simple.
We receive all the training, support two websites and we only have a small monthly overhead of JUST $19.95 a
month and that’s it!

The monthly overhead covers:

       Ongoing Support & Training
       2 Marketing websites (a website to market the gifts, and a website to market the opportunity)
       Free Downloadable Marketing Material
       On-going marketing tips.

And remember:

       You don’t have to buy expensive products
       You don’t have to buy expensive kits
       You don’t have to collect Money
       You don’t have to deliver products
       You don’t have to do parties

The best part is that by simply owning our own homebased business, we receive huge home office deductions.
We get to right off our computers, internet,cell phone , our overhead. The moment we start our business, that is
the moment we turn on the home office deductions!

Once you enroll, we also receive a free prescription card and pet prescription card for your entire household. If
you do not need it, that is fine. You can transfer it to another family member.

Some of the pharmacies that accept our card are:
CVS, Rite Aid, Costco, Walgreens, Kmart, Albertsons.
You save 55% on generic drugs
15% on Brand Names
No waiting periods
Instant activation

****If they are ready to get started:

Great, I am going to email you my store so you can enroll online.
Under the gift categories, you will see “BECOME A LBB GIFT CO NSULTANT JOIN NOW”. Simply add that to the cart
and you can enroll right away.

The company will then send you a welcome email to get you started. You will be in my team and we will work

I’m so excited for you! CONGRATULATIONS on starting your own gift basket and flower business!

**** If they want to think about it or look at your website, please email them your website always
follow up with them.

You can also email them the start today websi te: /starttoday .html
p.s. you are also welcome to invite them to listen to our team calls that are held every Tuesday night.

FAQ’s: How was La Bella Baskets Started?

La Bella Baskets started as a membership some time ago. However, we kept hearing from people that they had
always dreamed of owning their own gift basket or flower business but they couldn't afford to purchase websites,
photographers, merchant accounts and pay for the inventory.

Many of these people didn't have the resources, tools, support and guidance that was needed to build their
business and their dreams.

We have always had a vision of a business that would enable people the personal freedom to pursue their dreams.
So, in keeping with that, and after much hard work and due diligence, La Bella Baskets was born. La Bella Baskets is
a new concept. One that we know you will embrace.

We at La Bella Baskets consider all of you as leaders on this ground floor opportunity and you apprec iate all of our
consultants. Haven't you ever wished that you had been the first one to join a growing company? Well, you have
that right here with La Bella Baskets! What you do with this, is up to you.

This opportunity is wide open. Being on the front line of this company puts you in a very unique position. It enables
you can grow as much as you like, at any pace you wish. Our goal is to keep this business simple, affordable and to
empower people.

What does La Bella Baskets believe and stand for:
La Bella Baskets understands that in the past, owning a home based business was only available to a few because
only the elite could afford owning a business. They were given resources, tools, support and guidance to build a
business for them and their family.

You are associated with an organization of people who has made it possible for anyone (no matter who they are or
where they come from) to own their own gifting business without the large investments or the countless

We believe that everyone should have the fr eedom to start an affordable business from the comfort of their

For people to obtain this freedom has been a longtime passion of ours, and while we have reached out to many
about what we believe and stand for, you make that freedom possible. It is your spirit and tenacity that have made
La Bella Baskets a symbol of that freedom. It is because of you that people are starting their own home-based

People are dreaming again, and today, someone is finding their freedom!

Our company is affiliated with expert gift basket designers that have 15 plus years of experience.
We offer quite an extensive selection of beautiful gift baskets! We will never make you promises we can't keep and
pretend to be something we are not. Our company is honest, expert gift basket designers. Our company will ship
the highest quality most beautiful gifts found in the industry today. We'll send your customers a tracking number
once their gift ships.

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