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					                                     Business Starter Guide

                                 Take Time to Learn the Business

                                 There are two types of people in the       earning an extra $1,000, $1,500,           earning any money.
Special points of interest:      world. Those that get word-of-mouth        $2,000 or even much more every
                                                                                                                       And Referral Marketing is not like a job
                                 advertising bonus money paid to them       month. But you have to invest the time
∗    Easy as A-B-C Steps                                                                                               where you can expect to be paid after
                                 each and every month... and then there     first in order to learn the skills.
                                                                                                                       just 7 days. That’s an "employee"
∗    The Correct Way to          are those that don’t.
                                                                            Just like your employer won’t              mentality. You must be committed to
     Contact and Invite          This is a business; not a job. You have    automatically give you a $1,500 per        building a successful business. Invest
∗    How to Introduce Your New   to build the groundwork for getting        month raise, you just can’t sign an        in learning and in building a foundation.
     Business                    paid later.                                application in Referral Marketing and      You’re not an employee and therefore
                                                                            expect an immediate $1,500 raise with      you need to have realistic
∗    Converting Customers to     When you sign the application as a
                                                                            no effort and learning involved. Yet, if   expectations of what it takes to build a
                                 distributor, this doesn’t automatically
     Business Associates                                                    you apply yourself diligently, you         business.
                                 mean you now have a PHD in Referral
                                                                            realize returns much quicker than
                                 Marketing. What it means is it’s the                                                  If you do that and are smart about it,
                                                                            those starting a new business such as
                                 start of your business career. You                                                    then you will experience all the rich
                                                                            a restaurant from scratch.
Inside This Guide:               might have to invest a month, 3                                                       rewards available to you within
                                 months, 6 months or more in your           It might take a year or more to earn       Referral Marketing!!
                                 education to learn how to make this        significant income in a "traditional"
Frequently Asked           4                                                                                           Keep your perspective and goals in
                                 business work. But then . . . you have     business venture. A doctor might
Questions                                                                                                              sight.
                                 the rewards! Maybe you will be             spend 6 years and $50,000 before
Step-By-Step Business      8

Tips to get started

Setting Up Your 90 Day     19

Game Plan                        What Is This Business About?
How to Use Referrals to    23
                                 Most people do Referral Marketing          you afterwards and say, “We, the           didn’t get paid for it.
Build Your Business              every day, they’re just not getting paid   theater, are going to reward you with
                                                                                                                       Referral Marketing is nothing more
                           25    for it.                                    a bonus check for all of the word-of-
Pro Image International                                                                                                than promoting and recommending
                                                                            mouth referrals you’ve given us.”
Terms and Conditions             Have you ever recommended a movie                                                     what you like to other people.
                                                                            Probably not – that’s not the way it is.
                                 or a restaurant to someone? Did the
Important Numbers &                                                         The theater keeps all the money. Well,     If you are doing the work, then why not
                                 theater or restaurant come back to
Marketing Resources                                                         you did Referral Marketing; you just       get paid for it!
                     Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 2

                     Commitment, Focus and Your Time
                     Every day you're making an                 about to become distracted, force          committing yourself in this way, you
                     investment of something extremely          yourself back to the task at hand.         achieve great things. The power of
                     valuable - your time. You cannot save      You'll be amazed at how much more          single-minded focus doesn’t just come
                     time for use later. It must be used as     you get done when you actually WORK        to you. It is the result of a choice you
                     it comes. We all get the same amount       the whole time you're working.             make to forsake all the distractions of
                     of it - 24 hours each day. Success is      Your time is precious and cannot be        the moment to concentrate on
                     determined largely by how effectively      replaced once it is spent. Use it wisely   achieving your goals.
                     we use our time.                           and effectively, by staying focused and    Focus requires that you constantly
                     Get the most out of the time you have.     getting things done.                       remind yourself of what's important to
                     Focus your efforts on doing the things     Weakness comes from being too              you, of what you are committed to
                     that will have the most significant        spread out. Power comes from               achieving. With a clear, specific sense
                     impact on your life and work. Do the       concentration. Excellence in any           of direction, and the discipline to stay
                     big things first, and stay on task until   pursuit requires single-minded focus.      on track, your actions will be
                     they're done.                              Focus requires purpose and                 powerfully focused and effective.
                     Nothing will make you more effective       commitment.                                Know what you want, and then choose
                     than the ability to stay focused.          If you're going to do something, then      to focus on making it happen in your
      Focus your     Practice it. Work at it. Challenge         give it all your attention. By             business.
                     yourself to stay in focus. When you're
  efforts on doing
   the things that   A Tide in the Affairs of Men
will have the most   Once someone starts earning $300+          are all methodical, logical ways of        they just took off and decided to go
significant impact   they’re probably in for the long haul.     describing a set of actions that lead to   bananas for a few months.
                     Why? Because when income reaches           success.                                   Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether
  on your life and   that point, you not only have              But bottom line? The truth is, following   it took you 60 days or 12 months to
   your business.    momentum, you have concrete                a great recipe doesn’t bake a great        get there. But if it took you, say, one
                     evidence of that momentum.                 cake unless you turn on the oven. And      year to reach your benchmark, you’ll
                     Now here’s a critical question: Does it    not to 130° or 200°. You’ve got to turn    tend to see that 12-months-to-
                     matter how fast you reach this point?      up the heat.                               benchmark paradigm replay itself
                     Shakespeare wrote: “There is a tide in     The truth is, everyone I’ve ever known     throughout your group, unless you
                     the affairs of men which, taken at the     who created serious success,               consciously act to change it. Nothing
                     flood, leads on to fortune.” He was        including myself, did these two things:    wrong with that, except for one thing.
                     right, but the problem is most times       1) Decided to do it, and 2) Then went      When you have a whole group of
                     you have to create that flood.             bananas.                                   people s-l-o-w-l-y moving towards a
                     Have you heard the expression “slow        Most people are content to reach the       goal, it takes a lot of effort to maintain
                     and steady wins the race”? Nice idea.      $300 benchmark within six to nine          a belief system that you’re actually
                     Doesn’t work. “Slow and steady”            months. To which I will add, 90 days is    going to get there. And that’s energy
                     doesn’t make any waves, doesn’t            even better. And I’m counting from the     you all need to be putting into your
                     create a tide; no tide, no flood. No       day you really decide you’re going to      business – not into convincing
                     flood, no fortune.                         grow, not the day you first joined.        yourselves that this business is
                     I’ve read and heard so many different                                                 eventually going to work.
                                                                Many big leaders spent their first
                     excellent formulas and recipes for         months, if not years, in referral          Get with your sponsor and/or upline
                     succeeding in this business. They are      marketing plodding along at a steady       right away and create your 90-day
                     all, everyone of them, superb. They        pace. So what happened? At one point,      “Go Bananas” plan of action.
Business Starter Guide                                                                                             Page 3

It’s as Easy as A-B-C
Step A                                    Step B                                    Step C
USE THE PRODUCTS and become a             If you are truly serious about building   You have a company, you have a
"product of the products." Nothing        a business, then you need to              sponsor - you’re ready to go!
works better for you than enthusiasm.     immediately sign-up in VIP AUTOSHIP       What’s next? Build your business!! As
And one important factor                                      Program. It's a       you grow, you will find that there are
that drives your own                                          vital part of your    hills, valleys and mountains in your
enthusiasm for building                                       ongoing investment    business, as there are in ANY
the business is your own                                      into your business.   business.
"why" for doing the                                          Instead of taking      Be True to Your Business
business and your own                                        the time to
belief in the products and                                                          One of the attractive things about
                                                             manually place an
the company itself. A                                                               Referral Marketing is that there is a
                                                             order each month,
famous saying tells us; "He                                                         very low start-up cost; usually a few
                                                             your order is
who has a why to live can                                                           hundred dollars at the most.
bear almost any how."                                                               Unfortunately, this will sometimes set
                                          shipped to your home on the monthly
                                                                                    the tone for a business. People often
This may seem basic, but it's the         date of your choosing, and your
                                                                                    treat their Networking business as a      The people who
single most important thing to            products will be delivered to your
                                                                                    hobby – then wonder why they aren’t
duplicate in your business if you want    doorstep hassle-free each month.
                                                                                    making any money.                         love and use the
long-term passive income. You must        The advantages of being a VIP?
become a product of your products.                                                  Set Goals                                 products the
                                          Savings! From a selection of products,
Every expert I've ever read in Referral                                             How many hours per week will you put      most, stay in the
                                          a VIP will get one FREE bottle of their
Marketing has agreed with me on this                                                into your business?
                                          preferred product every month.
one point. The people who love the                                                                                            business the
                                                                                    How will you spend these quality
                                          Convenience! You will have your
products they represent the most,                                                   hours?                                    longest and find
                                          products delivered at the same time
stay in the business the longest. And
                                          each month. There’s no need to hassle     How many new contacts per week will       success.
everything duplicates in this business.
                                          with re-ordering month after month.       you make?
Everything. So how long would you like
to have thousands of people using         Easy to maintain! The VIP Autoship        How much money would you like to be
your products?                            program is free, and with a telephone     making in 30 days? in 90 days? in 6
                                          call or a click of a mouse, you can       months?
Order the products that you
                                          easily make changes to the products       Set up your "Office"
represent. Use them. Find stories
                                          you want in your monthly Autoship
from other people who use them. Tell                                                Get business cards, postcards,
                                          order at any time. It is also easy to
those stories. Tell your story. Write                                               brochures & product samples.
                                          change the date of shipment for your
those stories down. You will never find                                             Establish a comfortable budget for
                                          monthly order in any month.
a more compelling, duplicable system                                                marketing & products.
than people telling people stories        Being a VIP Autoship member is
about something they love!                required in order to earn the             How will you keep track of your
                                          enroller bonus and car bonus.             contacts & customers?
You also don’t have to become an
expert on nutrition. Start with the       Maximize your profits by committing       Do not wait to “get everything in
company’s brochures, product sheets,      to a qualifying order each month and      place” or wait to “get fully trained”
web pages, and even books,                guarantee receiving your products         before you get started marketing and
recordings, or other materials that       and commissions. This also sets a         building your new business. Dive right
you can find or is recommended by         good example for everyone you bring       in and talk to people while you learn.
your sponsor or upline.                   into the business. Duplicate this         The key is talking to as many people as
                                          without fail.                             you can daily. Set a goal.
                     Business Starter Guide                                                                                             Page 4

                     Frequently Asked Questions
                     Q) How are commissions paid to            and will remain on even if your           United States and the United Kingdom,
                     members?                                  balance drops below that $1,000           with limited service into Canada,
                                                               threshold. A "transfer funds" link will   select countries in Europe, and in
                     A) Each of our members who earn
                                                               then appear on your Ecount web site,      Puerto Rico and Nigeria.
                     commissions are issued a Debit/Visa
                                                               enabling you to easily and safely
                     card upon which all commissions will                                                As you may be familiar, the key issues
                                                               withdraw your commissions directly
                     be deposited beginning with a                                                       in dealing with countries outside of the
                                                               into your personal bank account.
                     member's first qualifying commission                                                United States include shipping
                     (or choose to be paid by check).          Q) Can I add monies onto my debit         logistics and shipping costs, local laws
                                                               card?                                     and local business requirements, plus
                     Q) What are the advantages of paying
                                                                                                         language translation. Pro Image's
                     commissions via a debit card?             A) Yes. A member with a card can, of
                                                                                                         policy is one of succeeding well in the
                                                               course, register at https://
                     A) Besides being highly reliable, it                                                areas we service, and adding new
                                                      to view
                     provides you with a convenient way to                                               areas only when we can support the
                                                               balances and register to recieve email
                     access and use your commissions,                                                    members in a new country at a high
                                                               notifications about deposits and card
                     including quick access to commission                                                level of service and affordability.
                                                               balances. In your secure personal
                     payments (your commissions are
                                                               Ecount back office, there is a link       Q) How long has Pro Image been
     With our VIP    loaded on the card within
                                                                               entitled "ADD $" that     operating, and who owns the
                     24 hours of the day
Autoship program,                                                              gives you two options     company?
                     commissions are run).
                                                                               to add funds. 1. Via
  you will receive   Other advantages                                                                    A) Tony Shaw opened business in
                                                                               Payroll Direct Deposit,
 your favorite Pro   include: worldwide Visa                                                             Austin, TX in July of 1995.
                                                                               or 2. From your Bank
                     acceptance, ATM access,
  Image products                                                               Account .                 Tony, CEO and Founder of Pro Image,
                     online, real-time access
                                                                                                         has extensive experience in executive
 conveniently and    to account balance and                                    Q) What is Monthly
                                                                                                         management and product
                     transaction history, and                                  Autoship Order?
 hassle-free each                                                                                        development. After graduating from
                     the ability to transfer
                                                               A) A Monthly Autoship is an automated     Louisiana State University in Baton
 and every month.    money to personal bank accounts.
                                                               profile that you can create in your       Rouge, Tony joined the U.S. Marine
                     Q) Can I withdraw commissions from        ProNet back office, or with our           Corps and became a Naval Aviator
                     my debit card directly into my            customer service, so that you can be      flying F-4's during the Viet Nam era.
                     personal bank account?                    certain to receive your favorite          Following his discharge, Tony became
                                                               products each month. This ensures         Director of Sales Development for
                     A) You can use your debit/Visa card
                                                               the hassle-free delivery of your          Mary Kay cosmetics. Tony served in
                     like any other debit card at any time
                                                               products, plus ensures your               that position for 10 years before
                     whenever you have commissions
                                                               qualification for earning commissions.    accepting the role of VP of Sales and
                     loaded onto the card. However, there
                                                               The products in your autoship profile     Marketing for Arbonne International in
                     is a means to also transfer your
                                                               can be changed or cancelled at any        1990.
                     commissions directly into your
                                                               time. You may also change the
                     personal bank account. This can be                                                  In 1995, Tony began his own nutritional
                                                               monthly date of shipment to better fit
                     easily accomplished once your                                                       company and spent the next 12 years
                                                               your needs.
                     balance has added up to $1,000.00.                                                  formulating some of the industry's
                                                               Q) I have friends and family outside of   leading nutritional products and
                     A cardholder must reach a minimum
                                                               the United States. What countries can     building a booming, successful
                     balance of $1,000 to have ACH
                                                               I work with in Pro Image?                 business. With decades of leadership
                     capabilities turned on. Once you post a
                                                                                                         and understanding the business and
                     balance of $1,000 at least once, this     A) The primary areas of current
                     capability is automatically turned on     activity for Pro Image are in the                         (Continued on page 5)
Business Starter Guide                                                                                               Page 5

FAQs (continued)
(Continued from page 4)                     A) No. All newly signed-up members        standing order is an "autoship" profile
product trends of the health and            need to place an order to join and        that you can create in your ProNet
wellness industry, Tony Shaw has the        obtain an ID number.                      back office or with our customer
experience to ensure Pro Image's                                                      service.
                                            Q) When do you pay commissions?
continued growth and success.
                                                                                      Q) What is ProNet?
                                            A) Your monthly commissions on
Q) How do I order products and/or
                                            products sold in your business group      A) ProNet is a business information
sales aids, as well as how do I reach
                                            will be paid on the 10th of the month,    web site that gives you access to
customer service?
                                            following the                                           information about your
A) To make it easy for you, we offer        month when the                                          own business, including:
several means to order products and         purchases were                                          downline genealogy
sales aids: through your ProNet back        made. Any weekly                                        information, personal
office, our toll-free order line at (800)   bonus or rebate                                         purchase information,
323-3681, or fax an order form to           cycles end                                              current group volume,
(512) 266-1941. You can talk to a           midnight on the                                         plus commission amounts
company representative at customer          7th, 14th, 21st and                                     and details. You can also
service by calling (512) 266-8433.          last day of the                                         place orders and enroll
                                                                                                                                Use ProNet, your
                                            month and will be paid 3 business         new associates securely in this online
Q) What hours are the order line and
                                            days later.                               back office. ProNet login page.           online back office,
customer service offices open?
                                            Q) What is a VIP Member?                  Q) What is the feature called             to place orders,
A) All Pro Image offices are open
                                                                                      "compression" that is a part of your
Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm             A) A VIP Member is an associate that                                                to sign-up new
                                                                                      compensation plan?
Central (Austin, TX). We encourage you      has committed to and has an active
                                                                                                                                members and to
to order products and sign-up new           100cv autoship standing order on file.    A) Compression is an event that takes
associates online 24/7 using our safe       A VIP has certain privileges, such as     place right before we calculate your      view and manage
and secure websites.                        receiving one FREE additional product     commissions. The system, in essence,
                                            each month. As well, being a VIP is       starts at the bottom of your genealogy
                                                                                                                                your business.
Q) What is the five digit number the
                                            required to earn the car bonus and/or     and pushes everyone upward
customer service representative gave
                                            the enroller bonus.                       compressing out all the people that
me when I signed up?
                                                                                      did not have an order. Then it de-
                                            It is easy to become a VIP by calling
A) That is your Member ID number. It                                                  compresses after your commissions
                                            customer service or using your online
is the number that will be used to                                                    are calculated, leaving your group
                                            back office to set up a monthly
identify your account in our computer                                                 intact.
                                            autoship profile. Changing your VIP
system, and it is important regarding
                                            monthly shipping date or what             What the compression process does is
making sure you get credit for those
                                            products you receive each month can       pull people who are further down in
people you refer to the company.
                                            be done easily and conveniently. Also,    your group up into your higher-paying
When you refer others to Pro Image,
                                            if you make another order earlier in      levels. As a result many, many
they will need your ID number as their
                                            the month before your autoship order      distributors have reaped the rewards
sponsor. You will also need your ID
                                            date, you can choose to still have that   with higher commission checks.
number for placing your own orders,
                                            autoship package ship to you that
accessing your ProNet back office,                                                    Q) What is "optional placement" and
                                            month or you can have it skip over to
etc.                                                                                  how does it work?
                                            the next month, while keeping your VIP
Q) Can I sign-up a new member and           membership active.                        A) Optional placement gives you the
get them an ID number without them                                                    option of where you place your new
                                            You can also cancel your standing
placing an order?
                                            autoship order at any time. Again, a                      (Continued on page 6)
                      Business Starter Guide                                                                                                Page 6

                      FAQs (continued)
                      (Continued from page 5)                    first level members, thereby putting        place your order online, you have the
                      personally sponsored sign-ups in your      this new sign-up on your 2nd level.         option of securely filling out a check
                      group. You can continue to have your       This new person brings you closer to        with your bank information. Pro Image
                      personally sponsored enrollees             the next rank (VP, Exec VP, President),     will access the funds directly from
                      automatically placed on your 1st level     but also earns you 15% on your level        your checking account (available in
                      or, once you have sponsored one            two person's product purchases.             the United States only).
                      customer and/or distributor, you may
                                                                 Also, the member that you placed this       Q) Is there a commission processing
                      place a new person anywhere in your
                                                                 new person under would receive 10%          fee?
                      downline, under anyone you choose.
                                                                 of this new sign-up's orders. This can
                      This has been great news for                                                           A) There will not be a processing fee
                                                                 be a positive business-building
                      distributors wishing for options in                                                    for commissions less than $20. A
                                                                 strategy for both you and those
                      their strategy for building a thriving                                                 processing fee of $3.00 will be
                                                                 people under you.
                      business.                                                                              deducted from bonus checks that are
                                                                 Note: At this time, those people which      $20 or higher.
                      You will see a "My Holding Tank" link in
                                                                 you sign-up over the telephone via our
                      your ProNet back office. Here's how it                                                 Q) Can you give a little explanation
                                                                 order line will not be placed in your
                      works. When you achieve one                                                            about the development and quality of
                                                                 holding tank, even if it is turned on. If
   Receiving your     personally sponsored distributor or                                                    your products?
                                                                 you want the opportunity to
                      customer, you will be able to turn on
  commissions on                                                 alternately place your new person           A) Yes, With our products as the
                      the holding tank feature.
                                                                 somewhere other than on your 1st            cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, we
  your Pro Image
                      When ON, the holding tank will place all   level, you need to encourage them to        are committed to the health and well
Debit/Visa card is    of your new online sign-ups                sign-up online or you can personally        being of our customers. Pro Image
   highly reliable,   temporarily in your holding tank for       enroll them via ProNet using the            International products are the result
                      three days (72 hours) of their initial     "Enroll New Associate" link.                of a painstaking process of scientific
convenient; giving    order, enabling you to personally                                                      review and assessment of
                                                                 If the Holding Tank is OFF the
 you quick access     place them in your downline where                                                      independent clinical studies.
                                                                 computer will automatically place that
                      you choose. You will maintain your
   to your money.                                                new person onto your 1st level.             Each product must perform to a
                      personal sponsorship of the new sign-
                                                                                                             standard of excellence. Each product
                      up, but you may                                        Q) What method of
                                                                                                             must deliver the correct dosage of
                      place them under                                       payment does Pro Image
                                                                                                             key ingredients. Each product must
                      any member in                                          accept?
                                                                                                             start with the finest raw materials and
                      your group. If not
                                                                               A) 1. Visa, Mastercard,       be formulated to deliver consistently.
                      manually placed
                                                                               American Express and
                      by you in 72                                                                           Pro Image stands behind every
                                                                               Discover. 2. Check by fax
                      hours, the new                                                                         product with our 100% Satisfaction
                                                                               (fax a voided check to 512-
                      person will be                                                                         Guarantee. We take great pride in the
                                                                               266-1941) or call Pro
                      automatically                                                                          fact that anyone using our products
                                                                               Image with the account
                      placed onto your 1st level.                                                            can be confident they are getting the
                                                                 and routing numbers, along with your
                                                                                                             very best quality nutritional
                      Example: As a Senior VP, you have the      bank information (a $1.00 fee is
                                                                                                             supplements available.
                      holding tank ON. The first person that     charged for this service). 3. Cashier's
                      you have sponsored is earning you          check, Money Orders and Personal            Our FDA-inspected manufacturing
                      10% on their orders because they are       Checks. Orders paid for with personal       facility operates under strict Good
                      on your 1st level. Let's say that you      checks or checks by fax are held for 5      Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which
                      then decide to place your next             working days unless a credit card is        has earned the coveted NNFA GMP "A"
                      personal sign-up under one of your         on file. 4. By Draft Check. When you                        (Continued on page 7)
Business Starter Guide                                                                                               Page 7

FAQs (continued)
(Continued from page 6)                     finished products.                       The Pro Image management team is
Rating. The kosher-approved facilities                                               driven by the knowledge that what
                                            Q) What is your business philosophy
have been audited and approved by                                                    makes the distributor successful will
                                            and mission statement?
leading independent bodies as well.                                                  make the company successful. They
From raw material analysis to final         A) As The Healthy Lifestyle Company,     work hard to continually be innovative
product inspection, every production        our mission is to provide you with an    in their approach to compensation, as
step is carefully monitored and             honest and viable referral marketing     well as offering cutting-edge products
documented, with full accountability        program, utilizing the most recent       that focus on quality, effectiveness
and in-process controls.                    advances in nutritional science, to      and value.
                                            realistically improve your prospects
The Quality Control/Analytical                                                       The management team tirelessly
                                            for a better quality of life and good
Development Department consists of a                                                 devotes itself to our vision and values,
                                            health as you age. We assure you that
highly trained staff of 15 degreed                                                   while reinforcing Pro Image's
                                            we will never compromise the
chemists under the supervision of a                                                  commitment to what we will call our
                                            integrity of the products or the
resident Ph.D. The department                                                        "member first" philosophy.
                                            business program we offer, nor the
performs testing and inspection
                                            philosophy that stands behind them.      If you have a question that is not
pertaining to the approval and release
                                            Our values are rooted in a members-      answered here please first contact
of all incoming raw materials and                                                                                               In order to help
                                            first tradition.                         your Pro Image sponsor/upline.
                                                                                                                                you improve your
Fortify your immune system and optimize your health and quality of life!                                                        lifestyle, we will
A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM IS NOT               disease and illness.                     their fellows, and direct new recruits     never compromise
JUST YOUR BODY'S FIRST LINE OF              Restore the proper functioning of the    to trouble spots.                          the integrity of the
DEFENSE - IT'S YOUR BODY'S BEST LINE        defense mechanisms of your body          ER functions at a molecular level
OF DEFENSE.                                                                                                                     products or the
                                            with Electro Response                              redefining the electrical
Now there's a doctor-created                (ER). ER is not in itself a                        interactions and                 business program
breakthrough that normalizes a              cure of any kind. It does,                         communication between
                                                                                                                                we offer.
deficient, inadequate or                    however, have a direct                             cells by focusing on one of
hyperactive immune system.                  positive effect on your                            the key components of the
Like nature, your body has the natural      immune system.                                     immune system: the
ability to protect and heal itself. This    The secret to the success                          macrophage. Activation and
happens through your immune                 of your immune system is                           regulation of this cell
system. Research shows a healthy            an elaborate and dynamic                           facilitates the imbalances
immune system helps prevent most            communications network.                            that have occurred with
common illnesses. However, stress,          Millions and millions of                           your immune system and in
poor diet, lack of sleep and even           cells, organized into sets                         turn provides optimum
medications can reduce your immune          and subsets, gather like                           health.
system’s ability to work at its best.       clouds of bees swarming                             It is highly recommended
In addition, the immune system’s            around a hive and pass                              that you maintain a healthy,
effectiveness increases from birth          information back and forth. Once         balanced diet and complement ER with
until your teenage years, but then it       immune cells receive the alarm, they     a high quality supplement, such as Pro
undergoes a subtle decline throughout       undergo tactical changes and begin to    Vitamin Complete, in order to fill your
the rest of your life. This decline leads   produce powerful chemicals. These        daily nutritional requirements and to
to impairment in coping with                substances allow the cells to regulate   enhance the functioning of ER and
infectious agents that can cause            their own growth and behavior, enlist    your immune system response.
                     Business Starter Guide                                                                                                   Page 8

                     Welcome to Pro Image International
                     We are excited to have you as part of          postcards, samples, and other             must. Many marketers develop
                     our team.                                      materials that are available for you to   monthly newsletters. Others use e-
                     If you have access to the Internet, you        market your business and products.        mail to get the job done. Above and
                     should visit our Member Support                We suggest you call and get to know       beyond these occasional updates,
                     website at -              your upline support team and build a      though, is the need to visit frequently
                     this will connect you to more training,        relationship with them. Relationships     with those in your group who are
                     an archive of newsletters, brochures,          are very important in any business.       aggressive, eager, and hungry for
                     recordings and more.                           You can contact them any time and         more.

                     You are given, at no charge, several           you should.                               Develop a “giving” attitude. The more
                     marketing websites by the company              Communication is crucial to               you give, the more you get. Don’t
                     which will allow you to present the Pro        relationship building. Regular contact    relent until at least two of your
                     Image business and products                    with your upline and downline is very     distributors are earning a substantial
                     professionally, as well as have your           important. Each distributor has a         income. And then, challenge yourself
                     contacts sign-up and order products            responsibility to keep information        to stay “just ahead” of them from now
                     online.                                        flowing. If you learn of something,       on!

                     You do not have to own a computer              regardless of how important you
     Courage and     with Internet access in order to use           think it is, your downline has a right
                     these on-line marketing tools provided         to know about it.
 commitment are
                     by the company. You should get                 Regular contact with your
      the two key    familiar with the brochures,                   distributors and customers is a
  ingredients you
need to start with   Business Tip #1 — Step-by-Step Advice
in your business.
                     This Business Tip series of advice and         be enough, however. It's going to
                     guidance is to help guide you toward           take two things from you: courage
                     financial freedom.                             and commitment. I mean courage like
                     It's carefully crafted to give you the         you’ve read about, and commitment         think and take action. We know you
                     philosophies and skills to build               like you've never given commitment        can't succeed unless you take action,
                     financial independence. This is not a          before.                                   and we won't let you down. Of course,
                     "quick hit" training. It's not likely you'll   Of course, I'm talking about              you are the ultimate decision-maker.
                     make $2,000+ your first month ... And          commitment to your own dreams. I          You can quit at any time. Lots of
                     probably not within your first year.           know life gets in the way sometimes.      people quit. Lots of people just read
                     But you can make $5,000+/month, or             And that's okay. As long as you do        the Business Tips and don't take
                     more, for a lifetime if you follow and         what you can do. That's all this          action. Maybe that's why only a few
                     stick to a good plan.                          program asks.                             make it to financial freedom. Will you
                                                                                                              be a quitter, or will you commit to
                     This can be powerful advice for your           We'll give you some techniques and
                                                                                                              making it happen?
                     business. It can help you add passion,         strategies, don't worry. But these are
                     power and financial resources you've           meaningless unless you are willing to     By the end of the Business Tip series,
                     only dreamt about until now. The ideas         develop the character it takes to         you'll have been introduced to many
                     and strategies we’ll share with you            develop financial freedom. This advice    things you'll need to know to have
                     have totally changed peoples lives, and        has many things you need to develop       good success in Referral Marketing.
                     they can change yours, too.                    financial success.                        From there, we can give you more
                                                                                                              advanced tips and more specific
                     The Business Tip steps alone will not          Each Business Tip will require you to
                                                                                                              marketing methods for your business.
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                   Page 9

Business Tip #2 — Your Reason
So are you ready to create a game           my goals and dreams." Magic happens         take?
plan for building your business and         when you write things down. Don't just      What would your relationships be like?
financial freedom?                          think it, ink it. A year from now, you'll
                                                                                        What would your family be like?
Here's what I know. Unless you have a       be blown away at how significant it is
                                            that you've written that down.              How much fun would you put into your
reason, I mean one really big reason
or a bunch of important reasons that        3. Why do you want financial freedom?
drive you emotionally, financial            Here's your first task: write down          What time would you get up in the
freedom becomes very elusive. You           everything financial freedom would          morning? Go to bed at night?
don't have to know your reason right        mean to you. Don't stop writing for at      Would you travel? Where? In what
now, but you need to keep searching         least 30 minutes. Yes, I said 30            style?
for that thing that drives your passion.    minutes! Most people will spend hours
                                                                                        What kind of clothes would you own?
Remember a time when you were               planning a vacation, but they can't give
really passionate in life? How'd you        30 minutes to writing down their            What kind of jewelry would you wear?
like to get that back?                      reasons for financial success. Will you     What would you do for your
Before I even make sure you've got          commit to your success and do this          community?
your paperwork completed, I want to         task, or are you keeping yourself busy      How could you give back?
make sure you know why you are              building someone else's dreams? This                                                     Not everyone is a
                                            is a goal setting exercise, built on the    Would you set up a charity? What
doing this business.
                                            power of your dreams.                       kind?                                        natural born
Here's your first task:                                                                 Would you go back to school? What
                                            I do this twice a year. And every time I                                                 sales person, but
1. Get a new notebook for your                                                          would you study?
                                            do it, I'm inspired to do more in my
training. Make it a good notebook.                                                                                                   anyone can hand
                                            life. Go for it. Write down ALL your        Keep writing until you are exhausted.
Something you'd be proud to plan your
                                            dreams and goals.                           It's good to work out with your              out free product
life with. This notebook is going to hold                                               dreams. The more you work, the
a lot of important information you are      Here are some ideas to get you                                                           samples and then
                                            started:                                    better you get at it, too. You'll be doing
going to want to refer back to and you                                                  this again, and we'll take you back to       follow-up.
are going to have it for at least a year.   What kind of house would you live in?       your notebook to see how you've
2. Once you have that notebook, make        What kind of car would you drive?           progressed since you wrote all this
a commitment to yourself. Write at the      What specific vacations would you           down. I think you'll be very impressed.
top, "I'm 100% committed to achieving

If you can share a sample, you can build a business
Pro Image International has simplified      Not everyone is a natural-born              concept with
the process of introducing others to        salesperson, and not everyone feels         our superior
it’s products and business opportunity      comfortable leading a presentation          line of life-
by providing samples of it’s popular,       meeting or doing other forms of             changing,
impact products – PRO VITAMIN               prospecting for building a business.        innovative
COMPLETE and FRUTA VIDA.                                                                products. Stock
                                            However, just about anyone can hand
                                                                                        up on samples,
Most successful distributors use            out free product samples! This is a
                                                                                        carry them with
these nicely packaged samples as free       simple but powerful method you can
                                                                                        you wherever
product handouts. The sample                use to add new customers and
                                                                                        you go and make
handout vehicle can be a most               distributors to your organization.
                                                                                        an impact with
powerful business-building tool.
                                            It’s called the “try before you buy”        good nutrition!
                   Business Starter Guide                                                                                                    Page 10

                   Business Tip #3 — Underlying Secret to Success
                   You are probably ready to get started       We also want you to have fun while you        - Most top Networkers attribute their
                   fast, wondering where all the               make money. We want you to develop            success to making small continuous
                   strategies are. And                                               friendships that        improvement every day. You couldn't
                   we'll get there, but                                              will last a lifetime.   see the difference each day, but the
                   before you invest                                                 We want you to          compounded effect over the years
                   YOUR year into this                                               grow personally         made an incredible impact on his life.
                   system, I think it's only                                         and
                                                                                                             3) Commit to this business for one
                   fair you understand                                               professionally.
                                                                                                             year. If you could reach financial
                   the most fundamental                                              And we want you
                                                                                                             independence in five years, would you
                   element to success —                                              to like yourself
                                                                                                             give at least one year to the business?
                   your philosophy.                                                  (live with
                                                                                                             Most people never make it in Referral
                                                               integrity) while you are making all this
                   First let's look at why a philosophy is                                                   Marketing because they quit too early.
                                                               money and feeling healthy.
                   so important. (--> means "is caused                                                       You don't have to do this for the rest
                   by")                                        I believe that the income you make in         of your life, but if you quit, you'll have
                                                               Referral Marketing is directly                to work for the rest of your life. Give it
                   Lifestyle --> Results --> Habits -->
                                                               proportional to the impact you've had         one year. Okay? Write that
                   Attitude --> Philosophy
       Most top                                                on people's lives. The more money you         commitment down in your notebook.
                   If you want a particular lifestyle, you     make, the more impact you've had.
    Networkers                                                                                               These philosophies will take you very
                   need to produce certain results. Those      How would you like to make massive
                                                                                                             far in this business. And you can go
 attribute their   results are directly related to the         impact?
                                                                                                             even further when you develop your
                   habits, or consistent actions, you take.
     success to                                                Besides making more money, we want            own set of philosophies.
                   Habits, as we all know, can only be
                                                               you to grow and learn. Personal
   making small    built if we have the right mental state,
                                                               development can be the most
                                                                                                             Here's your action step. Answer these
                   or attitude. Your attitude is a result of                                                 questions in your notebook. The more
continuous daily                                               rewarding experience of our lives.
                   the decisions you make about what's                                                       honest you are, the stronger the
                                                               When you grow personally, you can
 improvements.     important, your philosophy.                                                               results will be for you.
                                                               give more back. Imagine how powerful
                   Do you know your philosophy? It's the       a world this would be if everyone had         What is most important to you in life?
                   foundation of your lifestyle, so you        gained financial independence and was
                                                                                                             What is most important to you in
                   better.                                     on a path of growth.
                   I'll tell you the philosophy of our         I know it's unlikely that everyone will
                                                                                                             What is the one business philosophy
                   Business Tips guidance, and then we         gain financial independence, but we
                                                                                                             you need to develop to have more long
                   are going to start to uncover and           know it's very likely that you will gain
                                                                                                             term success?
                   develop your personal philosophies.         it, if you follow our program. Here are
                   Are you ready? This could be some           a few things we need you to do, in            What are your top five values in life?
                   very significant, eye opening training      order to ensure your success:
                                                                                                             Don't just write down what you think
                   for you. Make sure you are an active
                                                               1) Treat this like a business. If you had     you are supposed to think. Listen to
                   participant, not just a reader.
                                                               paid $500,000 for a franchise, you'd          yourself; the person that no one
                   The Philosophy Behind Business Tips         go to work every day. You'd do                knows but you. Don't just listen to your
                                                               whatever it took. The truth is, this          thoughts, but to the thinker of the
                   We want you to make excellent money
                                                               business can pay you more than a              thoughts, as we say. The more
                   for your efforts and improve your
                                                               franchise and it can pay you continual        intimate you are with yourself, the
                   overall quality of life, and be healthy.
                                                               income for life.                              more conviction you have in your
                   Sound good?                                                                               actions.
                                                               2) Develop the Slight Edge Philosophy
Business Starter Guide                                                                                              Page 11

Business Tip #4 — Our Systems
The marketing and training systems        tips that outline different aspects of     powerful. This is why top sales people
help us with the routine, so we can       the system you have available to you.      can sometimes fail in Referral
focus on building people.                 You can review these at any time.          Marketing and why people with no
Let's talk systems.                       Learn these next few pieces of good        business experience can make
                                          advice well enough to teach them.          millions. Pay close attention to this
Systems are the key to your long-
                                          THE BASEBALL DIAMOND                       advice.
term success in Referral Marketing,
or in any business for that matter.       If you've been in business before, had     In your notebook, draw a baseball
                                          a job, been a parent, or gone to           diamond. On first base write "Contact
You can get a quick start without the
                                          school, you will find this business very   and Invite" On second base write,
systems, but you'll never reach
                                          similar to what you've done. However,      "Present" On third goes, "3rd Party
massive success unless you learn to
                                                                    there are some   Follow-up" And on home plate write,
use systems
                                                                    very subtle      "Advance."
for almost
everything                                                          differences.     Those four steps are the foundation of
you do in this                                                     It's as if you    your business system. You have tools
business.                                                          were a football   and strategies to help you in each of
                                                                   player, playing   the areas. Master these four and
The systems                                                                                                                    Systems do not
                                                                   baseball. Your    you've mastered the business. It's
do not
                                                                   athletic skills   really simple.                            replace the
replace the
personal element in the business, they    are important, but there are a totally     Mastering these systems means using
                                                                                                                               personal element
enhance it. In fact, these systems give   different set of rules you need to         the tools. Use your skills to develop
you more time to work with people in      learn.                                     rapport and trust (more on that later),   in the business,
a positive way.                           The rules for building your Referral       and use the tools to build the
                                                                                                                               they enhance it,
                                          Marketing business are subtle, and         business.
We are going to give you a series of                                                                                           and give you more
                                                                                                                               time to work with
Doing the Remarkable
When it comes to meeting and              remarkable things: because they are         With those gifts, you can change
conquering the negativity in your life,   remarkable. Humans are different           anything for yourself that you wish to
here is a key question: what can you      than any other creation. When a dog        change. And I challenge you to do that
do, starting today, that will make a      starts with weeds, he winds up with        because you can change. If you don't
difference? What can you do during        weeds. And the reason is because he's      like how something is going for you,
economic chaos? What can you do           a dog. But that's not true with human      change it. If something isn't enough,
when everything has gone wrong?           beings. Humans can turn weeds into         change it. If something doesn't suit
What can you do when you've run out       gardens.                                   you; change it. If something doesn't
of money, when you don't feel well and     Humans can turn nothing into              please you, change it. You don't ever
it's all gone sour? What can you do?      something, pennies into fortune, and       have to be the same after today. If you
Let me give you the broad answer          disaster into success. And the reason      don't like your present address
first. You can do the most remarkable     they can do such remarkable things is      change it - you're not a tree!
things, no matter what happens.           because they are remarkable. Try            If there is one thing to get excited
People can do incredible things,          reaching down inside of yourself;          about, it's your ability to make
unbelievable things, despite the most     you'll come up with some more of           yourself do the necessary things, to
impossible or disastrous                  those remarkable human gifts. They're      get a desired result, to turn the
circumstances.                            there, waiting to be discovered and        negative into success. That's true
Here is why humans can do                 employed.                                  excitement.
                        Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 12

                        Business Tip #5 — Contact & Invite
                        Of the four powerful elements in our       When I contact people, I have only one      And the most important part of the
                        system, the most critical is contacting    goal: to get them to look at more           entire process is the very first words
                        and inviting. It's also the one that       information. That's it. I'm not actively    you say to someone. These words are
                        relies the most on you.                    selling them on the products or the         critical because from that point on,
                                                                   business at this point.                     people are deciding whether they can
                        It's true, you can't do this business if
                                                                                                               (or want to) do what you do. People
                        you don't talk to people. It's the         IS THIS SALES?
                                                                                                               don't want to sell.
                        hardest part of any business and
                                                                   When I started at networking, I
                        people have done everything they can                                                   THE CRITICAL WORDS
                                                                   considered myself a good sales
                        to automate it.
                                                                   person. In fact, before Referral            It took me a couple of years to learn
                        You'll even see people trying to           Marketing, I traveled around the            the right words to say. These words
                        market a system that will do it all for    country teaching different companies        work. Memorize them. They will make a
                        you. If that system                                           how to sell more         huge difference in your business the
                        really existed, why                                           effectively in their     moment you use them.
                        do they need you?                                             industry.
                                                                                                               There are three parts to inviting
                        The truth is, this                                            When I got involved      someone to look at your business. You
 If you are going to    part of the                                                   in Referral              can call them on the phone, ask them
sell anything in this   business requires                                             Marketing and            face-to-face, or even write to them.
                        you to develop a                                              nutrition, I was so      Whatever you do, use these words.
business, you want      list of people who                                            excited about my
                                                                                                               1. I’ve something I want to show you.
 to sell the system.    know and trust                                                company and my
                        you. We'll show you later how you can      products that I couldn't help selling       2. You may or may not be interested.
And you don’t need      use lead generation systems to build       them to everyone I knew. I convinced a
                                                                                                               3. It will take about 15 minutes.
  to sell that if you   your business, but the people who          lot of people to buy. I was also in for a
                        know you need to hear about this first.    big surprise. The surprise? Great           Those words are magic. You can use
   approach people
                                                                   sales people don't do very well in          them in any order, and you can put
                        AT&T, IBM, McDonalds, and other big
          correctly.                                               networking.                                 your own style around them. But make
                        companies spend billions of dollars in
                                                                                                               sure you don't sell anything. Just get
                        advertising to do one thing, build your    My ability to sell was the reason I
                                                                                                               them to meet with you or look at your
                        trust in them. They know you'll do         almost didn't make it. You see, this
                        business with people you trust. The        business is about duplication, not
                        good news is you don't have to spend       sales. If people think you are amazing,     These words let the people on your list
                        that money; there are people who           what they are saying is, "I'm glad you      know three things.
                        already trust you. And there are           can do that, I bet you'll be successful.
                                                                                                               1. It's something they have to see. You
                        people who trust them. You get the         It's not for me, though." I ended up
                                                                                                               can't explain it on the phone.
                        idea - networking.                         with a lot of sales and not a lot of
                                                                   residual income. Until I figured out the    2. It might not be for them, so they are
                        So start with a list of 100 people. You
                                                                   key.                                        already off the hook. No pressure.
                        don't care if any of these people get
                        involved; you just want them to see        SELL THE SYSTEM                             3. It won’t take much time.
                        your products and business. They'll
                                                                   If you are going to sell anything in this   Everyone feels like they can do that!
                        make their own decision, just like you
                                                                   business, you want to sell the system.      Don't you?
                        did. But make sure they see the entire
                                                                   And you don't even need to sell that,
                        system. Don't let them say "no" until                                                  Think about how many people you can
                                                                   because if you approach people right,
                        they really know what they are saying                                                  contact this way if you’re consistent
                                                                   they'll get it without you.
                        "no" to.                                                                               every day.
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 13

Business Tip #6 — Presentation
Presenting your Pro Image                   so easy you are going to wonder if it       listen to it, you might send them an
opportunity can be as simple as you         really works. It does. Read on.             audio CD.
want it, or as difficult as you want it.    Your friend says,                                      Some people have parties
Of course, you'll be more profitable if     "What's this all                                       to sell their product. You
you keep it simple. Here's the rule that    about?"                                                can also invite them to
should NEVER be broken. Don't ever          That's the one                                         meet at a local hotel or
present the opportunity without using       question you are                                       restaurant.
the systems.                                dying to hear. Now is                                    Do whatever YOU feel
TOOLS                                       your opportunity not                                     comfortable asking. And
• Pro Image Websites                        to say a thing. Just                                     what you think they'll feel
                                            point them to one of the tools you          comfortable doing. It's that simple.
• Brochures
                                            have that explains your business.           That's all I do, even now, after over 10
• Recorded Telephone Presentation                                                       years of networking success.
                                            The key is not to explain it yourself.
• Audio CDs                                 Your company and upline went                When they've seen everything, I ask
• Conference Calls                          through great lengths to develop            the simple question, "do you see an
                                            these tools, so when someone is             opportunity here?"
• Local Meeting                                                                                                                    You usually have
                                            listening to the presentation they can      If they say yes, I ask them, "is there
STRATEGIES                                  be thinking "I can do this."                                                           more success
                                                                                        anything stopping you from getting
Previously we learned to ask someone        I'll usually have them call our effective   started now?" And then I fill out the      when you don’t
for 15 minutes of their time. That is so    recorded telephone presentation             forms. HOW you ask is not as
easy to do. But what do we do when          that’s available 24/7, or I very well       important as THAT you ask. But those       explain it yourself.
they say, "sure!"? "Yikes! What do I do     might 3-way then into the recording         two lines are very, very effective. Try    The people who
now? I don't even know this business        directly with their permission. At          them.
myself yet" you might be saying to          times I give them my website and tell                                                  use the tools have
                                                                                        If they are not ready yet, get them on
yourself.                                   them I'll call them back in 60 minutes      a conference call or one of the other      the most success.
That's okay. In fact, you usually have      (or take them through a tour of the         systems. Usually, people need to know
more success when you can't explain         site over the phone).                       that they are not alone in the
it yourself. The people who use the         Some people set up a meeting for            business. That's why we use the power
tools have the most success. So we'll       coffee and go over a brochure. If you       of 3rd party validation.
show you how to use the tools. This is      know these people will be good if they

The 3-Way Call
Three-way calling is a valuable tool        Use a skilled 3-way partner, even if        not the art of bringing in the “heavy”
permitting you to introduce prospects       it’s not your immediate sponsor.            to say magical phrases that insure a
to your sponsor or someone in your          Become familiar with their schedule.        sign-up. It should be low-pressure.
upline. The call can help show a
                                            Imply that a 3-way is standard              Listen and learn from your Sponsor
prospect that there is a support
                                            procedure. It’s normal. No big deal.        and your upline. Even take notes for
system to help them succeed when
                                            Even to those who tell you it’s not         future reference. Let them talk – that
joining Pro Image. It is also a useful
                                            necessary. Lead by example and              is why you are using them – with a
training tool for you to listen in on how
                                            stress that you “always” like your          minimum of interruption.
your sponsor/upline presents the
                                            upline to know when someone is
products/opportunity and handles
                                            “considering” the opportunity. It is
                      Business Starter Guide                                                                                              Page 14

                      Business Tip #7 — 3rd Party Follow-Up
                      3rd Party follow-up and validation is     others doing the business.                 introducing their leaders to other
                      perhaps the most important part of        After they see your website, for           leaders. The third party validation
                      the business you are in. It's a subtle,   example, tell them you'd like to           happens throughout the entire life of
                      but powerful element of your Referral     introduce them to your sponsor in          your business.
                      Marketing business.                       case they have any questions.              Follow-up is a critical factor in your
                      Some people call this element social      After a local business briefing, take      business. Too many times, people get
                      proof. What it means is that people       your guest around and introduce them       someone to duplicate or go to a
                      are more likely to do something if        to other people in the room.               meeting and they never contact them
                      other people are doing it too. The                                                   again.
                                                                After they've seen a brochure ask
                      more testimonials your prospects                                                     It's responsible.
                                                                them to listen in on the recorded
                      hear, the more likely they are going to
                                                                sizzle testimonial call so they can hear   It's professional.
                      say "yes."
                                                                                   from others who are     It's accountable.
                      TOOLS                                                        in the business.
                                                                                                           It's critical.
                      • Conference calls                                          Even if someone
                                                                                                           The fortune is in the follow-up.
                      • 3-way calls                                               wants to get started,
                                                                                  get the signing-up       Remember that. If you are contacting
 If you’re talking    • E-mails
                                                                                  step done and then       a lot of people, but you are not getting
to a lot of people,   • Events                                                                             results, it's probably because of your
                                                                                  immediately connect
                      • Meetings                                                  them with others         poor follow-up.
  but not getting
                      • Testimonials                                              who are in the           Remember all you need to do is invite
    results, your                                                                 business.                the person to hear from other people.
follow-up is poor.                                                                When you watch the       The third party follow-up will explode
                      Using third party is a simple thing to
                                                                professionals in this business, they       your business!
 The fortune is in    do. When someone has been
                                                                are constantly introducing people to
                      presented the business, the next thing
    the follow-up.                                              others. Even at major events, they are
                      you want to do is introduce them to

                      Converting Customers
                      Your retail customers are the most        what they think of it. They purchased      has NOTHING to do with “doing the
                      valuable leads you have. NEVER lose,      once, maybe they will again.               business!” Don’t worry, they will
                      misplace or mismanage a single retail                                                contact YOU as you become more and
                                                                The Pro Lean referral program is a
                      customer. Once you have their name                                                   more successful if they have an
                                                                BIG WINNER because it allows you to
                      address and phone number, stay in                                                    interest in starting a business of their
                                                                easily get these contacts ordering
                      touch! Unless they say “never contact                                                own. That’s a fact.
                                                                directly from the company. It is the
                      me again” contact them on a regular
                                                                ideal program to suggest to family         Why do we, as Pro Image distributors
                      basis. Keep these leads organized and
                                                                members. (Many of us have taken            building a business, bother to retail a
                      in a (computer if you can) database.
                                                                business opportunities to family           single bottle of product?
                      Start a newsletter to these friends.      members with less than great results.
                                                                                                           Do we do it for the retail profit?
                      Send them testimonials, news on new       DON’T take them the business! Take
                                                                                                           Profit is one reason, but the MAIN
                      or existing products, and make them       them the products, and if they like
                                                                                                           reason we retail is to find people who
                      special offers. What “special offers?”    them, make clear to them they can
                      Mail to them and suggest they use one     gain the advantage of buying directly
                                                                                                                            (Continued on page 15)
                      of the new product samples, to see        from the company at wholesale, and it
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                Page 15

Business Tip #8 — Advance!
Most business people see the sale as      The Pro Image Support website &             conference call training and, of
closure. It's dangerous to think that     starter pack                                course, get them on the Business Tip
way, especially in your Referral                                                                            series. We'll help
Marketing business. Once someone                                                                            them get started
                                          call trainings
gets into the business, things are just                                                                     quickly. Stay with
starting, not closing. So we call it      Industry books                                                    your new
advancing.                                & tapes                                                           associate until
                                                                                                            they get some
When you advance someone into the         STRATEGIES
                                                                                                            success. This is
business, the most important thing
                                          It's been said                                                    the most
you can do is get them success right
                                          that all of the people at the trainings     important part of the business.
away. Here's what the best referral
                                          don't earn $10,000/month, but all the
marketers do to get someone started                                                   Not many companies care more about
                                          people earning $10,000/month are at
fast:                                                                                 the development of it's people than
                                          the trainings.
                                                                                      ours. And with Pro Image, we know we
1. Get them to show you their top 20
                                          If you are in constant action and           have one of the best programs in the
from their list of 100 people.
                                          consistently at the trainings, you will     world. However, as good as we are, we
2. Have them call those prospects on      find a way to make it happen. Once you      are nothing without you. And your            All the people at
their own, and absolutely use you on a    get someone involved in the business,       business is nothing without your
                                                                                                                                   trainings don’t
3-way call to help when the timing is     get them to a training. And be at the       distributors.
right. Show them how easy it can be.      training yourself.                                                                       earn $10,000 a
                                                                                      Take care of your people after they
3. Get them to start training.            While your new enrollee is waiting for      get started, and your business will          month, but all the
                                          any local training, get them to             flourish.
TOOLS                                                                                                                              people earning
                                                                                                                                   $10,000 a month
Converting Customers (continued)
                                                                                                                                   are at trainings.
(Continued from page 14)                  In our materials we have the tools to       industry. Sales, as a general category
A) Become interested in Pro Image as      build your business with follow-up.         is the highest paid profession on
a business opportunity or a way to get    These are good effective tools. Ask         earth. So, if it is THAT valuable a skill,
their products for free.                  any person involved in any business         wouldn’t it be worth your time to learn
                                                         activity and they will       how to “share and sell” so you can do
B) Become interested
                                                         tell you, you MUST           it right, and learn to have fun at it and
enough to become
                                                         follow up – and the          actually ENJOY it?
                                                         most powerful form of
order at least 3                                                                      It can be big fun, and is a learned skill.
                                                         follow-up is the
products from Pro                                                                     No matter what you have been told, or
                                                         personal phone call.
Image International                                                                   how reserved a person you are, you
on a monthly basis.                                        We don’t sell in the       can learn to do this well. See our Pro
                                                           traditional sense – we     Lean Referral business building
If you want to see
                                                           share, and we sell by      system & get started today!
your business soar,
                                                           sharing and building
treat each retail
                                                           friendships. Still, what
customer to one of
                                                           we do is called the
the above. How?
                                                           “Referral Marketing”
                                                           or “Direct Sales”
                      Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 16

                      Business Tip #9 — Your Game Plan
                      Your game plan is your business plan.    team. You don't even have to be in our     thing that is constant is my
                      Putting a game plan in place, and        business. But if you choose to play, I'm   commitment to being the best I can
                      sticking to it, can be one of the most   going to expect you to give your very      be. When I surround myself with a
                      rewarding things you'll                                     best.                   team of people who think the same
                      ever do. There is                                                                   way, it's an unstoppable feeling. You'll
                                                                                  Why? Because I
                      something that feels real                                                           feel the same thing.
                                                                                  know that my
                      good about making a
                                                                                  associations affect     Know that the game plan you commit
                      commitment, sticking
                                                                                  my behavior.            to will set you free if you take action
                      with it, and seeing the
                                                                                  Someone once said       and if you act with your best effort.
                      results. We're going to
                                                                                  that you become a       We'll be there, don't worry. And we'll
                      help you get those
                                                                                  combination of the      be doing the same thing.
                                                                                  five people you hang
                                                                                                          OUR PLAN
                      WE EXPECT EXCELLENCE                     around with most. Think about your
                                                               five closest friends -- your character     The next few Business Tips will be
                      Before we take you on this awesome
                                                               and your income probably comes very        working you backward from a long-
                      adventure, I'd like you to know where
                                                               close. Is there anything YOU would         term plan to a daily method of
                      the business leaders come from and
 You don’t have to                                             change?                                    operation. You'll know exactly what
                      what we expect from you.
                                                                                                          you want and how you are going to get
  be a part of this                                            I want you to know that if you decide
                      It doesn't matter where you start. I                                                it. These will cover:
                                                               to put all your effort behind us, you
team, or be in this   don't care if you've been bankrupt
                                                               are on a team that is committed to         Your Five Year Plan
  business. But if    twice or if you've been the CEO of a
                                                               excellence. When you get to the
                      Fortune 500 company, I expect                                                       Your One Year Commitment
    you choose to                                              leadership ranks with us, you'll share
                                                               in a modern day round table. A round       Your Next 90 Days
   play, we expect    First I expect it from myself. Then I    table of excellence.
                                                                                                          Your 21 Day Crusade
  you to give your    expect it from my leadership. And then
                                                               I don't care at all if you fail or
                      I expect them to expect it from their                                               Your Weekly Method of Operation
        very best.                                             succeed. Only that you gave it your
                                                               best and you acted with excellence.        Your Daily Method of Operation.
                      You don't need to play in our game.      You see, I've failed many times, and
                                                               I've succeeded many times. The one         Are you ready?
                      You don't have to be a part of our

                      It’s Your Money
                      The one thing that continues to amaze    expense budget and a commitment to         experience. Be practical, not wasteful.
                      me is how many people approach their     stick with it for 2 to 5 years until you   But, definitely acknowledge that you’re
                      home-business with a “nickel n’ dime”    reached your profit benchmarks.            going to have to stretch a bit – go out
                      attitude – and get disappointed when     Why then, when starting a home-            on a limb – tighten your belt. Good
                      they don’t get rich or even build a      business, do so many people fuss at        things don’t happen overnight. It can
                      decent business.                         every $10 they must spend to build         take some time, patience, and
                      If you were to invest in a mainstream    and expand. Whether advertising,           persistence. At the same time,
                      business of some kind, it would          inventory or supplies – it costs to        though, the more you put in, the more
                      probably cost thousands upon             build. You have to spend money to          you can expect. You reap what you
                      thousands just to get started and        make money. Now, how you spend             sow.
                      might even include a loan or             your money is a personal matter.           I share all this in an effort to
                                                                                                                          (Continued on page 17)
                      mortgage. Then, you’d have a monthly     Seek advice from others who have
Business Starter Guide                                                                                             Page 17

Business Tip #10 — Your Five Year Plan
Five years may seem like a long time     kind of money can bring for you. What      I'm also going to assume you'd like to
in Referral Marketing, but think about   is the lifestyle you enjoy? Where do       reach the top position in your
the last five years. What were you       you travel? What can you do for your       company and be recognized for that.
doing five years ago? Doesn't seem       family?
                                                                                    I want you to imagine what it will be
that long, does it?
                                         Are you writing this                                     like to be in front of
Five years is a good time-frame in our   down, or are you                                         thousands of people as
business to reach financial freedom.     just reading it? It's                                    they stand in ovation and
Some of you will do it much quicker      important you write                                      cheer you for your
and some will do it slower. It doesn't   it down. Really                                          accomplishments. It's an
matter.                                  important. I'll                                          awesome feeling. One
                                         wait! .... good, let's                                   you will deserve. Write in
I'm going to show you how you can do
                                         get started again.                                       your notebook what that
it in five years. You can adjust these
                                                                                                  day will feel like, what
plans to meet your goals and             I'm going to assume
                                                                                                  you see and how it
objectives.                              the average person
                                                                                                  sounds to you.
                                         would like to make
                                         between $10,000 and $20,000 per            Excellent! I hope you actually wrote it    You have to spend
Five years from now, what kind of        month. Some of you want much more,         down. I told you I was going to be on
                                                                                                                               money to make money,
monthly income would you be satisfied    some of you are satisfied with less.       your case about taking action. Writing
                                                                                                                               yet you will never have
making? Keep in mind that this is an     We can accommodate everyone. The           it down locks the feeling in more than
ongoing income. It comes month after     fact is, what most people have done in     if you just think about it. So go ahead    to spend the thousands
month because people are still buying    the last five years is not paying them     and get that notebook and write it         of dollars you would in
product. People are also still           an ongoing income of $10,000. (which       down.                                      a mainstream
recruiting. Sounds good, doesn't it?     is the equivalent of having $1.5 million
                                                                                    Next we'll bring this ultimate 5 year      business. Set a
                                         in the bank) Did you do that in the last
Write the number down in your                                                       dream to a one-year commitment.            budget, keep it simple
                                         five years?
notebook. Now write down what that                                                                                             and stick with it!

It’s Your Money (continued)
(Continued from page 16)                              You will spend only a         items. Run those ads – and keep them
encourage you to plan ahead                           fraction of the amounts       running.
– to have some vision of                              that a mainstream             Put in a second phone line if that’s
what you expect from your                             business would require,       what it takes. Get on the Pro Image
business, and to avoid being                          but frankly, it will take     conference calls, attend any meetings,
shortsighted. This is YOUR                            more than $20 here and        buy those CDs and books. Invest in
business. It has the potential                        $50 there. Make a             YOURSELF. Sow the seeds, and reap
to change your life – for the                         concerted effort. Commit      the rewards!
rest of your life. It’s                               to a minimum six bottle
                                                                                    For example; Imagine spending $100
important! Don’t approach it                          purchase each month
                                                                                    on samples and brochures, giving
lightly. Be serious. Big                              PLUS a minimum $100 to
                                                                                    them out, and generating just 10
business means big money                              $200 budget for
                                                                                    orders. Assuming you made only $10
and it has to go out before it                        marketing. Invest that
                                                                                    per bottle of product sold (actual
will multiply and come back                           money in product samples,
to you.                                               brochures and other                          (Continued on page 18)
                        Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 18

                        Business Tip #11 — Your One Year Commitment
                        Can you imagine a traditional business     your education and your business off        plan. If you can do that in one year,
                        owner, say a retail shop                            the ground.                        you are on track for financial success.
                        owner, opening up a shop                                                               Your income can vary depending on
                                                                             Here's what you can expect
                        and saying, "I'm going to                                                              your activity level. Some of you will be
                                                                             in your one year:
                        give this 30 days?" No                                                                 making an extra $5,-10,000 per year.
                        way.                                                 You'll make money, You'll         Not a bad raise from what you are
                                                                             make mistakes, You'll make        doing now, huh? And its even better
                        If you are going to make
                                                                             friends, You'll do what it        because it's a growing business that
                        big money in Referral
                                                                             takes.                            can set you up for life.
                        Marketing, you are going
                        to need to commit to at                              There is a lot more that will     And some of you won't be making
                        least one year. I'm not                              happen, and I'd be lying if I     anything. Do nothing, make nothing. Do
                        asking you to do this                                told you I knew exactly what      a lot, make a lot. That's all it is. The
                        blindly. Talk to other people who have     will happen for you. But I know that if     formula is clear. The systems are in
                        committed for at least one year. Talk      you act with excellence, have fun, and      place. You just need to do it.
                        to the company owners. Whatever it         stay focused, you will have a real solid
                                                                                                               Write in your notebook exactly where
                        takes. And then commit to your             business.
                                                                                                               you'd like to be in 1 year, and then in
 Do nothing, make       success for one year.
                                                                   A good goal is usually to reach the         big bold letters write, "I COMMIT TO
nothing. Do a lot,      The one year is what it will take to get   middle of the company's compensation        THIS FOR ONE YEAR."

make a lot. That’s
  all there is to it.   It’s Your Money (continued)
   The formula is       (Continued from page 17)                   only signed one person from giving          with it. It is my opinion that you would
                        profit can be higher), you would earn      samples. You’ve still got most of your      be unable to keep up with your
   clear. You just      $100 in profit – paying for your initial   initial investment                                                business within 4
     need to do it!     investment. It’s pretty easy to simply     back, more                                                        to 6 months. Think
                        break even.                                experience – and                                                  about it.
                        Now, assume that just 3 people sign        you have a new                                                   Duplicate yourself
                        up as distributors from that effort and    distributor! So,                                                 by having others
                        duplicate what you’re doing. So the        the next month,                                                  do what you’re
                        next month you spend your $100 and         just go do it                                                    doing. Help them.
                        maybe they do too. Keep doing this         again.                                                           Get the ball rolling
                        every month and remember, you can          You may sign 10                                                  for them. Offer to
                        be up to several hundred dollars in        people, even 20,                                                 provide the first 5
                        commissions alone with just a very         before you get                                                   to 10 samples and
                        few active distributors in your            someone who wants it worse than you         brochures for them. Help them make
                        organization. Not to mention your          do – and thanks to the Pro Image pay        that first sale and watch the rest
                        retail income from selling individual      plan, even just one HOT distributor can     happen.
                        bottles.                                   make you a lot of money.                    You can make excuses, or you can
                        Again, this is just an example. I can’t    But . . . if you put nothing out – that’s   make money – you can’t do both!
                        guarantee it will work this way. The       how much you can expect in return!
                        numbers I used are very average, but       Actually, my challenge to you is this.
                        let’s say you have the worst luck in the   Spend the $100 to $200 per month for
                        world and you only sold 5 bottles and      marketing. Keep it simple and stick
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                  Page 19

Business Tip #12 — Your 90-Day Game Plan
First, let me say that I'm proud to have    all over again with enthusiasm.              initial call, and you'll think you can do
you here on our team, still taking in                                                    much more than five, but you are
                                            THE DETAIL
this training. You've already shown                                                      going to have to follow-up with them
you are committed to doing whatever         First 30 Days                                too. On a part-time basis, 5 a day is a
it takes to reach your personal                                                          good start. If you are working this full-
                                            Your first 30 days is critical for
financial freedom.                                                                       time, you can contact 15 a day for 30
                                            creating momentum in your
Now we are going to get your next 90        organization. Momentum occurs from
days in gear. It's going to feel good to    massive activity over a short period of      In the next Business Tip article we'll go
have a set plan and stick to it for 90      time. Once momentum is achieved, it's        into detail on what this might look like
days. We know it works, that's why we       hard to stop.                                for both part-time and full-time
teach it. I've done it. In fact, every 90                                                people.
                                            When a plane is taking off, it uses 70%
days I do it all over again. You are
                                            of its fuel. The throttle is full forward.   Second 30 Days
going to love this system.
                                            It's all out, massive energy to get off
                                                                                         Once you have people in the business
Here's how it works.                                                  the ground.
                                                                                         they may need some assistance with
The next 90 days can be                                               However, once
                                                                                         their business. Calling with them will
seen as three 30-day                                                  the plane is in
                                                                                         help them get started.                      Your first 30
segments. Your general                                                the air, the
breakdown of activity                                                 throttle can be    It can feel easier to call with your        days need to be
will look like this:                                                  pulled back and    people and help them build their
                                                                                                                                     all out massive
                                                                      the plane can      groups, but don't stop building your
First 30 days - All out
                                                                      cruise to its      own team. People will do as you do. If      action to get off
recruiting. 90% of your
                                                                      destination.       they see you making calls, going to
time will be recruiting                                                                                                              the ground. Full
                                                                                         meetings, being on the conference
for yourself.                                                      The same thing
                                            happens with your business. Your first
                                                                                         calls, they'll do the same things.          throttle and don’t
Second 30 Days - All out recruiting
with your people. 40% of your time
                                            30 days needs to be all out massive          The 3rd 30 Days                             hold back.
                                            action. Full throttle.
will be helping others recruit, 60%                                                      Within 90 days of being in the
will be recruiting more for yourself.       When I say 90% of your time                  business you want to ensure that you
                                            recruiting for yourself, that means: of      are also getting all your group
Third 30 days - As much live contact
                                            all the time you put in to your              involved in conference calls and
as possible, preferably meetings, but
                                            business, 90% of it will be talking to       meetings (where possible), whether
when not feasible, utilizing all
                                            your product and business prospects.         locally or a company sponsored event.
conference calls and 3-way calls, etc.
                                                                                         Today, short of traveling out of the
50% of your time is recruiting for          That leaves only 10% of the time to
                                                                                         area, you (and/or your upline) can
yourself, 25% recruiting for others,        talk to your new downline's prospects,
                                                                                         create a group conference call for
25% is concentrated on as much              to organize or to get trained. And
                                                                                         this purpose. This personal contact is
personal contact as possible with and       since talking to your new downline's
                                                                                         the glue that holds your team
for your people - such as meetings,         prospects will take most of that time,
conference calls or any major live          training and organizing will have to be
contact that is available or created.       done on the job.                             So no matter what or when the call or
                                                                                         event is in your first 90 days, make
I do this every 90 days. At the end of      Example: Let's say you have 100 people
                                                                                         sure you are there. And do your best
that time period, I check to see who        on your list. Can you call 5 new people
                                                                                         to get your new associates there. The
the leaders in my group are and I           a day for 20 days? That includes
                                                                                         more people you have at a call or
spend 10% of my recruiting time with        weekends. We are talking all out
                                                                                         event, the stronger your group will be.
them, and 90% recruiting for myself         massive action. Its easy to do the
                    Business Starter Guide                                                                                                   Page 20

                    Business Tip #13 — 21-Day Crusade
                    Most leaders I've met built their             1. Live outside your comfort zone           training system
                    business in 21 days.                          2. Act "unreasonable"                       FULL-TIME
                    It wasn't always their first 21 days, but     3. Eliminate outside distractions           1. Set a goal of 21 product sales in 21
                    the moment they decided to do the                                                         days
                                                                  4. Be totally focused
                    business it was 21 days of pure focus.
                                                                  5. Commit to doing "whatever it takes"      2. Set a goal of 21 new distributors in
                    Total energy. Massive commitment.
                                                                                                              21 days
                    You only have to do this once.                6. Stay system dependent
                                                                                                              3. Make 25 calls per day, minimum
                    And once you do, you will be rewarded         7. AOMA - All Out Massive Action
                                                                                                              4. Have 5-7 new guests dialed into a
                    for the rest of your life. You'll tell your   PART-TIME
                                                                                                              presentation call
                    children's children about these 21
                                                                  1. Set a goal of 10 product sales in 21
                    days. As they enjoy an incredible                                                         5. Have all distributors plug into your
                    lifestyle in a big beautiful home, you'll                                                 training system
                    reminisce about those 3 weeks where           2. Set a goal of 10 new recruits in 21
                                                                                                              That's all it takes. It's not brain
                    you decided on your destiny, and put          days
                                                                                                              surgery. All it takes is a little courage
                    into action a plan. Anyone can do this.       3. Make 5 calls per day, minimum            and a lot of action. You'll do it.
    Faith without   The goal is 10 new recruits in 21 days.       4. Have 2-4 new guests dialed into a        Write down what you are committed to
                    There are a few commitments you'll            presentation call                           doing, and then sign it.
 action serves no
                    need to make to pull this off:                5. Have all associates plug into a
  useful purpose.
To make progress    Action vs. Self-Delusion
you must actually   Knowledge fueled by emotion equals            affirmations without action can be the      listening to motivational cassettes...
                    action. Action is the ingredient that         beginnings of self-delusion. And for        today. Start a sensible weight-
     get started!   ensures results. Only action can cause        your well-being there is little worse       reduction plan ... today. Start calling
                    reaction. Further, only positive action       than self-delusion.                         on one tough customer a day ... today.
                    can cause positive reaction.                  The man who dreams of wealth and            Start putting money in your new
                     Action. The whole world loves to             yet walks daily toward certain              "investment for fortune" account ...
                    watch those who make things happen,           financial disaster and the woman who        today. Write a long-overdue letter ...
                    and it rewards them for causing               wishes for happiness and yet thinks         today. ANYONE CAN! Even an
                    waves of productive enterprise.               thoughts and commits acts that lead         uninspired person can start reading
                                                                  her toward certain despair are both         inspiring books.
                    I stress this because today I see many
                    people who are really sold on                 victims of the false hope which             Get some momentum going on your
                    affirmations. And yet there is a              affirmations without action can             new commitment for the good life. See
                    famous saying that "Faith without             manufacture. Why? Because words             how many activities you can pile on
                    action serves no useful purpose." How         soothe and, like a narcotic, they lull us   your new commitment to the better
                    true!                                         into a state of complacency.                life. Go all out! Break away from the
                    I have nothing against affirmations as        Remember this: TO MAKE PROGRESS             downward pull of gravity. Start your
                    a tool to create action. Repeated to          YOU MUST ACTUALLY GET STARTED!              thrusters going. Prove to yourself that
                    reinforce a disciplined plan,                 The key is to take a step today.            the waiting is over and the hoping is
                    affirmations can help create                  Whatever the project, start TODAY.          past -- that faith and action have now
                    wonderful results.                            Start clearing out a drawer of your         taken charge.
                                                                  newly organized desk ... today. Start       It's a new day. With discipline you will
                    But there is also a very thin line
                                                                  setting your first goal... today. Start     be amazed at how much progress
                    between faith and folly. You see -
                                                                                                              you'll be able to make.
Business Starter Guide                                                                                               Page 21

Business Tip #14 — Your Methods of Operation
When you get a job, they usually tell      regular participation in a company          boss and its your money, you don't
you what your responsibilities are.        training conference call. If there isn't    take many days off of work.
You wouldn't think about not doing         a training
                                                                                                          You are
what was required of you, because          event in
                                                                                                          responsible for
you might get fired.                       your area,
                                                                                                          presenting the
                                           then you
We'll never fire you, but that doesn't                                                                    business (using the
                                           can take
mean you don't have responsibilities.                                                                     tools) to at least 2
                                                                                                          new people per
Your Monthly, Weekly and Daily             of audio
                                                                                                          day. If you present
method's of operation can be seen as       tape or
                                                                                                          to two people a day
your responsibilities. Stay in the         book
                                                                                                          for 1 year (they all
game. And if you don't show up, or         training
                                                                                       don't have to be your people), you will
miss your responsibilities, fire           such as Jerry Clark, Kim Klaver, Tom
                                                                                       have an enormous organization. It's
yourself. Then the next morning, re-       "Big Al" Schreiter, etc.
                                                                                       next to impossible for you to fail.
apply for the same job. But also
                                           Whatever you do, don't miss doing
remember that this is supposed to be                                                   I hope you see these responsibilities
                                           some training every month.
a fun business. If having                                                              as disciplines that will build you
                                                                                                                                 I look at my day
responsibilities is not fun to you, then   Weekly Method of Operation                  financial freedom. Its not easy when
think of them as options. Either way,                                                  you get started, because there is no      and if I didn't talk
                                           You are responsible for attending all
get them done.                                                                         one there to keep you accountable.
                                           conference calls available by the                                                     to any new
                                                                                       Sometimes you are going to have to
This discipline will give you what it      company or your team each week.
                                                                                       look at what you didn't do that week,     prospects, I
takes to be successful in your own         This could also include a new
                                                                                       walk in front of the mirror and say to
business. Don't get caught in the "I'm     distributor 3-way call presentation,
                                                                                       your image, "you're fired!" Walk away,
                                                                                                                                 consider that a
free" trap. Or the "I can do it            which is a great way for you to learn -
                                                                                       turn back and reapply for the job.        day I took off
whenever I want" trap. You are             where you and your guest can hear a
creating a multi-million dollar            presentation of the opportunity and         There were times of frustration for       from work.
business; you are going to need to act     meet other distributors in the              me where I would fire myself every
like it.                                   business.                                   day for a week. But every day I would
                                                                                       recommit. I wanted it badly. The
Monthly Method of Operation                Daily Method of Operation
                                                                                       reasons I wrote down for doing this
On a monthly                                                          You are          business kept coming back to me.
time frame,                                                           responsible      Financial freedom was going to be
you are                                                               for calling or   mine. I would learn to do whatever it
responsible                                                           personally       took to build this business.
for (you have                                                         contacting
                                                                                       You have all the systems, the methods
the option of)                                                        at least 5
                                                                                       and the strategies you need to be
attending                                                             new people
                                                                                       successful in this business. Over the
and/or doing                                                          every day.
                                                                                       next few Business Tip articles, we are
one Training                                                          That's not 5
                                                                                       going to be showing you ways to find
Event. This                                                           calls with
                                                                                       more qualified people.
might be a                                                            your
local event where a trainer gives you      organization, that's five NEW people. I
and your prospects the most                look at my day and if I didn't call any
important elements of success in your      new prospects, I consider that a day I
particular business. Or it could be        took off from work. When you're the
                      Business Starter Guide                                                                                            Page 22

                      Business Tip #15 — Names, Numbers & Notes
                      Names are the game.                       Marketing builds their business on        your success in this business,
                                                                warm market referrals - your list. It     remember also that there are 5 billion
                      If you want to be successful in this
                                                                doesn't have to be your only way to       people on the planet. You'll never run
                      business it helps never to run out of
                                                                find people, but                                        out of names. We'll show
                      people to talk to. Over the next few
                                                                you have to let                                         you in the next few
                      Business Tip articles I am going to
                                                                your contacts                                           articles how to find
                      show you how to find people for you to
                                                                know about what                                         qualified names. You'll
                      put through the simple systems you
                                                                you are doing.                                          also want to develop a
                      just learned about.
                                                                                                                        system that tracks your
                                                                It's called putting
                      We are going to start with your warm                                                              leads for follow-up. I use
                                                                your reputation
                      market. I know many of you don't want                                                             a notebook. You can use
                                                                on the line.
                      to hear this. Do you know how many                                                                a computer system,
                      times I've heard people say, "I don't     That's the kind of                                      index cards or anything
                      have any friends", or "I'm not            confidence it                                           you are comfortable
                      comfortable going after people I          takes to make $10,000/month or                          with. Just make sure it
                      know"? I'm going to change your mind      more in business—any business! You        helps you follow-up on a timely basis.
                      on this. I'm also going to show you how   can take baby steps when you start,
 The products and                                                                                         The psychology of numbers: One last
                      to get an unlimited list of qualified     that's not a problem, but when you are
                                                                                                          thing. You have a significant advantage
opportunity are so    names.                                    ready to make the big money, you've
                                                                                                          when your list is big. With only a few
                                                                got to put it on the line.
  good, you would     A Philosophy on Names                                                               names on a list, it can get very
                                                                There are two mindsets you need           depressing when they all say "no." But
   feel bad if your   Your list is the reason your company
                                                                when you approach the people you          if you have hundreds to go through,
friends and family    pays you. They have all the other
                                                                know.                                     then it's easy to just keep calling. You
                      systems, the product, all the support,
    didn’t at least                                                                                       have so many to get through another
                      all the management team, and all the      1. You don't care if they get involved,
                                                                                                          "no" is not going to hurt you.
 know about them.     technology they need to run a             but you care that they see the
                      successful business. The only thing       opportunity and the products.             TASK: You've already written down
                      they don't have is your relationship                                                your names in an earlier training. Go
                                                                2. The products and opportunity are
                      with your contacts. They are willing to                                             do it again. Add more names. Make
                                                                so good, you would feel bad if your
                      pay very big money for you to let your                                              sure you've called them all. (Note: Kim
                                                                friends and family didn't at least know
                      contacts know about their products                                                  Klaver has a good sample letter to
                                                                about them.
                      and their opportunity.                                                              send to your warm market in her book
                                                                Numbers and notes: Now that you           that's worth checking out. You can
                      Any billion-dollar company and every
                                                                know how important names are to           also find it on our support website.)
                      million-dollar earner in Referral

                      Advertising Tips
                      A successful method is to place ads       Another method is to make an offer        for when you’re not there, or use call-
                      offering FREE literature or samples,      and request $2 or $3. Some larger         forwarding to send unanswered calls
                      and then ensure that you send what        publications restrict this approach,      into a voicemail service. The more
                      was requested to each and every           however if you are able to run this       calls that you answer in person, the
                      response. Free offers always out-pull     type of ad, you will not attract as       better. But if you cannot, then with the
                      ads that request money, but can           many people who never buy anything.       right out-going message, using a
                      actually cost you more because you                                                  voicemail box is also quite effective
                                                                Take as many of the calls “live” as you
                      will generate a lot more inquiries, and                                             for the ads you place. Be creative and
                                                                can. Use a good answering machine
                      many will be "tire-kickers."                                                        be friendly and welcoming to the calls.
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                Page 23

Business Tip #16 — Referrals
My favorite method in the world for      3. "What about me?" - in which case          take us for granted. They know our
building the business is through         you smile and put him through one of         bad side as well as our good side.
referrals. I do this almost every day.   your systems that you feel would be
                                                                                      When you call someone as a referral,
Referrals are very easy to get if you    best for Jim.
                                                                                      they trust the person who referred
know how to ask for them. And they
                                         Can you see the power in asking for a        them and that brings instant respect
are the easiest in the world to work,
                                         referral that way? You don't have to         for you. And since they don't know
for reasons I'll explain in a minute.
                                         use the script I just gave. Use your         your bad side, and they want to be
How to Get Referrals                     own words. Someone else might say,           polite, they'll listen to you more
                                         "I've started a new business that is         attentively.
Asking for referrals will become a
                                         making people in other states
habit for you. You'll find yourself                                                   The secret! Here's an important part
                                         fortunes. Do you know of anyone who
asking for them at two times during                                                   of the referral process. When you call
                                         would want to help me build this
your contact with people.                                                             someone from a referral, give them a
                                                                                      genuine compliment that you received
1. Before they know anything about the
                                         The other method for getting referrals       from the referring person. People love
business or products.
                                         is after someone has been through the        to know that other people are talking
2. After they've learned everything      entire system and says something like,       about them in a positive way. This
                                                                                                                                  Always use
about the business and products.         "It's a good program, I just don't have      builds massive rapport, very quickly.
                                                                the time"             Make sure the compliment is genuine         referrals to grow
You can approach
                                                                                      and you'll be on your way.
a prospect who                                                    I'll usually                                                    the business.
has never heard                                                   respond by          For example, "Jim, I got your name
                                                                                                                                  Teach referrals
of the business by                                                saying, "Kate,      from Craig Ellis. He said you were one
using the referral                                                let me go to        of the most successful insurance reps       and your group
approach. "Jim,                                                   work for you.       in this area and that you handled your
I've started a new                                                Why don't you       business with integrity. I'm calling
                                                                                                                                  will never run out
business. I'm                                                     get started with    about a new business we are starting.       of names.
opening up this                                                   our company,        Do you keep your options open?"
area for a very                                                   and give me the
                                                                                      Referrals are a lot of fun. You get to
respectable                                                       names of
                                                                                      meet people you never would have
company. We're                                                    twenty people
                                                                                      met before, and because you are
looking for some sharp people who        who you would call if you had the time.
                                                                                      talking to the top of their list, you get
want to make a lot of money. There's     I can't promise you they'll get in, but if
                                                                                      to meet exciting successful people.
residual income involved, too. Could     they do, I'll put them in your group and
you recommend some people who            help them build." You just got 20 more       Always use referrals. Teach referrals,
might want to help me out on a part-     names from someone who wasn't                too. You and your group will never run
time or full-time basis?"                interested. I do this all the time.          out of names.

Now Jim is going to say one of three     WHY REFERRALS WORK
                                         Referrals are the most powerful
1. "No," in which case you thank him     method of recruiting because of the
and make your next call.                 psychological edge you get.

2. "Yes," in which case you take         When you talk to someone you know
names, numbers and notes about the       they trust you, and they also know you
peoples' backgrounds.                    enough to not be polite all the time.
                                         Sometimes the people we know best
                     Business Starter Guide                                                                                              Page 24

                     Business Tip #17 — Advertisements
                     You can build your network marketing        personal experience can be effective.     and ONLY run your ad in the Sunday
                     business and make money with ads.           This can be a reference to you or         edition.
                     But it is more expensive than other         someone you know, and a specific          Do your homework and find some
                     methods we’ve talked about. Up until        quote can help generate interest.         smaller publications that come out
                     now, the leads we got were free.            Do not use the company name or            weekly or monthly. These will usually
                     You don't ever have to run an ad to be      the product names without prior           cost less, and they always lay around
                     successful in this business. But if you     written authorization from Pro            longer before being discarded. It has
                     want to, you can build your business        Image and NEVER make medical or           also been proven that these types of
                     fast with advertising.                      income claims of                                           publications are
                     One key to remember is that you are         any kind.                                                  usually viewed by a
                     better off to run an ad for an extended     When advertising in                                        higher number of
                     period of time. In a newspaper, run it      newspapers and                                             people, passed
                     for 4 to 8 weeks instead of just 1 week.    magazines, less is                                         around family
                     You should get a better price, too. If it   more. In other                                             members, friends,
                     pulls well, run it for another 12 weeks     words, when trying                                         waiting rooms, etc.
                     – if not, pull it and run it somewhere      to be both effective                                       A suggestion would be
     Less is more!   else or change the wording.                 and cost-conscious,                                        to look for and run
When trying to be    Besides better pricing, each week that      it makes more                                              your ads in “Thrifty
                     your ad runs increases the return           sense to place smaller, less expensive    Nickels,” “Penny Savers,” and other
both effective and                                               ads than it does to "shoot your whole     types of free DIRECT MAIL shoppers
                     percentages. It's been proven that
cost-conscious, it   many people will not pay attention to,      wad" on one impressive display ad in a    and grocery store ad sheets.
                     or respond to an ad until they've seen      major publication.                        Magazines are a good advertising
makes more sense
                     it 2 or 3 times.                            As with any aspect of networking,         source, again because of the fact that
 to place smaller,   Many networkers are often unsure            advertising must be approached with       they are monthly or quarterly. They
                                                                 a “trial & error” attitude. Be prepared   lay around longer and are viewed by
less expensive ads   whether to run ads for product or for
                     the business opportunity. If you’re         to accept the fact that some ads pull     more individuals.
 than one huge ad.                                               better than others, and so do some
                     just getting started, it is best to                                                   Many networkers concentrate on
                     concentrate on product. The products        publications.                             “trade” magazines dealing with
                     are typically what bring in 90% of all      Remember, you don't have to start big.    network marketing. This is okay, but
                     networkers, and with the advantage of       Start smart! Settle in on an ad and a     remember, your ad is among
                     samples, this is the easiest and most       publication that "works" for you, and     hundreds of other similar ads
                     effective approach.                         then branch out with the revenue          competing for the reader’s attention.
                     There is literally no “salesmanship”        generated by your original ad. Turn       Consider non-trade publications that
                     involved in promoting our product line.     your profits back into your advertising   target the types of people you’re
                     The samples do all the work, and this       budget so that each month you can         interested in, such as ladies
                     method duplicates very well.                increase the NUMBER of ads you're         magazines for product or money
                                                                 running. Notice I said the number of      oriented magazines for the
                     Once your knowledge level and
                                                                 ads, not the size. Small, simple ads      opportunity. There are also “local”
                     confidence grows, taking a business
                                                                 will work. They don't need to be wordy    free magazines for seniors, parents,
                     oriented approach to ads can also be
                                                                 or flashy.                                etc. that can work well. Get creative!
                     lucrative. Discuss some of these
                     methods with your upline/sponsor.           When advertising in newspapers, it        Look around in your area and compare
                                                                 does not make sense to run “daily”        each paper’s circulation numbers to
                     As always, simplicity counts. Get the
                                                                 ads. If you’re in a large paper with a    their price. Once you are growing, you
                     reader’s attention, but don’t give away
                                                                 daily circulation, save your money,       can start looking outside your area.
                     the punch line. Ads that include a
Business Starter Guide                                                                                               Page 25

Business Tip #18 — Using the 3-Foot Rule
The 3-foot rule is simple and powerful.   a problem. So he uses this method.          that everyone is talking
It takes getting out of your comfort                                                  about." (explain a little about the
                                          YOU KNOW HOW... state problem.
zone for some people, but it can be a                                                 company and/or products)
                                          WELL, WHAT I DO IS... solve problem.
very powerful way of getting new
                                                                                      Then go on to invite that person to
prospects. It's very natural.             You can use this one for Pro Image in
                                                                                      learn more about the product at
                                          any situation. Try this: YOU KNOW HOW
Here's how it works: Anyone within 3                                                  another time, or hand them a tape.
                                          lot's of people toss and turn at night
feet of you needs to be invited to look
                                          wondering what they are going to do         3. DO YOU KEEP YOUR BUSINESS
at our products or opportunity. In the
                                          about money? WELL, WHAT I DO IS I           OPTIONS OPEN?
grocery store, at the soccer game, in
                                          give them a realistic option for them
the taxi, on the plane, you can talk to                                               The third method I've learned is by
                                          to do something about that.
someone about your business and                                                       asking, "Do you keep your business
products.                                 Or, YOU KNOW HOW some people seem           options open?" Sure. "If I could show
                                          to lose energy and are dragging in the      you a way to earn some extra income
                                          afternoon? WELL, WHAT I DO IS have a        without changing what you are doing
I've learned three simple ways to tell    product for them that restores their        right now, would that interest you?"
someone who you've just met about         energy and helps                                            Yeah. "Let's set up a
your company without sounding like a      them avoid the                                              time to meet, so I can      Get out of your
sales person.                             afternoon slump.                                            show you the plan. It'll
                                                                                                                                  comfort zone, and
                                                                                                      take about 15
This first one is what I most commonly    Use these or
                                                                                                      minutes."                   you’ll never run
use at every chance I get as I’m out      invent your own.
and about.                                Get creative and                                             Pretty simple, huh?        out of prospects
                                          put it to use                                                You can use all three
1. YOU KNOW HOW...                                                                                                                as long as you can
                                          everywhere. It's                                             of these methods or
Jay Abraham, the highly successful        powerful advice because its so simple.      focus in on one. I suggest focusing on      ask people, “What
marketing genius, teaches this method                                                 one until you get really good at it. Just
                                          2. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD?                                                                 do you do?”
on his classes for developing a unique                                                remember to get out of your comfort
selling position. It's simple, when       Here's another way to ask someone.          zone. You'll do fine. And you'll never
someone asks what you do, you need        "Have you ever heard of Pro Image?"         run out of prospects as long as you
to show them that your service solves     They answer, no. "It's an opportunity       can ask people, "What do you do?"

Pro Image International Terms and Conditions
These Member Terms and Conditions         these and any subsequent changes            Pro Image. I am an Independent
are a legally binding contract between    announced by Pro Image.                     Contractor, and as such, cannot bind
Pro Image and Member. I have                                                          or contract the company in any
                                          General Guidelines
reviewed and understand the company                                                   manner. Pro Image reserves the right
policies, marketing program, and          I am of legal age within the jurisdiction   to terminate this agreement, and all
ethical code which are part of these      of my place of business.                    associated agreements (including,
guidelines. I understand that specific                                                without limitation, the marketing
                                          There is a minimum of a 40
terms are subject to modification by                                                  incentive programs), upon 30 days
                                          commission value product purchase
Pro Image at any time. My                                                             written notice, with or without cause.
                                          requirement on your first order when
development rights and
                                          signing up as a member.                     I will not be treated as an employee in
responsibilities will be determined by
                                                                                      regard to any laws covering
Pro Image publications and I will abide   I will, in no way, imply that I am an
by both the spirit and the letter of      officer, employee, agent, or owner of                      (Continued on page 26)
                             Business Starter Guide                                                                                                 Page 26

                             Terms and Conditions (continued)
                             (Continued from page 25)                     termination.                              residents must include a Social
                             employees, including but not limited to                                                Security or Social Insurance Number
                                                                          Ownership of a Pro Image Business
                             the Federal Insurance Contributions                                                    if they wish to earn over US$600 per
                             Act, the Social Security Act, the            Pro Image independent business            year. As Independent Members,
                             Federal Unemployment Tax Act,                ownership must be an individual, a        neither the Member nor Pro Image
                             income tax withholding at source, or         lawfully married couple, a legal          has any right to enter into binding
                             for any federal, state, or local tax         corporation, tax exempt entities or       contracts or commitments on behalf
                             laws.                                        trusts that are in compliance with the    of the other, nor will Pro Image or the
                                                                          law. Should any of                                               Member be liable
                             I will conduct all my operations in
                                                                          the above joint                                                  in any way for
                             strict compliance with all applicable
                                                                          ownership dissolve                                               the debts or
                             laws, ordinances, regulations and
                                                                          or divorce, only one                                             obligations of the
                             other requirements of any federal,
                                                                          individual may                                                   other. The
                             state, county, municipal or other
                                                                          retain ownership of                                              Member is solely
                             government agency. I will obtain all
                                                                          the business. It is                                              responsible for
                             necessary permits, licenses or other
                                                                          incumbent upon the                                               all liabilities and
                             consents for the operation of my
 “Twenty years from now                                                   Members of the                                                   expenses
                             business, collect and pay all taxes,
         you will be more                                                 dissolved entity to                                              associated with
                             expenses, debits and other liabilities
disappointed by the things                                                advise Pro Image of                                              his or her
                             when due and in all respects operate
that you didn't do than by
                                                                          the individual who retains ownership      independent business activities,
                             in a lawful and ethical manner.
                                                                          of the business. This advice must be in   including all benefits, wages, taxes,
   the ones you did do. So
                             I will honor the Pro Image Retail            writing and signed by all parties and     and insurance of the Member and any
   throw off the bowlines.
                             Guarantee and never make false or            include a notarized statement or          of its employees.
  Sail away from the safe
                             fraudulent representations about the         certified copy of the court approved
  harbor. Catch the trade                                                                                           Independent Members (Contractors)
                             company, its products, marketing plan,       divorce decree or property
      winds in your sails.
                             or income potentials.                        settlement. Any questions as to the       As an Independent Member you must:
          Explore. Dream.
                                                                          legal ownership of the business will
 Discover.” - Mark Twain     I understand that no Pro Image                                                         1. Conform to all of the federal, state
                                                                          result in immediate suspension. Pro
                             Member at any level receives                                                           and local laws governing the running
                                                                          Image has the right to suspend all
                             commissions solely for referring new                                                   and maintenance of a small business.
                                                                          commissions and bonuses until the
                             Customers. Furthermore, I
                                                                          ownership issue is resolved in            2. Obtain any necessary licenses or
                             acknowledge responsibility for
                                                                          accordance with this policy.              file any pertinent reports as required
                             training and supporting the Members I
                                                                                                                    by the laws in your area.
                             refer into Pro Image.                        Independent Status
                                                                                                                    3. Be responsible for any federal,
                             The Pro Image program is built upon          When a Pro Image Membership is
                                                                                                                    state, local or general taxes and fees
                             retail sales to the ultimate consumer,       accepted, the Member is recognized
                                                                                                                    due in your area.
                             although the company recognizes that         as an Independent Member
                             a Member may wish to purchase                (Contractor). Members are not Pro         4. Supply all necessary tools and
                             products for their personal or family’s      Image employees and should not            equipment required to operate your
                             use, Pro Image’s policy strictly             represent themselves as employees.        business including but not limited to
                             prohibits the purchase of product or         All Membership applications must be       telephone, photocopies, office
                             services for the purpose of qualifying       completed and signed. If filled out via   equipment and transportation.
                             for bonuses or advancement in the            the corporate website, the enrollee
                                                                                                                    5. Determine your own work hours
                             marketing program. Failure to abide          must choose the acceptance button
                                                                                                                    and establish a place of business.
                             by this policy or encouraging others         indicating agreement to these Member
                             not to abide by this policy will result in   Guidelines. U.S. and Canadian                            (Continued on page 27)
Business Starter Guide                                                                                                  Page 27

Terms and Conditions (continued)
(Continued from page 26)                  attempt to enroll a Member of their           arbitration is undertaken to recover
                                          own organization that was personally          compensation, bonuses or damages as
Cross Sponsoring
                                          sponsored by another Member within            specified herein, the prevailing party
Pro Image Members and all Members         the organization. Violation of this           shall be entitled to an award of
of their immediate household are          policy is grounds for termination.            attorney’s fees and expenses. All legal
prohibited from the following:                                                          action will be governed by the laws of
                                          e. Members may not introduce other
                                                                                        the State of Texas in a Travis county
a. Enrolling any Pro Image Members,       business opportunities to any Pro
whom they did not personally enroll       Image Members whom they have not
into Pro Image, for other business        personally enrolled into Pro Image,           Exclusivity of Information
ventures either directly or through a     even if that opportunity appears to
                                                                                        All information such as names,
third party. This includes, but is not    complement our products or the
                                                                                        addresses, phone numbers, and email
limited to, presenting or assisting in    business. It is improper for a Pro
                                                                                        addresses of any and all Members is
the presentation of other business        Image Member to enroll, recruit or
                                                                                        proprietary information belonging
ventures to any non-personally            attempt to recruit the guest or
                                                                                        solely to Pro Image. All Pro Image
sponsored member. It is the Member’s      prospect of another Pro Image
                                                                                        Members agree not to disclose any
responsibility to first determine         Member. Violation of this policy is
                                                                                        such information to any third party
whether or not the prospect is            grounds for termination of Pro Image                                                       “No one will care
                                                                                        unless it is for the express purpose of
currently a Pro Image Member before       Member status.
                                                                                        promoting the Pro Image opportunity          how much you
enrolling the prospect in another
                                          Violations of any provision of this           nor can it be used to promote any
business venture. It will be considered                                                                                              know until they
                                          policy constitutes a Member’s                 other business opportunity at any
a violation of this policy to enroll a
                                          voluntary resignation and cancellation        other time whether or not the person         know how much
Member even if their status is
                                          of his/her Membership, effective as of        is still associated with Pro Image.
                                          the date of the violation, and forfeiture     Violation of this policy would result in
                                                                                                                                     you care.”
b. Producing any literature,              by the Member of all commissions              irreparable damage to Pro Image and
recordings or promotional material of     payable for and after the calendar            as such Pro Image would be allowed
any nature for                                           month in which the             injunctive relief to stop such a
another                                                  violation occurred. If Pro     violation. If litigation or arbitration is
business                                                 Image pays any                 required to obtain injunctive relief or
venture, which                                           compensation to the            to recover damages, the prevailing
is used by the                                           Member after the date          party shall be entitled to an award of
Member or any                                            of the violation, all          attorney’s fees and expenses as
third party to                                           commissions and                governed by the State of Texas, in a
recruit Pro                                              compensation for and           Travis county court.
Image Members                                            after the calendar month
for that                                                 in which the violation
business                                                 occurred shall be              Should a Member be found to be in
venture.                                                 refunded to Pro Image.         violation of any of the Policies of Pro
                                                                                        Image, Pro Image reserves the right
c. Selling, offering to sell, or          Violations of this policy are especially
                                                                                        to terminate the agreement between
promoting any competing products or       detrimental to the growth and sales of
                                                                                        the Member and Pro Image. The
services to Pro Image Members.            other Members’ businesses and to Pro
                                                                                        procedure for such termination is as
                                          Image as a whole. Therefore, Pro
d. Members cannot enroll or attempt                                                     follows:
                                          Image may seek and obtain from the
to enroll a Member from another Pro
                                          violating Member damages for                  a. Notification of intent to terminate
Image organization into their own
                                          violations of this policy. If litigation or
organization, nor can they enroll or                                                                    (Continued on page 28)
                      Business Starter Guide                                                                                              Page 28

                      Terms and Conditions (continued)
                      (Continued from page 27)                   disputes of this nature. We will           Purchases Directly from a Member:
                      the agreement will be sent to the          recognize the Member whose name
                                                                                                            Here is a simple procedure to follow
                      Member via the U.S. Postal Service.        appears as the enroller on a signed
                                                                                                            when making refunds to those
                                                                 application. If more than one
                      b. The Member will have 15 days to                                                    customers who you personally
                                                                 application is received in the office,
                      respond to the notice, sending any                                                    service.
                                                                 the one we receive first is recognized.
                      dissenting information, explanation or
                                                                 Since there are no changes in the          a. The customer should put in writing
                      alternative response in writing to Pro
                                                                 enrollment structure allowed, this         why he or she is returning the
                                                                                  area of the application   product. Include the name, address
                      c. Pro Image’s review                                       should be filled out      and phone number of the customer,
                      board will make a final                                     very carefully.           preferably on the retail receipt. If a
                      determination as to                                                                   customer does not want to put the
                                                                                Supporting Your
                      whether the Member will                                                               reason down in writing, you, the
                      be terminated.                                                                        Member, should make the exchange or
                                                                                  Pro Image’s               refund personally and put the
                      d. Should the termination
                                                                                  compensation plan is      information required into written form
                      take place, the vacancy
                                                                                  based on the sale of      with your signature. Be quick and
“Even if you're on    will be filled according to
                                                                                  products to customers     courteous about making the exchange
                      the normal compression
  the right track,                                                                and rewarding our         or refund.
                      policy as written.
                                                                                  loyal Members. This
    you'll get run                                                                                          b. The Member should place each
                      Termination is permanent                                    plan encourages
                                                                                                            returned item in a separate plastic
  over if you just    inactivation of a Pro Image Member.        Members to help other Members who,
                                                                                                            bag with a copy of the sales receipt
                      The Member is no longer authorized to      in turn, help others. Pro Image
 sit there.” - Will                                              Members are encouraged to share
                                                                                                            and the written reason for the return
                      sell Pro Image products or enroll any
          Rogers      new Members. They can no longer            ways to market the products and
                      participate in any way in the              promote the opportunity while              c. When a Member returns a product
                      compensation plan, contests or             continuing to uphold the Member            to Pro Image that a customer has
                      recognition. They may not re-enroll in     Guidelines of the company.                 returned, Pro Image will replace the
                      the future.                                                                           product with a new one for the
                                                                 Satisfaction Guarantee for Customers
                                                                                                            Member’s inventory.
                      Changes of Enroller or Organization
                                                                 Pro Image products carry a 100%
                                                                                                            Promotional Materials
                      Pro Image discourages and prohibits        guarantee. The following are the
                      any changes in the organizational or       procedures to follow regarding             All Pro Image literature was created
                      enroller structure. The integrity of the   customer refunds:                          to present the Pro Image products
                      compensation plan depends on that                                                     and opportunity in the most
                                                                 Purchases Directly from Pro Image:
                      structure. Pro Image protects the                                                     professional image possible and abide
                      rights of the enroller. Realignment will   If your Customer purchased product         by the State and Federal regulations
                      only rarely be considered in extreme       directly from Pro Image and is not         governing such literature in regards
                      circumstances. In order to make a          satisfied for any reason with the          to claims for both health and income.
                      change, a waiver must be signed by all     product, he/she may return the             Therefore, Members may not:
                      applicable parties and approved in         unused portion or empty container to
                                                                                                            a. Create, sell, display or distribute
                      writing by a corporate officer.            Pro Image within 45 days from time of
                                                                                                            any literature, audio or video, Internet
                                                                 purchase and receive a full refund or
                      Sometimes two or more Members will                                                    web site, email or other print, audio,
                                                                 exchange, minus shipping. Any
                      contact the same person. Pro Image                                                    visual or electronic media designed to
                                                                 commissions paid out on the purchase
                      does not get involved in settling
                                                                 will be deducted accordingly.                             (Continued on page 29)
Business Starter Guide                                                                                              Page 29

Terms and Conditions (continued)
(Continued from page 28)                   Independent Member, i.e.:                  The term of this agreement will not be
represent Pro Image’s products,                                                       limited, but on occasion will be
                                           John Smith — Pro Image Independent
compensation plan or services other                                                   revised. Any changes or modifications
                                           Member — 2222 Main Street — 123-
than that which is produced and                                                       to this agreement will be made freely
provided by Pro Image without prior                                                   available to all members and
approval from the company;                 Business Cards and Other Promotional       customers. Pro Image will post notice
                                           Materials                                  of updates through normal channels,
b. Copy or reproduce any material
                                                                                      but it is the responsibility of the
produced by Pro Image without              All cards, letterheads, signs and
                                                                                      applicant, member and customer to
permission;                                advertising materials, etc. used by Pro
                                                                                      review and be aware of any and all
                                           Image Members to promote their
c. Use the Pro Image name or logos in                                                 changes or modifications.
                                           businesses must make it clear that
any advertisements, displays, notices
                                           they are Independent Members of Pro        A member is entitled to cancel this
or in any promotion without
                                           Image. Members may                                                agreement at
                                           in no way imply or                                                any time for any
d. Produce and/or sell any product,        intimate that they are                                            reason upon
literature, audio or video or electronic   agents, employees,                                                written notice to
media with is deceptively similar to       joint ventures or                                                 Pro Image.          You can get
Pro Image products and thus create         franchises of the                                                 Transfer or sale
                                                                                                                                 everything in life
the impression that such material          company.                                                          of a member
originates from Pro Image.                                                                                   status without      you want if you will
                                                                                                             written company     just help enough
e. Present Pro Image’s products or         Advertisements
                                                                                      approval is strictly prohibited.
opportunity in a manner or                                                                                                       other people get
                                           Some Members use classified
environment that is vulgar, profane or                                                This agreement shall not be effective
                                           advertising in the newspapers to find                                                 what they want. --
which presents Pro Image in an                                                        until and unless it is accepted by the
                                           prospects. Here are a few simple
undesirable manner.                                                                   Pro Image Corporate office. Failure to     Zig Ziglar
                                           rules to follow when placing such an
                                                                                      comply with the terms of this
f. Make claims for product and/or          ad:
                                                                                      agreement, or any other company
income potential. No exaggerated or
                                           • Do not imply that a job or position is   publications, will result in the
curative claims in regards to Pro
                                           available.                                 immediate termination of this
Image products or opportunity. Only
                                                                                      agreement by Pro Image, upon written
use approved corporate language in         • Do not promise a specific income.
                                                                                      notice thereof to member.
defining the features and benefits of
                                           • Do not include any misleading facts
Pro Image products. Never diagnose                                                    This agreement shall be governed by
                                           or distortions of the Pro Image
or prescribe any Pro Image products                                                   the laws of the State of Texas and all
                                           compensation plan or products.
as a specific treatment for any                                                       claims, disputes or other matters
disease or condition.                      Repackaging Products                       between parties of this agreement
                                                                                      shall be brought in County of Travis,
In addition, a Member must not make        Repackaging of Pro Image products by
                                                                                      Texas, courts. Further, this agreement
exaggerated or hypothetical claims         Members is not authorized. Products
                                                                                      constitutes the entire agreement
about the earning potential available      are to be sold in their original
                                                                                      between the member and Pro Image
with the Pro Image compensation plan.      packaging only. Under no
                                                                                      and no other promises,
                                           circumstances are Members allowed
Telephone Advertising                                                                 representations, guaranties or
                                           to print labels bearing the Pro Image
                                                                                      agreements of any kind shall be valid
A Member may list his or her name in       name or logo.                              unless in writing.
their phone book as long as it is
                                           Terms of Agreement
clearly stated that the Member is an
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