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									                                Pale Kai Outrigger Canoe Club

                             Members Meeting, Tuesday, 2/21/06


Presiding over meeting: Mike Shandroff, Brian LaCabe. Meeting got under way at about 7:00 pm.

       Reading the Minutes of the previous meeting [and their approval].
   (2) Reports of Boards and Standing Committees.
          a. Pres. Report
                  1. Welcome members, prospective members. New novice
                     ladies were welcomed.
                  2. Biggest challenge – with the growth of the club,
                     eliminating possible discrimination and liability issues.
                     We have purchased insur ance and are setting policy
                     wherever needed to protect Pale Kai and it‟s members.
                     Issues will come up tonight such as fitness testing and
                     dues policy. Adherence to our policies and bylaws protect
                     us. If anyone sees a potential risk in any of our
                     operations, please let Mike or Brian know ASAP. One
                     issue to be discussed first is our voting procedures –
                     bylaws are contradicting: IV.2. state board votes
                     majority, VI.1. gives vote to all members at meeting,
                     need to change bylaws? Tonight we all vote.
                  3. Pale Kai is new member of USCA –
          b. V.P. Safety report – add fitness test, Huli drills or waiver.

           Waivers were handed out. Brian pointed out the waiver is also available for
              download on the website. Mike noted that with membership in the USCA,
              members are required to fill out a waiver only one time during their
              membership, instead of annually as in the past with Pale Kai. The Pale Kai
              Safety Manual is also on the website, and members are urged to read,
              review and sign off at the beginning of each year. Jill commented that, at
              Sunday night‟s women‟s meeting, she conveyed review of the safety manual
              as a „requirement‟ of club membership. Brian suggested this could be part
              of member education each year. He commented that training and
              instruction has been minimal, typically. Suggestion was to have more huli
              drills and better education.
           c. Treasurer‟s report – current accounts, forecasted budget,
              changing checking accounts – Check to Jeff to start youth
              program account.

           Brian reviewed the projected PKO operating budget for next year, as well as
              numbers from the past two years. The member income projection was
              based on 65 members at $275 per member. There‟s anticipated Income
              from t-shirt sales (66 shirts @ $25 ea.) and sponsorships (estimated

It is planned that Jeff will separate the youth program funds from the adult
     program funds and place those in a separate account.

Brian reviewed costs, which include: Insurance; Site Rental ($200/year);
   General Liability insurance ($1,476); SCORA ($941); meetings and drivers
   ($500); race fees; rope; t-shirts ($1,200); travel. The purchase of a new
   canoe is being explored, although there are some concerns about the
   manufacturer that need to be clarified before committing to order. The total
   base budget figure conveyed was $19,336. See Brian or Mike for

d. Insurance report
        1. Director‟s & Officer‟s – $799. It was noted that Pale Kai
           doesn‟t have to be designated as “non-profit”.
        2. New waivers – 2 sets (SCORA, USCA)

e. SCORA report – upcoming event, Safety, Coaches, SCORA

Denise Shandroff announced the upcoming mandatory coaches‟ clinic/safety
   meeting on March 11th at the NAC in Newport Beach. SCORA mandates
   that 2 coaches per club attend; $10/ea. will be charged if more than 2
   coaches want to attend. The meeting is expected to last until about 4 pm.
   Denise added that the race calendar is available on the SCORA website.
f. Membership report
       1. Number of Novice women at meeting - No report
g. Coaches‟ reports
         1. Men‟s – schedule meeting - Greg Foster said the men have not
             met yet. Those present agreed to get together, tentatively, a week
             from Friday at Mike Nunno‟s to discuss practices, crews and
         2. Women‟s – report on women‟s meeting - Jill reported on the
             women‟s meeting held Sunday night at Shandroff‟s. Attending
             were 12 returning members and 8 potential novices. Women plan
             to start practicing on April 8. Tiffany has offered to steer for
             women who are interested in paddling during March, weather-
         3. Youth - No report.
h. Event coordinator report
         1. Bid, March kickoff party, ‟06 Calendar. Dave Van
             Mouwerik talked about the possibility of hosting another Pineapple
             Express race. On expressing interest to SCORA, he learned this
             is a highly politicized process; he was told that no 2007 bids will
             be entertained, and new bids cannot be submitted until 2008.
             Mike Nunno suggested contact be made with Hokuloa about Pale
             Kai‟s interest in hosting a race. An invitational might be more
                feasible if there are enough open dates outside the racing calendar.
                 Possible dates for an invitational suggested were 6/17, 8/12, or
                9/23. Dave emphasized that such a race should be “fun”. Mike
                Shandroff noted that USCA will insure any event that Pale Kai
                hosts. Other possible club events were discussed. A work party
                was decided to be held on 3/18, 10:00 am, to clean the site, and to
                rig and clean the canoes. After discussion, there was consensus to
                have the season kick-off bbq party on Memorial Weekend (5/6),
                to include possibly an inter-club race as last year. Yvette will
                check to see if the Avila Yacht Club is available for a rental cost.

   i. Communication report – Justin not able to attend, Available to
      help anyone with e-mail - Members were reminded that Justin has
      negotiated a club discount for Club 24 gym memberships.
   j. Transportation report – drivers, truck rentals - No report. Denny is
      looking to develop a list of drivers. Possible drivers at this time are Scott
      Bixler, Tom Owen, Mike Shandroff and Mike Nunno.
   k. Equipment report – paddle, rope, new canoe - Scott Bixler has
      purchased 3 spools of twine for rigging at $90/spool + $50 shipping.
      Inventory of paddles was given. There are 4 steering and 12 regular
      paddles. Jeff purchased 18 paddles for the youth team, comprised of 15
      regular and 3 steering. Scott mentioned that Gillespie is offering a 15%
      discount to members who want to purchase paddles. Elise mentioned
      there‟s a kayak store in Morro Bay that has a handful of used carbon blades
      for sale, which will be sold at a good discount. Hugh mentioned new PFDs
      may be needed, and Morro Bay Marine may have some for sale.
      Equipment maintenance was discussed (dollies, straps, trailer, iakos, bags,
      radios). Mike Shandroff offered to charge up the radios. Boat covers,
      which were approved (but never purchased) in last year‟s budget were
      discussed. Mike Nunno will confirm the cost; it was agreed these should be
      purchased since the club no longer has the tent. The research of a new
      canoe was again mentioned. Issue is with the Canadian boat maker. It was
      mentioned that a canoe cannot legally be purchased from Hawaii. Another
      option may be OCA Australia. The club should purchase a Mirage. If
      necessary, another club (NAC?) has offered to loan Pale Kai a boat for

Reports of Special (Select) Committees.
      a.      Logo submissions – vote?, adopt? A logo drawing was
      presented by Greg Foster, as well as two other logo drawings. Lengthy
      discussion followed on the topic of a logo.

   Motion: By Jill, seconded by Greg Foster, to vote „yes‟ or „no‟ on the Foster
     logo, and, if we vote no, we keep the shirt logo as is current. Discussion

   Motion: By Yvette that we determine which of the 3 logos under consideration
     at the meeting that the members want to use. No second. Further
          discussion followed.

      Following two motions with no deciding vote taken, votes were taken on the 3
          logos shown. The Foster logo was preferred.

          Motion: By Jill, seconded by ______ to order new shirts with the Foster
          logo. Motion passed by consensus of those present.

      Shirt color was discussed. Colors and shirt samples will be brought to the next
          meeting to get a consensus.

      b. Sponsorships – John S. – packages, offer to members before we
         are sold out. John Secunda is looking into reactivating the sponsor
         program to create another revenue stream. He contacted past sponsors
         (Poncho‟s, Moondoggies, Mountain Air Sports) and other potentials who
         may sponsor Pale Kai by having their business name placed on a paddle
         decal, at $500 each, for placement on the canoes; the goal is one paddle
         decal/sponsor per canoe. He has also contacted the Avila Beach Civic
         Association about the possibility of placement of a club sign. Ideas for
         creating additional revenue are welcome, and individual sponsors are
      c. Web Site report – Dara - No report.
      d. Boat name for Mirage – ideas? Suggestion was made to select a
         Chumash name for a boat, since there is evidence of a link between the
         Chumash and Hawaiian canoes. Discussion of a particular name was
         tabled until the next meeting.
      e. Apparel - jerseys - Denise Shandroff reported on the need for ordering
         new jerseys. There is still a discount from Patagonia available. Paddle Me
         has branched out into team uniforms, and samples will be coming in the
         mail soon. Printing should take one month from the time of placing order.

(4) New Business.
         Bylaws committee – March meeting is bylaw change date.
         Members interested in helping Dara clean up the by-laws document were
         invited. Scott Bixler offered to help
                   1. 2006 amount - raise to $300? – see budget
               2. forgive past years dues, no trade except lifetime members
                   (Jill, Jamie Nozzie).
               3. set deadline for this years payment for past members –
                   pay, make arrangements or don‟t paddle.
               4. set deadline for prospective members – 5 paddles, then
                   pay? Must be consistent.
               5. Recreational dues tier – eliminate?
               6. Set Students dues, requirements for students

               All of the above issues were discussed.
           Motion: By Mike Shandroff, seconded by Dave Van Mouwerik to
             forgive outstanding past-year dues, that that there should be no
             trades for dues, except to forgive dues to lifetime members (those
             who have donated boats to the club). Motion passed by
             unanimous vote.

           There was consensus that dues shall be paid by April 8, or members
              should make arrangements with the Treasurer. Enforcing this
              rule was discussed. Greg Foster offered to enforce it with the men.

           There was discussion on the number of times persons should be
              allowed to try paddling free of cost.

           Motion: By Jill, seconded by Denise Shandroff, that 5 trial paddles be
             set as the number before new persons should be required to join as
             a paid club member.

           There was discussion on raising the membership fee from $275 to

           Motion: by Ken Martin, seconded by Denise, to increase the
             membership fee by $25. Motion passed unanimously.

           There was lengthy discussion on the possibility of having a
              recreational dues tier. Past non-racers were given a $100
              discount, and it was somewhat arbitrarily decided.

           Motion: By Jill that everyone pays $300, seconded by Greg Foster,
             with a contingent of $175 for full-time students with ID. Motion
             passed by consensus.
               1.     Fitness test – liability & policy. The insurance
               representative has suggested a fitness test for all members. The
               suggested test is: In open water and without a personal
               flotation device, members should be able to jump out of,
               swim completely around, and re-enter the canoe

         Motion: By Jill, seconded by ______, to adopt the above fitness test as
           a requirement for members. Motion passed by consensus.

         * All Members are reminded to update their roster contact information.

(5) Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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