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									               Internet Consulting Secrets Home Study Course

Veteran Internet Marketing Consultant Reveals...

      “How You Can Quickly and Easily Become A Successful
                 Internet Marketing Consultant
                     to Local Businesses!”
                 It's Easy When You Know How... Because Your Prospects Are
                       Everywhere And They Desperately Need Your Help!

               Read Below To Learn How You Can Get Complete Online Training,
                    Your Own Consultant Website, Plus Proven and Tested
                    Marketing Materials To Help You Generate Profits Fast.

                   Plus, I'll show you how to outsource all the work and still
                                   enjoy 100% to 300% profits!

                          Thursday, July 22, 2010 Wednesday, July 21, 2010

                          RE: Internet Consulting Secrets

                          From: Tom Mulkern

Dear Friend,

T           he current economy has a lot of people looking for a way to make more

money, maybe you're one of them?

A lot of folks are trying to make money online... others are thinking about buying franchises...
and others are rolling the dice in the stock market.

The trouble is, the competition online is ferocious ... franchises require you to hock your life's
savings (how long will it take you to get out of that hole?)... and the stock market is way too
dependent on the shenanigans in Washington these days.

I have a much better way for you to make money from the growth of the Internet -- and create a
profitable, long-term business you can be proud of at the same time.

In fact, it's far superior to all of the above and you can do it working from home, with NO capital
investment, NO overhead, and NO employees.

And you can easily get started part-time and keep the security of your present job for now.

Here's what it's all about...

                       Make Easy Income Helping Small
                     Businesses Right In Your Local Area!...
Imagine landing lucrative Internet Marketing contracts of $3,600 to $12,000 or more per year...
from solid, stable companies right in your local area.

Now imagine this: you have your own team of experienced website experts that you can
outsource the work to... so you can spend your time bringing in more business (or golfing or
going to the beach if your prefer).

And the best part is, because of the recurring nature of Internet marketing services, these clients
will pay you month after month, building up a huge residual income for your future!

Listen: you can spend years of your life, plus a small fortune, trying to find the right "niche" to
make money in online.

Some of the so-called "gurus" out there are actually teaching people they can make money
online selling $20 E-Books to "hot niche markets," with titles like "The Care and Feeding of your
Chinchilla," or "How To Have A Happy Healthy Hamster." Give me a break.

If you're starting to feel like a hamster on a wheel yourself, what I have to share with you will be
like a breath of fresh air.

                                Here's Why You Should You
                                  Should Listen To Me...
Let me back up for a second, and briefly introduce myself so you know where I'm coming from.

Back in 1995, I wrote one of the first books to cover Online Marketing, called The Online
Marketing Action Plan. Because the web was in its infancy at the time, the book focused on
using Compuserve and the very primitive Internet. It essentially laid out the principles of
applying direct response marketing to the Internet. It was praised by many, including marketing
guru Joe Vitale, who said, "I haven't seen anything this clear-headed and street-smart in
ages, and I've never seen anything this complete for online marketing."

Since then, I've been working primarily with offline businesses, providing Internet Marketing and
web development services. Some of my clients are making millions of dollars per year from their
websites. I've also built and sold a successful web hosting company that provides hosting
services to over 10,000 businesses.

I've worked with hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of industries... and over the years I've
always noticed something that's bothered me, and that's this:

              The tools and technology available for online marketing are way
                ahead of the ability of the average small business owner to
                             learn, utilize, and profit from them.

That's understandable if you think about it.

Small business owners are busy with the day to day. They don't have the time to study online
marketing. They don't have the resources to do online marketing in-house. They don't have the
personnel or the expertise. They don't want to waste money on things that might not work.

It's true that there is no shortage of "web designers" out there, but here's the problem -- web
designers don't understand marketing! And because of that, 95% of all small business
websites are FAILING to achieve their most basic ROI goals and languishing like billboards in
the desert.

But here's the rub: right now, with the economy the way it is, small businesses can no longer
afford the luxury of not utilizing the Internet to its full extent.

They all know the Yellow pages are dead and they are clamoring to learn about effective online
marketing and social media so they can survive in the future.

Take a look at what the highly respected Forrester Research had to say about the shift toward
online marketing:
                  "The Cannibalization of Traditional Media"

"Interactive marketing will near $55 billion and represent 21% of all marketing
spending in 2014 as marketers shift dollars away from traditional media and
toward search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, social media,
and mobile marketing. This cannibalization of traditional media will bring
about a decline in overall advertising budgets, death to obsolete agencies, a
publisher awakening, and a new identity for Yahoo!" - Forrester Research

Now think about this: although they might not have the time or the expertise, small businesses
making $500,000 to $10 million per year DO have the money to pay you for Internet Marketing
and website improvements. All you need to do is position and market yourself correctly.

All of the above adds up to a huge opportunity for Internet Marketing consultants who can
work with these offline businesses and start helping them with their online marketing.

You can work with local businesses and professionals like Real Estate brokers, Attorneys,
Chiropractors, Dentists, Health Care Providers, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Insurance Agents,
Contractors, Manufacturing Companies, Doctors, Wholesale Supply companies and many more
types of businesses -- all right in your local area.

How do I know? Because I've worked with all of the above myself over the past several years.

You could quickly be making a five-figure monthly income while being the HERO to
businesses in your local area -- all you need is the right knowledge, training and support.

Which is why I'm proud to introduce...

                            The "Internet Consulting
                          Secrets" Home Study Course!
In the Internet Consulting Secrets home study course you will learn all of the secrets I've used to
grow my businesses over the years, doing exactly what I'll teach you to do. This is the course
you need right now to succeed in the Internet Marketing Consulting business. Don't waste time
spinning your wheels and please don't get ripped buying an Internet "franchise."
This is a multimedia course containing more than 200 pages of detailed information and a
step-by-business system. The written material is accompanied by 15 video training

It's broken down into two main parts. Part one is " How To Find Clients" and part two is
"How To Provide The Services Using Internet Marketing 2.0."

Here's what you'll discover in each section:

                                 Part One:
                                 How To Find Clients
                                 $1000 value

                                 The great thing is, because this is a non-
                                 competitive niche that is literally starving for
                                 your services, it's very easy to find clients.

Just think about all the businesses in your local area that need help building
traffic and converting more leads from their websites!

You could literally just start talking to small business owners and go to a few
networking meetings and be swamped with clients next week -- if you know
what to say. There are some important things you need to know to ensure you
only work with "ideal" clients -- the ones that will pay you a lot of money.

Here's just some of what you'll learn in this part of the training:
      Three low-cost and no-cost methods that will generate all the business
you can handle. You could literally start using these today and have paying
customers in the next few days -- without spending any money on advertising.

      How to find your "ideal" clients... and which ones to avoid like the plague.

      A simple one-page letter that will get clients calling you to sign up for
your services week in and week out. Just drop 20 - 30 of these in the mail
every week and your phone will ring off the hook!

      The right way (and the wrong way) to network at small business

      How to build your contact network and get business fast.

      How you can hire a part-time telemarketer for $10 an hour to set phone
appointments for you... and exactly what they should say.

       How to sell without having to "sell" at all. Use my simple consultative
selling approach and be seen as a trusted advisor, not a salesperson.

       The best types of industries to target... we've tested this over the years
and the criteria I give you will make sure you target businesses that are most
interested in these services.

      How to get paid up front, plus a set amount each month -- this gives you
a steady and reliable income.

        The #1 thing small businesses want in 2010. Hint: it's not a website and
it's not email marketing software.

      How to qualify clients so you can close in one telephone or in-person
meeting. This saves you time and allows you to close more deals.

       How to sell website traffic building services as monthly packages and
lock in 12-month or even 24-month contracts!

      How to easily estimate and price custom design projects.
      The secrets of outsourcing design and programming work -- while still
maintaining high quality standards.

      A sure-fire way to make sure clients are 100% satisfied with the work
you deliver -- and not make promises you can't keep.

      The secrets of "automating" project management using an online
resource. This frees up your time immensely.

      How to setup a simple consultant website that will sell your services for
you and take your orders online. I'll even show you how to automate the
monthly billing.

      How to hire commission-based sales reps to grow your business fast.

      Why you do NOT want to call yourself a "web designer."

      And much, much more!

Now, once you know how to bring in lots of business, you'll need to make sure you can deliver
your services effectively and build long-term client relationships.

I've structured the second part of the course to cover everything you need to know about the
latest cutting-edge online marketing techniques, called "Internet Marketing 2.0," with a focus
on working with offline businesses.

Even if you outsource the work, it's important that you really understand the "nitty gritty" of
Internet Marketing for local businesses, because that knowledge will make it much easier for
you to sell the services.

In Part Two, you will learn exactly how to create massive traffic to any website and improve
conversions with simple design changes -- and then get clients begging to pay you a monthly
retainer to handle their online marketing for them.

Here's just some of what you'll discover in Part Two:
                                 Part Two:
                                 Internet Marketing 2.0:
                                 The Art and Science Of Website Design
                                 and Traffic Building
                                 $1,000 value

                                   Getting clients is easy with the techniques
you'll learn in Part One. In Part Two, I'll show
you how to over-deliver on your services so your clients will sing your praises
and send you referrals!

This section is designed to turn you into an Internet Marketing expert. This is
the latest, cutting edge information you need to deliver high quality services to
your clients, completely updated for 2010...

       The 6 major mistakes that virtually every small business website makes
-- and how to easily fix them for your clients.

      Website Critiques. You'll see actual examples of live websites that I
dissect for you on video... showing you exactly what is wrong and how to
improve them. (After seeing these critiques, you will be able to quickly see the
patterns and have complete confidence when talking to potential clients.)

       The best design styles for various types of websites (lead generation
vs. direct sales vs. e-commerce, advertising driven sites, etc.). The focus here
is on navigation and usability.

      Learn the difference between cash traps and Swiss Army knife

      A 12-point checklist that will allow you to do a website analysis in 15

     Learn how to master email marketing and manage email marketing
campaigns for your clients in about 30 minutes per month -- and get paid $250
per month on up for that service!

      The truth about search engine optimization and pay-per-click for
offline businesses (learn what works, what doesn't, and exactly how you
should present and package these services for your clients for maximum

       The best software tools to use for SEO and PPC services. These
powerful tools will save you a huge amount of time and allow you to create
traffic surges to your clients' websites with little effort.

       Why every local business should have a blog and how to use the
blog to help build traffic.

     How to build massive traffic to your client's websites using article
marketing -- and how to outsource this task for just $10 per article.

      How to use free publicity and online press release services to gain
exposure and build traffic for your clients. This an extremely powerful
technique that virtually zero offline businesses are using.

      How to use video marketing to get your clients to the top of Google.
No, they don't need to appear on camera. In fact, using the special techniques
and software I'll show you, you can handle the whole thing for them quickly,
cheaply, and EFFECTIVELY.

       Why banner advertising is alive and well and how you can make a
great deal of money offering an online media buying service to your clients (it's
very simple to do with the steps I give you).

       Why keyword research is so crucial to providing Internet Marketing
services, and exactly how to find the "money words" that will produce the best
results for your clients.

      A simple, but greatly overlooked tactic for getting better local search
engine rankings that can have your clients on top of Google within DAYS, not

      And much, much more...

As you can see, with this information it will be a cinch to increase business for your clients.
They'll gladly pay you hundreds... even thousands of dollars per month because what you do for
them will return many times that.

I lay out everything you need to know to become an expert and then it's up to you how you want
to offer the services. You can become a "full service" agency and offer all the services, or you
can focus on a single skill like SEO. It's totally up to you.

And think about this: this unique course really gives you DOUBLE the money-making

Why? Because not only can you make serious money right away working with offline
businesses, you will also have all of the latest, cutting-edge information you need to create a
successful website of your own as well.

You could easily take all this powerful marketing information and use it as the launching pad of
your own online business, whether it be selling information products, affiliate products,
subscription sites, or an e-commerce site.

But I'm not done yet packing this with value. Remember, I've been doing this a long time and
I know you'll need a few more things to be successful. So I'm going to include some very special
additional bonuses in the package in order to truly make this "turnkey" for you.

              Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of Internet Consulting Secrets Now

                                 Business In A Box
                                 "Done For You" Ads, Sales Letters, Emails,
                                 Proposal Templates, Order Forms,
                                 Contracts, and More!
                                 $3,000 Value

                                  In addition to the course and the video
training, you are also going to get a set of editable MS-Word docs consisting
of all the documents and forms you need to promote your services and
manage your business! All of the promotional materials are given to you
copyright free!

This includes marketing communications and proposals, plus legal
agreements, project management docs, and even order forms!

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. These are all actual marketing
communications that have been proven and field-tested in my own business.
Just download all these documents to your computer, plug in your contact info
and you're good to go!

Here's just some of documents included:

       Complete sales and telemarketing scripts.

       Camera ready brochures and flyers.

      Six different lead generating sales letters, including a 3-step direct
mail sequence, plus a high-pulling letter that can be customized to specific
niches (such as Restaurants, Hair Salons, Dentists, etc).

      Three professional whitepapers you can offer as "bait" on your
website and send out to potential clients. These will greatly enhance your
credibility with prospective clients and help you easily close the sale.

     A variety of online marketing how-to articles targeted to local business
owners that you can upload to your website or send out under your own byline!

     A complete Internet Marketing proposal template -- just plug in your
numbers and present it to your client!

       Legal agreements for web design and marketing projects.

        A unique contract for "pay for performance" marketing which you may
want to offer to certain businesses.... because you can get a percentage of
their increased profits!

     A complete Internet Marketing needs analysis with a 40-point website
improvement checklist.

       and many more!

I think it's plain to see that Internet Consulting Secrets can help you build a successful Internet
Marketing Agency, but you don't just have to take my word for it, because for the past several
months I've been teaching this material to a small group of students, and here's what some of
them have to say...
                See What These Very Happy Students Have
                      To Say About This Training!

                      "My First Project Was Over $8,000"

"Thank you for the fast enrollment in your program. The materials, training and
 support are all outstanding. My first client was a custom development project
                             that was over $8,000!"

- Kiril K., Altamonte Springs, FL
        "....A Full Service Web Marketing Company
                    From My Living Room!"
Tom, you’ve empowered me to run a full service web marketing company right
from my living room! As someone looking for ways to increase and stabilize my
income I am grateful I found your company.

- Bobby R., Houston, TX
           "The Marketing Material Is Outstanding"
“I was a little apprehensive about joining, but after going through the training
and seeing everything we have at our fingertips, I’m wondering what I ever
hesitated for! The marketing material is truly outstanding.”

– Dean B., Henderson, NV

As you can see, I've pulled out all the stops to make sure you get RESULTS. There is
absolutely no reason for anybody not to be able to bring in lucrative clients with this powerful
information. Because the training is so comprehensive, no prior experience or technical skills
are necessary. All you need is good communications skills, some business or sales
experience, and a desire to succeed.

But I'm not done yet...

  Is It Even Possible To Make This Course Any Better? Well, It's
       Tough But I'm Gonna Do It Anyway With These 2 Killer
These two very special bonuses are designed to get you up and running so you can be making
money from day one.

Unless you have an existing website, you'll want to setup a simple lead-generating site for your
new consulting business so you can get leads and prospects online. Well, I've taken care of that
for you as well...

                                  Special Bonus #1
                                  Professional Internet Consulting Website
                                  Template! $1,500 Value

                                  I've had an Internet Marketing Consultant
                                  template created for you, designed to
                                  showcase your services and generate leads
for your business.

Just input your name and contact info and you'll be ready to go immediately!

The consultant's template was purposely designed to be very simple and easy
for you to use and includes the following features:

      It's designed to be easily integrated with Wordpress so you can have
your own blog and add articles to build your traffic and credibility (which will be
easy to do after everything you learn in the course).

      It features service descriptions for a range of website services -- all
ready to be linked to your Paypal account for online ordering!

       It has a recommended website promotion package page, so your
clients can signup online for your traffic building services.

     You can easily edit and customize any of the content, add your own
pages or other services, etc.

      It's designed to be very SEO friendly, so you can dominate keyword
searches in your local market. Additional tips are provided showing you exactly
how to do this.

Once you have your consultant template customized, you can upload it to your current host or
any low cost host such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc.

You may also want to outsource the fulfillment of your web design and promotion projects. Well,
I've taken care of both of those things for you as well, with Special Bonus #2!....

              Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of Internet Consulting Secrets Now

                                 Special Bonus #2
                                 Wholesale pricing on web development
                                 and promotion services! $30% margins!

                                 Although the training course shows you how to
                                 perform the services yourself, some people
                                 may want to outsource some of the work to
save time. As an Internet Consulting Secrets
member, you will qualify for low wholesale pricing on a full range of the hottest
selling website design and marketing services, including:

      Custom Wordpress sites. Our custom Wordpress sites retail for
$1,997. With your 30% wholesale discount you can make $600 per sale.

      Complete website traffic building services, including SEO, Video
Marketing and Social Media marketing. These packages sell for $995 per
month and up. With your 30% wholesale discount, you earn $3,600 per year,
per client!

       Fully Managed Email Marketing. This service includes managing and
building your clients' email list and sending out one promotion per month. You
earn $990 per year.

As you can see, with the two bonuses I've included, this is a 100% complete
business package. There is nothing else to buy and you can be in business
immediately and making profits from day one.

                     Let's Just Recap Everything You're
                     Getting With the Internet Consulting
                           Secrets Package Today
As you've seen by now, with Internet Consulting Secrets, you'll be able to make money from
your new Internet Marketing skills six ways to Sunday. But let's just recap everything you're
getting here:

          Internet Consulting Secrets Module                       Value

   How To Find Clients Training (Manual, plus
   audio/video training modules)

   Step-By-Step Tutorials On Performing The
   Services (Manual plus audio/video training                 $1000

   "Done For You" Marketing Materials and other
   documents in Word format

   The Consultant's Website Template                          $1500

   Outsourced services at wholesale rates                     $600 plus

   Free 30-minute consultation                                $250

   Total Value                                                $7350

There's no need for me to fluff up the value here -- I think it's plain to see that this is a lot of
valuable material and ongoing training.

But what is a training and coaching program like this worth to you?



Maybe even $25,000 to $50,000 like the franchises charge?

I'd say probably so, and there are some who would sell it for that much.
But I'm not going to charge you $10k or even $5k for this training and coaching. Why?

First, I believe in over-delivering on everything I offer, so I want you to feel that you got a value
that was many times greater than your investment.

Secondly, this is a huge untapped market just waiting for a solution; plus, a lot of people are
hurting right now in this economy. I want to make this affordable to anyone willing to act on
this information. That way it's a win-win all around.

Finally, as you become successful, there may be some opportunities for us to do business
together. You may come across some very large projects that might be too complex for you. If
that happens, rather than turn them away, just bring those projects to me and my team will
handle them and we'll split the profits 50/50. Make sense?

Or, you may want to outsource design or traffic building services to my experienced team. We
can give you deep wholesale discounts on those services as an owner of the Internet Consulting
Secrets course.

So I' making Internet Consulting Secrets with all of its bonuses available to you for just $497
$177 today.

But keep one thing mind...

This special low price may increase at any time once we hit certain enrollment levels, because
we don't want to flood the market. Selling too many units could saturate the market and that
would defeat the whole purpose.

Right now, this is a rare opportunity, because there is virtually no competition offering online
marketing and web development services to offline businesses in the way that I'll teach you.

In case you have any hesitation at all, let me make it a no-brainer for you with with a...

                               60-Day, 100% Satisfaction
                                Money Back Guarantee!
Take advantage today and have peace of mind because I'm going take all the risk. Here's my
personal promise to you...
                         My Iron Clad, 100% Satisfaction
                         60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
   I'll take every ounce of risk away from you. That's how strongly I
   believe the Internet Consulting Secrets program can help you

   Put this information to the test. Take the next 60 days to try it
   out and put things into action.

   You'll quickly see that this program is a complete step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand
   training from someone that has actually done it. Start getting your own high-paying local
   business clients and deliver great online marketing for them that's so simple to do, yet so
   valuable they'd be crazy NOT to hire you and keep paying you every month.

   If at any time during these next 60 days you decide it's not for you, or you're dissatisfied
   for any reason at all, let me know. I'll refund 100% of your investment, no questions
   asked... but you can keep the knowledge and revenue streams it creates for you anyway!

   That's my personal promise to you because I know you will not be disappointed.

This is one of those opportunities that only comes along perhaps once in a lifetime. The Internet
is entering it's next phase at the forefront of the "new economy." This is your chance to
capitalize on it.

                          Take Advantage Of This Once
                            In A Lifetime Opportunity
The world of marketing is moving online. There is a titanic shift going on right now toward the
"new media" and away from "old media." Offline businesses will have to embrace this or they
will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Internet Consulting Secrets can help you ride this wave and make a great income while helping
local businesses grow and prosper. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and our
country, and you'll be making a real difference by helping them succeed.

I know first hand what a rewarding business this can be and I look forward to helping you
succeed as well.
And you're now at a point where you have to make a decision for yourself.

Are you going to continue to try to figure things out on your own online, and maybe struggle in a
highly competitive niche market? Or will you take this unique opportunity to leverage your
existing skills and knowledge and make some serious money helping "real-world" businesses
(businesses that have a lot of money to spend by the way).

Hardly anyone else is doing this and local businesses will pay you thousands monthly if you
follow the steps in my training course.

This is your shot at finally making a full-time income with online marketing and taking your
learning and your income to a whole new level.

Take advantage of this special low price offer for Internet Consulting Secrets and get to
where you want to be by clicking the link in the order box below...

              Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of Internet Consulting Secrets Now

Best of success,

Tom Mulkern

P.S. Local businesses around you are desperately in need of your help in doing some very
basic online marketing, and they'll pay you $1,000's every month for it as long as you can
deliver results. Internet Consulting Secrets is specifically designed to take you by the hand,
walk you step-by-step through the 24 training modules, and put cash in your pocket this month.
You'll also receive plenty of support and guidance every step of the way, so failure is no
longer an option for you.

P.P.S. Your satisfaction is of course guaranteed. If you don't see the value in the material I’ve
created, tested and used over the last 10 years and that I reveal in Internet Consulting Secrets,
you can receive a full refund -- no questions asked. I’ve eliminated all the risk for you, so now
you have nothing to lose by taking a test drive.

P.P.P.S. Remember, the course is going to be limited at this special price. Don't delay and miss
out. Order Now.

                           Risk Free Acceptance Form:

    Yes, Tom! I want Internet Consulting Secrets

I'm more than ready to get my hands on the brand new Internet Consulting
Secrets as soon as possible for only $497 $177.

I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with your no-questions-asked
60-day money back guarantee.

Immediately after ordering the course, I understand that I will receive instant
access so I can download everything immediately.

Once my order is approved, I'll immediately be able to access all of the
incredible information contained in the course... including:

     The How To Find Clients training

      The full course on Internet Marketing 2.0
and providing services to my clients.

       All of the "Done For You" marketing
communications, including ads, sales letters,
scripts, documents and forms for running my
Internet Consulting business.

     I will also be able to download and
customize my Internet Marketing Consultant
website template and upload and manage it
per the instructions you'll provide.

I also understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server,
and once it is processed, Internet Consulting Secrets and everything else
above will be available for me to download immediately.

                  Finally, I understand Internet Consulting Secrets comes
                  with a 60 day, 100% no-questions-asked money back

                  If for any reason I am not completely satisfied, I will
                  receive a prompt 100% refund of the full purchase price.

          Ordering is fast, easy, and 100% secure.
             You will have immediate access to
           everything once you place your order.

       Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of Internet
                 Consulting Secrets Now

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