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					                            Iowa Council on Homelessness
                                         Meeting Minutes
                                         January 19, 2007

                                    Voting Members Present:
Anne Brown – Department of Corrections               Kelsey Ruzzi – Crusade High School
Jean Brown – Central Iowa Shelter                    Tom Schmit – Community & Family Resources
Christine Canganelli – Shelter House                 Nancy Schultz – Heartland Family Services
Kelli Foltz – Department of Veteran Affairs          Steffani Simbric – Cedar Valley Friends of the
Diane Foss – Dept of Economic Development                                                    Family
Melissa Fulton – Consumer                            Judy Songer – SIEDA Community Action
Mario Hayslett – Criminal Justice Ministries         Nicki Stajcar – Department of Elder Affairs
Ann Hearn – Linn County Community Services           Lila Starr – Department of Human Services
Doug Keast – Dept of Workforce Development           Robert Uhl - Consumer
Jennifer Manders – Project Concern                   James Walker – Keys to Awareness
Gordon Miller – Department of Public Safety          Mike Wood – Mental Health Association of
Ray Morley – Department of Education                                                 Siouxland
Patrick Nestvedt – Catholic Charities                Dean Wright – Drake University
Loyd Ogle – Iowa Finance Authority

                                     Voting Members Absent:
Allan Axeen – HACAP                                  Donna Phillips - Attorney General’s Office
Bill Brand – Department of Human Rights              Kate Ridge – John Lewis Coffee Shop
Jeff Gronstal – Department of Public Health          Kevin Squires - Consumer
Amy Knudsen – Iowa Coalition for Housing &           Janell Staats – MATURA Action Corporation
                                Homeless             Bob Steben – Department of Veteran Affairs
Janice Loving – Consumer

                                          Others Present:
Kathy Bruyere – Crittenton Center                    Jesse Hurley – Hawkeye Area Community
Maria Clark – Proteus, Inc.                          Kelly Lucien – Council on Sexual Assault &
Sherell Conick-Perez – City of Sioux City                                    Domestic Violence
Dave Eberbach – Iowa Institute for Community         Michaile Muller – Beacon of Life
                                 Alliances           Dave Mueterthies – Black Hawk/Grundy Mental
Julie Eberbach – Iowa Institute for Community                        Health Center PATH Program
                                 Alliances           Marsha Peterson – Habitat for Humanity of Iowa
Eddie Frazier – Primary HealthCare                   Carrie Slagle – Waypoint Madge Phillips Center
Barry Gallagher – Vera French Mental Health          Joanie Spitznagle – Heartland Family Services
                                 Center              Janelle Wilcox – Waypoint Madge Phillips
David Hicks – Youth & Shelter Services                                                      Center
Erica Haugen – Project Concern

                                  Iowa Finance Authority Staff:
Lyle Schwery – Homeless Programs Coordinator         Karen Winchester – Administrative Assistant
                                   Call to Order & Introduction
Chairman Keast called the January 19, 2007 meeting of the Iowa Council for Homelessness to order at
10:00 a.m.

Introductions were made by those present at the host and remote ICN locations.

A quorum was not established.

Chairman Keast informed the Council that the current agenda describes the Point in Time Survey as a
trial run under the Research and Analysis Committee heading. This is not correct. There will be a Point
in Time Survey completed on January 31, 2007 for the entire state as is required by HUD.

                                   Executive Committee Report
Chairman Keast reported to the Council the need to increase activity in the Policy and Public Awareness
Committee. He requested any one interested in joining this committee to contact him.

Ray Morley asked the Council to add emphasis to education in the homelessness plan. Education should
be a central focus point on ending homelessness for children and adults. He believes the Council needs to
ask the Director of the Department of Education to include a prime administrator within the Department
to be a member of the Council, and a member of the Council’s strategic planning committee. This
member will need to be allowed to have an allotted amount of time devoted to the Council and its

                              Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee
Chairman Keast reported to the Council that the Committee talked about the role of the Iowa Council on
Homelessness. The role of the Council is to support the policies surrounding homelessness. This support
within the Council would be much easier if there was a clearer and consistent role of the governmental
agencies within the Council.

Chairman Keast informed the Council that this Committee plans on meeting one more time with the
intentions of forming an official Policy and Planning Committee.

Ray Morley and Lila Starr commented on the importance of committee participation and the ability of the
Policy and Public Awareness Committee to inform the general public all of the Council’s good works.

November 17, 2006 Minutes
Chairman Keast introduced the minutes for the November 17, 2006 meeting.

Motion: On a motion by Diane Foss, seconded by Jennie Manders, the Council unanimously approved
the November 17, 2006 Council meeting minutes.

January 19, 2007 Agenda
Chairman Keast introduced the agenda for the January 19, 2007 meeting.

Motion: On a motion by Lila Starr, seconded by Jean Brown, the Council unanimously approved the
January 19, 2007 Council meeting agenda.
                         Policy and Public Awareness Committee Report
Christine Canganelli, Chair of the Policy and Public Awareness Committee, reported to the Council that
the Committee is mainly working on getting the PowerPoint presentation and study that is being created
by a University of Iowa student finished by this spring or early summer.

Ms. Canganelli informed the Council that the Committee will be meeting soon and asked for members
interested in joining to contact Lyle Schwery.

                              Continuum of Care Committee Report
Lyle Schwery reported to the Council that the Committee is getting ready for the upcoming application.
The Committee conducted a performance evaluation during December. This evaluation was based on a
formula that was created using performance measures that have been set by HUD. The SuperNofa is
expected to be published in early March. The CoC application from last year is still being reviewed in
Washington, DC.

                                   Nominating Committee Report
Lila Starr, Chair of the Nominating Committee, informed the Council that Anne Kinsel has resigned and
the Committee will need nominations for her replacement for the private business sector. Ms. Starr
suggested having a person from the banking or financial industry to fill this slot who could be a potential

Virginia Beane has retired and Donna Phillips was nominated to replace her on the Council.

Motion: On a motion by Lila Starr, seconded by Ray Morley, the Council unanimously elected Donna
Phillips from the Attorney Generals Office to be a member of the Iowa Council on Homelessness to be
effective at the March 16, 2007 meeting.

                            Research and Analysis Committee Report
Ann Hearn informed the Council that the Committee has redesigned the Point in Time Study forms. Now
there is only one form to minimize confusion. There will be a statewide Point in Time Study taken on
January 31, 2007. HUD has mandated that these studies be taken every other year in odd-numbered
years. Permanent supportive housing data will no longer be included on the Point in Time Survey per
HUD’s instructions. The instructions that accompany the survey form are detailed and include

Lila Starr voiced her concern to the Council of the under reporting of the number of homeless individuals
with mental health and other disabling issues due to the people actually taking the survey being unable to
report the disabling condition.

Dave Eberbach voiced his concern to the Council of the under representation of the unsheltered
individuals throughout the state. Some sort of extra effort needs to be taken to locate and count these

Gordon Miller suggested contacting the Iowa Sheriff’s Association and the Iowa Chiefs of Police
Association for their assistance in obtaining numbers for the unsheltered homeless population.

Lyle Schwery reported to the Council that the Committee has decided to not move forward on an RFP for
the upcoming homeless study because the Committee could not specify what exactly was to be studied.
The executive order specifies that a report be given to the Governor. The Committee has decided to move
forward in preparing this report using the information that is already available through the HMIS system.

Ray Morley asked who would be responsible for getting this report to the Governor and how the report
would be configured.

Mr. Schwery informed the Council that the Committee has a report from the State of Michigan that is
very well done that was generated from the HMIS system. The Iowa Institute for Community Alliances
will prepare a draft to show the Committee.

Ray Morley asked if this report will include information from the previous study and information from

Lyle Schwery answered that this report will be compiled from information that the Council already has
which does include the last study.

Julie Eberbach explained to the Council that this report will not include analysis which will be the main
difference between the last study and this report.

Ray Morley expressed his concern that the Council not limit the information that is included in this

Lila Starr seconded this concern and believes there will be a disparity between the numbers reported in
the HMIS system and the numbers reported the last two studies concerning homeless individuals with
disabilities. This report may assist the Council in discovering and correcting any weaknesses in the data
entered into the HMIS system.

                                     HMIS Committee Report
Dave Eberbach showed the Council a PowerPoint presentation the Institute created on chronically
homeless people for Phil Mangano’s visit.

Mr. Eberbach informed the Council that the Institute has implemented a Hall of Fame list for agencies
that continually provide ‘good’ data.

Motion: On a motion by Gordon Miller, seconded by Mario Hayslett, the Iowa Council on Homelessness
unanimously voted to recommend to the Governor that the Hall of Fame Homeless Agencies be
recognized by the Governor for outstanding effort in data collection during 2006.

Jean Brown wanted to inform the Council that numbers in this annual report may not be as high as
previous years due to domestic violence providers no longer reporting and the new laws regarding sex

                                        Reports & Activities
Lyle Schwery informed the Council that the Homeless Assistance Program applications were received
and are being scored. IFA received 118 applications with nearly the same amount of funding as last year,
$2.4 million.

Mr. Schwery reported to the Council that there is a link at the bottom of each of his e-mail messages
directly to the Iowa Council on Homelessness page on IFA’s web-site.
Ray Morley suggested trying to get a link to the Iowa Council on Homelessness web page back on the
front page of the Iowa Finance Authority’s web-site.

                                               Old Business
There was no ‘old business’ to be discussed.

                                               New Business
There was no ‘new business’ to be discussed.

Ray Morley announced his resignation to the Council representing the Department of Education. He will
be working with colleges and universities beginning in March.

                                         Next Meeting Date
Chairman Keast reminded members of the next Council meeting date, Friday, March 16, 2007 at 10:00

Chairman Keast adjourned the Council meeting at 11:47 am.

Dated this 16th day of March, 2007,

Respectfully submitted:                                 Approved as to form:

Karen Winchester, Administrative Assistant              Al Axeen, Secretary
Iowa Finance Authority                                  Iowa Council on Homelessness

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