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					      Phaser® 6360
         Office colour
performance redefined

 Phaser 6360 is a high-speed single-
  pass colour laser printer which is best
  in class in terms of:
   – Performance
   – Ease of use
   – Ability to be shared
                          Market focus

 Major customer types
  – Retail / wholesale
  – Business services /
  – Financial
  – Government
  – Advertising
  – Education
                                      Typical applications

 Larger workgroups with
  high print flexibility
   – More users sharing, single
     device lowers individual costs
 Bringing outside printing
   – Saves time and money
 Increase customer
  communication capacity
   – Send printed output to more
     customers, faster to increase
     business potential
                               Phaser 6360
 Outstandingly fast printing performance

                           Phaser 6360

    Colour speed        40 pages per minute

 Black and white
                        40 pages per minute
             FPOT           <9 seconds
(First-Page-Out Time)

        Processor             1 GHz

Security Protocol             802.1x
                                             Ease of use

 Simple installation
   – 4 mouse clicks and network
     installation is complete
 Simplest management
   – CentreWare IS makes products easy
     to manage, monitor and audit in any
 Simplest drivers
   – Simple bi-directional print drivers
     configures applications automatically
     for optimum performance
                              Ease of use - Smart trays

 Automatically pulls media
  from the appropriate tray
 Identifies actual media types
  and sizes available to the
  user at print time
                                 Ease of use - PrintingScout

 Notifies user of print
  job completion and
 Provides graphical
  instructions on how to
  fix issues
   – Keeps users printing and
     so increases productivity
                                Ease of use - PhaserSMART

            Customer                                       Xerox

                                                           support system
(Usage Information)
                                                  Xerox             Rules
Processor                                         Server            engine
                       (Communication via HTTP)

(Web Browser)
                                           Built to be shared

 Network ready
 High duty cycle
 High reliability
 Attributes to help drive productivity,
  efficiency and save customer costs
 All configurations support networking
    – High performance printing
    – High input capacity
    – Usage analysis tool
    – Personal print

                               6360N       6360DN              6360DT     6360DX
    Black and white speed                           40 ppm

        Colour Print Speed                          40 ppm

                   Ethernet                         Included
               Smart trays,
               email alerts
             PrintingScout                          Included

             PhaserSMART                            Included

Adobe PostScript 3, PCL 5c                          Included

      Auto 2-sided printing                                Included

Additional 550 sheet tray(s)                                     1             2

 Productivity kit, hard disk                                               Included

                   Memory              256 MB                         512 MB

 Buy consumables as you need them
   – Cost per page dependent upon what
     you print
   – No commitment
        – Like a “Pay as You Go” mobile phone
 Buy a contract
   – Constant cost-per-page no matter
     what you print
   – All consumables and service included
        – Like a mobile phone contract
                                   Benefits to customer

 Provides more choice
   – Pay as you go/toner out vs.
     contract/toner in
 Cost control for printers
 Simplifies processes for
  both printer and
  multifunction system
                                                               A4 colour printer range

                                                                                     Phaser 6360
                                                                                     • 40 ppm black
                                                                                       and white
                                                                Phaser 8560          • 40 ppm colour
                                                                • 30 ppm black and   • 2400 dpi best in
                                                                white                  class performance
                                          Phaser 6180           • 30 ppm colour      • Medium to large
                                          • 25 ppm black and    • 2400 FinePoint       workgroup
                                            white               • Fastest FPOT
                     Phaser 6120          • 20 ppm colour       • Medium workgroup
                     • 20 ppm black and   • Small to medium
                       white                workgroup
Phaser 6110          • 5 ppm colour
• 16 ppm black and   • Small workgroup
• 4 ppm colour
• Entry-level

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