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					Aviation Metals, Inc. Customer Information Sheet                                                                                                                                   FAX BACK TO: (704) 264-0008

(1) Purchasing Company Name                                                                        Subsidiary of                                                                              FID (or SS #)

    Mailing Address                                                                      U.S. Shipping Address

                                                                                                                                                                                              Year Started

                                                                                                                                                                                         Gross Annual Sales

    Phone Number                                                                         Email

    FAX Number                                                                           Website                                                                                       Aviation Metals Contact

                         Sole Proprieter                                  Parntership                               Corporation                                LLC

                                                                   EXPORT COMPLIANCE / DESTINATION CONTROL
                  check only one below                                    check only one below                                      check only one below                                check only one below
                       Resellers                      or                                                                             End-Users
               Distributor       Sales Agent                             Civilian Consumer             Airline                Government Entity             Military Entity           Manufacturer             OEM

(2) What is the intended use for material being purchased?

(3) What is the disposition of material being purchased from Aviation Metals? (ONE MUST BE CHECKED BELOW !)
          Will be used by company in the country listed in section (1) for its operations or further processing. (Will not resold or exported/re-exported) If non U.S., list forwarder in
A         section (6)
          Will be used by company in the country listed in section (1) and exported (or re-exported if company in section (1) is not in U.S) to a branch location listed in section (5)
B         for its operations. This will be the final destination. (Not to a 3rd party)

C         Will be exported by company listed in section (1) (or re-exported if company in section (1) is not in U.S) to a 3rd party listed in block (5).

D         Other (fully describe)

(4) If C or D above is checked, will your customer be shipping out of the U.S.?                                               Yes           No      If yes, where?
(5) Final Destination / Ultimate Consignee
If this is left blank, it is understood that the final destination/ultimate consignee is as listed in section (1)        (6) Your Freight Forwarder
Name                                                                                                                     Name

Address                                                                                                                  Address

Country                                                                                                                  Phone #

Aviation Metals strictly complies with U.S. export laws and regulations. These commodities, technology or software were exported by Aviation Metals, Inc. from the United States in accordance
with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited. By signing below, you agree that your company and it's subsidiaries listed above along with any
applicable acting agents will comply with all U.S. EAR and all laws or regulations of another country in respect to commodities supplied by us for you or your customer's use. Prior to any attempt
on your part to re-export any items of U.S. origin to any proscribed destination you agree to obtain written authority from the U.S. Government.

Name                                                                                          Signature                                                                                Date

                                                                                           OWNERS OR OFFICERS
      1 NAME/TITLE                                                                                                                          PHONE #

      2 NAME/TITLE                                                                                                                          PHONE #

    BANK                                                                                           ACCT #                                                   PHONE #

    ADDRESS                                                                                        TYPE                                                     FAX #

          Name                                                                                                      Phone #                                               FAX #
          Address                                                                                                   City/State                                                                 Zip

          Name                                                                                                      Phone #                                               FAX #
          Address                                                                                                   City/State                                                                 Zip

          Name                                                                                                      Phone #                                               FAX #
          Address                                                                                                   City/State                                                                 Zip

    Taxable?            Yes            No           Tax Exempt #:                                                             Copy of Cert Required. Otherwise tax will be added & applied to your order(s).
You MUST sign below in order to process your credit application. You authorize us to contact any & all of the above regarding your credit standing as well as agreeing to: Full and final payment shall be
due thirty (30) days from the date of each invoice unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. Discount terms for early payment vary on a product-line basis. Any invoice not paid in 30 days will accrue a
late payment charge of 1 1/2% per month. In the event this account is not paid according to the terms set forth in the invoice or statement, customer agrees to pay a service charge on all delinquent
amounts more than 10 days past due. This charge will be computed by applying a periodic rate not to exceed a maximum legal rate or 1 1/2% per month (18% per annum) to the previous month's unpaid
balance. This service charge is to cover the rebilling costs and is not a method of financing the account. If the account becomes more than 50 days delinquent and is placed in the hands of a collection
agent, Customer will pay reasonable collection charges; and if placed in the hands of a of an attorney for collection or suit, customer will pay reasonable attorney's fees. Please see Aviation Metals' Terms
& Conditions of Sale

    Name                                                                 Signature                                                               Title                                Date

                                                                                         Below is for Aviation Metals Use Only
Sales Rep #                                           1st Order Amt                                                                         Customer ID #

Approved By                                 Terms                                             Credit Limit                                  Approval Date                         Entered in Traverse

9006C Perimeter Woods Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216 USA Phone: (704) 264-1647 Fax: (704) 264-0008                                                                                                             CF2203 rev. B


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