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									City of Seattle
               City of Seattle
     Purchasing and Contracting Services Division

• Contracting Services
  – Public Works
  – Consultant Contracting
  – HUB, Equal Benefits, Apprenticeship

• City Purchasing
  – Products, equipment, supplies
  – Routine Services
            City Purchasing
• Staff of 10 Buyers
• Assigned commodities
• Centralized purchasing and contracts for annual
  expenditures above $42,000/year
• Competitive bids or RFPs – about 200 a year.
• Post on City website, WEBS
• Daily Journal of Commerce – www.djc.dom
• Bids stay open for usually 2 weeks
     When you are bidding….
• Come to the pre-bid conference
• Seattle Business License
• Equal Benefits
  – Turn in the form
  – If you don’t understand it, call us
• Register into VCR
• Carefully fill out the bid forms
• Watch the bid deadlines
        Once you’ve won….
• Market to City staff
• Market to other public agencies
• Stay in touch with the Buyer
       Getting to Know us….
• On-line list of Buyers by Commodity
• Call 206-684-0444
• Visit on-line or ask Buyer about bid
• Are you a women or minority owned
• New or emerging products/services
       City of Seattle

 Please Visit the City of Seattle
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