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No Credit Check Housing Southfield Michigan

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No Credit Check Housing Southfield Michigan document sample

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     313 N. MAIN, ROOM #239
     CENTER CITY, MN 55012
          (651) 213-8888

           Updated July 2009
              Table of Contents
 Job Seeking Skills           Page 3
 Resumes                      Page 4-5
 Cover Letters                Page 6
 Interviews                   Page 7-8
 Applications                 Page 9-11
 Thank You Note               Page 12
 Employment Programs          Page 13-15
 Child Care Assistance        Page 16-17
 Medical Assistance           Page 18
 Food Support                 Page 18
 Housing Assistance           Page19-20

 Tax Refunds                   Page 21
 Education                     Page 22-24
 Support Agencies              Page 25-28
 Drivers license Bureau       Page 29
 Early Childhood Education    Page 30-31
 Health & Other Services      Page 32-36
 Legal Aid                    Page 37
 Senior Services              Page 38-40
 Transportation              Page 41
 Phone/Internet Services     Page 42
 Post Offices                Page 43
 Inspirational Message       Page 44

     First: Know what things you like to do. Write down your interests, abilities, goals, and
   qualities. Employment agencies can test these to match you to a career that suits you!
     Second: Prepare a resume. A resume can list your objectives, education, training,
   accomplishments, experience; anything that will make you stand out from someone else.

   Resume basics:

 Write it yourself— Look at examples, but don’t copy them. Your own format and words are
  your best bet.

 Make every word count—Limit your resume to 1 or 2 pages. Edit the rough draft at least 2-3

 Make it error free—Spell check and proof read it carefully! It always pays off!

 Make it look good—Type on high quality paper and format it to make your best attributes
  stand out. You never get a second chance at a first impression.

 Stress your accomplishments—A resume is no place to be humble.

 Be specific—Give facts and numbers. Keep it lively. Use action verbs and short sentences.
  Avoid negatives!

                                   2 Types of Resumes
                             #1: CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME
               Begin with your most recent experience and moves back in time.
                                     A,B,C etc. 1,2,3 etc.
Judith Jones                                                           (317) 653-9217 (home)
115 South Hawthorne Avenue                                             (317) 272-7608 (message)
Chicago, Illinois 46204

                                               Job Objective
        Seeking position requiring excellent management and secretarial skills in office environment.
Position could require a variety of tasks including typing, word processing, accounting/bookkeeping
functions, and customer contact.
                                  Education and Training
Acme Business College, Indianapolis, Indiana—Completed one year program in Professional Secretarial
and Office Management. Grades in the top 30% of my class. Courses: word processing accounting
theory and systems, time management, basic supervision & others.
John Adams High School, South Bend, Indiana—Graduated with emphasis on business and secretarial
courses. Won shorthand award.
Other: Continuing education at my own expense (Business Communications, Customer Relations,
Computer Applications, and other courses)

1981-1982:     Returned to school to complete and upgrade my business skills. Advanced coursework in
               accounting and office management. Learned to operate word processing equipment
               including Wang, IBM, DEC. Gained operating knowledge of computers.

1979-1981:     Claims Processor, Blue Spear Insurance Co., Indianapolis, Indiana—Handled 50 complex
               medical insurance claims per day – 18% above departmental average. Received 2 merit
               raises for performance.

1978-1979:     Assistant Manager, Judy’s Boutique, Indianapolis, Indiana—Managed sales, financial
               records, inventory, purchasing, correspondence & related tasks during owner’s absence.
               Supervised 4 employees. Sales increased 15% during my tenure.

1977-1979      Finance Specialist (E4), U.S. Army. Responsible for the systematic processing of 500
               invoices per day from commercial venders. Trained and supervised 8 others. Devised
               internal system allowing 15% increase in invoices processed with a decrease in

1972-1976       Various part-time and summer jobs through high school. Learned to deal with customers,
                meet deadlines and other skills.
Special Skills and Abilities
80 words per minute on electric typewriter, more on word processor, can operate most office equipment.
Good math skills. Accept supervision, able to supervise others. Excellent attendance record.
                  I have excellent references, learn quickly, and am willing to relocate.

                                    #2 SKILLS RESUME

 A functional resume is one that lists your experience by key skills; the skills that you need to
                               succeed in the job that you want.

                                 ANDREA ATWOOD
  Home: (303) 447-2111                                                    Message: (303) 547-8201

                    Objective: A responsible position in retail sales

Areas of
      Customer Service:      Co mmunicate well with all age groups.

                             Able to interpret customer concerns to help them find the items needed.

                             Received six Emp loyee of the Month awards in 3 years.

      Merchandise Display:   Developed display skills via in-house training and experience.

                             Received Outstanding Trainee award for Christmas Toy Display

                             Dress mannequins, arrange table displays, and organize sale items.

      Stock control and      Maintained and marked stock during department manager’s illness

      Marketing:             Developed mo re efficient record-keeping procedures

      Additional Skills:     Operate cash register, IBM compatible hardware, calculators, and
                             electronic typewriters.

                             Punctual, honest, reliable, and a hard-working self-starter.

Experience:                  Harper’s Department Store
                             Grand Rapids, Michigan
                             1984 to Present

Education:                   Central High School
                             Grand Rapids, Michigan
                             3.6/4.0 grade point average
                             Honor Graduate in Distributive Education

                             Two years retail sales training in Distributive Education.
                             Also courses in Business Writing, Accounting, Typing, and Word

 Third: Prepare a Cover Letter. A cover letter ―covers‖ the resume. It is a letter that is sent
   along with your resume to introduce yourself, explain why you’re interested in that job, and
   why you would be the perfect candidate for the job. Keep it friendly, not too pushy, spelled
   correctly, and targeted to what you are trying to accomplish.

                                                                 4085 LARCMONT ROAD
                                                                    SEATTLE, WA 97033
                                                                        September 1, 1988

 BOX N9142
 SEATTLE, WA 97002

 Dear Mr. Hanna:

 Your advertisement for an Administrative Secretary could have been written with me in
 mind. I have had three years of experience in a busy office where time management,
 communication skills, and the ability to deal with all kinds of people are vital.

 Directing junior secretarial staff, writing customer service letters, and preparing monthly,
 quarterly, and yearly sales reports are my responsibilities. I regularly use computer software
 packages to track and maintain our sales revenues and customer mailing lists.

 For your consideration, I have enclosed a resume that more completely describes my
 education and experience. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


                                                          Susan Denning


 Fourth: The Interview.

Always make it clear that you want an interview, either in your cover letter or a phone call. You
need to make it clear to the employers that not only are your interested, but you do want the job.
Find out as much as you can about the company and the job itself. Know their products and
services, when they became a company, number of employees, duties/qualifications, etc

                                    Prepare for the interview:
               ***Dress one step above what the job normally calls for.
                     A blazer works well for almost any position.
               ***Know the qualifications that are needed.
               ***Be prepared for possible questions that may be asked such as . . .

1.    Why should I hire you?

2.    What can you tell me about this job?

3.    Why do you think you might like this particular job?

4.    Why would you want to work for this company?

5.    What kind of person are you? Tell me about yourself.

6.    What are your main strengths (skills, abilities, personality)?

7.    What do you consider to be your main weakness?

8.    Describe a time when you had problems getting along with a supervisor, teacher, or co -worker. What

9.    What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

10.   Tell me about your last job and some of the things you liked or disliked.

11.   How long would you stay with the company if this job were offered to you?

12.   How do you work under pressure?

13.   Please tell me about any work gaps in your employment history. What were you doing?

14.   Do you have any physical or mental limitations that would affect the way you can do this job?

15.   Have you ever been fired or asked to leave a job?

16.   Have you been in trouble with the law?

17.   What can you offer us that other applicants cannot?

18.   You don’t seem to have stayed with any job for very long. If we hire, how long w ould you stay with us?

19.   What are your salary expectations?

20.   When would you be available to start work?

21.   Would you be willing to work overtime or on weekends?

22.   Do you have any questions about the job?

        Bring a pen.

        Know where the interview will take place and show up about 10 minutes early.

        Try to relax, smile and enjoy yourself—after all, you are prepared!

                          INTERVIEWING: TO DO OR NOT TO DO

                                             TO DO
—Arrive early for the interview to show how organized, prepared, and dependable you are.
—Greet every one including the receptionist in a courteous, friendly way.
—Smile and show a positive attitude; act enthusiastic.
—Greet the interviewer by name. Look the interviewer straight in the eye, offer your hand in a
firm handshake and introduce yourself.
—Wait for the interviewer to ask you to be seated.
—Speak clearly and loudly enough to be easily heard.
—Relax if you can; remember, the interviewer may be as nervous as you are.
—When the interview is over, thank the interviewer for his/her time, smile and shake hands and
depart in a positive manner.
—Send a thank you letter reiterating your interest in the job and the company after your interview.

                                         NOT TO DO

—Chew gum.
—Smoke; even if the interviewer does.
—Put anything on the interviewer’s desk. No elbows, purses notebooks, etc.
—Play nervously with your keys, rings, pens, or tie.
—Swear or use slang.
—Slouch or look tired.
—―Tap‖ you fingers on the desk or tabletop.
—Mumble or speak too softly.
—Avoid looking the interviewer in the eye.
—Look too scared or too nervous.
—Argue, act defensive or secretive.
—Talk too much or too little.
—Wear a hat or dark glasses.
—Talk about personal problems.
—Talk negatively about past school, job, or supervisor experiences.
—Ask the interviewer if the company/business is stable or unstable.


Note: Never ask about salary or benefits until the interviewer brings the subject up or until
you are offered the job.

1.      Are there any other special duties in this job?
2.      What are the hours?
3.      Is there any weekends or overtime work?
4.      What clothes should I wear on the job if it were offered me?
5.      Would I be working with other people?
6.      Would I be closely supervised?
7.      What is the most important part of this job?
8.      Does this appear to be a stable long-term position? (Never ask if the company is stable.)
9.      Are there chances for career growth with this company?
10.     Why is this position open? (What did the last person do or not do so that I don’t make the
        same mistake?)
11.     What is the 5 to 10 year plans for this company, and how does this position fit
        into these plans?

                                 At the close of the inte rvie w . . .

If the intervie wer asks if you have any questions, and you feel that you do not, simply state,
―Thank you. I don’t believe that I have any questions at this time. You covered the m all
during the intervie w.‖

      Common Reasons employers give for NOT hiring people they

*If any of these sounds like you, you probably need to make some changes in your life.
 Unable to take criticism.
   Sarcastic or defensive responses.
   Boastful or ―know it all‖ attitude.
   Over-aggressive or high-pressure type.
   Makes excuses or lies about unfavorable factors in record.
   Seems unprepared for interview . . . late, cannot answer questions, etc.
   Appears to have trouble getting along with others.
   Poor grooming or personal appearance.
   Immature, conceited or ill- mannered behavior.
   Speaks negatively of a former co-worker, school, or other people.
   Lazy or low on energy.
   Talks about personal problems.
   Low moral standards.
   Radical ideas . . . politics, religion, dress, life-style, etc.
   Seems overly concerned about salary and benefits.
   Undecided . . . parents or spouse makes decision.
   Shows no interest in company or job.
   Asks no questions about the job.
   Poor work history . . . ―Job-Hopper‖.
   Fails to make good eye contact.
   Limp handshake.
   Lacks of confidence . . . poor posture, shy.
                                                                           … is a powerful
                                                                      statement that is seldom
                                                                           heard. Use it!

 Fifth: Filling out applications. An application allows and employer to
   compare you to other applicants. It is a screening tool to eliminate undesirable
   applicants from consideration. It is also the basis for most of the interview
   questions. Only if the application makes a good first impression will it lead to
   an interview. You need to power up your application so that it screens you in,
   not out, of the running for an interview, because ONLY 1% OF THE

    First, read the directions.

    Keep as neat as possible – after all, this is an impression of you.

    Applications allow you to show that you are dependable in many ways – so stress

    Provide positive information only.

    List your most recent employment experience first.

    Hobbies and interests you list could relate to what the employer is looking for, or they
      include things needed on the job, thus, requiring less training.

    Pay desired is best left at ―open‖ or ―negotiable‖.

    Position desired should be broader than just specific title.

    Do not use lazy responses such as ―see resume‖ or ―same‖.

    Proofread your applications. Re-do poorly done applications, if possible.

    Volunteer work is just as important as any other experience – it also show that you are
      responsible and may include experience or skills that are needed or the job.

    Let your conscience be your guide.

***TIP: Keep an application that’s pre-filled out in your wallet or purse – you’ll
have it handy to copy information and dates without having to try and figure them
out every time you apply for another job.

Be one step ahead of the other job seekers—Write a thank you
note after the interview!!!

                            SAMPLE THANK YOU NOTES

February 28, 2006
Dear Ms. Smith,
        Thank you for taking the time to discuss the accounting position with me. It was a
pleasure meeting you and Mr. Jones.
        Lord’s Industries sounds like the perfect place for me to use my skills, especially since
you use the WXY system, the same system I have been supporting the past three years. My
proven track record and accomplishments with cost-effective systems can be an asset to your
        Again, thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and to the
possibility of joining your staff.


                                              OR . . .

                                                          February 28, 2006
Dear Mr. Jones,
       Thank you for the interview for the accountant position today.
       I appreciate the information you shared with me and enjoyed meeting Ms. Smith from the
Accounting Department.
       My interest in working for Lord’s Industries is stronger than ever, and based on your
description of the position, I know I can do a good job for you.
       I will contact you by Tuesday of next week to learn of your decision. Again, thank you
for your time and consideration.


After sending a Thank You note on the same day or next, call them and express your
                    interest in the job, once again.

                       EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS

       Employment & Training Center:
Located at:    Pine Technical College        Phone:        (320) 629-6741
               900 Fourth Street SE          Free:         (800) 633-7284
               Pine City, MN 55063-2198      Fax:          (320) 629-1276

Structure Job Search – (SJS) is an intensive, supervised activity that will identify work skills,
help to build confidence, and provide support.

Employability Skills Program – (ESP) is designed for individuals who may have barriers to
overcome before they are ready for employment. For example, they are new to the job market or
have issues with transportation that limit the ability to job seek.

       The Chisago County Drop In Center
       11549 Lake Lane
       Chisago City, MN 55013

Direction from the Court House:
South on Main Street. Right onto Hwy 8. Right on Co.Rd 14 in Lindstrom. Left on Lake Lane,
Drop in Center on your left.

Direction from the North Branch:
Take Co. Rd 14 South about 10 miles south. Take a right on Lake Lane (immediately before
Hwy 8.) About ½ mile the Drop- in Center is on the left. Located next to the Sylvan Learning

For further directions question please call 651-213-5600

*Employme nt Specialists will meet with you at the Governme nt Center in Cente r City.

Programs offer help for eligible people looking for employment and training options.
 Job Placement Services
 Job Seeking and Keeping, Workshops and assistance
 Aptitude and Interest Assessments
 Career/Job Assessment and Counseling
 Child Care Resource & Referral Program (See page for more information.)

Rehabilitation Services:
Located at:    Divison of Vocational Rehabilitation
               Phone: (763) 279-4483

They provide help with education and training to become employed, specifically for persons with
disabilities who are certified by DRS as being eligible for services. Vocational testing and
evaluations are offered. Call for an appointment.

Local Temporary Services:
       These services provide temporary and permanent positions in all types of industry and
       service businesses.

   Landmark Personnel Inc.
       6372 Main Street
       North Branch, MN 55056
       (651) 674-2465

   Select Staffing
       20 Lake St N Suite 319
       Forest Lake, MN
       (651) 464-8676

   The Work Connection                                Masterson Employme nt Service
       708 West Broadway                                     1001 1st Ave. East Suite 1007
       Forest Lake, MN                                       Cambridge, MN 55008
       (651) 464-2882                                        (763) 689-1927

 The Command Center                                           First Site Staffing
     320 South Garfield St                                     24078 Greenway Rd
     Cambridge, MN 55008                                       Forest Lake, MN 55025
     (763) 552-9675                                            (651) 464-5599

     Total Personnel
       9544 430th St.
       Harris, MN 55032
       (651) 674-2269
                                       Minnesota Skills Net:
Put your skills to work! Send them your resume. Your skills will be scanned into their database and
then electronically matched with hundreds of job listings.
Send your resume to: Skills Net Resume
                        390 N. Robert Street
                        St. Paul, MN 55101      or Call: (800) GET JOBS

 Minnesota Workforce Center:
 MN Workforce Center has a partnership with the Central MN Jobs & Training Services,
 Rehabilitation Services Job Service/Reemployment Insurance, State Services for the Blind,
 Green Thumb, and Pine Technical College Employment and Training Center along with local
 county human services offices, Lakes and Pines Community Action Council, Pine Technical
 College, and Cambridge College. www.mnwfc.org

       Job listings and referrals
       Testing/Assessments
       Individualized Placement Services
       Resource Library
       Business planning data
       Workshops
       Training assistance
       Youth programs
       Reemployment insurance
       Work keys
       Referrals to other services
       If you lose your job you may be eligible for
       Unemployment Insurance.

 Pine Technical College:
 They have a Job Bank terminal in their Media Center that is open to the public. It lets you look
 for jobs in any location in Minnesota or even nationwide! www.mnwfc.org

For more information, call the Workforce Center at:
Cambridge Workforce Center
(763) 689-7136

Forest Lake Workforce Center
(651) 430-4268

                         CHILDCARE ASSISTANCE
When you start a job while receiving MFIP, you will probably wonder how you will be able to
afford daycare. In the beginning, you will begin work and your MFIP will stay open. You will
report on your household report forms your child care deductions and depending on the cost of
your daycare, MFIP and DWP Employment Child Care is available to assist you.

Once your MFIP closes due to income, Transition Year Child Care is available. There are
some eligibility guidelines:

       1) You must have received MFIP three out of the last six months; and
       2) Your financial worker determines that you are no longer eligible for MFIP due to

It is very important that when you start a job that you stay in close contact with your financial
worker and case manager to receive these benefits. Transition Year Child Care begins the
month after your MFIP closes and is available for one year. This may only be used for
employment, and there is a co-payment, which is based on your income and the number of
people in your household.

Once this program has ended, and you still need daycare, the Basic Sliding Fee Child Care may
be available to help you. This program is also based on your income and household size. Basic
Sliding Fee Child Care can be used for education or employment and you must not be receiving
MFIP. It is very important that you stay in touch with your county childcare caseworker in
regards to other assistance programs.

Funding goes very fast. These services are available to you to ease the transition from welfare to
the workforce. If there are any questions or you want further information, contact your county
childcare worker.

For Chisago County, Contact:

Child Care Assistance (651) 213-5600 or 1-888-234-1246

                       . . .Additional Childcare Information
                             Child Care Resource and Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral (CRR&R) is a program funded in part by the Department of
Children Families and Learning. Region 7E CCR&R (Pine, Kanabec, Mille Lacs, Chisago, and
Isanti Counties) is administered through the Employment & Training Center of Pine Technical
College. CCR&R is a member of Minnesota Child Care Resource & Referral Network, the state
coalition on community-based organizations who assist parents in their search for childcare and
work to improve the quality of childcare.

Services include:

   Assistance in filling vacancies by giving referral to parents.
   Information on workshops and conferences.
   Resource materials on working with children and families.
   Information on periodic grants and scholarships.
   Lending library.
   Licensing information.

Located at:

Employment & Training Center                           Phone: (800)-890-5399
900 Fourth St. SE                                      Local: (320)-629-5164
Pine City, MN 55063-2198                               Fax: (320)-629-5017

Children Home Society                                             651-674-8569
    24 Hour Crisis Helpline / Information and Referrals
    Overnight crisis nursery child care / We care for Children Infant through 12 years
    Daycare for up to 10 days /
    Crisis counseling and support

                           MEDICAL ASSISTANCE
When your income makes you ineligible for MFIP, you may be able to receive up to twelve
months of Transitional Medical Assistance. Contact your financial worker for more

When your MFIP Transitional Medical Assistance closes, you may still qualify for medical
benefits such as those listed below.

Minnesota Care:

In response to the growing number of uninsured, the 1992 Minnesota Legislature created a
subsidized health program called MinnesotaCare. The program is open to all Minnesota
residents who meet program and income guidelines. It was implemented on October 1, 1992,
and is funded by enrollees’ premiums, co-payments, and statewide taxes. It is administered by
the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

                                       HOW TO APPLY

   Call 1-800-657-3672 or 297-3862 (Twin Cities Metro). For TTY, contact Minnesota Relay
    Service at (612) – 297-5353 or 1-800-627-3529.
   Applications are also available from schools, health, and social service agencies.

MAPW: Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women and Infants (under 1)

The income and assets limits are much higher then that of MFIP and Food Stamps. Most people
who are working at ―higher paying jobs‖ are eligible. Call your financial worker today.

                                FOOD            SUPPORT
You may be able to continue to receive Food Support while you work. If you are eligible to
continue receiving food stamps you must complete a Household Report Form every month and
turn it in timely to your financial worker. Contact your financial worker for more information to
see if you qualify!

When income starts it is first budgeted prospectively and doesn’t affect your benefit amount.
Once this income becomes retrospective, your benefits would reduce by the countable income.

        Contact your children’s school for the application. You qualify by your income. If your
             family is currently on food stamps you are already qualified, yo u just need to
       complete and send in the form. Please contact your school district for more information.

Chisago Lakes Area School District                                  North Branch School District
13750 Lake Blvd                                                    6644 Main Street
Lindstrom, MN 55045                                                 North Branch, MN
(651) 213-2000                                                     (651) 674-1000

                                   Rush City Public Schools
                                   51001 Fairfield Ave. #139
                                    PO Box 566
                                    Rush City, MN 55069
                                    (320) 358-4855

                HOUSING                                   ASSISTANCE
If you are receiving any rental assistance, you must notify the housing authority of your income
changes. Your rent may be redetermined.

If you want to receive information on Section 8 Assistance, or any other rental subsidy, please

Marilyn Fromme
HRA of Cambridge
BridgePark Apts …………………………………………………...Phone: (763) 689-3883

Chisago County Housing
Below is a list of rental housing. After selecting from the list where you would like to apply to
contact the site manger using the phone numbers provided on the list. This person can answer
questions regarding your eligibility and the availability of units. Each site maintains own waiting
list and will take applications

    If a phone number for a specific apartment building (s) is no longer valid, call the number for
     updated information or additional information (612 ) 370-3051 Ext. 2050

    The Bungalows                 Lindstrom Parkvie w          Southfield Estate
    29805 Sportsman Dr.           13230 Newlander Ave.         Estate Dr.
    Chisago City, MN 55013        Lindstrom, MN 55045          Rush City, MN 55069
    Phone: 651-257-5290           651-257-8314                 Croix Mgmt
                                  1-800-676-6505               1-866-404-2287
                                  Lifestyles, Inc

    North Country Apts            Wyoming Oakwood              Taylors Falls
    5904 Elm St                   Townhomes                    Townhomes
    North Branch, MN 55056        26890 Goldman Blvd.          Linden Ct.
    Phone: 651-674-8200           Wyoming, MN 55092            Taylors Falls, MN 55084
                                  Phone: 651-462-5768          Croix Mgmt
                                                               Contact Eva
    Rush Rivervie w               The Woods Apts               Sunrise Ridge Apts.
    450 S Co Rd 54                Chisago City                 5350 270th St
    Rush City, MN 55069           Lifestyles, Inc.             Wyoming, MN 55092
    320-358-3917                  651-257-6201

       Sunrise Ridge Townhomes               Oakridge Apts.
       39208-39214 Grand Ave                 6001 6023 E. Viking Blvd.
       North Branch, MN 55056                Wyoming, MN 55092
       Croix Mgmt                            651-462-4659

For additional housing please call Health and Human Services and we can mail out a copy of the
housing list or you can pick up a list at the front desk.

                 $$$$$ TAX REFUNDS $$$$$
When you work, you can be eligible to receive extra money. How?

     Working Family Credit
     Earned Income Credit
     Renters/Homeowners Refund
     Dependant Care Credit
     Child Tax Credit

Your credit is worth more than you think. It pays to find out if you qualify

       Contact the IRS for more information at 1-800-829-1040
            State Tax Credit information 1-800-652-9094
                     Renters/Homeowners Credit
    Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, you could be eligible for a property tax
    refund. Fill out a Minnesota property tax refund form (M1 – PR) to see if you qualify.

    Renters—you’ll need a ―Certificate of Rent Paid.‖ Get one from your landlord in
    January. It shows how much of your rent helped pay property taxes.

    Homeowne rs—you’ll need your ―Statement of Property Taxes‖ to find out how much
    tax you paid on your home.
    First call for help
    Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 1-800-543-7709 or
    Department of Revenue – (651)-297-3724

From February 1st to April 15th , trained volunteers will help those with low incomes fill out
their tax returns at over 450 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites throughout the state.
                          To find a VITA site near you, call (651) 296-3781
                   Contact the IRS for more information at 1-800-829-1040 or
                           State Tax Credit information 1-800-652-9094


          Community Education:

          They offer courses in a wide variety of topics for a small fee. Watch the newspapers or call your
          local school district for course offerings and information.

          Through community education you may be able to use some of the school’s facilities, such as the
          computer lab, library, gym, or other school property. Contact the Community Educatio n
          Department for further information.
          Chisago (651) 213-2600                           Forest Lake (651) 982-8120
          North Branch (651) 674-1025                      Rush City (320) 358-4855

These classes are free to anyone who is working toward a GED or brushing up on math and reading
skills. Some locations are:

GED/Adult Basic Education Classes
Forest Lake Community Services Bldg                      Cambridge
6101 Scandia Trail N                                     At the intersection of Hwy 95 and Polk St
Phone (651)982-8270                                      Contact Vicki Ostrom
                                                         (763)689-6228 -Must pre-register for
                                                           GED test
Pine City Area Learning Cente r                          North Branch
Pine City High School                                    North Branch Area Learning Center
1400 Sixth Street South                                 (651)674-1050
Pine City, MN 55063
Phone: (320) 629-4040

Chisago County Community Ed                            Rush City Schools
13750 Lake Blvd.                                       51001 Fairfield Ave
Lindstrom, MN 55045                                    Rush City MN 55069
Phone (651)213-2600                                    (320) 358-4855

Requirements for Testing:
    Social Security Number and Proof of Age (Drivers License or Birth Certificate).
    Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope.
    Under 19 years of age - a waiver is required - call for details.
   ENROLLMENT OPTIONS HOTLINE                       1-800-652-9747
                                           GED Testing

Pine City High School                                        Forest Lake High School
Phone: (320) 629-4120                                        Phone: (651) 982-8110
Series of 5 tests.                                           Cost: $100.00
Cost: $50.00

Adult learners attending ABE classes set individual goals and work at their own pace with the
instructor’s help. Goals may include working toward a GED, brushing up on math skills or improving
reading skills, learn to use a computer to study for the GED and work on basic skills, to get help to
pass a written driver’s test or learn to balance a checkbook. Since learners work at their own pace,
they may begin the program at any time and leave when they complete their goals. Goals may be
reached in a day, a week, a month or a year. Confidential one-to-one tutoring is also available for
non-reading or minimal reading adults.


Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training           Division of Voluntary Apprenticeship
US Department of Labor                        MN Department of Labor & Industry
144 Federal Building                          443 Lafayette Road N.
316 Robert Street N.                          Space Center Building
St. Paul, MN 55101                            St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: (651) 290-3951                         Phone: (651) 284-5005

   Combines classroom and on the job training in several trades
   Trades that offer apprenticeship training—carpenter, firefighter, bricklayer, electrician, many
   Three to five year programs
   For more information contact the Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, Division of Voluntary
    Apprenticeship, or your local Technical College.

Financial Aid for Education:
You can earn your diploma or degree while you work! Most colleges (both Technical and
Community) and Universities have night and online classes available. Working part-time, weekends,
or nights can allow you to attend classes during the day. Another option is to attend school part-time
while you are working full-time.
All area Technical Colleges, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Private Colleges, and State
Universities in the State of Minnesota has financial aid offices.
Contact the school of your choice for more information

Central MN Jobs & Training Services—Workforce Investment Act:
                Services are free to persons who qualify and meet income guidelines.
                                    Call toll free: 1-800-284-7425
Services Available
 Job seeking training, job placement assistance, resumes, etc.
 Assisted funding for education and training
 On-the-Job Training Program
 Referrals to other services

Resources, referral, and advocacy for people who have been or are curre ntly in abusive
*24 hour crisis lines                                  *Advocacy services
*Children’s advocacy program                           *Transportation
*Information and referrals                             *Community education
*Court advocacy programs                               *On-going support groups
*Help in obtaining an ―Order for Protection‖           *Confidential services

American Indian Services:……………………………………………1-800-622-5711

Abuse and Violence:

24-Hour Emergency Hotline                        Woman House
      Phone: (612) 646-0994                      P.O. Box 367
      Collect Calls Accepted                     St. Cloud, MN 56302
                                                 Phone: (320) 253-7203
                                                 Toll Free: (800) 950-2203
Child Abuse Hotline
       525 Portland Ave. S.                      National Child Abuse Hotline
       Minneapolis, MN 55415                     Phone: (800) 422-4453
       Phone: (612) 348-3552
                                                 National Runaway Switch Board
                                                 Phone: 1-800-621-4000
Domestic Violence Hotline
      Phone: (800) 338-7233                     The Refuge East
                                                Phone: (654) 257-2890 or
                                                Toll Free (800) 338-7233

New Beginnings
     PO Box 211                                  WINDOWS Crisis Center
     Forest Lake, MN 55025                       204 Fire Monument Rd.
     Phone: (651) 982-1463                       Hinckley, MN 55037
                                                 Phone: (320) 384-7113 or (800) 644-0003

St. Cloud Intervention Project
       915 W. Saint Germain St.                  .
       St. Cloud, MN 56301
       Phone: (320) 251-7203

Family Based Therapy Associates                             East Central Counseling Center
Lindstrom, MN.    Phone: (651)-257-2733                     38625 14th Ave
Cambridge, MN. Phone: (763)-689-9407                        North Branch, MN 55056
                                                            (651) 674-8822

Five County Mental Health Centers ………………Emergency Crisis ONLY
      521 North Broadway Ave.            Phone: 1-800-523-3333
      Braham, MN 55006
      Phone: (320) 396-3333               Lakes Area Human Services
      Toll Free: 1-800-223-1513          308 SW 15th St.
                                         Forest Lake, MN 55025
Chisago County Human Services            Phone: (651) 430-6484
      Government Center
      Center City, MN 55012              Chisago County Drop In Center
      Children’s Services (651) 213-5600 11549 Lake Lane
      Adult Services (651) 213- 5200     Chisago City, MN 55013
                                         651-213- 5751

Bridges & Pathways                                  Haven Center
1068 S. Lake Street                                 5833 Pecan Street
Forest Lake, MN 55025                               North Branch, MN 55056
(651)982-4792                                       (651) 277-4283

Chemical Dependency Counseling/Assessment:
Chisago County Social Services
Center City, MN 55012
Contact Person: Heather Scott                               Phone: (651) 213-5248
Contact Person to set appointments Vickie Pearson           Phone: (651) 213-5601

Alcoholics Anonymous-Al-Anon-Alateen

The Chemical Dependency Department of Chisago County Social Services provides:
 Chemical Dependency Assessments
 Referrals to counseling/treating agencies
 Funding for treatment
 Information on area Twelve Step Programs (AA, Alanon)

If chemical abuse is interfering with your life or with the life of someone you care about, call for
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Hotline………………………………Phone: 1-800-252-6465
Community Partnership with Youth & Families……Phone: (651) 257-2851 or (651) 674-4085
Treatment Centers

Cambridge Medical Center                             St.Croix Regional Medical Center
Cambridge, MN 55008                                  St. Croix Falls, WI.
Phone: (763) 689-7723                                Phone: 1-800-642-1336

Hazelden Foundation                                 Dellwood Recovery Center
15245 Lake Blvd                                     701 S. Dellwood Ave.
 Center City, MN 55012                              Cambridge, MN 55008
 Phone: (651) 257-4010                              (763)689-7723

Pine Shores
PO Box 139                                            *Inpatient/Outpatient Treatment
Pine City, MN 55063                                   *Aftercare
Phone: (320) 629-6769                                 *Family Education and Care
(Available 24 hours a day)                            *Adolescent Unit

         ***Don’t forget to check with Chisago County Social Se rvices for funding***

Cocaine Hotline…………………………………………………………..1-800-262-2463
Drug Talk – Drug Information………………………………………….1-800-642-6408

Gambling: If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment call:

Gambler’s Anonymous                    Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling
Phone: (877) 974-6442                  314 W. Superior Street, Suite 508
                                       Duluth, MN 55802
                                       Phone: 1-800-541-4557

First Call for Help
United Way Center
404 S. 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
651-291-0211 or toll free 800-543-7709

FIRST CALL FOR HELP is a free and confidential information, referral and advocacy hotline for
Chisago County residents who are in need of services and are unsure of where to go to for help.

Call FIRST CALL FOR HELP to find additional resources concerning:

*Personal and health related problems      *Housing              *Job Seeking

*Parent/child issues of concern            *Legal matters        *Food shelf

*Senior Citizen’s concerns                 *Education            *Recreation

*Help around the house                     *Child Care           *Transportation

*Chemical abuse problems                   *Teen Services        *Financial difficulties

                               Driver’s License Bureau
No appointment is needed to take the written test. You can stop by your local center or call Sandstone
on Thursday, if you have any questions or want to make an appointment to take your behind-the-
wheel test.

       Written and behind-the-wheel tests:
              Mondays…………………………………………………………..Pine City
              Tuesdays…………..Lindstrom Community Center or Cambridge Fire Hall
              Thursdays……...Sandstone Village Hall (320) 245-2243 Thursday Only

                     Drivers License Knowledge Test Site

           Lindstrom Community Center
           Knowledge Test Tuesdays 10:00am Only
           Road Test Tuesdays 8:30-10:00am & 1:00-3:30pm

           ISANTI COUNTY
           Cambridge Mall
           166 N. Buchanan St.
           Knowledge Test Tuesdays/Wednesdays 8:00 am – 3:45 pm
           Road Test Tuesdays /Wednesdays   8:00 am – 4:30 pm

            To locate the driver’s exam and license center closest to
                             you, call 651-296-6911.

                  Early Childhood & Family Education:
Special programs and activities for parents and their children from birth to age five. Parents and
children need to learn and play together because:
 Home is a child’s first school
 Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers
 And the years before a child begins school are the most important years in his or her

In addition to parent/child programs, support groups, field trips, nursery school and resource
lending libraries, Early Childhood Family Education can help those children who have been
identified about Early Childhood programs, call the EFCE Office in your school district.

Family Planning:
Every person needs to decide whether, and when, to become a parent. Because this dec ision is
such an important one, help is provided through Family Planning Agencies.

Family Planning Clinics provide inexpensive (if you receive Medical Assistance, it’s FREE),
confidential services such as:
        Birth control (education, exams and low cost supp ly)
        Gynecological care (pelvic exams, pap smears, etc.)
        Pregnancy testing
        Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
        Supportive counseling.

In Chisago County, Family Planning Services are held in both North Branch and Chisago City.
Please call to schedule an appointment:

Chisago City                                                 North Branch
Out Look Clinic                                              Out Look Clinic
Tuesdays from 1-5PM                                          Thursdays from 6-9PM
Phone: (651) 257-8802                                        Phone: (651) 257-8802

Minnesota Family Planning Hotline…………………………………..1-800-752-4281
Minnesota AIDS Hotline……………………………………………… 1-800-248-2437
Venereal Disease Hotline……………………………………………….1-800-227-8922

*Your Local School Districts
*Early Childhood & Family Education
*Community Education

Rush City Family Center
Main Street Market Mall
Box 566
Rush City, MN 55069
Phone: (320) 358-3635


                                Head Start Program
Head Start is a comprehensive family development program for families with children ages 3-5.

Head Start is free for children whose families meet the income guidelines or have a child with
Special needs. In addition to the educational and socialization activities, Head Start provides:

   Parenting support
   Developmental and health screenings
   Help with medical and dental services for your Head Start child
   Support for children and families with special needs
   Information about community resources helpful to families
   Fun, and much more!

Please contact:       Lakes and Pines Community Action Council, Inc.
                      1700 Maple Avenue East (1 block north of Highway 23)
                      Mora, MN 55051-1227
                      Phone: (320) 679-1800 or 1-800-832-6082

                   Food Shelves and Nutrition Centers:
Fare Share Program:
Did you know you can get $28-$40 of food each month for $15 (cash or food stamps) and two
hours of volunteer work each month? There is no limit how many food packages a family can
purchase. Phone: (763) 450-3880 or (800) 582-4291

St. Paul Lutheran Church                    Abundant Life Church
Wyoming, MN 55092                           4359 392nd Street
Phone: (651) 462-5212 or (651) 434-0946     North Branch, MN 55056
                                            Phone: (651) 674-7531
Rush City Municipal Bldg.
Nutrition Center
1225 West 4th Street
Rush City, MN 55069
Phone: (320) 358-4415

—You must present your Fare Share package before the distribution date each month.

—This is a great way to meet people and to get work experience while bringing home extra

—There are no income guidelines to qualify, but you must volunteer 2 hours a month.

—Bring your own box.

It is your responsibility to understand clearly when and where to pick up your food and to be on
time. The food is perishable. If you fail to pick up your food, it is distributed to others. NO

                                   Area Food Shelves
For people who need an emergency supply of food, contact the Food Shelf in your community.
About a three day supply of food will be supplied.

Rush City Community Center                  Family Pathways
Rush City, MN                               Lindstrom, MN 55045
4th Tuesday of each month                   Phone: (651-257-1308
Hours: 10-11am

Family Pathways                             Cambridge Food Pantry
6479 Main Street                            538 Main Street #120
North Branch, MN 55056                      Cambridge, MN 55008
(651) 674-8313                              (763) 552-3663

Health & Nutrition
Chisago County Public Health Nursing Service
6133 402nd Ave
North Branch, MN 55056
Phone: (651) 213-5231 or Toll Free: 1-888-234-1246

Services are available to Chisago County residents who need them. Family Health Visits are
provided free. Adult Health Services are paid for by vendor or a sliding fee based on fiscal
income. Services include:

 Home visits by skilled nurses, home health aides and homemakers
 Direct nursing care
 Assistance with newborns, including home visits
 Follow- up services for children with special needs
 Education and health issues
 Physical assessments and screenings
 Many services for senior citizens
 Information and referrals
 Family Planning
Follow Along Program / Champs Program Parenting

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Program

WIC is a program that provides nutrition education and special foods (such as milk, eggs, cheese
and infant formula) to pregnant and breast- feeding women, and to infants and children to age
five. Assistance is based on income, the presence of nutritional risk and the need for nutritional
foods. Call for details!
Provided through Chisago County Public Health Nursing Service
Phone: (651) 213-5206 or Toll Free: 1-800-WIC-4030

MAC- A food program, for children under age 6 and women who have given birth in the past
year, who are from income-eligible families, but not on WIC. Distribution is at the Trinity
Lutheran Church in North Branch, the first Tuesday of each month from 10am to 1pm.

Child & Teen Checkups EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment)

EPSDT is a free preventative health program for children and adults from birth to the age of 21
who are eligible for Medical Minnesota Health Care Program insurance on a sliding fee scale for
those without. Through a complete exam, EPSDT checks for total growth (physical, mental and
emotional) and Provides education and resumed Referral information problems before they do
lasting harm.

Call the Public Health Nursing Service to request this valuable health screening for your
children or for yourself (if you are under 21 years of age.)
                      Making the Most of Your Money

Reduced priced items of all kinds can be found in thrift shops. Here are a few of those local
spots where you can purchase used clothing and various household items:

American Red Cross                   Recycled Wardrobes             Family Pathways
Cambridge, MN 55008                  30365 Neal Ave.                800 Main St.
Phone: (763) 689-3591                Lindstrom, MN 55045            Pine City, MN 55063
                                     Phone: (651)257-8133

Tusen Tack                                                          Family Pathways
208 West Central Drive                                              112 Main St E
Braham, MN 55006                                                    PO Box 568
Phone: (320) 396-2633                                               Hinckley, MN 55037

Goodwill                        Family Pathways                  Community Thrift Store
1270 West Frontage Rd           Northland Mall- Hwy 61           26796 Kettle River Blvd
Stillwater, MN 55082            Forest Lake, MN                  Wyoming, MN 55056
Phone: (651) 439-4207           651-464-4713                     651-462-7100

Family Pathways                      Family Pathways                Family Pathways
Main Street Market                   16 Main St W                   1225 W. 4th St
Rush City, MN 55056                  Isanti, MN 55040               Rush City, MN 55069

Cambridge Thrift Store               For furthe r information please see Family
130 Buchanan St                      Pathways at www.familypathways.org
Cambridge, MN 55008

For furthe r information please see Family Pathways at www.familypathways.org

Heat Share is a ―last resort‖ program targeted to seniors and handicapped persons on fixed
incomes, or others who have had unexpected emergencies preventing payment on their fuel bill.
If you cannot pay your heating bill, AND you have exhausted or have been denied other fuel
assistance funding programs, call

Lakes & Pines Community Action Council, Inc.          Heat Share
Phone: (320) 679-1800                                 1-800-842-7279
Phone: 1-800-832-6082

                                      Housing Loans
You can be provided housing-related financial services for low and moderate level income
families for decent, safe, energy efficient and affordable housing.
Rural Development provides below market interest rate loans, no interest, deferred loans, grants
and other housing subsidies. Rural Development has twenty different programs to assist people
with their housing concerns

Rural Development                                     Rental Assistance (Section 8)
For Chisago County:                                   HRA
Cambridge, MN 55008                                   Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone: (763) 689-4937                                 Phone: (763) 689-3883

Lakes & Pines Community Action Council, Inc.             Habitat for Humanity
1700 Maple Avenue East                                   Cambridge, MN 55008
Mora, MN 55051-1227                                      Phone: (763) 689-0288
Phone: (320) 679-1800 or
Phone: 1-800-832-6082

Lakes & Pines Community Action Council, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation serving a
seven county area in East Central Minnesota. The mission of the agency is to help develop the
full potential of each of its citizens so they can live in decency and dignity . . .people in their
efforts to become self-sufficient. Lakes & Pines CAC provides:

Head Start Program                                    Reading is Fundamental
Learning Readiness                                    Weatherization Program
Energy Assistance Program                             Family Loan Program
Small Cities Development Program                      Educational Case Management
Emergency Homeless Programs                           Garden Seed Distribution Project

Chisago County Social Services:
Help for Chisago County residents. Cost depends on the ability to pay. Services include:

Individual, family, marital and group counseling
Financial assistance – MFIP, DWP, TANF, MA, GA, GAMC, Food Support
Help if there are problems in the home
Vulnerable adult services
Adult Foster Care/referral
Chemical dependency services
Child Protection, foster care
Mental health services
Child care licensing

                                  Diversionary Work Program:
A program that allows you up to 4 months of receiving a TANF grant to divert you from going
on assistance if you are experiencing an emergency which is preventing you from going to work.

You can also receive childcare, Food Stamps, and Medical Assistance.

Chisago County Government Center
Center City, MN 55012
Phone: (651) 213-0324

Veterans Information
North Branch MN 55012
Phone: (651) 674-5725

Provides assistance to veterans, their dependents or survivors in all programs of veteran’s affairs
available at the federal, state, and local levels, including the Veteran’s Administration and the
Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs. Transportation to Medical Appointment at VA
Hospital in Minneapolis is available

                                      Legal Aid

                     Isanti / Chisago:                   Pine County:
               1700 East Rum River Drive S.          235 Sixth Street
                 Cambridge, MN 55008                 Pine City, MN 55063
                Phone: (763) 689-2849                Phone: (320) 629-7166

                            Free legal services in the areas of:
                              Family law (divorce and custody)
                     Debtor’s rights/protection from creditor harassment
                                  Landlord/tenant problems
                                        Consumer issues
                                 Utility Issues & much more!

Government Offices
Inte rnal Revenue Service                         Minn. Dep. Of Labor and Industry
30 E. 7th Street                                  Information -Worker’s Comp Claims
St. Paul, MN 55101                                Phone: (651) 284-5000 or
Phone: (651) 312-8082                             1-800-342-5354

Department of Revenue                             Social Security Administration
Centennial Office Building                        316 N. Robert St.
St. Paul, MN 55101                                St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 296-3781                             Phone: 1-800-772-1213
Duluth Division
227 W. First St.
Duluth, MN 55082
Phone: 1-800-772-1213

                                    Senior Services
Adult Foster Care:
Phone: 245-2268

Employme nt:
Green Thumb Program
1575 E. Hwy 95
Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone: (763) 689-7136

Program Description:
      Green Thumb hires and assigns rural senior workers to local project sponsors who
      operate programs necessary for the well-being and growth of the community.

Eligibility Requirements:
        Client must be 55 years of age or older, capable of performing part-time employment
        duties, a Minnesota resident, an annual family income which doesn’t e xceed 125 percent
        of the federal poverty income guidelines.

                                     Hospice Program:
                                 Fairview Lakes Homecaring
                                   Chisago City, MN 55013
                                Phone: (651) 257-8400 Ext. 187

       Program Description:
       Encouragement and support to families and patients during a difficult time. Care for
       patients when family members are absent, spiritual support available. Information about
       and assistance in securing available community resources, coordination of care, volunteer
       services, education support group ―Living With Loss‖, education within the community
       on death and dying, bereavement services, etc.

       Eligibility Requirements:
       Diagnosed with having a terminal illness, life expectancy 6 months or less.

                                   Home Delivery
Chisago County Public Health Nursing Service
Chisago County Government Center                          **Homemakers go into the
6133 402nd St                                               home and do light/general
North Branch, MN 55056                                      cleaning, laundry, errands.
Phone: (651) 213-5200 or Toll Free 1-888-234-1246

Providing nutritionally balanced meals to persons who are homebound or unable to prepare their
own meals. Contact individual sites for more specific information.

       Pine City…………………………………………………………(320) 629-3024
       Rush City………………………………………………………...(320) 358-4765
       Chisago City……………………………………………………..(651) 257-0580

Meals on Wheels
10600 282nd Street
Chisago City, MN 55013
Phone: (651) 257-0580

                                Nursing Homes
Cambridge Health Care Center                    Grandview Christian Home
548 1st Ave. West                               800 NW 2nd Ave.
Cambridge, MN 55008                             Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone: (763) 689-2323                           Phone: (763) 689-1417

Hillcrest Health Care Center                 St. Croix Valley Good Samaritan
650 S. Bremer Ave.                                750 E. Louisiana St.
Rush City, MN 55069                               St. Croix Falls, WI
Phone: (320) 358-4765                             Phone: (715) 483-7068

Margaret S. Parmley Residence                   Green Acres County Care
28210 Old Towne                                 38315 Harder Ave.
Chisago City, MN 55013                          North Branch, MN 55056
Phone: (651) 257-0575                           Phone: (651) 674-7068

Chisago Lakes Convalescent & Nursing Care
Hwy 8
Chisago City, MN 55013
Phone: (651) 357-8411

Birchwood Health Care Center
604 N.E. 1 St.
Forest Lake, MN.
Phone: (651) 464-5600

                                0Senior Groups
East Central Area Agency on Aging               Friendly Visitor
PO Box 147, 100 S. Park                         Pine City Senior Center
Mora, MN 55051-0147                             Pine City, MN 55063
Phone: (320) 679-4065                           Phone: (320) 629-3024
Toll Free: 1-800-333-2433

MN Senior Federation – Seven County Region      Healthy Services
47 North Park                                   122 S. Main St.
Mora, MN 55051                                  Cambridge, MN 55008 Phone:
(320) 679-4700                                  Phone: (763) 689-1888

Chisago County Senior Center
931 6th Ave.
North Branch, MN 55056
Phone: (651) 674-8658


Heartland Express
245 2nd Ave SE
Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone: (763) 689-8131

The Chisago County Heartland Express provides bus service to area
residents. The sole purpose is to offer a low-cost, efficient mode of
public transportation for all county residents.

                      PHONE SERVICES/INTERNET

Telephone Assistance Plan- Monthly discount on local basic telephone service. Income
eligibility requirements and over age 65 or disabled.
Phone: (651) 296-2765 or (800) 657-3838

NorthStar Access: (763) 633-9199

Qwest: 1-800-603-6000

East Central Energy
412 North Main Street
Braham, MN 55006
(800) 254-7944

                                 POST OFFICES

US Postal Services/North Branch          US Postal Services/Harris
38891 7th Ave                            43812 Ginger Ave.
North Branch, MN 55056                   Harris, MN 55032
Phone: (651) 674-7171                    Phone: (651)674-8130

US Postal Services/Stacy                 US Postal Se rvices/Lindstrom
31140 Forest Blvd                        12760 North 1st Ave.
Stacy, MN 550796                         Lindstrom, MN 55045
Phone: (651)462-4984                     Phone: (651)257-5169

US Postal Services/Wyoming              US Postal Services/Rush City
26824 Felton Ave.                       265 West 5th Street
Wyoming, MN 55092                       Rush City, MN 55069
Phone: (651)462-5252                    Phone: (320)358-4433

US Postal Services/Center City
280 Andrews Ave.
Center City, MN 55012
Phone: (651)257-1151


 To laugh often and much; to win the respect of

 Intelligent people and affection of children, to

The appreciation of honest critics and endure the

Betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to

 Find the best in others; to leave the world a bit

better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch

or a redeemed social condition; to know even one

 life has breathed easier because you have lived.

           This is to have succeeded.

                            Ralph Waldo Emerson


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