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									Californi a State Uni versity, Chico
College of Business
Writing Rubric- Gui delines for Assessment
     TRAIT                          UNACCEPTAB LE (1)                                          ACCEPTAB LE (2)                                         SUPERIOR (3)
  Organization of Writing is not concise and has a tendency to              Writing could be a bit mo re concis e. Focus and         Writing is concise. Information is presented in a
        Ideas and ramble. No clear direct ion in the writ ing. Lack of      direction of writing is acceptable, but could use a      manner which makes it extremely easy for the
          Content focus and organization interfere with                     litt le wo rk. Organization doesn’t interfere with       reader to understand the points being made.
             (OIC) communicat ion and understanding. If appropriate:        communicat ion and understanding, but could use a        Ideas are clearly stated. Focus and direction of
                      Lacks a clear introduction and conclusion. Needs      bit more attention. If appropriate: Introduction and     the writ ing are ext remely clear. If appropriate:
                      work.                                                 conclusion are acceptable, but could use a little        Co mpelling introduction, informat ive body with
                                                                            work.                                                    details, and effective conclusion.
         Sentence    Poorly developed sentences. Sentences don’t            Sentences usually flow well wh ile at other times are    Extremely well developed sentences. Sentences
        Structure    express ideas well. Sentence structure is              awkward due to lack of conciseness, wordiness, or        flow well. Sentences clearly express ideas.
             (SS)    sometimes so poor that it makes read ing and           lack of appropriate structure. Overall, most sentences   Sentences are concise.
                     understanding difficult. Sentences are awkward,        clearly express ideas.
                     rambling and would sound strange if read out loud.
                     Needs work.
       Paragraph     Sentences within a paragraph are unrelated. No         Similar to Superior, but a few paragraphs need           Organization of paragraphs enhances
        Structure    clear d irection within the paragraph. Connections     improvements. Most sentences within a paragraph          readability. Sentences within paragraph all build
             (PS)    between paragraphs are confusing. Needs work.          build upon or relate to a single issue. A few            upon or relate to a single issue. Logical flow.
                                                                            paragraphs lack good lead-in or transitional             Good lead-in sentence for each paragraph. Good
                                                                            sentences.                                               transition between paragraphs.
    Word Choice      Writer struggles to use appropriate vocabulary.        Writer uses familiar words well and occasionally         Sophisticated and appropriate use of vocabulary.
      and Tone       Language is vague. Words are used incorrectly.         makes more sophisticated word choices. Tone and          Word choice adds to quality of the writing and
         (WCT)       Tone and word choice are inappropriate for             word choice are appropriate for the intended             enhances overall meaning. Tone and word
                     intended audience. Inappropriate use of “casual        audience.                                                choice are appropriate for the intended audience.
                     language” and clichés. Needs work.
      Grammar,       Writing contains numerous and/or significant           Writing contains a few insignificant errors that don’t   Writing is nearly error free. For examp le, paper
Punctuation, and     errors which interfere with co mprehension and         interfere with co mprehension or distract from the       has no more than one error on any given page,
        Spelling     distract fro m the message. For example, three or      message. For examp le, two minor errors on a page,       or for longer papers, no more than four errors
          (GPS)      more errors on a page, or for longer papers, more      or for longer papers, five or fewer minor erro rs        throughout paper.
                     than five errors in the whole paper. Needs work.       throughout the paper.
     Professional    Document has numerous and significant printing         Document is reasonably neat and professional             Document is e xtremely neat and professional
 Format and Use      and/or formatting problems. Aesthetic qualities of     looking. Docu ment has a few minor formatting or         looking. Everything formatted correctly. Proper
  of Conventions     the paper would be an embarrassment to an              convention problems (e.g., citations and                 use of any necessary conventions (e.g., citations
             (PF)    organization. Doesn’t follo w basic formatting         documentation).                                          and documentation). Paper’s aesthetic qualities
                     conventions (e.g., citations and documentation).                                                                are what one would expect fro m a business
                     Needs work .                                                                                                    professional.
  Professionalism    The reader (e.g., instructor, coworker, client, CEO)   The reader (e.g., instructor, coworker, client, CEO)     The reader (e.g., instructor, coworker, client,
                     of this document would view it as unprofessionally     of this document would view it to be adequate, but       CEO) o f this document would v iew it as
                     written.                                               not extremely professional.                              extremely professional.

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