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Stores Going Out of Business Maryland - DOC


Stores Going Out of Business Maryland document sample

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									                              Southern Maryland Archery Club, Inc.
                                 P.O. Box 337 Cheltenham, MD 20623-0337

                President        Vice President       Secretary      Treasurer    Range Director

             Bradley Gainer     Larry B. Thompson   Krystal Gainer   Tom Rowe    Jeff O’Neil

05/05/10                    Southern Maryland Archers Meeting Minutes

President Brad Gainer called the May 5, 2010 meeting to order at 7:00pm

Krystal Gainer read the April 2010 meeting minutes. Dave Fry motioned to approve the minutes Bob
Walker 2nd the motion all approved.

Treasures Report: Tom Rowe read treasures report for May Bob Walker motioned to approve the April
report Russ Levin 2nd the motion all approved.

New business:

Russ Levin wants to make a motion to make a small calling group and invite people to come back to the
club. Earl Laue 2nd the motion. We will vote next month that group will also look for local schools with
an archery program.

Earl Laue recommends making business cards for the club that members can handout as they wish.

Larry Thompson feels all should take a responsibility to grow the club. He said that he asks people at
stores if they are members of the club.

Brad requests that the club authorizes that he spends $400 to buy repair kits and have them shipped.
Russ Levin motioned approval for $400 Bob Eckstien 2nd.

No one cleaned either course at the Charity shoot.

Russ Levin recommends that we request help sooner for shoots that would be good.

Larry Thompson wants to know how we can get the holes out of the parking lot. Dave Fry make a
recommendation of a way to smooth out the parking lot. Tom Rowe volunteered to bring up his tractor
to try and help flatten it out. Brad is hoping that we can get some chipping up here and then use that to
fill the holes and the slant had to be away from the building and towards the yard if not we will be
flooded in our building.

Coal Train Shoot- May 21,22,23. Friday night will be a coon shoot explained how the shoot works and we
will have a pot luck dinner. May 22nd and 23 is the full shoot we will be setting 3D targets on Friday May
21st. We will start pulling up the 3D Targets on Sunday May 23rd at 3pm. We will not pull up targets
before people are finished shooting.

Bob Eckstien has volunteered to bring up the sausage but someone else will need to cook it. We will also
do the meatballs again since they went over well at the Charity shoot.

Dave Fry asked about no shoots in June for 3D we had a large discussion about why. Russ Levin
motioned to have a 3D shoot on June 20th. Earl Laue 2nd it all in favor.

Tony Orlando was voted in as a member.

Old business:

We had outstanding reviews from everyone that shot here. We had an outstanding number of 3D
shooters. We did great!! We are over $5,000 dollars and we still have more fundraising that is going on.
We had spirited bidding at the auction we had a great time.

3D Targets we spent a lot of time between last meeting and this meeting repairing targets. We have air-
guns and spray paint to fix all targets back to new. We reviewed the targets we repaired and shot during
the shoot and they held up well. We need to review which targets to keep and which ones to get rid of.
President would rather not go buy a bunch of $400-$500 targets when we can repair a lot cheaper.

Tank for kitchen Brad advised can’t see that we need that large of a tank. We can buy valves to say how
full the tank is.

Dave Fry motioned to adjourn Bob Eckstien 2nd all approved.

Next meeting June 2, 2010

Members in Attendance:

Andy Jonelis, Damion Urness, Russ Levin, Brad Gainer, Krystal Gainer, Jeff O’Neil, Tony Orlando, Bob
Walker, Robert Eckstien, Earl Laue, Larry Thompson, Shirrell Thompson, Dave Fry, and Tom Rowe Sr.

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