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									                                                                   2007 Sponsorship Agreement
                                             1 - 3 November , 2007
                                             Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Centre
                                             Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

                                                              Exhibitor Contact Information

Please complete the application form and send it back via e-mail: or by fax to: +962 6 5659771.

Company name for official use :

(Company name appears on the panel) (24 letters max)

Address:          Country :                                                             City       :
                  Street Address :                                                      Building #:                          Apartment/ Office #:
Work phone: (          )                             Mobile: (      )                                  Fax: (   )          Ext:

Mailing Address:              Postal Code:                                        Email        :
                              P.O. Box:                                           Website :
Field/ Scope of work:

Brief about your company:

Mr.            Ms.             Eng.           Dr.
Full Name:
                                First                              Mid.                                             Last

                                                                 Sponsorship Information

          Sponsorship ($100,000)                                                               Sponsorship ($50,000)
          A speech for the representative of your company, logo on all signage                 A speech for the representative of your company, logo on all
          and banners and promotional materials and advertisements and                         signage and banners and promotional materials and


          w ebsite, full page advertisement inside the directory, special thanks in            advertisements and w ebsite, full page advertisement inside the
          the acknow ledgement, complementary 72 sqm² booth, business card                     directory, special thanks in the acknow ledgement,
          holder, your promotional material w ill be enclosed in all delegates' and            complementary 54 sqm² booth, business card holder, your
          visitors' bags, 15 conference delegates and 20 exhibition visitors for               promotional material w ill be enclosed in all delegates' and
          free.                                                                                visitors' bags, 10 conference delegates .

          Sponsorship ($35,000)                                                                Sponsorship ($20,000)
          A speech for the representative of your company, logo on all signage                 Logo on all signage and banners and promotional materials and

          and banners and promotional materials and advertisements and                         advertisements and w ebsite, half page advertisement inside the

          w ebsite, full page advertisement inside the directory, special thanks in            directory, special thanks in the acknow ledgement,
          the acknow ledgement, complementary 36 sqm² booth, business card                     complementary 15 sqm² booth, business card holder, your
          holder, your promotional material w ill be enclosed in all delegates' and            promotional material w ill be enclosed in all delegates' and
          visitors' bags, 5 conference delegates.                                              visitors' bags, 3 conference delegates.

Please refer to GIX FAQ’s for more inform ation about other sponsorship and benefit.

                                                     Sponsor Participation
* (To get the Final cost of your order please type number "1" under numb er column beside the selected category, right click on
the Red fields, then click on ' Update Field' )
                 Category of participation                        Cost in $               Number               Total
                  Sponsorship   : Diamond                                                100,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Gold                                                    50,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Silver                                                  35,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Bronze                                                  20,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Media                                                   75,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Lunch                                                   35,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Gala                                                    45,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Visitor Delegate Bags                                   15,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Conference Proceeding CD-ROM                            10,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : GIX 2007 Daily New spaper                               12,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : GIX 2007 Main Directory / Catalogue                     12,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Delegate Restaurant                                     15,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Coffee Breaks                                           10,000                      0                     0
                  Sponsorship   : Visitors & Delegate Badges                              10,000                      0                     0
                                                                        Total                                                               0

                 50% to be paid upon signing the contract.
                 %50 is to be paid / transferred before Aug 15th, 2007.
                 Any registration made after the 15th of July 2007, should be paid in full.
                 In the event exhibitors do not fulfill their obligations by the dates specified above, the organizers reserve the right to ca ncel their
                  reservations and refund %50 of their payment.
                 There are no refunds for any cancellation from the exhibitor after Aug 15th, 2007.
                 Full refund upon cancellation of the event from the organizer and no refund for postponing the event to other time.
                                                                          Method of Payment
-- Wire transfer: to the following bank account information:

Account Nam e                               : International Vision for Event     Sw ift Code                     : SCBLJOAX
                                              Management/Gulf Iraqi Expo

Bank Account Number                         : 01-01-5005051-02                   Branch                          : Shmeissani Branch, Priority Banking
                                                                                                                     Department, Thakafa Street.

Bank Nam e                                  : Standard Chartered Bank            Telephone                        : +962-6-5607201

Country                                     : Jordan                             Fax                             : +962-6-5654529

‫ ٭‬Please send us the bank transfer receipt by fax
Exhibitor’s signature below signifies that exhibitor has read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all the terms and conditions found below
on this form (including the EXHIBITION RULES, REGULATIONS AND ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS, w hic h constitute part of this agreement) .
Also, by signing below , exhibitor acknowledges that if exhibitor has deemed it necessary or desirable, exhibitor has raised and obtained
satisfactory answers to any questions about the clarity, legibility or readability of this form. This form must be signed for application to be
processed. As part of your exhibition package, a one time mailing of the visitor list is included.

‫ ٭‬GIX signature indicates confirmation of receiving payment and acceptance of participation

Authorized person’s signature:                                                         GIX signature:
Date: \ \                                                                              Date: \ \

                                                                  Organizer Contact Information

                                          Iraqi Ministry of Trade
                                      State Company for Iraqi Fairs                                         I-Vision for Public Relations and Media
                          Email :                                                    Amman - Jordan Branch:
                                                                                          Outside Iraq
    Inside Iraq

                          Website :                                                   Tel       : (962) 6 5659828
                                                                                                         USA Branch:
                                                                                                         Tel       : (1) 3232057024
                                                                                                         Ireland Branch:
                                                                                                         Tel       : (353) 1657626
                                                                                                         Fax       : (962) 6 5689098
                                                                                                         Email :

                      Rules and Regulations                                                                          ‫قواعد و تعليمبت‬
Rules and Regulations:
 *Definitions:                                                                                                                                                     ‫قواعد وأنظمة‬
1- These rules and regulations are an integrating part of the                                                                                                          :‫*انزعرٚف‬
agreement betw een the Organizers and the Exhibitor.
2- Once application for participating has been made and the                 ٙ‫1 -ْذهِ انوٕادذو ٔاظَةًذذخ الذست ز ٚزنذذست يذٍ ازرمبقٛذخ انًعوذذٕظح ثذٍٛ انًُةًذذٍٛ ٔانً ذزركٍٛ فذذ‬
participation is confirmed, contents w ill have the implied status of a                                                                                               .‫انًعرض‬
business contract governed by these present rules and regulations.
This contract limits the liability of their authorized agents only to       ًّ‫2 -دُو رووٚى طهت ازشزراك ٔقجٕل انطهت فإٌ انًحزٕٚبد رزعًٍ دوو انعًم انزنبر٘ انه٘ رحك‬
terms as outlined against the charges specified on the application          ‫ْهِ انوٕادو ٔاظَةًخ، ٔٚحوظ انعوو يسئٕٔنٛخ انًُةًٍٛ ٔٔكالئٓى انًمٕظٍٛ ثبنُسجخ نهجُٕظ انًحوظح‬
form.                                                                                                                    .‫فٙ ْها انعوو يوبثم انرسٕو انًحوظح فٙ ْها انطهت‬
3- Memoranda and instructors to Exhibitors issued by the Organizers         ٔ‫3 -انجُٕظ ٔان زعهًٛبد نهً زركٍٛ انزٙ ٚصورْب انًُةًٌٕ فٙ حبنخ انحبالخ إنٗ ذنك تثُبت انًعرض ت‬
from time to time (w hether during an Exhibitors meeting or other             ‫قجم ثوت فعبنٛبرّ رعزجر يكًهخ ٔز رحم يحم انوٕادو ٔاظَةًخ ٔز يحم ثُٕظ انعوو/ انطهت انًزمذ‬
w ise) are all to be considered supplementary and not replacing these                                                                                             .ّٛ‫ده‬
rules and regulations nor the terms agreed on the applic ation/
contract form.
                                                                                                                                                        :‫ا لطلب والعقد والدفعبت‬
Application, contract Paym ent:
1-An application for space is fully deemed here as a conclusive                                                                                ‫ال ال‬
                                                                            ،ّ‫1 -طهت انًكبٌ ظنٛ ً كبي ً دهٗ يٕافوخ انعبرض دهٗ ظفع انرسذٕو ٔاظالذٕر دُذو قجذٕل اشذزراك‬
evidence of the applicant's agreement to pay the dues and charges                  .‫ٔثهنك ٚعزجر كم يٍ انطرفٍٛ (انًُةى ٔانً زرك ) تًَٓب قو ظخال فٙ ارمبقٛخ رعبقوٚخ يهسيخ‬
and once participation has been confirmed the tw o parties
(Organizers and Participant) w ould be considered to have entered a         ‫2 -رسزح انوفعبد فٙ انزٕارٚخ ٔانًٕادٛذو انًجُٛذخ فذٙ ْذها انطهذت، ٔفذٙ حبنذخ دذوو ازنزذساو ثذهنك‬
binding contractual agreement.                                              ‫فههًُةًٍٛ انح فٙ إنغبت الًٛع انحنٕزاد ٔز ٚح نهً زركٍٛ فٙ ْهِ انحبنخ انًطبنجخ ثأ٘ خويخ‬
2- Payments are due on the dates and schedules as mentioned on                                                                       .‫تٔ رسٓٛالد قجم ظفع كبيم قًٛخ ازشزراك‬
this form; none-compliance w ill result in cancellation of any resaved
                                                                            ‫3 - فٙ حبنخ اَسحبة انعبرض قجم يٕدو افززبح انًعرض ثثالثٍٛ ٕٚي ً فإَّ ٚزررت دهٗ ذنك خصى‬
stand space.
                                                                            ‫(05%) خًسٌٕ ثبنًبئخ يٍ قًٛخ انعوو، تيب فٙ حبنخ ازَسحبة ثًوح روم دٍ ثالثٍٛ ٕٚيً يٍ يٕدو‬
3- After participation has been confirmed, w ithdraw al from the
                                                                                                         .‫ا فززبح انًعرض فإٌ انعبرض فٙ ْهِ انحبنخ ٚموو إالًبنٙ قًٛخ انعوو‬
Exhibition for w hatever reason w ould entail 50% cancellation charges
of the stand rental, up to a month before the Exhibition and 100%           ‫4 -ٚحزمظ انًُةًٌٕ ثبنح انًطه فٙ رفط ت٘ طهت ظٌٔ انحبالخ إلثوات اظسجبة، ٔفٙ ْهِ انحبنخ‬
thereafter.                                                                                                                       .‫رعبظ كبفخ انًجبنغ انًرفوخ يع انطهت‬
4- Organizers reserve the absolute right to refuse participation to any
applicant w ithout having to assign any reasons. In such cases the
total deposit money sent w ith the application w ould be refunded.                                                                      :‫المعروضبت وأمبكن العرض واإلعداد‬
Exhibits, Stand, Build-up:                                                  ٙ‫1 -ٚهزذسو انًُةًذذٌٕ ثزحوٚذو تيذذبكٍ انًعذرض انًخصصذذخ نهعذبرض ٔٚحذذزمظ انًُةًذٌٕ ثذذبنح فذذ‬
1- The Organizer w ill make every endeavor to accommodate                         .‫اقزراح ت٘ رعوٚالد ٔإالراتْب إذا كبٌ ذنك فٙ يصهحخ انًعرض ككم ٔثؤٌ انزساو دهٛٓى‬
Exhibitors on stand space reserved or hooked by them but w ill
reserve the right to change or reallocate areas in the interest of the      ‫2 -ٚسٔظ انعبرض ثٓٛكم سبث انصُع حست انًكبٌ انًزعبقو دهّٛ ٔفٙ حؤظ انرسٕو انًزم دهٛٓب‬
Exhibition as w hole and no guarantee can therefore be given.                                                                           .ّ‫ٔز ٚنٕز رغٛٛرِ تٔ رجوٚه‬
2- Exhibitor under space cover contract w ould be provided w ithin the
                                                                            ٘‫3 -رُحصذر يسذئٕٔنٛخ انعذبرض ظا خذذم يكذبٌ انًعذرض، ٔٚحذزمظ انًُةًذذٌٕ ثذبنح فذٙ اقزذذراح ت‬
agreed fees, a prefab, shell scheme w hich can't be changed or                                                                          .‫رعوٚم ٚرَّٔ ٔإالرات ذنك انزعوٚم‬
altered by the occupying Exhibitor.
3-Stand interiors are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. Organizers       ‫ٚوذٕو انعذبرض ثزحًذم‬      ٕ‫4 -الًٛع انخويبد انغٛر ٔارظح فٙ انعوذو ٔانزذٙ قذو ٚطهجٓذب انعذبرض، سذ‬
reserve the right to suggest any modifications and have them                                                                                 .ًٍٛ‫ٔرٕرٚو ركهمزٓب ثبنكبيم نهًُة‬
4- All services not stated on the application form and required by the      ‫5 -دهٗ انعبرض تٌ ٚ غم تيبكٍ درظّ ٔركٌٕ البْسح قجم (3سبدبد ) دهٗ اظقم يذٍ انزٕقٛذذ‬
Exhibitors w ill be changed independently by appointed contractors of       ّ‫انرس ذذًٙ زفزز ذذبح انًع ذذرض. ز ٚنذ ذذٕز نهع ذذبرض رح ذذذ ا٘ مذ ذذر اٌ ٚو ذذٕو ثبزان ذذخ يعرٔظذ ذذبر‬
the Organizers.                                                                                                    .‫ٔازَسحبة يٍ انًعرض قجم ٕٚو ازخززبو انرسًٙ نهًعرض‬
5- Exhibitors should occupy their stands and ready at least 3 hours
prior to fair official opening. Under no circumstances can Exhibitors
dismantle their exhibits and w ithdraw from the Exhibition earlier the                                                                       :‫*األمن وااللتزامبت والمسئوليبت‬
officials closing of the same.
                                                                            ‫1 - اسطٕاَبد انغبز يًُٕدخ رًبيب ظاخم انًعرض، دوا ذنك ٚزٕالت دهٗ انعبرض ارسبل قب ئًخ‬
* Safety, Insurance, Liabilities and Lim itations :                         ‫ثبنًعواد انزٙ ٕٚظ اظخبنٓب انٗ انًعرض انٗ انًُةًٍٛ نهحصٕل دهٗ انًٕافوخ. ٔٚح نهًُةًٍٛ يُع‬
1- Gas cylinders are prohibited in the premises; otherw ise, exhibitors                                               .‫اظخبل ا٘ يعواد قو ر كم خطر دهٗ انًعرض‬
should send/provide a list of their equipments (except gas cylinders)       ‫2 - ز ٚزحًم انًُةًٌٕ يسئٕٔنٛخ انخسبرح تٔ انسطٕ تٔ انسرقخ ثبنُسجخ نهًعرٔظبد خالل فزرح‬
to GIX management in order to obtain permission. GIX management                           .ًٍٛ‫انعرض، ًٔٚكٍ إٚواع انًعرٔظبد انثًُٛخ فٙ يغهمبد يخزٕيخ نوٖ انًُة‬
reserves the right to disallow any equipments that maybe of danger
nature.                                                                     ‫3 - ز ٚزحًم انًُةًٌٕ ت٘ ظرر ٚزعرض نّ انعبرض َزٛنخ نزأالٛم تٔ إنغبت انًعرض ظ٘ سجت‬
2- Organizers undertake no responsibility for loss, theft or pilferage of   ٌ‫يٍ اظسجبة انوٓرٚخ، إز إذا كبٌ ذنك انزأالٛم تٔ اإلنغبت ٚخوو يصهحخ انًُةًٌٕ فوط، ٔدهّٛ فإ‬
exhibits during the Exhibition period, valuables and precious exhibits                                           .‫انًُةًٌٕ ٕٚصٌٕ انعبرض ثعًم انزأيٍٛ انالزو نهنك‬
can be deposited safekeeping under sealed packaging w ith the
Organizers.                                                                 ٗ‫4 - إٌ َوم انًعرٔظبد يٍ ٔإنٗ يور انًعرض يسئٕٔنٛخ انعبرض ث كم كبيم. ٔنهزسٓٛم ده‬
3-In no event shall the Exhibitor have any claim for damages of any              .‫انعبرظٍٛ، فوو ادزًو انًُةًٌٕ شركخ شحٍ ُٔٚصح انعبرظٌٕ ثبنزعبيم يع ْهِ ان ركخ‬
kind against the Organizers in respect of loss or damage due to the            ٌ‫5 - ٚور انعبرظٌٕ ثًٕالت ْها ثأَٓى ٚ بركٌٕ فٙ انًعرض ثًحط إراظرٓى ٔقرارْى، كًب ت‬
prevention, postponement or abandonment of the Exhibition, caused                                                              ‫ب‬          ‫ب‬      ‫ا‬
                                                                                      .ّ‫ْها انعوو ز ٚ كم ٔدوً شمٓٛ ً تٔ كزبثٛ ً يٍ انًُةًٍٛ ٚزعه ثًسزٕٖ انًعرض تٔ َنبح‬
by w hatever reason. Exhibitors are advised to cover themselves by
their ow n insurance policy.
4-The transportation of the exhibits to and from Jordan is the sole
responsibility of the Exhibitors. For ease of service the Organizers
have appointed an official freight forw arding Agent and Exhibitors are
advised to utilize this service.
5-Exhibitors undertake to acknow ledge that they are a participating of
their ow n free w ill and decision and the contract entails no promise,
oral or w ritten from the Organizers as to the amount or level of
business from the exhibition and/ or it's success.


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