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Bucks County Estate Lawyer - PDF

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Bucks County Estate Lawyer document sample

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									PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum          

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                                           Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum
                                                           Spruance Library
                                                             84 S. Pine St.
                                                    Doylestown, PA 18901-4999
                                                            (215) 345-0210

               Contact Person:

               Beth Lander, Director of Library Services,


               Bucks County was one of the three original Pennsylvania counties established by William Penn. The Bucks
               County Historical Society, founded in 1880, was established to collect materials related to the county and its
               history. The BCHS serves as the repository for official county records.

               The collection is located in the Spruance Library, on the third floor of the Mercer Museum in
               Doylestown. The Library's collection supports both county research and research related to the
               Mercer Museum, begun in 1916 by Henry Mercer. Mercer (1856-1930) was an archaeologist and
               anthropologist who collected early-American tools as a way to record the country's pre-industrial
               history. The Mercer Museum houses an extensive collection of tools related to all early trades and
               provides artifactual evidence and interpretive explications of the lives of early workers. The
               Library's collections also support research into the early-American trades.

               For more information about the history and founding of the BCHS, see The Bucks County Historical Society:
               Something of its History, Policy and Purpose. Doylestown, PA, 1965.

               The collections:

               The library, geared to genealogical research, contains many useful secondary sources related to the
               history of Bucks and surrounding counties including books, newspaper clippings, and microfilmed
               records. Its primary materials include manuscripts, maps, prints, and photographs. BCHS has the
               usual mass of early account books, referred to as "bound manuscripts," and is especially useful for
               research dealing with early milling. In addition, official government records include insurance
               policy indexes and vendue lists, which have finding aids.


               Indexes to the dockets of county records exist in original and microfilm form. There are no topical finding

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum            

               aids to the manuscript collection, but a card catalogue allows some subject and name/corporate access. The
               Library is in the process of putting the collection online; books are slated to be up around October, 2003, and
               manuscripts will be mounted by 2005.

               Some manuscript collections are uncatalogued; as always, it is best to ask the librarian or one of the capable
               volunteers for assistance. Major collections have inventories, available in 3-ring binders behind the main
               information desk. Until the manuscript collection is available in electronic format, it is difficult to determine
               the true scope and content. It appears that the collection is comprised of many small collections related to
               early settlement, land deals, and real estate.

               The most useful sources for collection access are:

                     Kristin Gleeson. Guide to the Manuscript Collections of Five Historical Organizations in Bucks
                     County: Yardley Historical Association, Historical Fallsington, Inc., Historic Langhorne Association,
                     Newtown Historic Association, Bucks County Historical Society. Compiled under the auspices of the
                     Cooperative Archives Survey Project of Bucks County, 1986. Containing about 75% of bound
                     manuscript volumes and about 50% of the entire manuscript collection, it proves a good first step of
                     access into the collections.
                     Shirley A. Martin. Craftsmen of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1750-1800. Master's thesis, University
                     of Delaware, 1956. Names found in here can be cross-checked with card catalogue for relevant

               Some useful collections related to economic history:

               Armitage Collection, papers 1738-1869 (46 items)

               - some early documents of his mill and weaving business

               D. Watson Atkinson, papers, 1689-1967 (28 inches)

               - from Wrightstown; incl. deeds, drafts, mortgages, bonds and releases, beg. 1698;      clockmaker's apprentice
               indenture, 1766 (Chester Co.)

               Balderson family, papers, 1734-1934 (25 inches)

               - deeds, land drafts, agreements and mortgages for land in Lower Makefield Twp.,        1734-1930

               Thomas Beans, papers, 1804-30

               - account books for horses at stud service, Warminster Twp.

               Blaker Family, deeds and legal documents, 1690-1864

               - deeds, land drafts, mortgages, bonds, and releases which relate to the Blaker tract in   Northampton
               Township, 1707-1864 [early real estate]

               Bradshaw Family, papers, ca. 1735-1890 (2.5 inches)

               - incl. lease, deed, draft, 1735-50, papers dealing with business and land affairs in   Luzerne County,
               1784-1820; bonds, receipts, estate papers of John Dyer (1781-90)

               William Brady, receipted bills, 1833 (73 items)

               - to WB, proprietor of a general dry goods and food store from Phila. merchants

               Bucks Co. Bridges, account books, ca. 1797-1819 (3 inches)

               - accounts kept by various commissioners for building bridges: Neshaminy Creek, Brocks Creek, Tinicum
               Creek, Rich Valley Creek, Poquessing Creek, Tohickon Creek, Rodman Bridge, Shaby Bridge, Bridge near

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum            

               Funk's Mill, Morrisville Bridge,    Milford to Philadelphia.

               Bucks Co. Taxtables: 25 items, township tax lists that cover 1764, 1772, 1806, 1837.

               Center Bridge Co., records, 1812-1926 (15 inches)

               - incl. general corr., annual reports, receipts, bills, and accounts, stock and stock transfer certificates, tax
               reports, subscription books, stock books, toll records, dividends and general finances

               Crousillat Collection, papers ca. 1790-1836 (6.5 inches)

               - records of ships belonging to Phila. merchant Lewis Crousillat, incl. cargo records,     financial records,
               confiscations at various Euro. ports

               Deed collection, ca. 1692-1917 (25 feet)

               - incl. exemplifications and mortgages, primarily of Bristol, Newtown, Wrightstown, and Bucks Co., but
               also a few in Montgomery, Northampton, Northumberland, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Ctys.

               Durham Iron Works, papers, 1744-1929 (33 items)

               - fairly important collection of early furnace material

               - blast and pig metal record book, 1785-6, articles of agreement, 1744, notes on patent      and chain of title,


                     copy of plan of the Joseph Whitaker & Co., for erecting a dam in the Durham Creek and re-opening
                     the feeder for navigation (1831)
                     blast and pit metal book (1785-6): contains names of customers, production, account.
                     deed from Sarah Read, administratrix of the estate of Charles Read to Israel Pemberton for 1/24th
                     part of the tracts of land of the Durham Iron Company (March 35, 1742)
                     patent for land, 1472 acres, issues to Richard Peters, in trust for the owners of the DIW ( April 3,
                     early deeds (1749-53): each to William Logan, to Robert Ellis, to Edward Shippen, to Joseph Hart,
                     to Lawrence Growden (via Israel Pemberton)
                     copy of brief of title and history of Riegelsville Hotel situate on a tract of the Durham Iron Co's
                     subdivision of December 24, 1773
                     certified copy of the deed Fredecupartite and Partnership agreement between Jeremiah Langhorne
            and Griffith Owens relating to the lands in Durham and erection of a furnace, March 4,
                     copy of first patent for Durham Iron Company lands, in Durham Cty, 1685-1727
                     memoranda and historical data of the DIW, ca. 1710-1902; contains names of proprietors, bar-shot
                     for the Continental Army, litigations. . .
                     Samuel Powell, release for tracts of land in Durham Twp. to the co-partners and owners of DIC
                     Jeremiah Langhorne, Anthony Morris, James Logan, Charles Read, Robert Ellis, George Fitzwater,
                     Clement Plumstead, William Allen, Andrew Bradford, John Hopkins, Thomas Lindley, and Joseph
                     Turner, Feb. 10, 1727.
                     copy of a petition of the owners of DIW to the Court of Quarter Sessions of Bucks Cty for the
                     establishment of a township, and to "be called, ye name of Durham Township," 1744
                     copies of unsigned drafts of leases of DIW to William Bird, 1744
                     Jeremiah Langhorne, agreement of the executors of JL, Andrew Bradford and Thomas Lindley
                     estates, proprietors of the DIW, Bucks county, pertaining to the rental of the Iron Forge and Furnace
                     and Plantation to Robert Ellis of Philadelphia (March 26, 1744)
                     copy of captions of suits brought by George Taylor and Samuel Flower, lessees of Durham Iron
                     Wors vs. Ichabod Wilkinson, James Morgan and Robert McMinn (1764-69)

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum        

                      scrapbook of manuscript papers, 1768-90, relating to ironworks (indexed)
                     miscellaneous records, 1778-92 (1 vol.); 8 books of Richard Backhouse: 2 memorandum books,
                     1778-81, petty cashbook, 1785-88, 4 balance books, 1789 and undated, time book for tanyard, 1792
                     Greenwich Ironworks, NJ: daybooks (Apr. 24-Sept. 18, 1782); also, accounts between Durham &
                     Co. and Backhouse & Williams, 1779-80 (1 vol.); account book (1780-2)
                     fragmentary record of blasts at Durham Furnace, May 30, 1780-May 15, 1783 with some account of
                     pig iron made; also wood and charcoal records, Chelsea Forge, NJ (1 vol.)
                     miscellaneous records, 1780-93 (1 vol.); 8 books of Richard Backhouse: 2 receipt books, 1783 and
                     1786-7, memorandum book, 1784-5, blotter, 1787, and 2 daybooks, 1787 and 1790; Nockamixon
                     tannery 1793, grist mill accounts 1780-1 (indexed)
                     daybooks (Oct. 29, 1781-Aug. 10, 1782; Aug. 17, 1782-Nov. 7, 1782); journals (Nov. 14,
                     1782-Nov. 15, 1783; Nov. 17, 1783-March 31, 1784; April 17 - Dec. 23, 1784; July 10, 1786-Oct.
                     7, 1786; 1788-94)
                     David Dungan, physician's account book, July 15, 1788-Oct. 9, 1789 from vicinity of DIW
                     timebook (Aug. 1788-June 1790); includes hay-making and harvest hands

               Foulke Family, papers, 1726-1933 (1 foot)

                 - incl. account books of John Foulke, blacksmith (1787-99); Thomas Foulke's store     accounts (1814-21)

               Geil family, papers, 1825-1936 (10 inches)

                 - papers of Samuel Geil, surveyor and map maker in the western US: incl. contracts,   bonds, agreements,
               1843-87; personal and business receipts and bills, 1825-72; business corr. 1854-81

               John Jamison, family papers, 1714-1879

                - deeds of Jamison tracts in Northampton and Middletown townships, 1714-29; misc. deeds, agreements,
               mortgages, bonds, releases related to land in Warwick and Warrington townships, 1804-76

               Michale H. Jenks (1795-1867), papers, 1695-1919 (2 feet)

                 - "Surveyor, county official, congressman. Personal, political and business corr.; deeds for Lower Bucks
               Co. area and other bucks Co. parts, 1685-42; papers and accounts to settle estates of many local prominent
               families, 1732-1866. . . A letter, 1844, from Samuel D. Ingham discusses an invention for improving canal

               Kirkbride family, papers, 1688-1849 (125 items)

                 - land drafts, wills, deeds, and mortgages of Bucks Co. and western NJ, 1688-1849

               Kulp family, papers, 1775-1889 (165 items)

                 - incl. mercantile accounts, 1794-1818

               Miscellaneous manuscripts found in the collection, 1982

                 - incl. account books and a day book for farms, shoemaking, laboring and estate   administration

               Moon family land drafts, 1751-1812 (13 items)

                 - primarily Moses Moon for land in Bristol, Fallsington, Lower Makefield, Middletown twps. and Biles
               Island; [collection includes other family papers as well, totaling 94 items]

               Anthony Morris, papers, 1698-1905 (5 inches)

                 - business and political corr., 1791-1892; account books, deeds and other land transactions documents

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum           

               Enos Morris, papers, 1787-1879 (5 inches)

                 - lawyer, county treasurer: business and legal corr., 1787-1830, estate papers, papers relating to land in
               Pike Co., PA, 1818-30; accounts and lease of Spring Garden Mill, 1822-30; business receipts, writs, bonds,
               land, partnership agreements 1813-31, etc.

               Neshaminy Lock Navigation Co., papers, 1814-33 (16 items)

                 - charter, acts and patent for incorporation, subscription book (1832), plan for locks (1832), and corr.

               New Hope Delaware Brige Co., records, 1827-1903 (8 items)

                 - minutes, 1812-14, tool accounts, 1814, stock certificates, litigation papers, fire insurance policy, 1827-60

               Parry Family collection, papers, 1751-1911 (10 feet)

                 - incl. deeds, briefs of title, title papers, mortgages and agreements, 1764-1894 for New Hope (incl. mill
               property); records of B. Parry and Son (mill and grain, New Hope), 1787-1818

               John K. Paxson, papers, 1792-1886 (5 inches)

                 - incl. papers related to the Brownsville Horse Co. (1832-59); New Hope Hay Scales (1835-52); Farmers
               and Mechanics Insurance Co. (1844-54)

               William B. Pennebaker collection, 1707-1961 (7 feet)

                - incl. early deeds, mortgages, lease, vendues for Bedminster (1743-); Bristol deeds (1707-35);
               Buckingham deeds (1739-99); New Britain deeds (1730-1850)

               Philadelphia Poor Relief Fund, subscription records, 1793 (10 inches)

                 - record books covering 49 districts in Bucks Co. to raise money for victims of Yellow Fever

               Pugh Collection, papers, 1767-1867 (5 inches)

                - papers of John Pugh of Hilltown, a Doylestown atty. and JP. Inc. land drafts, deeds, release involving
               Daniel Pugh and others for tracts at Hilltown; litigation over a land dispute in Buckingham

               William H. Rowland, papers, 1785-1893 (4 inches)

                 - county recorder and state assemblyman; agreements, bonds, judgments, 1785-1893 for Northampton,
               Hilltown, Hatfield, Rockhill, Plumstead, and Doylestown; Hilltown Township tax tables (1801-8); business
               corr. re: lumber and shipping, 1808-43

               Ruckman family, account books, 1793-1860 (44 volumes)

                - daybooks, ledgers, invoices, misc. accounts of James Ruckman, Ruckman & Hart, John Ruckman,
               William Ruckman, and Ruckman & Ellis, operating a general store in Solebury

               Scarborough collection, papers, 1700-1844 (5 inches)

                 - family and farm business corr, 1738-1844; deeds, receipts and accounts, misc.     papers

               Stover family, papers, 1765-1894 (5 inches)

                 - deeds, land drafts, patent and a mortgage for land in Nockamixon, Plumstead, and      Tinicum, 1765-1894

               Samuel Sykes, general storekeeper, account books, 1795-1821 (4 vols.)

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum           

                 - general store in Chesterfield, NJ

               Tavern licenses, papers, 1722-1885 (85 items)

                 - petitions to the Court of Quarter Sessions in Bucks Co.

               Tillyer-Foster-Kelley families, papers, 1702-1875 (19 items)

                 - incl. deeds, leases, releases, mortgages, exemplification, bond agreements, 1702-75

               Warwick Furnace, papers, ca. 1736-88 (19 items)

                 - lease, 1736; articles of agreement, 1740; land draft, 1788; notes and transcripts of deeds and leases,

               Richard Watson (1823-92), papers, 1745-95 (6 feet)

                 - judge, lawyer; incl. deeds, land drafts, mortgages, bonds, agreements, estate papers, 1745-1905 for many
               townships in Bucks Co. area

               E. Wuibert correspondence, 1788-1803 (25 items)

                - merchant; letters, mostly in French to Dutilh and Wacksmuth in Phila. from Pittsburgh, Allentown, and
               Bucks Co. that concern the Black uprising in St. Domingue and aiding his friends there.

               "Bound manuscripts":

                     Henry Geil, farmer's account book, 1831-77, Doylestown
                     John Kidd, unidentified account book, 1748-51, with accounts, 1791-3 (possibly of estate of JK)
                     George M. Child, daybooks, 1841-53, Plumstead Twp.
                     Eastburn, stud-book, 1804-5; instructions for making malt from barley; farming accounts, 1804-10
                     John Bailey, carpenter's account book, 1828-50, Attleborough
                     John Watson, book of surveys of land tracts and roads in Bucks Co., 1747-56
                     Isaac Hicks, road survey books, 1765-87 (2 vols.)
                     Bensalem Twp., account book of road supervisors, 1796-1870
                     Wrightstown Twp., account book of Overseers of the poor, 1765-1809
                     Doylestown and Danboro Turnpike Road Co., book of stock transfers, 1845-92
                     Elisha Weller, hatter's account book, 1840-1
                     unidentified cigar maker's account book, 1838-46, Pleasant Valley, Springtown and vicinity
                     Lang family, shoemaker's account book, 1766-1822, upper Bucks Co. [?], in German
                     unidentified Maine [?] sawmill account book, 1820-4
                     Henry Kern, carpenter's account book, 1836-58
                     unidentified shoemaker's account book, 1839-41
                     Bucks Co. Agricultural Soc., treasurer's accounts, 1844-58
                     Durham Iron Works, misc. records, 1778-92; 1780-93: 8 books of Richard Backhouse: memorandum
                     books, petty cash book, balance books, tanyard time book; 8 books of RB: receipt books,
                     memorandum book, blotter, daybooks, Nockamixon Tannery, gristmill accounts, indexed
                     Oakland Furnace, account book, 1834-5Daniel Parry, financial accounts of sawmill, 1821-35, New
                     Rachel Child, account book, 1770, recording sale of sugar, tea, and other mchdse, Plumstead Twp.
                     Mutual Beneficial Insurance Association of Bucks Co., minutes, 1841-87
                     John Morgan, account book and records book, 1693-1746, brander of horses, Groton, CT
                     Bucks Co. Commissioners, account book, 1815-19, for stone and other building materials, presumably
                     for the construction of bridges
                     Benjamin Parry, account book, 1790-94, grist and sawmill, New Hope, PA
                     unidentified masonry ledger, 1812-13, some entries re: Bucks Co. courthouse
                     Warminster Twp., poor book, 1757-1810

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum      

                     Bedminster Twp., town book, 1809-1905, incl. stray animal fines
                     Dr. John Dyer, physician's account books, 1835-69, Dyerstown
                     John Funk, account book for repairing watches, 1828-30
                     Thomas G. Kennedy papers, 1818-47, re: partnership with Richard Morris building the Phila. and
                     Trenton RR
                     Bucks County Directors of the Poor, minutes, 1807-53
                     Reed [?], gristmill cash book, 1816-17
                     James Moon, account book, 1779-1814, 1840-55, detailed accounts of general merchandise, daily
                     labor and farming
                     Bucks Co. Agricultural Soc., minutes, membership records, cash books, beg. 1827
                     Abraham Schmidt, blacksmith's account book, 1796-1806, in German
                     Stephen B. Wesner, shoemaker's account book, 1852-77, Mechanicsville
                     Michael Dech, hatmaker's account book, 1800-43
                     Samuel Armitage, weaver's account book, 1749-55
                     Samuel Smith, account book, 1750-1802, Windy Bush farm
                     John Gillingham, ledger, account books for weaving, 1815-31, New Hope
                     David Gillingham, "Carding book," 1827-30, New Hope, includes formulas for dyes
                     Jonathan Ingham, physician's account book, 1782-6
                     John Dennison, shoemaker's account book, 1809-32
                     Epernetus L. Wismer, shoemaker's account book, 1829-42, Plumstead Twp.
                     Fallsington Tannery, ledgers and daybook, 1802-46
                     Benjamin Warner, bookseller's ledgerbooks, 1819-28, Philadelphia
                     Samuel Snyder, blacksmith's account book, 1821-37
                     Newtown Twp., supervisors' account book, 1766-1873
                     John Phillips, blacksmith's account books, 1811-15, 1819-21
                     unidentified stonemason's account book, 1777-93
                     Michael Billmeyer, bookseller's account book, 1786-1804, Philadelphia
                     Daniel L. Billmeyer, bookseller's account book, 1819-22, Philadelphia
                     unidentified gristmill account book, 1804-14, Solebury or Upper Makefield Twp.
                     Andrew Trapp, general store account books, 1801-10, 1829-33, Saltlick Twp.
                     William Dillworth, daybook of general stores, 1809-14 at New Hope, Saxtonville, NJ, and
                     Lumberville, PA
                     Daniel Hogeland, daybook, 1817-19, general store in Warminster Twp.
                     Justus K. Long, account book, 1843-69, "Burnt Mill," Plumstead Twp.
                     Michael Kulp, general store daybook, 1797-1804, Bedminster Twp.
                     Mearns Mill, daybooks of a gristmill, 1823-54
                     John Paxson, farming account book, 1784-1809
                     William Lewis, farming account book, 1797-1826
                     New Hope Delaware Bridge Co., minutes, 1812-25
                     Parry family, gristmill account book, 1805-12, New Hope, PA
                     Peter Kuhn, letter books and account books, 1779-1806, Phila. merchant
                     John Wallace, letter book, 1748-54, Phila. merchant
                     Durham Ironworks, day books, journals, furnace journals, time book, account books, scrapbook of
                     papers, 1768-94
                     Greenwich Ironworks, account book, 1780-2
                     Houpt's Mill, account books, 1792-1804, Springfield Twp.
                     Pennsylvania Canal, Delaware Division, bill book for materials to repair canal, 1839-40
                     John W. Coryell, shoemaker's account book, 1819-35, Lambertville, NJ
                     Jacob Wentz, account book for household expenses and farm products, 1815-32, Whitemarsh Twp.
                     Fredrick A. Hendricks, sawmill account book, 1850-3, Hilltown Twp.
                     Lewis s. Coryell, account book for lumber sold on commission, 1819-22
                     Smith, account book for grist and sawmill, 1805-35, Tinicum Twp.
                     Augustine Willett, account book, 1771-5, tavern at Attleborough (Langhorne), PA
                     Hugh McCormick, account book for tailoring, 1813-39
                     Farmers Bank of Bucks County, protest book, 1840-2
                     Doylestown and Dublin Turnpike Road Co., minutes, 1841-60

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum         

                     Joseph Richardson, account book, 1813-28, record of rents with tenants, Middletown Twp.
                     G.D. Billmeyer, bookstore account book, 1814-19, Doylestown
                     Christian Moyer, shoemaker's account book, 1819-38, Hilltown Twp.
                     John Hofford, carpenter's account book, 1835-76
                     Lane and Godfrey, dealers in flour, hardware, stoves, etc., account book, 1793-4, Phila.
                     unidentified physician's account book, 1815-41, Bucks Co.
                     unidentified bookseller's account book, 1832-40, New York
                     Benjamin Riegel, grist and saw mill account book, 1819-25, Durham Twp. [?]
                     unidentified account book for sale of stoves, ploughs, and other ironwork, 1836-43, New Hampshire
                     Joseph Wharton, shoemaker's daybook, 1831-4, Hulmeville, PA
                     Andrew Swartz, carpenter's account book, 1831-59, Point Pleasant, PA
                     Henry Roscoe, account book for a general store, 1809-21, Hunterdon Co., NJ
                     Fisher, Samuel & Miers, merchants' letter book, 1792-3, Philadelphia
                     H.B. Ely, farmer's account book, 1832-40
                     Isaac Chapman [?], physician's account book, 1809-32, Wrightstown and vicinity
                     Randal H. Morgan, wagonmaker and wheelwright's account book, 1807-18, NJ
                     unidentified wheelwright and blacksmith's account book, 1845-6, Point Pleasant, PA
                     Edward Hicks, account book for painting carriages and furniture, 1804-36, Newtown, PA
                     Bucks County Soc. for the Encouragement of Agriculture and Domestic Mfg., constitution and
                     minutes, 1809-12, also used as survey book by John Watson, 1825-43
                     New Hope Delaware Bridge Co., account book, 1812-20 for stock dividends
                     Windsor Forge, daybook, 1830-6, Lancaster Cty., PA, operated by Robert Jenkins and son
                     Owen H. Wiley, physician's account book, 1834-48, Maiden Creek Twp.
                     Joseph Landes, general store daybook, 1843-4
                     Buckingham Township, supervisors' account book, 1767-1870
                     Warwick Township, supervisors' account book, 1773-1885
                     John Clemens, hardware dealer's account book, 1841-50, Doylestown
                     Newton Rowland, blacksmith's account book, 1835-8, Dublin, PA
                     Johnson Hurley, shoemaker's account book, 1840-50, Solebury Twp.
                     Thomas Atkinson, store account book, 1815-53
                     Joshua Gilbert, daybooks for blacksmithing, 1818-29, Buckingham Twp.
                     Greenwich Iron Works, NJ, accounts betw. Durham Co. and Backhouse & Williams, 1779-80;
                     daybook of Aaron Musgrave & Co., 1782-3, possibly of a general store (w/many sales of liquor), also
                     accounts of Thomas Wright, Dyerstown, 1784-5; account book of a gristmill, 1783-4
                     William F. Trogal [?], account book of personal expenses and laboring, 1830-4
                     unidentified ship-chandler's account book, 1805-8
                     Edward Dodge, wheelwright and blacksmith's account book, 1823-41
                     unidentified sawmill account book, 1835-51, Solebury Twp. [?]

               Library also has manuscript inventories to certain collections, incl.:

               Insurance Policy Books Index

               - listing names of insurance companies followed by alpha. list of insured names, type of insurance (personal
               property, buildings), and policy number, cross-listed by location, to wit:

               Beneficial Insurance Association of Bucks County (inc. 1842)

                 - record of policies begins in 1842

               Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Society of Warminster, Bucks County, Hatboro, PA (inc. 1842)

                 - alpha. name, policy number, year, property location

                 - record of policies begins in 1842

               Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia and Bucks Counties, Humleville, PA (inc.

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum             


                 - policies listed cover 1851-61

               County Records

               Bound volume: Bucks County Vendue Lists 1784-1884. Index prepared by Volunteers of Bucks County
               Historical Society. Doylestown: Bucks Co. HS, ca. 1996.

                 - alphabetical by last name; info. includes name, location, date of sale/s, date filed, number, and "other"

                 - "other" comments include: German (lots of these), plantation, occasionally an occupation

               "Manuscript Collection Inventory Reference Files" located in 3-ring binders

               - item-level inventories of larger mss collections [mss in card catalogue also catalogued at item level,
               although there's some access by type of business: mills, forges, etc., but best access is by specific business or
               personal name]

               Crousillat collection, Phila. merchant (MSC 40)

                       many documents related to foreign seizures of his ships, ca. 1790s, contemporary records of costs
                       required to maintain ships themselves
                       trade w/Spain
                       also receipts from local Phila. businesses re: upkeep and outfitting of brig Nymph (e.g., Wetherill &
                       Co. receipt for paint to paint ship; Samuel Clothier & Co. for sails; Isaac Wainwright for gun carriages,
                       1798 account of insurance on Brig Nymph's cargo, $65,500
                       Brig Nymph captured by French in 1799: documents here include those related to capture, e.g.,
                       "receipts for money advanced to sailors' wives," "Statement of the value of Brig Nymph, outfit,
                       balance of wages due crew and insurance; captured by the French March 30, 1799," Letter, Robert
                       Smith, Mate, Plymouth, to L. Crousillat, Philadelphia, describing the capture of the Brig Nymph on
                       March 30 by a French privateer of 18 guns and 160 men, after an engagement of 30 or 40 minutes, in
                       which 4 of the crew of the brig were killed and 7 wounded, 'myself among the latter'." (April 18, 1799)
                       also letters from captain in prison to L. Crousillat from jail relating to capture, upcoming trial (May 15,
                       18, 1799); documents, 1800, regarding the release of the Nymph; letters from captain, various
                       crewmen, from Algiers, 1800; (Nov. 22, 1800), "Certificate for L3000 ransom paid to French captors"
                       other documents relating to the capture of C's brig Hannah, also captured by the French, 1799
                       Nymph eventually sold at auction in Algiers: accounts, receipts, clearance papers, etc. related to this
                       (March 31, 1801): "Letter, Capt. Charles Hardy, Algeciras, to Louis Crousillat, reporting the sale at
                       auction of the Brig Nymph, its purchase by an American and repurchase from the American by Capt.

               -another group of papers re: the Schooner Minerva, bound for St. Thomas, beg. outfitting in 1798 (w/various
               bills and receipts attesting to this [see Nymph])

               - ship then traveled from St. Thomas to Laguira, and from there was bound for Corunna

               - captured by French (April 21, 1799): "Letter Capt. A. Andaulle Falmouth to L. Crousillat, relating to the
               capture of the Minerva (in French)"

               -another group of papers re: Sloop Nancy, bound for Port au Prince, 1796

               - captured by a privateer ca. May 25, 1796

               -another group of papers re: Schooner Commerce, outfitted in 1797, bound for St. Thomas

               - captured by French Sept. 23, 1797; sold, ship and cargo, at Tortola, Oct. 3, 1797; (Oct. 11, 1797):

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum            

               "Statement, The Owners, Underwriters and others concerned in the American Schooner Commerce and
               cargo bound from Philadelphia to Saint Thomas captured by a French privateer and recaptured by the private
               comissioned Schooner of War Lapwing, Henry R. Fisher, Commander, in account current with John
               Dougan, agent."

               -just a few papers re: Schooner Flora, bound for Temerie and consigned to Vigne Brothers, merchants there,
               captured in 1793

               - just a few papers re: Brig Sophia, also captured [date captured unclear: affidavit about capture is 1806, but
               other papers re: BS dated 1799]

               Anthony Morris Papers, 1698-1905 (219 items) (MSC 172)

               Anthony Morris (1766-1860), Philadelphia lawyer and businessman, speaker of PA's Senate, 1793-4;
               director of BNA, 1800-06, trustee of Upenn, 1806-17; 1810-14, unofficial representative of US in Spain.

               "The papers are composed of correspondence, land deeds and other documents pertaining to land, receipts
               and accounts, legal papers (court cases), account books, and a few miscellaneous items. . . ."

                     corr. comprises almost half of the collection: "There are many subjects covered, but the ones most
                     frequent are: court cases involving land and debts, trade between Philadelphia and Richmond, VA,
                     involving the firm of James Widdifield. . . [and] establishment of an agricultural institution."
                     trade with Richmond ca. 1805, centers around coal and tobacco shipments to Phila.
                     much of corr. document's Morris's legal/financial troubles (first with Widdifield and then with others,
                     including a Maria Rivardi, who beg. in late 1810 begins contacting him about an unpaid note; from
                     1811-13, there are 12 letters from MR to AM, which "discuss her problems with an unpaid note. One
                     letter, undated, from Mr. Meredith to Mrs. Rivardi, requesting payment of note, under protest at Bank
                     of Pennsylvania. . . "
                     Sept. 12, 1827: "Anthony Morris to Peters, President of the Philadelphia Agricultural Society. Morris
                     suggests the establishment of an organization for scientific study of agriculture in the United States by
                     following the system of Fellenberg in Switzerland. Discusses possibility of establishing this
                     agricultural institution on his son's farm, Bolton Farm."; Oct. 10, 1827: draft of Fellenberg plan; other
                     corr. related to AM's agr. theories continue through 1831
                     receipts and accounts: misc. beg. in 1789, incl. receipts, checks, promissory notes. . .
                     legal papers, 1788-1811, mostly related to financial matters, outstanding debts, contested notes
                     account books, 1788-1808 (5 books): receipt book, book of check stubs (w/purpose of checks noted),
                     bank books

               Center Bridge Company Papers, 1811-1926, 1142 items (MSC 175 and 253)

               - company chartered in 1811, first by NJ then by PA; "By the summer of 1812, the Company obtained
               permission from the two states to receive subscriptions. and by 1814, a wooden bridge spanning the
               Delaware River from Centre Bridge, Bucks County, to what today is Stockton, New Jersey was ready for

               - early papers include: financial reports of company, bridge repairs; annual reports, 1814, 1818; lists of
               stockholders, transfers of stock; receipts for payment of bills and salaries, beg. 1812, accounts and bills,
               1813-59, payment orders, beg. 1819; articles of agreement w/land owners, suppliers of materials to build
               bridge; ledger of stockholders, lists of subscribers, beg. 1811; statement of tolls, beg. 1830

               Jonathan P. Sickel, mason's daybooks, 1840-45 (MSC 403)

               - 3 vols., Bensalem

               Account Book collection (MSG 689) ["tomato box account books"]

               - running lists incl. principle name, subject (type of business activities recorded) inclusive dates, location

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum            

                 - list 1 is merely a box list, giving the items in order as they appear in the boxes

                 - list 2, more useful, organizes the books alphabetically by subject: easily scannable, many 18th-century
               account books

                 - [list supplements the "bound manuscripts" above; appears to be mainly for accounts of those
               living/working beyond Bucks County; farmers are not included (since there are many)]

               - Francis Meeds, axe and basket maker, 1802-14, Limington, ME

               - John Roop, blacksmith, 1842-76, Lower Swatara Twp., PA

               - Jonathan Wate, blacksmith, 1829-51, Dunbarton, NH

               - John Berry, blacksmith, 1839-45, Tamworth, NH

               - Elisha Covey, blacksmith, 1775-87

               - Daniel Willard, blacksmith, 1805-36, Burlington, NY

               - Rapha W. Sawyer, blacksmith, 1836-41, Dracut, MA

               - Will Ackerman, blacksmith, 1837-51, Stoyestown, PA

               - Jonathan Greby, blacksmith, 1807-25, ME

               - Eleazar Ryders, blacksmith, 1810-16, South Easttown, NY

               - Daniel Parker, Jr., blacksmith, 1798-1840, Wallingford, CT

               - Clarence Loux, blacksmith, 1828-9, Danboro, PA

               - Robert Austin, blacksmith, 1832-6, Sandlake, NY

               - Araunah Damon, blacksmith, 1824-30, marshfield, MA

               - Jonathan Gribey, blacksmith, 1807-25, ME

               - William Capen, blacksmith, 1799-1812, Sharon, MA

               - Mary A. Diedricks, blacksmith, 1847-50, Philadelphia, PA

               - J. Brynner and A. Weeks, boarding house, 1838-61, Doylestown, PA

               - Darius Higginbotham, bootmaker, 1822-51

               - John Kidder, bootmaker, 1814-28, Antrim, NH

               - Welcome Handy, bootmaker, 1832-57, Danby, VT

               - Joseph Roller [?], brewer/distiller, 1817-40, PA

               - Emery & Sargent, Sterling Sargent, brickmaking, 1831-46, NH

               - P.G. Comstock, broad cloth finisher, 1849-51

               - Jepthat Green, butter and eggs, 1804-52, Gill, ME

               - David Martz, carder, 1830-41, Augusta, PA

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum        

               - Samuel G. Robinson, carpenter, 1837-51, Waterville-August, ME

               - A. A. Jacobus, carpenter, 1820-62, New York, NY

               - Dolson, carriage maker, 1843-66, Middletown, NY

               - Abraham Nass, cider maker, 1835-55, Tuscaroray, PA

               - Jonathon Merril, cider maker, 1817-35, Methuen, MA

               - David Stile/s, cider and liquor, 1814-28, Southbury, CT

               - Cook & Baker, cobbler, 1842-51, Sharpstown, NJ

               - Joseph Scofield, cobbler, 1786-1802, Fairfield Cty, CT

               - Jacob Knowlton, cobbler, 1805-19, Nobleborough, ME

               - Jonathan Packard, cobbler, 1729-48, Bridgewater, MA

               - Warner & Kilborn, cobbler, 1821-6, Bristol, VT

               - Abel Clark, cobbler, 1818-25

               - Moses Plummer, cobbler, 1800-04, Portland, ME

               - Leonard Merrill, cobbler, 1822-35, MA

               - Sylvester Ward, cobbler, 1822-49, Bradford, NH

               - Darius Higginbotham, cobbler, 1822-51

               - John Claflin, cobbler, 1809-12

               - Davis & Walker, cobbler, 1835-44, Stow, ME

               - Jepthat Green, cobbler, 1804-52, Gill, MA

               - Amos Heald, cobbler, 1817-28, Bellville

               - Joseph Scott, cobbler, 1795-1832, Brooklyn, CT

               - Jacob Lohra, distiller, 1807-30, Oley Valley, PA

               - Moses Garfield, estate settler, 1807-30, Middletown, NY

               - Abraham Nass, flour, 1835-55, Tuscaroray, PA

               - Fall River Foundry, 1850-4, Fall River, MA

               - David Martz, fuller, 1830-41, Augusta, PA

               - E.H. & Co. Canoe Furnace, 1846-9

               - Benjamin & James, furnace/farmer, 1816-18, Berks Cty, PA

               - [unidentified], furrier, 1832-47, Westbrook, ME

               - Lyman Lathrop, garment maker, 1827-53, Unadilla, NY

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum          

               - [unidentified], gristmill, 1819-25, PA

               - William Siegrist [?], gristmill, 1833-4, Lebanon Cty., PA

               - James L. Bott, harnessmaker, 1849-51, Glouchester, MA

               - Silas Moody, hats and outerwear, 1835-43, Dover, NH

               - Peter E. Hadley, hauling, 1820-9, Goffstown, NH

               - David Stiles, laborer, 1817-28, Southbury, CT

               - Wilson P. Hunter, laborer, 1834-47, Topsham, ME

               - Simon R. Morrison, horse rental, 1834-56, Sandbornton, NH

               - Aaron Adams, horse rental, 1803-16, MA

               - Ebenezer R. Lapham, horse rental, 1817-38, Pembroke, MA

               - John Claflin, house rental [landlord?], 1828-49, Milford, MA

               - Greenwood Iron Works, 1807-8, Pottsville, PA

               - Brunswick Furnace, 1830-9, Berks Cty, PA

               - Cumberland Furnace, 1794-1800, PA

               - D.H. Royer, iron furnace, 1846-61, Woodberry Twp., PA

               - William Sever, justice of the peace, 1762-76, Kingston, MA

               - Wilson Haskett, laborer, 1825-45, Washington City, VT

               - Nathaniel Ingersoll, laborer, 1836-63, Granville, NY

               - Edward Pendexter, laborer, 1819-33, Madbury/Dover, NH

               - Eliphalot Jones, laborer, 1808-69, Goffstown, NH

               - Stephen Barker, laborer, 1770-6

               - Philip Jones, laborer, 1765-1808, Goffstown, NH

               - Elwood Potts, laborer, 1844-6, Moreland, PA

               - Shiller, laborer, 1829-54, Washington City, MD

               - Lyman Hurlbutt, laborer, 1837-65, Genoa, NY

               - Samuel Bartlett, laborer, 1813-44, MA

               - Amos Stearnes, laborer, 1830-59, Lowell, MA

               - George W. Hensel & Lewis Haines, lime kiln, 1844, Quarryville, PA

               - Lewis Haines, lime kiln, 1841-8, Quarryville, PA

               - Philip & James Thomas, lime kiln, 1828-51, Waldo Cty, ME

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum           

               - Davis & Walker, liquor, 1835-44, Stow, ME

               - Eliphalot Jones, livery, 1808-69, Goffstown, NH

               - David Stile, lumber, 1817-28, Southbury, NH

               - Joseph A. Chamberlin, lumber, 1831-45, Hillsboro Cty, NH

               - Mary A. Diedricks, machine shop, 1847-50, Philadelphia

               - Daniel Clark, miller, 1819-68, Bridgeville, NY

               - [unidentified], money-lending, 1819-21, Philadelphia

               - Joseph Whitaker, nailer, 1816-21, Philadelphia

               - Aaron Adams, ox rental, 1803-16, MA

               - James Bedell, painter, 1829-59, Sunford, ME

               - Samuel G. Robinson, painter, 1837-51, Waterville-Augusta, ME

               - James Beadle, painter, 1829-59, Sunford, ME

               - Eleazar Ryders, rum, 1810-16, South Easttown, NY

               - [unidentified], sawmill, 1800-28

               - Jacob G. Hawkins, sawmill, 1825-65, Center Harbor, NH

               - Leonard Craig, sawmill, 1834-53, Worchester [?], MA

               - Philip & James Thomas, sawmill, 1828-51, Waldo Cty, ME

               - [unidentified], sawmill, 1838-41, Ellsworth, ME

               - Daniel Clark, sawmill, 1819-68, Bridgeville, NY

               - Jonathan Packard, shoemaker, 1729-48, Bridgewater, MA

               - Briggs, shoemaker, 1830-48, New Bedford, MA

               - Warner & Kilborn, shoemaker, 1821-6, Bristol, VT

               - John Kidder, shoemaker, 1814-28, Antrim, NH

               - Nathan Hunton, shoemaker, 1809-60, Unity, NH

               - Joseph Scofield, shoemaker, 1786-1802, Fairfield Cty, CT

               - Moses Plummer, shoemaker, 1800-04, Portland, ME

               - George Elliot, Jr., stable keeper, 1793-1829, Westbrook, CT

               - Thomas Vanderslice, store keeper, 1830-47, Womelsdorf, PA

               - Elisher Ford, store keeper, 1808-26, Chelms Ford, MA

               - Eleazar Ryders, store keeper, 1808-27, South Easttown, NY

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum          

               - Samuel Parker, store keeper, 1801-04, Pepperell, MA

               - James H. Butler, store keeper, 1844-50, Nottingham, NH

               - William Allen, store keeper, 1813-40, Winchester, NH

               - Jonathon Cluff, store keeper, 1805-17, Essex Cty, NY

               - Sheetz, store keeper, 1835-42, Kellers Church, PA

               - John L. Corlessy, store keeper, 1834-9, Andover, MA

               - Abel H. James, store keeper, 1813-30, Hilltown, PA

               - Claremont, store keeper, 1802-04, Weatherfield Area, CT

               - Hiram French, store keeper, 1832-4, Pittsfield, NH

               - Davis & Walker, store keeper, 1835-44, Stow, ME

               - Henry Peter, store keeper, 1847-51, Treichlersville, PA

               - John Cliflin, Jr., store keeper, tavern, 1844, Milford, MA

               - Timothy Allen, surveyor, 1790-1831, Middlefield, CT

               - Francis Meeds, scythe maker, 1802-14, Limington, ME

               - Chauncy Fox, tanner, 1822-4, Palatine, NY

               - [unidentified], tanner, 1824-46

               - Benjamin Thwing, tanner, 1784-1809, Uxbridge, MA

               - [unidentified], tanner, 1821-9, Otsego, NY

               - Stephen Furbush, tanner, 1799-1824, N. Yarmouth, ME

               - William Allen, tavernkeeper, 1813-40, Winchester, NH

               - Abel H. James, tavernkeeper, 1813-30, Hilltown, PA

               - Elisher Ford, tavernkeeper, 1808-26, Chelms Ford, MA

               - George Elliot, Jr., tavernkeeper, 1793-1829, Westbrook, CT

               - Claremont, tavernkeeper, 1802-04, Weatherfield Area, CT

               - Eleazar Ryders, tavernkeeper, 1810-27, South Easttown, NY

               - William Case, tailor, 1847-55, Bucks Cty, PA

               - Amos Stearnes, teamster, 1830-59, Lowell, MA

               - [unidentified], teamster, 1838-47, Worcester Cty, MA

               - James Hickox, teamster, 1799-1880 [?], Bennington Cty, VT

               - Isaac Otterson, teamster, 1822-61, Hooksett, NH

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum           

               - Edwin Wright, teamster, 1840-74, Wilbraham, MA

               - Wilson Haskett, teamster, 1825-45, Washington Cty, VT

               - John Bissel, teamster, 1787-1804, New London, CT

               - William A. Phelps, teamster, 1828-54, Lenox, MA

               - Leonard Craig, teamster, 1834-53, Worcester [?], MA

               - Ebenezer Pierce, teamster, 1827-54, Royalston, MA

               - Limon Lathrop, timber, 1827-53, Unadilla, NY

               - Wilson P. Hunter, timber, 1834-47, Topsham, ME

               - Daniel Clark, turner, 1819-68, Bridgeville, NY

               - Ebenezer R. Lapham, wagon rental, 1817-38, Pembroke, MA

               - Simon R. Morrison, wagon rental, 1834-56, Sandbornton, NH

               - R. Strode, wheelwright, 1827-70, East Caln, PA

               - Abraham J. Crumer, wheelwright, 1836-9, NY

               - [unidentified], wheelwright, 1843-58, Upland, PA

               - Ebenezer R. Lapham, wood, 1817-38, Pembroke, MA

               - David F. Bard, wood, 1823-34, MA

               - David Stiles, wood, 1814-20, Southbury, CT

               - Daniel Willard, woodcutter, 1805-36, Burlington, NY

               "Mill Index" (box w/finding aids in binders and folders)

               - see also: Jack C. Potter's "Delaware Valley Grist Mills 1650-1962," Bucks Count Board of Realtors
               Presents Historic Bucks County. Vol. XI, no. I (Spring, 1962): 4-9, 24-28.

               - files include typescript list of all identified mills in Bucks County; also, "Spoom [historic surveying co.??]
               Old Mills of Bucks Co. Pennsylvania" dated 11/03/93, listing mills, locations, and physical descriptions

               - binders organized by township, contain "Inventory of Mill Structures in Bucks County," listing name,
               physical description and condition, location, power source, details of history, title history and owners,
               relevant bibliography [not cross-referenced that I can tell to mss collection holdings]

               ** For more info. about Durham Iron Works and mill history, see J.H. Battle, ed. History of Bucks County,
               Pennsylvania. Spartanburg, SC: The Reprint Company, 1985 [1887]


               1. For more information about the history and founding of the BCHS, see The Bucks County Historical
               Society: Something of its History, Policy and Purpose. Doylestown, PA, 1965

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PEAES Guide: Bucks County Historical Society/Mercer Museum

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