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									                                What sinks and floats?
                                  Melanie Robbins

First Grade Standard 3- Students will develop an understanding of their environment.
Objective 2- Investigate water and interactions with water.
        compare objects that float and sink in water
ILO’s display a sense of curiosity, demonstrate persistence in completing tasks, observe,
sort and classify objects, and demonstrate problem-solving skills, and treat others with
kindness and fairness.

Materials List-
sink and float materials for each group: tubs to hold water, cork, pencil, paper clip, rock,
plastic spoon, crayon, penny, ball, plastic egg, sponge, clay
 Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, by John Burningham

Introduction to the Lesson:
Students gather on the rug. I have a tall vase filled with water. I show the students an
orange and ask them will this sink or float. Students predict. Drop the orange in the water.
It floats. Peal the orange then ask again. Do you think the orange now will sink or float? It
sinks. Students predict. Why does something float or sink? Today we are going to be
scientists and investigate with this bag of items what sinks and floats.

Lesson description:
         Students are divided into groups of four. Each group has a container of water, a
          bag of sink and float items, and a worksheet. Students predict which items will sink
          and which will float. Then they test their items in the container of water and
          record on their worksheet.
         Students come back to the rug. We make a t-chart to organize and sort sink and
          float items. We talk about the last item ( a piece of clay). Why do you think some
          things float and some thing sink? Could we make this clay float?
         Then read the story Mr. Gumpy’s Outing and ask the students if they could make a
          boat out of their clay that floats. Then they test it and see how many people
          (people shaped manipulatives) can fit on their boat before it sinks. Students
          record their thinking and observations in their water journal. Water journal writing:
          Write and draw something that sinks. Write and draw something that floats. What
          do you notice?
         Students again come back to the rug to debrief their results, observations and
Worksheet to record-sink and float

Student use a water journal, made with blank sheets of paper and a cardstock cover, to
record their thinking and observations. Students write one thing that floated and one thing
that sank.

Make observations during:
Whole group         Attention during demonstration, debrief, discussion,
                    and story
Small group         Cooperating and participating during experiments

Individual practice   Demonstrates the ability to solve a problem and can
                      express their ideas both orally and written.

3        Student exceeds expectations
2        Student meets expectations
1        Student needs support to meet expectations

I use a class list to quickly assess how the students are meeting the above objectives. I am
using a 3, 2, 1 scoring that coordinates with the report card.
Name   Whole Group Small Group   Individual

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