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									   Membership Newsletter of the Junior League of Huntsville                                         May 2008


President’s Note

Membership Report

                                               May Dinner News…
                                               Can you believe it…? It’s almost that time! The last
JLH Partners                        4
                                               general meeting of the year will be held on May 5th! Come
2008-2009 Tentative Budget          5          celebrate Cinco de Mayo catered by Ruth’s Chris!!! We
                                               have listened to you and the annual dinner this year will be
Developing Potential of Women       6
                                               more casual…more fun… and definitely tastier! Dress
Promoting Volunteerism              7-9        casually- the food will be served buffet style, no formal sit
Improving Communities               10
                                               down meal! No long, drawn out meeting, just a
                                               celebration of the year’s accomplishments including
Junior League Honor Roll            11         recognition for those who have gone above and beyond!
                                               And finally, a great way to kick off the summer with
        Junior League of Huntsville
        200 Russell Street, 2 nd Floor         Remember, this is your final opportunity of the year to get
              P.O. Box 2797
           Huntsville, AL 35804
                                               a point (5 are required). Also RSVP’s are required by
            Volume 15, Issue 5                 April 28th and we cannot take money at the door!!! You
                                               may RSVP to Melissa Fowler by sending a $30 check to
                                               her at 903 Carmelian Street, 35801. And for those who
          Don’t forget to visit                sponsored a provisional for the upcoming JLH year, her                  meal was included in her sponsorship. Just make sure
        for the most up-to-date                you bring her with you!
            forms and news!

                                                  NEW for 2008-2009 ~ Show Your JLH Spirit
Chair: Beth Herr
                                               While at the Annual Dinner, be sure to place your order for
Co-Chair: Sonia Parker                         the new JLH t-shirt…simple and classic, in red, black and
Members: Nicole Anderson
          Christie Finley
                                               white. Our hope is that every league member will be
          Christi Shores                       proud to wear this shirt when doing any league activity,
                                               whether it is an Apple Annie shift, working at Spring
     August LL Deadline: July 12, 2008         Market or volunteering in the community. This is a great
                                               way to show that we share the same mission and are
                                               working toward the same goals. We are sure to turn
                                               heads as our community notices that JLH is making a
                                               strong impact!
                                                                         President’s Perspective
        Board of Directors                                              Mission Success!
                                              As we complete this wonderful league year, I want to make you aware of how
                Paige Hanks
                                              well we accomplished our Junior League of Huntsville mission. We have had
              President Elect                 a banner year! I can honestly say that our members of our organization
               Julie Lockwood                 “DIP”ed into the mission with all they had to give. We Developed the potential
              Community VP                    of women, Improved our community through the effective action and
              Lauren Martinson                leadership of trained volunteers and Promoted voluntarism. Some highlights
           Communications VP                  of our successes this year include the following:
             Vicki Hendrick
                                                  -    Our incredible fundraisers, Apple Annie, Spring Market, Cookbook
          Finance Vice-President                       and Mini Market and Philanthropy worked extremely hard to raise
               Suzan Ellett                            approximately $90,000 this year (still finalizing the numbers).
                Treasurer                         -    We increased our Junior League of Huntsville Focus areas to include
             Rebekah McKinney                          Senior Support and Appreciation. This has allowed us to increase
          Fund Development VP                          our community impact here in Madison County.
             Sheri Buchanan                       -    We in turn gave $50,000 from money raised last year to 14 different
              Membership VP
                                                       agencies/projects that fit one or more of our five Junior League of
              Amy Harbarger                            Huntsville Focus Areas.
                                                  -    Every member supported at least one of the three “Done in a Day”
             Governance Chair                          Projects (Santa’s Village, Valentine Goodie Bags for two nursing
                Ane Debro
                                                       homes, and Panoply of the Arts) to allow for additional volunteer
             Nominating Chair                          opportunities outside of their current league placement.
             Jennifer Gautreaux                   -    The Butterfly Project dressed 98 deserving girls for an awesome
             Placement Chair                           night at their high school prom and awarded 7 of these girls college
             Charlotte Wessel                          scholarship money.
         Corresponding Secretary                  -    The Rainbow Rhythm Band, Blossomwood Lunch Buddies, CAMP,
             Elizabeth Moore                           Make-a-Wish, Mother-Daughter Connection, and SAPP Shelter put a
                                                       smile on many women and children’s faces by giving many volunteer
           Recording Secretary
              Alison Ziegler
                                                  -    Our wonderful provisional class of 64 women made a huge impact
             Member-At-Large                           with the Association of Junior League International (AJLI) “Kids in the
               Leada Gore                              Kitchen” initiative. We partnered with the Huntsville Hospital
             Provisional Chair                         Foundation and Girls Incorporated to educate children on the
                Amy Gandy                              benefits of proper nutrition and exercise.
         Sustainer Board Advisor                  -    We sold our Teen Shelter to the Harris Home for Children who will
               Sherry Adlich                           use the shelter to carry out our vision of providing a safe home for
                                                       children in need.
                  Mission                         -    From the proceeds of the sale of the Teen Shelter a Junior League of
     We are an organization of women                   Huntsville Charitable Foundation will be formed to serve our
   committed to promoting voluntarism,                 community indefinitely.
  developing the potential of women, and          -    Our technology and league communications teams made wonderful
                                                       progress propelling us into the technology age by making our
    improving communities through the
                                                       processes more efficient and easier for our league members to sign
 effective action and leadership of trained
                                                       up for shifts and be informed of all league business.
                 volunteers.                      -    Many behind the scenes members have performed administrative
                                                       league positions allowing us to be an even stronger and more
Our purpose is exclusively educational and             successful organization this year.
                                              Wow! It has truly been an incredible year. We set our goals very high this
   We reach out to women of all races,        year and thanks to each of you, we accomplished them with wonderful
    religions and national origins who        success! I want to thank each of you for your support in everything we have
demonstrate an interest in and commitment     worked very hard to achieve this year. I thank God for each of you and for
              to voluntarism.                 giving you the drive and determination to help those in need here in Madison
                                              County I look forward to seeing each of you at our Cinco De Mayo Annual
                                              Dinner Year End Celebration on May 5 at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

                                              Many thanks to each of you, Paige

                                              “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – Jim Rohn

                                              “Some people dream of success while others wake up and
                                              work hard at it.”

                                        Thank You JLH Partners
     Sponsorship Level                                                     Partner

Community Partner

Community Supporter                                         Appliance Direct Sales & Service, Inc.

Community Sponsor                                     Dunagan, Yates & Alison Plastic Surgery Center

                                                           Burger King Wesfam Restaurants, Inc.
Community Friend
                                                                    Gray Research, Inc.
                                                              Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C.

                                                    The Caring Foundation (Blue Cross and Blue Shield)
                                                                   COLSA Corporation
Community Associate                                           Regions Financial Corporation
                                                              Siniard, Timberlake & League
                                                         Van Valkenburgh & Wilkinson, Realtors®

                                                               Century Automotive Group
                                                                      Colonial Bank
                                                                  Eye Care Associates
                                                                   First American Bank
                                                                 First Commercial Bank
                                                                 Huntsville City Schools
Community Donor                                                     Huntsville Hospital
                                                                 Intergraph Corporation
                                                            Sealy Management Company, Inc.
                                                                      Servis1st Bank
                                                                      Superior Bank
                                                                  United Space Alliance
                                                                      Wachovia Bank
                                                  Watson, Jimmerson, Martin, McKinney, Graffeo & Helms
                                              801 Franklin
                                                                                            Mayfair Church of Christ
                                                 ACT II
                                                                                                 Modern Bride
                                            All Gussied Up
                                                                                      Nathans News Channel 19 - WHNT
                                                                                                   No Regrets
                                       Belk, Madison Square
                                                                                     North Alabama Educators Credit Union
                                  Bradley Arant Rose & White, LLP
                                                                                               Parkway Place Mall
                                                                                                  Party Works
                                        DESE Research, Inc.
                                                                                       Perfections Hair and Nail Designs
                                     Dillard's, Madison Square
                                   ENJOY! - The Huntsville Times
                                                                                                Randolph School
                                             Glenn’s Florist
In-Kind/Other*                                                                              Sharp Communications
                                    Huntsville Botanical Garden
                                  Huntsville Panhellenic Association
                                                                                              Something Blue Too
                                              J. Whitener
                                                                                                      Star 99
                                         Kathy Jacob-House
                                            Just for Women
                                                Lite 96.9
                                                                                                   Terra Nova
                                     Lyn's Gracious Goodness
                                                                                              The Downtown Store
                                    Madison County Courthouse
                                                                                          Thrive Design - Mark Jones
                                    Madison Town and Country
                                                                                                  Tiffany & Co.

* Donations to the Soiree auction will be separately acknowledged and listed in the Spring Market Auction Booklet and on
the Spring Market webpage.
Membership Report
Below are the changes to the membership. Please make a note in your records. IF you change address,
phone or email information on the website, please be sure to notify me at
Feel free to call me with any questions (wk) 533-1667 or (hm) 536-0962 Thanks! Elizabeth Moore ~
Corresponding Secretary

Member:                 Address, Phone, & Email Changes:
Aimee Johnson (A)
Amy Gandy (A) 
Resignations:           Kaywandia Mayberry (A)        Natalie Cook (A)
                        Jenni Davis (A)               Jennifer Douthit (A)
                        Chrissy Freeman (A)           Nicole Newby (A)
                        Rebekah Bynum (A)             Melissa Neuman (A)
                        Holly Ellis (A)               Autumn Sellars (A)
                        Sloan Baldwin (A)             Stephanie Jiminez
                        Susan Ready (A)               Pattie Cline (S)
                        Lisa Ceci (A)                 Elizabeth Walker (S)
                        Michelle Monk (A)             Suzanne Thomason (S)
                        Robin Young (A)
                        Ashley Sebring (A) to Savannah,
Transfers:                                                Reinstatements:             Caroline Brandon (S)
                                                                                      Laurie Heard - twin girls,
Change in Status:       Tracey Barrett NRA to Active
                                                                                      Alison Click - girl,
                        Sarah Reed (S) to Sustainer       Congratulations to:
                                                                                      Shannon Raleigh - boy
                                                                                      Margaret Day Baker - girl

Points Update
Congratulations to the 225 ladies who have all of their JLH "points" for the year! You need 5 points plus a DIAD, so 6 total!
If you still need points (check your profile online) there are opportunities remaining. A list is available online, linked from
the member area (scroll until you see the "points" area). We are working hard to keep the points area updated. If your
requirements are incorrect please let us know. And don't forget the Annual Dinner counts as a meeting! Thanks- Alison
Ziegler ~ Recording Secretary

By-Law Changes
The following changes came from the bylaws committee and were approved by the board. These changes contain
clarifications or standing rule changes and will be in effect as of April 15th. The updated e-copy will be online by that date.
Shawna Broussard ~ By-Laws/Policies and Procedures Chair

   Clarification in the Categories of Membership: Provisional, Active, Long-Term Active, Privileged Active, Sustainer
   Points System to remain and satisfy JHL attendance requirements and remain in "Good Standing".
   Done in a Day and Volunteer Assistance are joined into one committee
   Cornerstone Project Chair is developed to aid Community Assistance Committee in researching all projects presented
    for broader community impact, and developing and implementing RFA's as necessary. (Requests for Assistance)

2008-2009 Yearbooks
The YEARBOOK is NOT complimentary this year in the $ 140 dues for actives. It will cost an additional $ 5 to purchase.
Sustainers will still get their directories complimentary of the League. We hope to have the yearbook online in a
pdf format (available for downloads) this summer but still need to purchase some software. The Yearbook committee will
send out a notice in the Friday email newsletter when it will be available online.

2008-2009 Budget
We will be voting on the proposed 2008-9 Budget at the annual Dinner. It is attached on page 5 for your review.
            2008-2009 Tentative Budget                             SUPPORT EXPENSES CONTINUED
                SUPPORT INCOME                   BUDGET     Photography                                      150
Dues: Active/Provisional/Transfers @ 445/$ 140    62,400    Springs                                        3,000
Dues: Sustainer @ 369/$70                         25,830    Strategic Planning                                 0
Non-Resident Sustainers                              910    Sustainer Active Fee                           1,845
In-League Fundraisers - Mini Market                 1,000   Sustainer Relations Committee - NEW              500
Arrangements (Sherry @ 67 members/$15)              1005    Technology Committee                           6,700
Interest                                            2,300   Yearbook                                       3,500
Provisional Fees @ 65/$50                           3,000   Unbudgeted Expense                             1,800
Provisional Sponsorship Fee @ 65/$25                1,625             TOTAL SUPPORT EXPENSES             111,266
Sustainer Active Fee @ 369/$5                       1,845              FUNDRAISING EXPENSES
                                                            AJLI Dues (30% of Membership)
Other Fee Income                                       0
                                                            Active/Sustainer (245 @$35)                    8,575
Transfer Fees                                        200
                                                            Civic Dues                                       405
Annual Dinner                                       6,875
                                                            Community Advisory Council                       400
Springs                                             3,000
                                                            Community Emergency Funds                      1,000
Yearbook Income (50 @ $5) - NEW                      250
                                                            Conferences (Kansas City & Bham)               7,000
              TOTAL SUPPORT INCOME               110,240
                                                            Community Outreach - Leadership                2,700
               FUNDRAISING INCOME                           Community VP                                     200
Apple Annie                                       45,000    Education and Training                         3,500
Spring Market                                     20,000    Nominating and Placement                         350
Other Fund Raising Income (Butterfly Project)       1,000   Placement Manual and Postage                     600
Cookbook                                          10,000    Philanthropy                                   1,000
Ways & Means                                         500    Provisional                                    2,200
Community Assistance Grants/Fwd Funding           50,000    Public Relations                                 300
           TOTAL FUNDRAISING INCOME              126,500    Rainbow Rhythm Band                              100
                  TOTAL INCOME                   236,740    Transfer Committee - NEW                         200
             SUPPORT EXPENSES                               Fundraising Expense for software               1,000
AJLI Dues (70% of membership @ $35
                                                            Community Assistance Committees
Active/Sustainer ($ 10,920 + $9065)               19,985
                                                            Butterfly Project                              5,000
Audit                                               6,000
                                                            CAMP                                             200
Legal/Consultant                                    3,000
                                                            SAPP                                             200
Awards and Gifts                                     550
                                                            Mother/Daughter Connection                       200
  Bank Supplies                                      200
                                                            Blossomwood Lunch Buddies                        200
  Cleaning                                           840
                                                            Make A Wish/Wish Granters                        200
  Copies/Copy Machine                               2,500
                                                            In League Community Project - NEW              2,000
  Credit Card Fee                                    100
                                                            Community Assistance Grants
Maintenance / Other                                  100
                                                            CWJC - GED program                               200
  Office Supplies                                   1,500
                                                            CWJC - Scholarships                            2,000
  Postage                                           1,000
                                                            CASA                                           4,850
  Rent                                            13,800
                                                            Blount Hospitality House                       3,000
  Safety Deposit Box                                  45
                                                            Alzheimers Association                         3,000
  Telephone                                         3,100
                                                            Make A Wish                                    7,000
  Utilities                                         1,900
                                                            Red Cross                                      3,000
Insurance                                           7,000
                                                            Lincoln Village                                3,000
League Meetings                                     5,500
                                                            Huntsville Public Library                      7,450
Payroll/Taxes/Licenses                            11,300
                                                            Spina Bifada                                   1,000
President's Discretionary Fund                       400
                                                            North AL Center for Educational Excellence     2,000
Corresponding Secretary                               50
                                                            CAMP                                          10,000
Recording Secretary                                   50
                                                            SAPP                                           2,500
Arrangements - Annual Dinner                        8,375
                                                            Girls Inc. - Mother/Daughter Connection        1,000
Arrangements - Holiday Sherry                       1,000
                                                                   TOTAL FUNDRAISING EXPENSES            87,530
Finance                                              326
                                                                              TOTAL EXPENSES             198,796
Historian                                            150
League Lines                                        5,000   Community Assistance Reserve                 37,944

Developing the Potential of Women

Sustainer Luncheon News
The sustainer Spring Luncheon was well attended by members and guests on Thursday, April 10 to hear our own Mayor
Loretta Spencer speak and recognize the new sustainer officers for the coming year.
Special guests of the group were Paige Hanks and Julie Lockwood the outgoing and incoming active presidents and two
new transfers Lena Jacobs and Elizabeth Barry.
New sustainer officers are Alice Bentley, President, Cynthia Parker Secretary, and Wimberly Watts Treasurer. The
nominating committee was chaired by Butch Damson and included Stacey Gardner and Sherry Aldich the incoming and
outgoing sustainer advisors, Sara Reed and Claudia Davis.
The treasurer’s report was given by outgoing treasurer Mary Alice Moss. The sustainers voted at the fall luncheon to give
the actives $2000 and it has been earmarked for the Butterfly Project scholarship fund.
Thanks to Eugenia McCoy for decorating tables for both luncheons this year.
Claudia Davis ~ Outgoing Sustainer President.

A Time to Say Thank You
As we end the League year, it is time to say thank you to the many sponsors and supporters who donated items and
funds that are vital in fulfilling our mission. When you have the opportunity, please extend your personal thanks on behalf
of the Junior League. Let these businesses know you are supporting them like they supported us.
I also want to say thanks to the many members who either worked on or worked with the new Philanthropy Committee this
year. It has been my privilege to serve as chair.
Ranae Bartlett ~ Philanthropy

Thank You JLH Community Project Partners!
Through the Butterfly Project, Junior League members provide prom dresses and accessories to high
school seniors who are nominated by their teachers and high school counselors. A panel of judges selects
recipients for scholarships that are to be provided directly from area institutions of higher education. This
year, the Junior League thanks the following for providing scholarships to further support the Butterfly
Alabama A&M University
University of Alabama, Huntsville
JF Drake Technical College

                             Huntsville Hospital Foundation
                             We express special thanks to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation in partnering with our
                             Provisional Class on the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) initiative, Kids in
                             the Kitchen, a program that addresses and educates children on health and nutrition. Three
                             separate projects involving exercise, nutrition education, and a healthy cooking contest could
                             not have been accomplished without the expertise and generosity from Huntsville Hospital
                             and its Foundation.
                             Lockheed Martin Employees’ Foundation
                             JLH is also grateful to the Lockheed Martin Employees’ Foundation for providing grant
                             funding to support the cooking contest during Spring Market in which we search for
                             Huntsville’s Healthiest High School Chef.

Promoting Voluntarism
2008- 2009 JLH Placement News
Thank you all for your attendance to the Placement Fair/Provisional Party….we tried to place EVERYONE that
turned in a form where they wanted to be! If you do not see your name listed…please contact Charlotte
Wessel at to find out what placement opportunities are available to you!

           Apple Annie                             Lindsay Cagle                      Anne Noble
        Kimberly Smilie, Chair                    Janet Crawford                    Christie Penney
      Caroline Garnett, Co-Chair                    Lynne Davis                     Amanda Ponder
Jacqueline Makowski, SC Chair AA Day               Kristin Ebaugh                    Sharon Porter
   Kelly Eastin, SC Chair Accounts                   Dana Hall                       Jeanie Powell
 Robin Derrick, SC Chair Basket Party           Elizabeth Holleman                   Nicole Reeves
   Mary Kathryn Treusdell, SC Chair
                Finance                             Melissa Holt                      Sasha Sealy
      Laura Hale , SC Chair PR                    Robyn Jacques                      Leslie Shields
          Melissa Anderson                         Alexia Joiner                       Nan Stuart
            Marie Bourland                       Elizabeth Jones                    Christina Tolen
           Jana Broughton                           Ginger Liles                     Janie Tribble
          Shawna Broussard                       Shannon Magers                      Cindy Wester
             Laura Burger                          Lacey Nelson                     Jammie Winton
          Arrangements                          Butterfly Project                     Allison Click
        Melissa Fowler, Chair                  Melanie Fowler, Chair                   Niki Evans
        Debbie Kolb, Co-Chair                  Ashley Clark, Co-Chair               Sandy Jaqubino
            Vicki Caneer                Debbie Berryman, SC Chair Boutique           Leslie Jeffery
                                            Garrett Schreeder, SC Chair
            Andrea Gray                            Liaison/Judges                   Audra Kennedy
Blossomwood Reading Buddies                 Georgi Bragg, SC Chair PR               Shellie Mitchell
       Marydae Sneed, Chair               Lora Bohan, SC Chair Reception            Natalie Ramsey
       Cate DeFiore, Co-Chair                      Kristina Acosta                   Katie Scruggs
           Denise Brown                            Courtney Allen                    Leslie Shelor
          Jennifer Carden                        Sharon Blackwell                    Leslie Shields
           Laura Grimes                               Alex Bush                       Jenni Sproul
        Sarah Lauren Katos                       Angel Chambers                     Rhonda Stutts
          Amy Hempstead                              CAMP
           Tiffany Kesting                       Jill Harris, Chair                   Andrea Jones
           Emily Langford                      Cate Ange, Co-Chair                      Ann Kimel
           Tracy Ocampo                               Jenni Ball                   Michelle McFadden
         Tammy Robertson                         Elizabeth Barry                    Rebecca Wallace
            Emily Wallis                         Leah Brambach                          Karen Wu
            Susan Weiler                            Allison Click                 Stephanie Yarbrough
     Community Assistance                        Jennifer Dillard                      Missy Zierdt
         Cathy Scholl, Chair                       Cookbook                         Susann Denson
  Carla McAlpine-Franklin, Co-Chair            Kelly Hudson, Chair                    Debbie Finnell
            Rica McRoy                        Cheryl Geiger, Co-Chair                Louise Graffeo
   DIAD/Volunteer Assistance                   Dana Lusk, Co-Chair                  Courtney Green
        Victoria Hinton, Chair                  Laura Lee Adams                         Elyse Hall
       Amy Langford, Co-Chair                      Laura Atkins                      Kimberly Holly
            Cherie Brook                           Polly Blalock                   Susan Hunsecker
             Katie Camp                             Sarah Blue                           Mia Irby
            Alisha Daniels                        Tina Bowman                        Ingrid Lunsford
          Lucinda Johnson                          Amy Brooks                       Sandra Parsons
            Angela Mead                        Rebecca Campbell                        Kim Schultz
                                                Suzanne Clowers                        Tracey Sims
                                                  Anita Damian                         Beth Wilson
      Education/Training                    Mary Elizabeth Comulada                 Foundation
       Stacy Mason, Chair                        Crystal Henke                    Suzan Ellett, Chair
     Kim Neighbors, Co-Chair                     Susan Pearsall                      Lynne Ellett
                                                                                   Lea Eiland, Chair
             Finance                              Karen Ehlen                 In-League Fundraisers
    Rebekah McKinney, Chair                      Laura Gipson                      Mini-Market
   Jennifer Swoboda, Co-Chair                    Gina Johnston                    Kristen Ives, Chair
           Sylvia Ayers                            Paige Nix                    Lakely Craig, Co-Chair
         Katie Demirjian                         Veronica Rico                        Kim Moon
   Huntsville Public Library             In-League Communications                  Connection
     Cheryl Brazelton, Chair                  Christy Rainey, Chair             Paula Newman, Chair
  Stephanie Ledbetter, Co-Chair              Mary Sanders, Co-Chair            Carol Reynolds, Co-Chair
        Marjorie Arnston               Melea Horton, Co-Chair Photography       Jane Kathryn Bentley
           Libby Bragg                 Madeline Mullins, Co-Chair Yearbook           Jennifer Earl
         Karen Couvillon                  Elizabeth Abney, Technology               Marion Lapidus
       Elizabeth Davidson                Margaret Day Baker, Yearbook              Leann Newsom
       Shannon Folgmann                    Angela Debro, Technology                Laura Patterson
          Robin Freisen                         Lindsey Faulkner                    Kelly Sandritter
       Jennifer Gautreaux                         Bethany King                       Amy Schmitz
         Aimee Johnson                          Susan Trousdale                    Lisa Washington
        Lisa Montgomery                          Philanthropy                        Katie Wilson
          Dawn Stanley                         Amy Robison, Chair             Nominating/Placement
                                                                             Charlotte Wessel Nominating,
           Janie Tribble                      Linda Coats, Co-Chair                        Chair
                                                                             Vicki Kretzschmar Placement,
          Carlen Williams                     Amy Jones, Co-Chair                          Chair
                                                                             Alison Ziegler Placement, Co-
         Anne-Marie Zana                       Wadette Bradford                            Chair
    Provisional Committee                         April Hill                           Dixie Bailey
       Laura Howard, Chair                      Angie Thoren                      Christine Bankowski
      Nicole Farrell, Co-Chair                  Marcia Walton                         Jennifer Blue
         Stephanie Brunell                     Privileged Active                      Carol Carroll
         Summer McClung                    Jamie Eichstaedt - Meeting                   Mimi Little
            Keyke Reed                     Lauren Martinson - Meeting                   Liz Payne
          Katherine Smith                   Cheryl Michael - Meeting                 J. J. Shoemake
            Emily Stone                                                               Lucy Watson
    Rainbow Rhythm Band                          Lauren Corlew                      Randal Saraceni
       Katie Sanders, Chair                        Josie Craig                     LeAnne Stephens
      Leslie Comer, Co-Chair                      Jenny Gibson                     Melanie Strankman
         Laura Anderson                         Melissa Gimenez                     Katie Thompson
        Nanette Boyanton                         Ashley Hepler                       Annan Tiernan
            Teri Burgess                        Mirandy Hughes                         Kelly Towry
            Shelly Cagle                         Sonya Jackson                      Sunshine Webb
           Allison Chaffin                         Laura Keith                         Laura Werth
            Allison Click                          Lynn H. Nix                       Wendy Worley
              Lisa Cole                           Cynthia Park                      Christy Worsham
          Joanna Collins                          Libby Rankin
          Publications                         Ways and Means                   Transfer Welcome
          Beth Herr, Chair                     Kim Martin, Chair                Christie Harmon, Chair
Christie Finley, Co-Chair Newsletter       Shannon Raleigh, Co-Chair            Alison Austin, Co-Chair
 Christi Shores, Co-Chair Springs               Betty Hornsby                        Melanie Aldag
       Rhonda Allen-Wistner                     Self-Placement                      Susan Copeland
          Nicole Anderson                Ashley Mitchell Self-Placement               Melanie Cox
             Lisa Banks                   Jenny Morris Self-Placement                 Kim Holland
            Sonia Parker                Christy Reinhardt Self-Placement             Caren Hosmer
             Sapp Shelter
        Bridget Shrader, Chair                           Hillary Dunham                         Ginger Neuschatz
     Courtenay Simmons, Co-Chair                          Jennifer Hardy                         Deanna Smith
            Rachel Brasher                               Pamela Johnson                          Kellie Turchetta
             Emily Cook                                  Nikki McAdams                             Shelly Turis
             Spring Market
           Darla Malueg, Chair                             Julie Collins                        Christy McKiernan
          Carol Joiner, Co-Chair                         Suzanne Constan                          Irene Mitchell
       Suzanne Dorsett, SC Chair-
              Arrangements                                Wendy Dilbeck                            Terri Moore
 Leah Green, SC Chair - Girls Night Out                     Katelyn Dunn                          Hollie Morris
 Meredith Johnston, SC Chair - Merchant                    Isabelle Eaton                       Rebecca Peters
      Lindsay Zinser, SC Chair - PR                     Courtney Edmonson                          Angie Reed
 Lisa Hirschler, SC Chair - Silent Auction                Patricia Garrard                      Elisabeth Royer
    Susie Swanson, SC Chair - Soiree                    Shannon Gatewood                        Allyson Sanders
 Janet Taylor, SC Chair - Special Events                 Stephanie Graves                          Linda Scalf
          Anne Adams-Bourque                               Lacey Guthrie                           Nikki Smith
               Ashley Ayres                              Emily J. Johnson                        Melissa Tash
           Deborah Bagdigian                             Emily W. Johnson                         Irene Tucker
             Tracey Berman                               Stephanie Kimball                       Jamie Turner
                Lori Bloom                                   Holly Laue                          Jocelyn Ward
               Patty Bohan                                   Amy Layne                         Mary Tally Watson
                Patti Childs                                Erin Leigeber                       Audra Wiginton
          Sustainer Liaison                              Wish Granters                          Jamie Brabston
            Julie Jones, Chair                        Wendy Henshaw, Chair                    Camile Marie Gardner
             Mary Alice Fann                           Lori Lioce, Co-Chair                     Ginger Henshaw
                 Holly Hall                              Amanda Adkins                          Wendy Hnetynka
              Laurie Heard                              Page Ann Banks                          Stewart Stokes
                                                         Danielle Beam                          Allison Thomas

Sponsor, entertainment, and hosts
The Spring Market committee would like to say thank you to the Sustainer Host Committee for hosting this year's Soiree.
The League appreciates your contributions and support of JLH Spring Market 2008!
1. Julie Anglin                         13.   Virginia Griffith               25.   Cynthia Parker
2. Anonymous                            14.   Beth Griggs                     26.   Ellen Robinson
3. Tina Beck                            15.   Kim Hartley                     27.   Virginia G. Robinson
4. Alice Bentley                        16.   Patsy Haws                      28.   Nancy Siniard
5. Beth Bice                            17.   Carole Jones                    29.   Jeanie R. Snoddy
6. Trisha Bragg                         18.   Mrs. Gene Paul King             30.   Wendy Tucker
7. Xan Pollard Curran                         (Julia Wynn)                    31.   Mrs. Richard P. Watts
8. Butch Damson                         19.   Sally S. Lambert                32.   Wimberley Watts
9. Shelley DeLay                        20.   Betsy Lowe                      33.   Meg Weaver
10. Layne Dorning                       21.   Jan McMurray                    34.   Marianne Windham
11. Kathleen W. Dotts                   22.   Debbie Overcash                 35.   Beth Wise
12. Dr. Stacey Gardner                  23.   Susan Ozment
                                        24.   Susan Damson Park

Shopping with the Junior League
Popular consumer and business merchants such as Target®, Macy’s®, Best Buy®, Nordstrom®, Barnes and Noble® and
web-based giants such as Expedia®, along with 1,300 other retailers have joined in helping The Association of Junior
Leagues International Inc. and our local chapter by donating a portion of their online proceeds. You do the shopping - they
give a donation! Click on the Junior League Shopping Mall to shop or click here to find out more.

                                                           Improving Communities

Done In a Day Opportunities for 2008-2009
There are numerous options for JLH members to fulfill their Done In a Day requirements in the
coming year INCLUDING SUMMER options. The variety of events will occur throughout the year. An
interest indicator will be on line in a few weeks so we can gauge the levels of participation for each
proposed opportunity. Go online to the JLH website’s member’s section and look for the DIAD link for
more information now. You will be notified through a Friday email blast when the survey is available
online. Here’s an overview of this year’s proposed opportunities:

• Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama annual Safe Summer Festival – June 19 – 20-25 volunteers
needed for festival set up
• American Cancer Society Summer Lights Celebration – August 16 - 20 volunteers needed to help
with decorations.
• American Cancer Society Summer Lights Celebration – Mid July – 20 volunteers are needed to
address invitations
• American Cancer Society Relay for Life – May 1 – 20 volunteers needed to work at children’s
booths at Relay for Life.
• The Land Trust of Huntsville and North Alabama – June 2 – 4 volunteers needed to help with all
aspects of Emerald Classic Golf Tournament
• The Land Trust of Huntsville and North Alabama Concert at Three Caves - May 16 – Five
volunteers to help with all aspects of the event.

• Crisis Serves of North Alabama Helpline Turkey Trot – Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving Day) – 6 volunteers
needed to help with registration
• Crisis Services of North Alabama Helpline/Hope Place – Dec. 8- Dec. 24 - 4 members per shift
needed to wrap gifts.
• National Children’s Advocacy Center – First Friday morning of each month from September – May –
10 volunteers wanted to cook or purchase breakfast and deliver food for 25 NCAC multidisciplinary
• The Land Trust of Huntsville and North Alabama Moon Over Three Caves Dance – Sept. 20 - 6-8
volunteers willing to help with variety of activities.
• United Way of Madison County Born Learning Trails – Quarterly with exact dates TBD – 15
volunteers to work with children in activities
• Christian Women’s Job Corps Professional Clothes Closet – Either Aug. 12 or Aug. 13 – 2-4
volunteers to organize and set up clothing closet
• Christian Women’s Job Corps Reunion Picnic – Sept. 13 – 12-15 volunteers needed to help with all
aspects of the reunion.
• American Red Cross Safe Families Day – TBD in March 2009 – 10 volunteers needed to set up or
break down booths, assist at event.
• Junior Achievement of Northern Alabama – April or May 2009 – 12-50 volunteers needed to conduct
one-day Junior Achievement lessons at schools
• Choose Life of North Alabama Father/Daughter Purity Ball – Sept. 20 – 6 volunteers needed to set
up booths, work at event
• Choose Life of North Alabama Walk for Life – Sept. 20 – 20 volunteers needed to assist with walk

                                                                                                      U.S. Postage Paid
    JUNIOR LEAGUE of                                                                                   Huntsville, AL
    HUNTSVILLE                                                                                          Permit# 140
    ATTENTION: Phyllis Hubbs
    200 Russell Street, 2nd Floor
     P.O. Box 2797
    Huntsville, AL 35804

                                    Junior League Honor Roll
                                         Ranae Bartlett ~ Philanthropy Chair
                                            Sustainers and Sustainers Emeritus
Sherry Adlich                           Betty Green                               Debbie Overcash
Julie Anglin                            Virginia Griffith                         Susan Ozment
Anonymous                               Beth Griggs                               Susan Damson Park
Anonymous                               Kim Hartley                               Cynthia Parker
Anonymous                               Patsy Haws                                Ann Rivard
Anonymous                               Claire S. Johnston                        Ellen Robinson
Anonymous                               Carole Jones                              Virginia G. Robinson
Tina Beck                               Pennie Keene                              Dianne Sammons
Alice Bentley                           Caroline Kelly                            Amanda Segrest
Michele Bethea                          Mrs. Gene Paul King (Julia Wynn)          Nancy Siniard
Beth Bice                               Sally S. Lambert                          Jeanie R. Snoddy
Trisha Bragg                            Kathy T. Lockridge                        Susan Vojticek Stinson
Mrs. Linda W. Brown                     Ginger Loder                              Wendy Tucker
Lea Chaffin                             Betsy Lowe                                Mrs. Richard P. Watts
Xan Pollard Curran                      Jane A. McBride                           Wimberley Watts
Butch Damson                            Jeanne McCown                             Meg Weaver
Shelley DeLay                           Darlene McMullan                          Elisabeth Whitten
Layne Dorning                           Janice McMurray                           Marianne Windham
Kathleen W. Dotts                       Susan Morley                              Beth Wise
Dr. Stacey Gardner                      Minnie Lois Neal                          Kelley Zelickson

                                        Privileged Active and Long-Term Members
Melanie Aldag                           Nicole Fann                                Elizabeth Moore
Ranae Bartlett                          Amy Gandy                                  Amy G. Robison
Sheri Buchanan                          Paige Hanks                                J.J. Shoemake
Polly Ann Cayson                        Amy Harbarger                              Elise Taylor
Janet Crawford                          Lori Lioce                                 Charlotte Wessel
Suzi Ellett                             Julie Lockwood

                                                     Active Members
Laura Anderson                          Vicky Hinton                              Linda Scalf
Polly R. Blalock                        Amy Jones                                 Leslie Shields
Cheryl Brazelton                        Ginger Penney Liles                       Jennifer Sproul
Leada Gore                              Angela O. Mead                            Sunshine Webb

                                                            Karen Wu


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