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									A D VA N C E R E G I S T R AT I O N D E A D L I N E : S E P T E M B E R 3 , 2 0 1 0

                                         NURSING HOME/
                                         ALF LITIGATION
                                         SEPTEMBER 23–24, 2010
 INCLUDING                               SWISSÔTEL CHICAGO
 NATIONALLY                              CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
 GERIATRIC                               REASONS TO ATTEND
                                         Learn new legislative updates, case law and litigation
                                         techniques that you will put to use immediately

                                         Hear how a panel of experienced regulatory, criminal
                                         and civil litigation long-term care (LTC) attorneys
                                         effectively manage these intersecting issues in a real
                                         world fact pattern you can apply to your cases

                                         Watch nationally-recognized experts discuss clinical
                                         defenses to common LTC injury claims

                                         Reconnect and network nationally with peers and clients
DRI’s Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar is the               Program Schedule         3
preeminent seminar for those defending long-term
care (LTC) claims. We will again host numerous
counsel meetings, making this one of the few
opportunities for providers, risk managers, insurers
and counsel to meet in a fantastic venue to exchange           Seminar Sponsors         6
practice-relevant ideas, network and obtain CLE credit.
We are pleased to present a program highlighting a
case study series focused on the intersection of civil,
criminal, regulatory and ethical issues, based on a fact
pattern familiar to many LTC practitioners. We are also        General Information      7
delighted to have several clinical speakers who will
focus on the medical and nursing issues commonly seen
in LTC litigation. Thursday’s multi-track instruction will
cover topics ranging from fundamental LTC defense skills       Faculty Biographies      8
to advanced LTC litigation, as well as regulatory issues
and strategies. Our multi-track sessions offer pertinent
topics for everyone from first-year associates to lead trial
counsel, in-house counsel or claims specialists. Plan now to
join us in Chicago!                                            2010 Seminar Schedule    10

                                                               Membership Application   11

Anthony J. Fernandez Jacqueline J. Core
Program Chair        Program Vice Chair                        Registration Form        12

Philip L. Willman        Stephen O. Plunkett
Committee Chair          Law Institute

Presented by DRI’s
Medical Liability
and Health Care Law

          This seminar brochure is sponsored by
                                                                                September 23–24, 2010              3

                                                                       Janet K. Feldkamp, RN, BSN, LNHA, Benesch
Wednesday, September 22, 2010                                          Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP, Columbus,
6:00 p.m. Registration                                                 J. Richard Kiefer, Bingham McHale LLP,
                                                                       Indianapolis, Indiana
6:00 p.m. Networking Reception
          Sponsored by Wroten & Associates Inc.            10:05 a.m. Refreshment Break
                                                                      Sponsored by Rendigs Fry Kiely & Dennis LLP

Thursday, September 23, 2010                               10:15 a.m. “Covering All of Your Clients’ Bases”:
                                                                      Coordinating the Defense of Civil,
           Boarding Pass Kiosk                                        Regulatory/Survey and Criminal Issues
                                                                      Intertwined in the LTC Case (Part II)
           Sponsored by McCormick Adam & McDonald
                                                                      Hear how to formulate effective strategies
7:00 a.m. Registration                                                and coordinate the defense of survey/
                                                                      regulatory, criminal and civil litigation.
7:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast                                       Janet K. Feldkamp, RN, BSN, LNHA, Benesch
          Sponsored by Fudge & McArthur PA                            Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP, Columbus,
7:00 a.m. First-Time Attendees Breakfast                              J. Richard Kiefer, Bingham McHale LLP,
                                                                      Indianapolis, Indiana
8:00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction
          Stephen O. Plunkett, Bassford Remele PA,         11:10 a.m. Defending the Falls Case: What
          Minneapolis, Minnesota                                      Interventions Reasonably Reduce Fall Risk
          Philip L. Willman, Moser & Marsalek PC,                     and Just How Effective Are They Anyway?
          St. Louis, Missouri                                         Ms. Clark, an experienced nurse expert
          Anthony J. Fernandez, Holloway Odegard                      and clinician, will analyze the danger
          Forrest & Kelly PC, Phoenix, Arizona                        of restraint usage, as well as medical
                                                                      co-morbidities and their links to falls. She
8:10 a.m. The Deconstruction of Recent Important                      will also discuss current medical statistical
          Jury Verdicts: What to Do and What Not to Do                research regarding the frequency of falls in
          What makes a jury award a multi-million                     the elderly population as opposed to other
          dollar verdict? What persuades a jury to find               age groups—and how you can use this
          in favor of the nursing home? Mr. Rockwell,                 information to defend your falls cases.
          an experienced LTC trial attorney, will                     Alexa Parker Clark, RN, BSN, NHA, CRRN,
          discuss important strategies and arguments                  Alexa Parker Associates Inc., Seminole, Florida
          learned from recent significant plaintiff and
          defense verdicts from across the country.        12:00 p.m. Lunch (on your own)
          Thomas M. Rockwell, Rockwell & Kaufman LLC,
          Mobile, Alabama                                  1:15 p.m.   Discrediting and Disarming the Plaintiffs’
                                                                       “Traveling Experts”
9:10 a.m. “Covering All of Your Clients’ Bases”:                       A select group of physician and nurse
          Coordinating the Defense of Civil,                           experts have been retained by plaintiffs
          Regulatory/Survey and Criminal Issues                        nationwide, over and over again. This
          Intertwined in the LTC Case (Part I)                         session provides tips for researching
          This session, a brief introduction to the                    traveling experts’ prior testimony, strategies
          case study fact pattern, will assist the civil               for pretrial discovery and motions to
          trial lawyer in identifying and analyzing                    exclude or limit their anticipated testimony,
          important regulatory and criminal issues                     including techniques for disarming these
          that cannot be ignored in the investigation                  “frequent fliers” on the stand during cross-
          and defense of a civil claim.                                examination.
          Norris Cunningham, Hall Render Killian                       Donna J. Fudge, Fudge & McArthur PA,
          Heath & Lyman PC, Indianapolis, Indiana                      St. Petersburg, Florida
4          Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar

2:10 p.m. Understanding the Impact of Pharmacy in
          Evaluating and Defending the LTC Claim
          Dr. Hallett will analyze the medication
          prescription and administration process
          in the LTC setting, including common
          medication prescriptions, prescription
          errors and prevention of errors. He will also
          provide an overview of common medication
          side effects and how to differentiate side
          effects from dementia, delirium, cognitive
          decline or alleged injury.
          William C. Hallett, Pharm.D., MBA, CGP,
          Guardian Consulting Services Inc.,
          Lake Success, New York
3:05 p.m. Refreshment Break
          Sponsored by Rendigs Fry Kiely & Dennis LLP

T R A C K S A & B R U N C O N C U R R E N T LY F R O M 3 : 2 0 – 5 : 0 5 P. M .

TRAC K A                                                  T R ACK B
NUTS AND BOLTS TO P I C S                                 A DVA N C E D TO P I C S

3:20 p.m. How to Use “Under-Utilized Employees”           3:20 p.m. Navigating the New Regulatory Landscape—
          to Defend Your Claims                                     CFRs, Five-Star and Beyond
          Mr. Myers will analyze the role of tertiary               Hear valuable clinical experiences with the
          facility employees in the LTC facility,                   recent changes to commonly cited F-Tags
          including social services, MDS, admissions,               and interpretive guidelines that have
          therapists and activities staff.                          resulted in increased citations. Looking
          J. Scott Myers, Myers & Miller LLC, Chicago,              beyond the citation by using the clinical
          Illinois                                                  record to clarify and limit inferences of
                                                                    wrongdoing will be encouraged. The
                                                                    elements, significance and shortcomings
                                                                    of the new Five-Star rating system and the
                                                                    likely impact of the new MDS 3.0 on future
                                                                    litigation will also be discussed.
                                                                    Demetria P. Haffenreffer, RN, MBA,
                                                                    Haffenreffer & Associates Inc., Portland,

4:15 p.m. The Insider’s Perspective: Preparing and        4:15 p.m. The Corporate Representative: The “Face”
          Defending Clinical Staff Deposition Testimony             of Your Institutional Client
          A former clinician and former in-house                    Learn from an experienced trial attorney
          counsel for a major medical center will                   how to choose, prepare and defend the
          discuss how to prepare staff to be truthful               LTC provider’s corporate representative
          when articulating answers to tough                        skillfully.
          deposition and trial questions.                           John J. Checkett, The Checkett Law Firm PLLC,
          Sharon F. Bridges, Brunini Grantham Grower                Phoenix, Arizona
          & Hewes PLLC, Jackson, Mississippi
                                                                                 September 23–24, 2010           5

5:10 p.m. Long-Term Care Subcommittee Meeting                          Norris Cunningham, Hall Render Killian
          (open to all)                                                Heath & Lyman PC, Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                                       Janet K. Feldkamp, RN, BSN, LNHA, Benesch
6:00 p.m. Networking Reception                                         Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP, Columbus,
          Sponsored by Currie Johnson Griffin Gaines                   Ohio
                       & Myers PA                                      J. Richard Kiefer, Bingham McHale LLP,
                                                                       Indianapolis, Indiana
7:30 p.m. Dine-Arounds
          Join colleagues and friends at selected          10:00 a.m. Refreshment Break
          restaurants for dinner (on your own).                       Sponsored by Gwin Steinmetz & Baird PLLC
          More details on-site.
                                                           10:15 a.m. Ethical Considerations Arising in the
                                                                      Simultaneous Defense of Collateral
Friday, September 24, 2010                                            Criminal, Regulatory, Employment and Civil
                                                                      Neglect Claims
           Boarding Pass Kiosk                                        Mr. Downey, along with speakers from
           Sponsored by McCormick Adam & McDonald                     the case study presentation, will lead
                                                                      an interactive discussion of the ethical
7:00 a.m. Registration                                                conundrums that attorneys face when
                                                                      presented with the defense of civil, criminal
7:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast                                       and regulatory aspects arising out of one
          Sponsored by Myers & Miller LLC                             incident or related incidents.
                                                                      Michael P. Downey, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP,
8:00 a.m. Announcements                                               St. Louis, Missouri
          Jacquelyn J. Core, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC,
          Morgantown, West Virginia                        11:15 a.m. The Medicare Secondary Payer Act and CMS
          Ted J. McDonald III, McCormick Adam &                       Reporting Obligations
          McDonald PA, Overland Park, Kansas                          Through recent statutory and regulatory
                                                                      provisions, Congress has given teeth to the
8:05 a.m. Defending the Punitive Damages Claim                        reimbursement requirements under the
          from Day One                                                Medicare Secondary Payer Act. How do you
          Most states have procedural limits and                      identify and protect Medicare’s interest in
          constitutional safeguards to check excessive                cases involving a claimant who is a Medicare
          punitive awards. This presentation will                     beneficiary? Learn how to help your client
          explore the legal tools available for limiting              or payer comply with its obligation to report
          punitive awards and offer suggestions                       to CMS the payments made to Medicare
          for developing punitive damage defense                      beneficiaries.
          strategies in all phases of litigation,                     Mary Re Knack, Williams Kastner, Seattle,
          from pre-suit investigation through trial,                  Washington
          including dispositive motions, evidentiary
          motions, trial and post-trial motion practice    12:15 p.m. Upper Respiratory Infectious Diseases in
          and appeal.                                                 the Geriatric Population
          J. Richard Moore, Alford Clausen & McDonald                 Dr. DeGolia will provide an overview of
          LLC, Mobile, Alabama                                        aspiration, aspiration pneumonia, choking,
                                                                      the flu, upper respiratory diseases and
9:00 a.m. “Covering All of Your Clients’ Bases”:                      pneumonia, occurrence, reoccurrence,
          Coordinating the Defense of Civil,                          treatments and the effects on other body
          Regulatory/Survey and Criminal Issues                       systems.
          Intertwined in the LTC Case (Part III)                      Peter DeGolia, M.D., University Hospitals
          Learn more about handling the complexities                  Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio
          associated with collateral proceedings,
          including civil discovery, Fifth Amendment       1:15 p.m.   Adjourn
          privileges, survey appeals and wrongful
          termination of employment lawsuits.
6          Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar


DRI wishes to thank our sponsors for their support at this year’s seminar!

               GS Gwin
               &B & Baird      PLLC
                                                                                       September 23–24, 2010                     7

G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N                           Course Materials
                                                             In order to better serve and satisfy the numerous requests
CLE Accreditation                                            from our membership, DRI will mail the course materials
This seminar has been approved for MCLE credit by the        to all registrants in CD-ROM format 12 days in advance of
State Bar of California in the amount of 12.5 hours,         the seminar. You can order additional copies by checking
including 1 hour of ethics credit. Accreditation has been    the appropriate box on the registration form on the back
requested from every state with mandatory continuing         of this brochure or ordering online at
legal education (CLE) requirements. Certificates of          Sponsored by Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
attendance will be provided to each attendee. Attendees
are responsible for obtaining CLE credits from their         Supplemental Materials
respective states. Credit availability and requirements      Recommended supplemental material for this seminar is
vary from state to state; please check our website at        Current Issues in Medical Liability and Health Care Law for credit information for your state.           from DRI’s Defense Library Series. Order your copy by
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conference and receive the CD-ROM course materials in        Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601. For reservations, contact
advance, DRI must receive your registration by               the hotel directly at 312.565.0565. Please mention DRI’s
September 3, 2010 (please allow 10 days for processing).     Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar to take advantage
Registrations received after September 3, 2010, will be      of the group rate of $299 Single/Double. The hotel block
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Special Discounts                                            by August 24, 2010, to be eligible for the group rate.
The first and second registrations from the same firm        Requests for reservations made after August 24 are
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registration fee for additional registrants from the same
firm or company is $695, regardless of membership            Travel Discounts
status. All registrations must be received at the same       DRI offers discounted meeting fares on various major air
time to receive the discount.                                carriers for DRI’s Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar
                                                             attendees. To receive these discounts, please contact
Refund Policy                                                Hobson Travel Ltd., DRI’s official travel provider at
The registration fee is fully refundable for cancellations   800.538.7464. As always, to obtain the lowest available
received on or before September 3, 2010. Cancellations       fares, early booking is recommended.
received after September 3 and on or before
September 10, 2010, will receive a refund, less a $50        Flyers
processing fee. Cancellations made after September 10 will   Sponsored by Excelas LLC
not receive a refund, but the course materials on CD-ROM                  McCumber Daniels Buntz Hartig & Puig PA
and a $100 certificate good for any DRI seminar within
the next 12 months will be issued. All cancellations and                  Pendulum LLC
requests for refunds must be made in writing. Fax to                      The Long-Term Care Risk Legal Forum
DRI’s Accounting Department at 312.795.0747. All refunds     See your attendee packet on-site for information on
will be mailed within four weeks after the date of the       these sponsors.
conference. Substitutions may be made at any time
without charge and must be submitted in writing.             The taping or recording of DRI seminars is prohibited without the
                                                             written permission of DRI.
                                                             Speakers and times may be subject to last-minute changes.
                                                             DRI policy provides there will be no group functions sponsored by
                                                             others in connection with its seminars.
8           Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar

F A C U LT Y                                                 Norris Cunningham is a shareholder at Hall Render
                                                             Killian Heath & Lyman PC at its main office in
Sharon F. Bridges is a partner at Brunini Grantham           Indianapolis. Mr. Cunningham leads the firm’s
Grower & Hewes PLLC in Jackson, Mississippi. She             long-term care litigation practice, having tried
practices in the areas of labor and employment, product      numerous long-term care and medical malpractice
liability and health care law (including medical             cases throughout the nation. He has made national and
malpractice and nursing home defense), representing          regional presentations on long-term care litigation and
national and local corporations. Ms. Bridges draws her       regulations for DRI, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana
litigation expertise from experiences as a registered        and other organizations.
nurse, in-house counsel for Tulane University’s Medical
Center and a former plaintiffs’ attorney. She is the vice    Peter DeGolia, M.D., is a family physician and
president for the National Bar Association and the           geriatrician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center
immediate past chair of the National Bar Association         in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is the director of the Center
Healthcare Law Section.                                      for Geriatric Medicine and medical director of the UH/
                                                             Case House Calls Program. Dr. DeGolia is also an
John J. Checkett is the principal at The Checkett Law        associate professor in family medicine at Case Western
Firm PLLC in Phoenix. He focuses his practice on             Reserve University School of Medicine. He is board
long-term care litigation and health care law from all       certified in family medicine, geriatric medicine, hospice
perspectives—civil, regulatory and criminal defense.         and palliative medicine. Dr. DeGolia is also certified as a
Mr. Checkett is a member of DRI, the State Bar of            medical director.
Arizona and the board of directors for the Arizona
Health Care Association.                                     Michael P. Downey, a partner in the national legal ethics
                                                             practice at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in St. Louis,
Alexa Parker Clark, RN, BSN, NHA, CRRN, has extensive        represents and advises lawyers, accountants and their
clinical and administrative experience in a variety of       firms on legal, ethics, discipline, risk management,
health care settings. She specializes in federal and state   privilege and related business and litigation matters.
rules and regulations with an emphasis on standards of       Mr. Downey has testified as an expert witness and has
practice and regulatory compliance. Ms. Clark frequently     been widely interviewed regarding professional ethics,
serves as a consultant and expert witness throughout         including being quoted on the front page of The New
the country to both the health care community and law        York Times and making a guest appearance on NPR’s
firms. She resides in Seminole, Florida.                     Talk of the Nation. He is an active member of DRI’s
                                                             Lawyers’ Professionalism and Ethics Committee.
Jacquelyn J. Core is a member at Steptoe & Johnson
PLLC, where she is co-leader of the firm’s long-term         Janet K. Feldkamp, RN, BSN, LNHA, is a partner with
care industry team. She focuses her practice on              the Columbus, Ohio, office of Benesch Friedlander
long-term care litigation and medical professional           Coplan & Aronoff LLP and is co-chair of its health care
liability litigation, practicing in the firm’s Morgantown,   department. Ms. Feldkamp provides legal counsel on
West Virginia, office. Ms. Core has tried cases on behalf    various aspects of health law, with an emphasis on
of physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities,        long-term care. Her background includes employment
nurses, nurse midwives and other medical providers.          as a critical care nurse, long-term care surveyor, director
She is licensed to practice in West Virginia and             of nursing and assistant administrator in skilled nursing
Pennsylvania. Ms. Core is the program vice chair of this     facilities, and nurse consultant for a multi-state
seminar.                                                     long-term care management firm. She is the past
                                                             president of the American Association of Nurse
                                                                                    September 23–24, 2010             9

Anthony J. Fernandez is a partner at Holloway Odegard         J. Richard Kiefer is a partner and chair of the white
Forrest & Kelly PC in Phoenix. His practice focuses on the    collar crime and long-term care practice groups at
defense of long-term care facilities, physicians, acute       Bingham McHale LLP in Indianapolis. Mr. Kiefer has
care facilities and churches/charitable trusts in sexual      represented nursing home and assisted living
tort matters. He also defends catastrophic injury cases       companies in criminal investigations and trials
and construction litigation. Mr. Fernandez has lectured       throughout the country, involving hundreds of neglect
on risk management and litigation strategies for DRI,         and abuse allegations. He is a frequent speaker at
the Arizona Society for Healthcare Risk Management,           seminars sponsored by the American Health Lawyers
the University of Arizona School of Medicine and other        Association and other organizations.
organizations. An active DRI member, he is the program
chair of this seminar. Mr. Fernandez is also a member of      Mary Re Knack is a member in the Seattle office of
the International Association of Defense Counsel.             Williams Kastner, where her practice includes litigation
                                                              relating to health care, insurance, product liability, mass
Donna J. Fudge is a founding partner in the St. Petersburg,   tort and civil matters. Ms. Knack also provides a wide
Florida-based firm of Fudge & McArthur PA. She has            range of legal services to members of the health care
over 14 years of experience defending health care             industry, including negotiating and structuring
providers of all types, as well as product liability,         arrangements, business, regulatory, and privacy-related
premises liability and general insurance defense.             compliance services, licensing and risk management
Ms. Fudge is a frequent speaker at national seminars          related services, and related investigations. She chairs
regarding the defense of nursing homes and ALFs. She          the firm’s Medicare Secondary Payer response team.
has served as co-chair of the Long-Term Care
Subcommittee of DRI’s Medical Liability and Health Care       Ted J. McDonald III is a founding partner of McCormick
Law Committee. She is licensed to practice law in Florida,    Adam & McDonald PA in Overland Park, Kansas.
New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.              Mr. McDonald specializes in defending long-term care
                                                              and assisted living facility claims for major providers of
Demetria P. Haffenreffer, RN, MBA, is the founder and         health care services throughout the country. He is the
CEO of Haffenreffer & Associates Inc. in Portland,            vice chair of DRI’s Medical Liability and Health Care Law
Oregon. She has made long-term care her profession            Committee, and a former member of DRI’s Governance
since 1973. Her thorough knowledge of regulations and         Committee. Mr. McDonald is also a member of the
standards of care and her extensive hands-on                  Kansas Defense Lawyers Association.
experience provide for practical, person-centered
solutions to challenges facing the caregiver, the facility    J. Richard Moore is a partner at Alford Clausen &
and the corporation. A resource and advocate for              McDonald LLC in Mobile, Alabama. His practice involves
facilities facing regulatory issues, Ms. Haffenreffer         the defense of medical and nursing liability claims,
provides expert review and testimony. She is a master         business and commercial litigation, complex insurance
examiner and member of the Board of Senior Examiners          property and liability coverage disputes, and
for AHCA’s Baldrige Quality Improvement Award.                construction and architectural design defect claims. In
                                                              particular, he focuses on the legal and business needs
William C. Hallett, Pharm.D., MBA, CGP, is the president      and liability risks faced by providers for the elderly and
of Guardian Consulting Services Inc. in Lake Success,         the long-term care industry. Mr. Moore is an active
New York, a company that offers a variety of pharmacy-        speaker and author for, among others, DRI’s Medical
related consultation services to the spectrum of aging        Liability and Health Care Law Committee.
services providers and entities. Dr. Hallett is also a
certified geriatric pharmacist and an adjunct clinical        J. Scott Myers is a founding partner of Myers & Miller LLC
instructor for Mercy College.                                 in Chicago and head of his firm’s health care group.
                                                              Selected by peers as one of Illinois’ Leading Lawyers, he
                                                              has tried over 50 jury trials to verdict and has
                                                              represented numerous nursing homes in a wide variety
                                                              of litigation throughout Illinois. Mr. Myers is a
                                                              contributing author to three books on nursing home
                                                              litigation, considered the definitive texts in the field.
                                                              A frequent lecturer, he has also testified on behalf of
                                                              nursing homes before the Illinois state legislature.
10          Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar

Stephen O. Plunkett, a shareholder with Bassford              2010 SEMINAR SCHEDULE
Remele PA in Minneapolis, represents nursing home and
assisted living facilities in the Midwest. He has chaired     May 20–21         Drug and Medical Device
national seminars dealing with long-term care litigation                        San Francisco Marriott, San Francisco, CA
issues. Mr. Plunkett is a member of DRI’s Law Institute
                                                              June 10–11        Diversity for Success
and the former chair of DRI’s Medical Liability and                             Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, IL
Health Care Law Committee. He is admitted to practice
in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mr. Plunkett has been             June 17–18        Young Lawyers
recognized by his peers as a “Top 100 Lawyer” and                               Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach,
“Super Lawyer” in Minnesota Law & Politics.                                     Miami Beach, FL
                                                              September 23–24 Nursing Home/ALF Litigation
Thomas M. Rockwell, a member of Rockwell & Kaufman                            Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, IL
LLC in Mobile, Alabama, specializes in medical                September 30–     Construction Law
malpractice, product liability and medical device             October 1         Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV
litigation, as well as direct actions against insurance       October 20–24     DRI Annual Meeting
carriers. He has represented numerous public entities                           San Diego Marriott, San Diego, CA
and private corporations during his career, handling
                                                              November 4–5      Fire and Casualty
complex litigation cases throughout the Southeast.
                                                                                Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel
Mr. Rockwell serves as national counsel for a leading                           Chicago, Chicago, IL
insurer of skilled care facilities and, in that role, tries
nursing home cases across the country.                        November 11–12    Asbestos Medicine
                                                                                Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA
Todd W. Smyth is a shareholder with Haynsworth                November 18–19    Insurance Coverage and Practice
Sinkler Boyd PA in Charleston, South Carolina. His                              Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers,
practice is primarily focused on the defense of the                             New York, NY
health care industry, representing physicians, drug and
medical device manufacturers, pharmacies, nursing             2011 SEMINAR SCHEDULE
homes and ALFs. Mr. Smyth is the chair of the
Long-Term Care Subcommittee of DRI’s Medical Liability        January 26–28     Civil Rights and Governmental Tort
and Health Care Law Committee. He is also an active                             Liability
member of DRI’s Drug and Medical Device Committee.                              The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans,
Mr. Smyth is listed in The Best Lawyers in America®—                            New Orleans, LA
Medical Malpractice Law.                                      March 10–11       Appellate Advocacy
                                                                                JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes,
Philip L. Willman is a principal with Moser & Marsalek PC                       Orlando, FL
in St. Louis. He devotes his trial practice to defending      March 10–11       Medical Liability and Health Care Law
physicians, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes,                                   Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA
psychologists and other health care providers and
medical device manufacturers. Mr. Willman has tried           March 16–18       Damages
                                                                                Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
more than 90 cases to conclusion as lead counsel in jury
trials in state and federal court, in both Missouri and       April 6–8         Product Liability Conference
Illinois. He has written and lectured on risk                                   Hilton New Orleans Riverside,
management and medical professional liability topics.                           New Orleans, LA
Mr. Willman is the chair of DRI’s Medical Liability and       April 27–29       Life, Health, Disability and ERISA Claims
Health Care Law Committee.                                                      Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
                                                              May 5–6           Drug and Medical Device Litigation
                                                                                Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers,
                                                                                Chicago, IL
                                                              May 18–20         Employment Law
                                                                                The Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, AZ
                                                              November 10–11    Asbestos Medicine
                                                                                Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV
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PRIMARY AREA OF PRACTICE                                                   NUMBER OF ATTORNEYS IN YOUR FIRM

OPTIONAL               DRI is committed to the principle of diversity in its membership and leadership. Accordingly,
                       applicants are invited to indicate which one of the following may best describe them:
                       o African American             o Asian American               o Hispanic
                       o Native American              o Caucasian                    o Other


REFERRED BY (name of DRI member attorney, if applicable)

To the extent that I engage in personal injury litigation, I DO NOT, for the most part, represent plaintiffs. I have
read the above and hereby make application for individual membership.

SIGNATURE                                                                  DATE (all applications must be signed and dated)

SEMINAR REGISTRATION:               o   $745     Member
	             		                    o   $875     Non-member                     * Those eligible for Young Lawyer
                                    o   $500     Government DRI Member          membership will receive a certificate for one
                                                                                free seminar when they join.
                                    o   FREE     Law Student DRI Member
                                    o   $695     Special Discount Price         ** In-house counsel is defined as a licensed
                                                                                attorney who is employed exclusively
MEMBERSHIP (Check One):             o   $235     Defense Attorney               for a corporation or other private sector
                                                                                organization for the purpose of providing
                                    o   $160     Government Attorney            legal representation and counsel only to that
                                    o   $130*    Young Lawyer                   corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries.
                                    o   $20      Law Student
                       TOTAL:                                                                          Nursing Home
                                                                                                       2 01 0 - 01 9 0 B
o My check for                               (USD) is enclosed.
o Please charge my         o VISA       o MASTERCARD         o AMERICAN EXPRESS

                           CARD #                                                                         EXP. DATE

SIGNATURE (as it appears on card)
Please remit payment by MAIL to:                                  Please remit payment by COURIER to:
DRI 72225 Eagle Way, Chicago, IL 60678-7252                       JP Morgan Attn: DRI—#72225
                                                                  131 S. Dearborn—6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603
PHONE   (312) 795-1101 n FAX (312) 795-0749 n EMAIL n WEB
                                     SEPTEMBER 23–24, 2010
For inclusion on the pre-registration list and to receive course materials in advance,
                           register by September 3, 2010.

FORMAL NAME                                                   PUBLICATIONS FOR PURCHASE
NAME (as you would like it to appear on badge)
                                                              COURSE MATERIALS (included in registration fees)
                                                              o Member: $75  o Non-member: $95
                                                              SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS
ADDRESS                                                       Current Issues in Medical Liability and Health Care Law
TELEPHONE                     FAX                             o Member: $85            o Non-member: $115
EMAIL                                                         HARD COPY
                                                              o Member: $115           o Non-member: $145
Are you a first-time attendee at this DRI seminar?
                                                              (Shipping charges will be added to each order.
o Yes o No                                                    Illinois residents, please add 10.25% sales tax.)

How many attorneys are in your firm?                          PAYMENT METHOD
What is your primary area of practice?                        o My check for                         (USD) is enclosed.
                                                              o Please charge my          o VISA o MASTERCARD
                                                                                          o AMERICAN EXPRESS
REGISTRATION FEES (includes course materials)
If joining DRI to get the member rate, complete the form on
the reverse side.                                             CARD #
o Member: $745 o Non-member: $875                                                                     3400-0190-21
o Government DRI Member: $500                                                                         Nursing Home
                                                              EXP. DATE                                2010-0190B
o Law Student DRI Member: Free
o Special Discount Price: $695
o (see brochure for eligibility)                              SIGNATURE (as it appears on card)

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