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									Membership Directory                           WHLA


              Wisconsin Hispanic
             Lawyers Association
            2009 -10 Membership Directory
              Asociacion de Abogados Hispanos de Wisconsin
                          Directorio de Miembros

                                                  2009-10   WHLA — 1
   gonzalez saggio & harlan
                proudly acknowledges the service
                      and dedication of its
               Hispanic Lawyers to the Community.

    Gerardo H. Gonzalez                 Joseph M. Fasi II                      B
                                                                        Neifor B. Acosta
      Managing Partner                     Litigation                 WHLA - 2005 President
Complex Litigation &Transactions                                      Business Transactions

         Alejandro Valle                Vincent Vigil                   Edward A. Fallone
   Litigation & Employment         Commercial & Tort Litigation        Securities & Litigation
             Indiana                       Illinois

      Oscar H. Herasme                     Hugo P Rojas
                                                  .                     Jacquelynn A Ruiz
     Corporate & Litigation          Litigation & Immigration         WHLA - 2007 Secretary
          New York                                                     Labor & Employment

                    225 East Michigan St. l Fourth Floor l Milwaukee, WI 53202
                             Tel: 414.277.8500 l Fax: 414.277.8521
  Arizona California Illinois Indiana Iowa Nevada New York Ohio Washington D.C. Wisconsin
Membership Directory                                                                    WHLA

                     Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers
                      Association Membership
                                     WHLA Mission Statement
       The purposes of the Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association shall be to advance the professional
   development of its members, to advise on issues of interest to the Hispanic community on a local
   and national level, and to carry on such other purposes as set forth from time to time in its Articles of
   Incorporation and its bylaws.

              Declaración de la misión de WHLA
      La Asociación de Abogados Hispanos de Wisconsin (WHLA) tiene por objetivo adelantar el
   desarrollo profesional de sus miembros, asesorar con respecto a temas de interés a la comunidad
   Hispana a nivel local y nacional, y de llevar a cabo todos los demás objetivos que dispongan sus
   Artículos de Incorporación y sus Estatutos.

                         Former WHLA Presidents
                       Kristela L. Cervera                                      2008-2009
                       Carmen M. Ortiz                                          2007-2008
                       Micabil Diaz-Martinez                                    2006-2007
                       Neifor B. Acosta                                         2005-2006
                       David A. Westrup                                         2004-2005
                       Ana M. Berrios                                           2003-2004
                       Francisco Araiza                                         2002-2003
                       Ernesto Romero                                           2001-2002
                       Margaret Aguayo Asterlin                                 2000-2001
                       Pedro A. Colón                                           1999-2000
                       Israel Ramon                                             1998-1999
                       Andrew J. Chevrez                                        1997-1998
                       Edward A. Fallone                                        1996-1997
                       Peter L. Ramirez                                         1995-1996
                       Harold O.M. Rocha                                        1994-1995
                       Michael Reyes                                            1990-1994
                       Ness Flores                                              1988-1990
                       Jose A. Olivieri                                         1986-1988
                       Joseph M. Rivas                                          1984-1986

                                                                                              2009-10     WHLA — 3
Experience that Matters
   Representing injured and disabled
  workers statewide for over 30 years in
   Worker’s Compensation and Social
       Security Disability matters.

          Attorney                      Attorney
       Israel Ramon                  Aaron Halstead
   Worker’s Compensation           Worker’s Compensation
   Social Security Disability

      In Milwaukee                     In Madison
  700 West Michigan, Suite 500   222 W. Washington, Suite 450
     Milwaukee, WI 53233             Madison, WI 53703
   Tel: (414) 271-8650            Tel: (608) 257-0040
   Fax: (414) 271-8442            Fax: (608) 256-0236
      iramon@hq-law.com             ahalstead@hq-law.com
Incapacidad del Seguro Social     Accidentes de Trabajo

                Hawks Quindel, S.C.
                 Attorneys at Law
                      Se Habla Español
                 1-800-BENEFIT (Milwaukee)
                  1-800-610-0040 (Madison)
Membership Directory                                                                    WHLA

                           WHLA 2009-10 Executive Board
                                           President    Carlos A. Ortiz
                                     President-Elect    Adria D. Maddaleni
                                         Treasurer Enrique T. Breceda
                               Immediate Past President       Kristela L. Cervera

                Directors                                          WHLA Contact
             Hon. Phil M. Chavez
                                                                   Carlos A. Ortiz, President
              Andrew J. Chevrez
                                                                  Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
              Hon. Juan B. Colas
                                                               100 E. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 2600
            Micabil Diaz Martinez
                                                                      Milwaukee, WI 53202

     Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association Membership
   Neifor B. Acosta                                      Nancy Bonniwell
   Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLP                         Weiss Berzowski Brady LLP
   225 E. Michigan St., 4th Floor                        400-D Genesee St.
   Milwaukee, WI 53202                                   Delafield, WI 53018
   414-277-8500                                          262-646-1527
   Fax: 414-277-8521                                     Fax: 262-646-3340
   neifor_acosta@gshllp.com                              nwb@wbb-law.com
   Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Real Estate,    Estate Planning, Estate & Trust Administration, Marital
   Intellectual Property                                 Property, Special Needs Planning, Business Law

   Adam A. Bardosy                                       Enrique T. Breceda
   Mallery & Zimmerman                                   Harley-Davidson Motor Corp.
   731 N. Jackson St., Suite 900                         3700 W. Juneau Ave.
   Milwaukee, WI 53202                                   Milwaukee, WI 53208
   414-727-6264                                          414-343-8488
   Fax: 414-271-8678                                     Fax: 414-343-4189
   abardosy@mzmilw.com                                   enrique.breceda@harley-davidson.com
   Real Estate, Business, Commercial Finance,            Litigation, Senior Corporate Counsel for H-D, General
   Foreclosure, Estate Planning                          Civil Litigation

   Piermario Bertolotto                                  Barbara L. Burbach
   Rizzo & Diersen SC                                    Burbach & Stansbury SC
   3505 30th Ave.                                        10850 W. Park Pl., Ste. 530
   Kenosha, WI 53144-1650                                Milwaukee, WI 53224
   262-652-5050                                          414-359-9100
   Fax: 262-652-5053                                     Fax: 414-359-8900
   pier@rizzolaw.com                                     bburbach@burbach-stansbury.com
   Contracts, Transactions, Business, Real Estate,       Family Law, Collaborative Divorce, Mediation,
   Bankruptcy, Litigation-Commercial                     Arbitration

                                                                                              2009-10     WHLA — 5
 WHLA and the State Bar – working
  together to serve the community.

   Visit www.wisbar.org and discover educational resources,
practice management advice, and hundreds of other useful tools.

                                                             V609 7/09
Membership Directory                                                                   WHLA
Cecely Castillo                                            Micabil Diaz-Martinez
State Legislature (Assembly)                               WI Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Office of Rep. Gordon Hintz                                P.O. Box 7843
311 N. Hancock, #326                                       Madison, WI 53707
Madison, WI 53703                                          608-266-6992
608-258-9312                                               Fax: 608-264-7662
madisonces@yahoo.com                                       micabil.diaz@dva.state.wi.us
                                                           Administrative Law, Employment Law, Contract Law,
Kristela L. Cervera                                        Veteran’s Law
Milwaukee County Dept. of Child Support Enforcement
901 N. 9th St., Room 101                                   Alan D. Eisenberg
Milwaukee, WI 53227                                        Law Offices of Alan Eisenberg
414-278-4790                                               3111 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Fax: 414-223-1802                                          Milwaukee, WI 53208-3957
kcervera@milwcnty.com                                      414-344-3333
Family Law, Paternity and divorce cases involving a gov-   Fax: 414-344-8882
ernment interest                                           alan@alaneissenberg.com
                                                           Real Estate, Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Business
Andrew J. Chevrez                                          Litigation
P.O. Box 270720
West Allis, WI 53227                                       Edward A. Fallone
414-604-1604                                               Marquette University Law School
achevrez@execpc.com                                        Of Counsel at Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLP
Family Law, Consumer Law, Criminal Defense, Traffic,       P.O. Box 1881
Personal Injury                                            Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Hon. Juan B. Colas                                         edward.fallone@marquette.edu
Dane County Circuit Court, Br. 10                          Corporate, Constitutional, Immigration, White Collar Crime
215 S. Hamilton, #7103
Madison, WI 53703                                          Elizabeth Alicia Fernandez
608-266-4460                                               Ritter & Fernandez LLP
jcolas@tds.net                                             2266 N. Propsect Ave., Suite 310
Circuit Court Judge                                        Milwaukee, WI 53202
Carmen N. Couden                                           Fax: 414-220-0001
Foley & Lardner LLP                                        elizabeth.criminaldefensemilwaukee.com
777 E. Wisconsin Ave.                                      Criminal & Traffic Defense
Milwaukee, WI 53202
414-297-5568                                               Anthony Flint
Fax: 414-297-4900                                          Marquette University Law School
ccouden@foley.com                                          Madison, WI 53703
Labor & Employment (Management/Employer only)              262-707-9150
Domingo G. Cruz
Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co.                          Gerardo H. Gonzalez
720 E. Wisconsin Ave.                                      Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLP
Milwaukee, WI 53202                                        225 E. Michigan St., 4th Floor
414-665-3419                                               Milwaukee, WI 53202-4900
Fax: 414-625-3419                                          414-277-8500
domingocruz@northwesternmutual.com                         Fax: 414-277-8521
Real Estate                                                gerardo_gonzalez@gshllp.com
                                                           Litigation, Transactional, Public & Government Relations

                                                                                              2009-10     WHLA — 7
        WHLA                                                                Membership Directory

   Georgia L. Herrera                                         Maria Gonzalez Knavel
   Law Offices of Georgia L. Herrera                          Foley & Lardner LLP
   723 Main St.                                               777 E Wisconsin Ave.
   Racine, WI 53403-1211                                      Milwaukee, WI 53202
   262-635-2360                                               414-297-5649
   Fax: 262-633-7323                                          Fax: 414-297-4900
   georgiaherrera@cs.com                                      mgonzalezknavel@foley.com
   Family, Probate, Traffic                                   Health Law/Compliance

   Stuart C. Herro                                            Glorily A. Lopez
   DeWitt, Ross & Stevens SC                                  Lopez Law Group, LLC
   2 E. Mifflin St., #600                                     6417 Odana Rd., Second Floor
   Madison, WI 53703                                          Madison, WI 53719-1128
   608-395-6714                                               608-270-5550
   Fax: 608-252-9243                                          Fax: 608-270-5555
   sch@dewittross.com                                         gal@lopezlawgroup.com
   Business, Estate Planning & Probate, Real Estate           Immigration & Nationality Law
   & Land Use
                                                              Adria Maddaleni
   Ann S. Jacobs                                              Milwaukee Public Schools
   Domnitz & Skemp SC                                         P.O. Box 2181
   825 N. Jefferson, 5th Floor                                Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
   Milwaukee, WI 53202                                        414-4750-8280
   414-289-0909                                               Fax: 414-475-8380
   Fax: 414-289-9490                                          rivaad@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
   ann@domnitzlaw.com                                         Labor and Employment Law
   Plaintiff Personal Injury, Plaintiff Medical Malpractice
                                                              John Paul Marchan
   Angelica Jimenez                                           Sole Practice
   John T. Fields & Assoc., LLC                               1535 E. Racine Ave.
   740 Pilgrim Parkway, Ste. 100                              Waukesha, WI 53186
   Elm Grove, WI 53122                                        262-513-6981
   262-782-8322                                               Fax: 262-542-1993
   Fax: 262-782-7033                                          2016 W. Howard Ave.
   angiej316@yahoo.com                                        Milwaukee, WI 53221-1932
   Family Law                                                 414-282-8575
                                                              Fax: 414-282-8579
                                                              Criminal Defense

                                                Practice limited to financial matters

             Attorneys James W. McNeilly, Jr. and David P Leibowitz
           Recognized for Excellence. Why Take Chances?
              With Offices in Kenosha and La Crosse, WI, and
             affiliated offices in Waukegan, Chicago & Skokie, IL

8 — WHLA    2 0 0 9 - 10
Membership Directory                                                          WHLA
   Hon. Kevin E. Martens                          Carlos A. Ortiz
   Milwaukee County Circuit Court                 Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
   821 W. State St.                               100 E. Wisconsin Ave. Ste. 2600
   Milwaukee, WI 53233-1425                       Milwaukee, WI 53202
   414-278-4476                                   414-276-6464
   kevin.martens@wicourts.gov                     Fax: 414-276-9220
   Judge — Criminal Law                           222 N. LaSalle, Ste. 300
                                                  Chicago, IL 60601
   Craig Mastantuono                              312-704-3198
   Mastantuono Law Office                         Fax: 312-704-3001
   817 N. Marshall St.                            cortiz@hinshawlaw.com
   Milwaukee, WI 53202                            Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Defense
   414-276-8662                                   Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Immigration Law,
   Fax: 414-276-8661                              Labor & Employment, Products Liability, Professional
   cmast@mastantuono-law.com                      Liability, Workers Compensation Defense
   Criminal Defense
                                                  Jennifer A. Ortiz
   James W. McNeilly, Jr.                         WI Dept. of Workforce Development,
   Lakelaw Kenosha                                Equal Rights Division
   6905 Green Bay Rd., Ste. 101                   201 E. Washington Ave., Rm. A300
   Kenosha, WI 53142                              P.O. Box 8928
   262-694-7300                                   Madison, WI 53708-8928
   Fax: 262-694-7301                              608-266-0946
   jmcneilly@lakelaw.com                          Fax: 608-267-4592
   Bankruptcy/Insolvency, Real Estate, Business   jennifer.ortiz.dwd.wisconsin.gov

   Rocio Molina                                   Carmen M. Ortiz-Babilonia
   Immigrant Project of WCADV                     Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee Inc.
   211 S. Paterson, Ste. 260                      521 N. 8th St.
   Madison, WI 53703                              Milwaukee, WI
   608-256-1015                                   414-727-5337
   Fax: 608-256-1089                              Fax: 414-291-5488
   rmolina@wcadv.org                              cortiz@lasmilwaukee.com
                                                  Family Law; Guardian Ad Litem
   Ramona Natera
   UMOS Immigration Program                       Carlos Pabellon
   2317 International Lane, Ste. 118              Garvey McNeil & Associates SC
   Madison, WI 53704                              1 Odana Court
   608-249-1180                                   Madison, WI 53719
   Fax: 866-960-0483                              608-256-1003
   rlnatera@msn.com                               Fax: 608-256-0933
   Immigration, Family                            pabellon@gmmattorneys.com
                                                  Employment, Civil Rights, Criminal Defense
   Jose A. Olivieri
   Michael Best & Friedrich LLP                   Edward Paz
   100 E. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 3300               US Bancorp Fund Services LLC
   Milwaukee, WI 53202-4108                       777 E. Wisconsin Ave., 10th Floor
   414-271-6560                                   Milwaukee, WI 53202
   Fax: 414-277-0656                              414-765-5366
   jaolivieri@michaelbest.com                     866-783-6786
   Employment, Immigration                        edward.paz@usbank.com

                                                                                      2009-10   WHLA — 9
         WHLA                                                               Membership Directory
     Karen DaCosta Perzan                                  Peter L. Ramirez
     Quarles & Brady LLP                                   von Briesen & Roper SC
     411 E. Wisconsin Ave.                                 411 E. Wisconsin Ave., 7th Floor
     Milwaukee, WI 53202                                   Milwaukee, WI 53202
     414-277-5649                                          414-287-1428
     Fax: 414-978-8800                                     Fax: 414-238-6689
     karen.perzan@quarles.com                              pramirez@vonbriesen.com
     Real Estate                                           Litigation - including Family, Criminal, Personal Injury
                                                           and Toxic Tort; Business
     James Pitts
     Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Knurr SC              Israel Ramon
     6800 Washington Ave., Ste. 100                        Hawks Quindel SC
     Racine, WI 53406                                      P.O. Box 442
     262-886-8240                                          Milwaukee, WI 53201
     Fax: 262-886-5562                                     414-271-8650
     japitts@pittslaw.com                                  Fax: 414-271-8442
     Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation,   iramon@hp-law.com
     Social Security Disability                            Social Security Disability, Worker’s Compensation

     Christine Poleski Gaona                               Yadira J. Rein
     13 Ingrahan Hall, 1155 Observatory Dr.                Glenn, Hoff & Daniels SC
     Madison, WI 53706                                     600 E. Northland, P.O. Box 1253
     608-263-5068                                          Appleton, WI 54912
     Fax: 608-263-7126                                     920-749-2000
     poleskic@yahoo.com                                    Fax: 920-749-2005
     Deborah J. Powers                                     Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, General
     US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission            Practice, Estate Planning
     310 W. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 800
     Milwaukee, WI 53203-2213                              Joseph M. Rivas
     414-297-3983                                          Hochstatter, McCarthy, Rivas & Runde SC
     Fax: 414-297-3146                                     5555 N. Port Washington Rd., #300
     deborah.powers@eeoc.gov                               Milwaukee, WI 53217-4928
     Employment Law                                        414-962-7440
                                                           Fax: 414-962-0353
                                                           Immigration Law

       Hochstatter, McCarthy, Rivas & Runde, S.C.
                    Attorneys at Law
         Thomas C. HochstattereGail K. McCarthyeJoseph M. Rivas
          Michael C. RundeeKelley A. ChenhallseJennifer L. Nissen

               5555 N. Port Washington RoadeSuite 300eMilwaukee, WI 53217
                                             Hablamos Espanol
1 0 — W H LA   2 0 0 9 - 10
Membership Directory                                                                           WHLA
   Axel F. Candelaria Rivera                                    Jacquelynn A. Ruiz
   WI Dept. of Revenue                                          Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLP
   2135 Rimrock Road, MS6-40                                    225 E. Michigan St., 4th Floor
   Madison, WI 53713                                            Milwaukee, WI 53202
   608-261-5282                                                 414-277-8500
   Fax: 608-261-6240                                            Fax: 414-277-8521
   axel.candelaria@revenue,wi.gov                               jacquelynn_ruiz@gshllp.com
   Corporate Tax                                                Employment (Management Side)

   Hugo P. Rojas                                                Miguel E. Salas
   Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLP                                Lakewood Uniserv
   225 E. Michigan St., 4th Floor                               13805 W. Burleigh Road
   Milwaukee, WI 53202-4900                                     Brookfield, WI 53005
   414-277-8500                                                 262-901-1114
   Fax: 414-277-8521                                            Fax: 262-789-6010
   hugo_rojas@gshllp.com                                        salasm@weac.org
   Immigration, Civil Litigation                                Labor & Employment

   Ernesto Romero                                               Monica Santa Maria
   Romero Law Office, LLC                                       Godfrey & Kahn SC
   4230 N. Oakland Ave., Ste. 400                               One E. Main St., Ste. 500,
   Shorewood, WI 53211-2042`                                    P.O. Box 2719
   414-403-9000                                                 Madison, WI 53701-2719
   877-353-6320                                                 608-284-2624
   info@ernestoromero.com                                       Fax: 608-257-0609
   Family Law, Civil Personal Injury                            msantamaria@gklaw.com
                                                                Business: Labor, Employment & Immigration,
   Lisa M. Roys                                                 Litigation: General, White Collar Counseling &
   State Bar of Wisconsin                                       Defense
   5302 Eastpark Blvd.
   Madison, WI 53707                                            Cricel Santiago-Rivera
   608-250-6128                                                 Immigrant Project of WCADV
   Fax: 608-257-4343                                            211 S. Paterson, Ste. 260
   lroys@wisbar.org                                             Madison, WI 53703
   Public Policy                                                608-256-1015
                                                                Fax: 608-256-1089
                                                                Family Law

                                                                                       Glorily A. Lopez, Esq.
                                                                                       Immigration Attorney
                                                                                Your Immigration. Our Passion.
  Representing Individuals and Families with:              Representing Employers with:
  • Spouse, Fiancé(e), and Family Petitions and Visas      • Employment Visas and Labor Certifications
  • Permanent Residence and Green Cards                    • Employee Permanent Residence and Green Cards
  • Citizenship and Naturalization Cases                   • I-9 Internal and Government Audits
  • Domestic Abuse and VAWA Immigrant Petitions            • Social Security No-Match Letters Compliance
                     Multiple recognitions in the field of Immigration Law in Best Lawyers in America,
                   Best Lawyers in Madison/Dane County and Wisconsin Super Lawyers and Rising Stars
 American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Member
 6417 Odana Road, Second Floor, Madison, Wisconsin                                  608.270.5550
 www.lopezlawgroup.com                                                                            Se Habla Español

                                                                                                     2009-10     WHLA — 11
         WHLA                                                                                      Membership Directory
       David A. Sayas                                                             Ronnie Ismael Vargas
       Sayas Schumuki & Plum SC                                                   Vargas Law Office, LLC
       11430 W. Bluemound Road., Ste. 200                                         1131 W. Lincoln Ave.
       Wauwatosa, WI 53226                                                        Milwaukee, WI 53215
       414-771-3802                                                               414-755-1770
       Fax: 414-771-3202                                                          Fax: 414-892-5820
       Real Estate                                                                vargaslawoffice@askzak.com
                                                                                  Family, Criminal/Guardianships, Real Estate,
       Felix Servantez                                                            Business Transactions
       Servantez Law Office SC
       4101 Washington Ave.                                                       Valerie P. Vidal
       Racine, WI 53405                                                           Quarles & Brady LLP
       262-634-1529                                                               411 E. Wisconsin Ave.
       Fax: 414-637-4580                                                          Milwaukee, WI 53202
       servantezlaw@yahoo.com                                                     414-277-5627
       Bankruptcy Law, Chapter 13 and Chapter 7                                   Fax: 414-978-8758
       Carolina Stark                                                             Commercial Litigation
       WI Dept. of Workforce Development,
       Unemployment Insurance Division                                            Micaela G. Vidaña
       819 N. 6th St., Rm. 382                                                    Hills Legal Group, Ltd.
       Milwaukee, WI 53203                                                        N19W24075 Riverwood Dr.
       414-227-4515                                                               Waukesha, WI 53188
       starklawoffice@sbcglobal.net                                               262-347-0167
       Current: Unemployment Insurance, Past: Criminal Defense                    Fax: 262-347-0177
       Antonio M. Trillo                                                          Civil Litigation
       Reinhard Boerner Van Deuren SC
       1000 N. Water St., Ste. 1700                                               David A. Westrup
       Milwaukee, WI 53202                                                        von Briesen & Roper SC
       414-298-8311                                                               411 E. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 700
       Fax: 414-298-8097                                                          Milwaukee, WI 53202
       atrillo@reinhartlaw.com                                                    414-287-1528
                                                                                  Fax: 414-238-6678
                                                                                  Antitrust; Appellate, Toxic Tort, Commercial and
                                                                                  Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage and Risk
                                                                                  Management, Litigation and Products Liability

                                                                                                   Why Choose
                                                                                                  Anyone Else? ®
                               When Accidents or Injuries Happen
                               to Someone You Love Our Family of
                               Lawyers Will Protect Your Family.
                 Our Reputation, Experience & Honesty Result In Most Of Our Cases Settling Without a Lawsuit or Trial

                          Injuries From Accidents                              Contingent Fee Available
           Automobile & Truck Accidents � Motorcycle Accidents � Product Defects � Fires & Explosions � Farm Accidents Boat & Air Accidents
          Medical Malpractice � Workplace Injury � Construction Accidents � Machinery Accidents � Nursing Home Negligence & Elder Care Abuse
               Helping Injured People For Over 75 Years � Wisconsin’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm � Free Consultation
           No Fees or Costs Unless We Are Successful � 100’s of Millions in Settlements and Verdicts Collected For Our Clients
          More Lawyers Named in the Best Lawyers in America Publication Than Any Other Personal Injury Law Firm in Wisconsin
                                                                                  Milwaukee Office - US Bank Center
                 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 - H A BU S H                                                  1-800-242-7205
                                                                                  777 E. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 2300 � Milwaukee, WI 53202
               Waukesha                   Madison                     Green Bay                  West Bend                  Stevens Point
            1-800-559-5599             1-800-822-1690              1-800-757-8644             1-800-242-7205              1-800-248-0171
                Racine                    Appleton                   Lake Geneva                 Sheboygan                   Rhinelander
            1-800-682-3434             1-800-472-9334              1-800-275-1729             1-866-888-3620              1-800-369-5990
               Kenosha                                                                                                         Wausau
            1-800-388-8222                  Visit us on the        web at www.habush.com                                  1-800-248-0171

1 2 — W H LA    2 0 0 9 - 10
      ART ID: 059322000XXXXX
      VERSION: (v3) jm 070609
      DIRECTORY NO.: 081067
WHLA Practice Areas                                                                WHLA
   Administrative Law              Alan D. Eisenberg                    Stuart C. Herro
   Ley Administrativa              Carlos Pabellon                      Yadira J. Rein
   Micabil Diaz-Martinez
                                   Commercial Litigation                Family Law
   Antitrust Law                   Litigio Comercial                    Ley de Relaciones Domesticos
   Ley de Antimonopolio            Adam A. Bardosy                      Nancy Bonniwell
   David A. Westrup                Piermario Bertolotto                 Barbara L. Burbach
                                   Carlos A. Ortiz                      Kristela L. Cervera
   Appellate                       Valerie P. Vidal                     Andrew J. Chevrez
   Ley de la Apelación             David A. Westrup                     Georgia L. Herrera
   David A. Westrup                                                     Angelica Jimenez
                                   Constitutional Law                   Ramona Natera
   Bankruptcy Law                  Ley Constitucional                   Carmen M. Ortiz-Babilonia
   Ley de Bancarrota               Edward A. Fallone                    Peter L. Ramirez
   Piermario Bertolotto                                                 Yadira J. Rein
   James W. McNeilly, Jr.          Construction Law                     Ernesto Romero
   Felix Servantez                 Ley de Construcción                  Cricel Santiago-Rivera
                                   Carlos A. Ortiz                      Ronnie Ismael Vargas
   Business & Corporate Law
   Ley Empresarial y Corporativo   Consumer Law                         Foreclosure
   Neifor B. Acosta                Ley del Consumidor                   Ley de Ejecución Hipotecaria
   Piermario Bertolotto            Andrew J. Chevrez                    Adam A. Bardosy
   Nancy Bonniwell
   Alan D. Eisenberg               Contract Law                         Government Law
   Edward A. Fallone               Ley de Contratos                     Ley Gubernamental
   Stuart C. Herro                 Piermario Bertolotto                 Gerardo H. Gonzalez
   James W. McNeilly, Jr.          Micabil Diaz-Martinez                David A. Westrup
   Peter L. Ramirez
   Axel F. Candelaria Rivera       Criminal Law                         Health Law
   Ronnie Ismael Vargas            Ley de Casos Penales                 Asuntos de Salud
   David A. Westrup                Andrew J. Chevrez                    Maria Gonzalez Knavel
                                   Alan D. Eisenberg
   Civil Law                       Elizabeth Alicia Fernandez           Immigration Law
   Ley Civil                       John Paul Marchan                    Ley de Inmigracion
   Enrique T. Breceda              Craig Mastantuono                    Edward A. Fallone
   Gerardo H. Gonzalez             Carlos Pabellon                      Glorily A. Lopez
   Carlos A. Ortiz                 Peter L. Ramirez                     Ramona Natera
   Hugo P. Rojas                   Ronnie Ismael Vargas                 Jose A. Olivieri
   Ernesto Romero                                                       Carlos A. Ortiz
   Micaela G. Vidaña               Estate Planning                      Joseph M. Rivas
                                   Ley de Planificación de Sucesiones   Hugo R. Rojas
   Civil Rights                    (Herencias y Testamentos)            Monica Santa Maria
   Ley de los Derechos Civiles     Adam A. Bardosy
                                   Nancy Bonniwell

                      Craig Mastantuono
        ATTORNEYS     Rebecca Coffee
                      Nancy Corbin                               817 N. Marshall Street
                                                                 Milwaukee, WI 53202
                                                                 TEL   414.276.8662
                                                                 FAX   414.276.8661
                                                                 EMAIL info@mastantuono-law.com

                                                                                          2009-10      WHLA — 13
         WHLA                                                                             WHLA Practice Areas

     Intellectual Property                      Yadira J. Rein                            Special Needs Planning
     Ley De pertenencencia                      Ernesto Romero                            Ley de Necesidades Especiales
     intelectual                                                                          Nancy Bonniwell
     Neifor B. Acosta                           Probate
                                                Let de Administración de                  Toxic Tort
     Labor & Employment Law                     Testamentos y Herencias                   Ley de Agravios Tóxicos
     Ley del Trabajo                            Georgia L Herrera                         Peter L. Ramirez
     Carmen N. Couden                           Stuart C. Herro                           David A. Westrup
     Micabil Diaz-Martinez
     Adria Maddaleni                            Professional Liability                    Traffic
     Jose A. Olivieri                           Ley de Responsabilidad Profesional        Ley de tráfico
     Carlos A. Ortiz                            Carlos A. Ortiz                           Andrew J. Chevrez
     Carlos Pabellon                                                                      Elizabeth Alicia Fernandez
     Deborah J. Powers                          Public Policy                             Georgia L Herrera
     Jacquelynn A. Ruiz                         Ley de Política Publica
     Miguel E. Salas                            Lisa M. Roys                              Transactions
     Monica Santa Maria                                                                   Ley Transaccional/Negocios
                                                Real Estate                               Piermario Bertolotto
     Land Use                                   Bienes Raices                             Gerardo H. Gonzalez
     Ley de Uso y Desarollo de Terreno          Neifor B. Acosta
     Stuart C. Herro                            Adam A. Bardosy                           Unemployment Insurance
                                                Piermario Bertolotto                      Ley del seguro de desempleo
     Mediation                                  Domingo G. Cruz                           Carolina Stark
     Mediacion                                  Alan D. Eisenberg
     Barbara L. Burbach                         Stuart C. Herro                           Veteran’s Law
                                                James W. McNeilly, Jr.                    Ley del Veterano
     Medical Malpractice                        Karen DaCosta Perzan                      Micabil Diaz-Martinez
     Negligencia Médica                         Yadira J. Rein
     Ann S. Jacobs                              David A. Sayas                            White Collar Crime
                                                Ronnie Ismael Vargas                      Ley de Fraude
     Nationality Law                                                                      Empresarial y Negocios
     Ley de Nacionalidad                        Securities                                Edward A. Fallone
     Glorily A. Lopez                           Ley de Regulación de Acciones,            Monica Santa Maria
                                                Bonos y otros Instrumentos
     Personal Injury                            Financieros                               Worker’s Compensation
     Lesiones Personales                        Edward Paz                                Ley de Compensación a
     Andrew J. Chevrez                                                                    Trabajadores
     Ann S. Jacobs                              Social Security Disability                Carlos A. Ortiz
     James Pitts                                Ley de Seguro Social                      James Pitts
     Peter L. Ramirez                           James Pitts                               Israel Ramon
                                                Israel Ramon

                          50 years of experience and successful results
                                 on behalf of Wisconsin families
                              Personal Injury      Medical Malpractice         Automobile Accidents
                                            On staff Spanish speaking attorney
                                                      Ann S. Jacobs

1 4 — W H LA   2 0 0 9 - 10
      is a proud supporter of the

Hinshaw has a long-standing commitment                Carlos A. Ortiz
                                                      C l A O ti
to ensuring that our firm represents the
                                                   Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
communities in which we practice and                222 North LaSalle Street
encourages our attorneys' participation in                 Suite 300
organizations and associations that enhance          Chicago, Illinois 60601
their professional, civic and cultural                   312-704-3198
development. We are a national law firm           100 East Wisconsin Avenue
with more than 460 lawyers in 24 offices.                 Suite 2600
                                                  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
           se habla español                             414-276-6464
         www.HinshawLaw.com                          cortiz@hinshawlaw.com
           Arizona California Florida Illinois Indiana Massachusetts
        Minnesota Missouri New York Oregon Rhode Island Wisconsin

    Providing affordable legal services on a sliding-fee scale basis.

  Emphasis on Naturalization and Citizenship, Family-based Petitions,
    Adjustment of Status, VAWA-based Self-Petitions and U Visas
                    RAMONA L. NATERA

The law is constantly being reinterpreted. At von Briesen, we’re
going a step further and reinterpreting the law firm. Our goal is to
change the way people think about law firms and to serve clients
in a new way, a way that meets the challenges of today’s business.
To show our dedication, we’re making a simple pledge. We will:
    Be cost effective and responsive.       Use technology to provide

24/7 service allowing our teams to access files, dockets and our
law library from any location, at any time, and from anywhere in
the world.        Look beyond the billable hour, as we readily adopt
alternative, client-friendly fee structures.      Respond quickly to
clients’ needs.       Conform to your business, and not expect your
business to conform to ours.      Move beyond the stereotypes of law
firms, static in their traditions, by adopting policies that create a
collaborative atmosphere making our firm a great place to work,
challenging our people to go beyond the expected and furthering a
client-dedicated, value-driven organization.

Call it forward thinking, progressive and up-to-date. We like to think of
it as a new paradigm for today’s law firm. We call it Contemporary
Counsel. For more information, contact Randall D. Crocker, President,
at 414-287-1238 or rcrocker@vonbriesen.com.


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