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									                    GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION

                           Federal Supply Schedule Price List

Online access to contract ordering information,terms and conditions, up to date pricing
and the option to create an electronic delivery order is available through GSA Advantage
a menu driven database system. The Internet address for GSA Advantage is

         Schedule for Transportation,Delivery and Relocation Services (TDRS)
                     Federal Supply Group: V301,V111 and V112
                          Contract Number: GS-33F-0002T
           For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedule
             Click on the FSS Schedules button at
                Contract Period: January 12, 2007 – January 11, 2012

Contractor: Maryland Office Relocators, LLC
Address: 810 Oregon Avenue, Suite R
         Linthicum Heights, Md. 21090-1438
Phone: 443-773-3000
Fax: 410- 789-1412
Business Size: Small Business

                            CUSTOMER INFORMATION

1a.    Table of Awarded Special Item Number(s) with appropriate cross reference to
page numbers: 653-8, Office Relocation

1b.    Pricing for Labor Categories on an hourly basis: (see below)

2.     Maximum Order: $1,000,000.00

3.     Minimum Order: $100.00

4.    Geographic area of coverage: Baltimore/Washington,DC Metro area and Virginia
and Maryland

5.    Point(s) of production (city, county, and state or foreign country): Same as
company address

6.     Discount from list prices or statement of net price: Government net prices
(discounts already deducted)

7.     Quantity Discount: None Offered

8.     Prompt Payment Discount: Net 30

9a.    Notification that Government Purchase Cards are accepted at or below the micro-
purchase threshold: Yes

9b.    Notification whether Government Purchase Cards are accepted or not accepted
above the micro-purchase threshold: Contact Contractor

10.    Foreign Items: (list items by country of origin): None

11a.   Time of Delivery: Negotiable per Task Order

11b.   Expedited Delivery: Contact Contractor

11c.   Over night and 2 day delivery: Contact Contractor

12.    FOB Points: N/A

13a.   Ordering Address(es): Same as company address

13b. Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures,
information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are found in Federal Acquisition
Regulation ( FAR) 8.405.3

14.    Payment address(es): Same as company address

15.    Warranty provision: Contractor’s standard commercial warranty

16.    Export Packing Charges if applicable: N/A

17.    Terms and Conditions of Government purchase card acceptance ( any thresholds
above the micro-purchase level) : Contact Contractor

18.    Terms and conditions of rental , maintenance and repair ( if applicable): N/A

19.    Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable): N/A

20.    Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any
discounts from list prices ( if applicable). N/A

20a.   Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable) : N/A

21.    List of service and distribution points ( if applicable): N/A

22.    List of participating dealers ( if applicable): N/A

23.    Preventative maintenance ( if applicable): N/A

24a. Special Attributes such as environmental attributes ( e.g. recycled content,energy
efficiency, and /or reduced pollutants) : N/A

24b. If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on
Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full
details can be found (e.g. contractor’s website or other locations ). The EIT standards can
be found at N/A

25.    Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number: 11-120-2144

26.    Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
database. Actively registered in CCR.

1b. Labor/Task Category Awarded Pricing ( Net Prices) SIN 653-8

Labor/Task             Best Customer           GSA/FED Hourly          GSA/FED Daily
Category               Pricing                 Pricing Base Year       Pricing Base Year
Senior Project         $56.18                  $54.92                  $439.36
Project Manager        $48.69                  $47.59                  $380.72
Supervisor             $35.00                  $34.21                  $273.68
Office Mover           $31.21                  $30.51                  $244.08
Office Packer          $32.21                  $31.49                  $251.92
Warehouse Staff        $33.59                  $32.83                  $262.64
Driver-CDL B           $33.71                  $32.95                  $263.60
Driver CDL B w         $52.69                  $51.50                  $412.00
24’ Truck
Driver –CDL A          $36.70                  $35.87                  $286.96
Tractor Trlr & Drv     $68.00                  $66.47                  $531.76
Install Planner        $43.00                  $42.03                  $336.24
Install Project Mgr.   $38.36                  $37.50                  $300.00
Install                $36.00                  $35.19                  $281.52
Install Laborer        $31.00                  $30.30                  $242.40
Storage at MOR         $. 45 per cubic ft.     $. 44 per cubic ft.     N/A
Warehouse              per month               per month
Personnel or           $50.00 per              $48.88 per              N/A
Equipment              occurrence              occurrence

Charge When No
Vehicle is Ordered

1. All exempt Labor/Task Category positions will escalate 3% during years 2-5 of the
Schedule Contract in accordance with Clause I-FSS-969 and the ECPI.

2. Overtime: Calculated as 150% of the rates detailed above for all labor categories.

3. Travel Time: Based on 1 hour at the applicable rates for all vehicles and all categories
of labor.

4. Fuel Surcharge:
   Cost of Diesel Fuel Per Gallon                                Percent Levied
   $ 2.60- $2.70                                                        1%
   $ 2.71- $2.80                                                        2%
   $ 2.81- $2.90                                                        3%
   $ 2.91- $3.00                                                        4%
   $ 3.01- $3.10                                                        5%
   $ 3.11- $3.20                                                        6%
   $ 3.21- $3.30                                                        7%
   $ 3.31- $3.40                                                        8%
   $ 3.41- $3.50                                                        9%
   $ 3.51- $3.60                                                       10%


   The Fuel Surcharge Percent levied will be applied to the transportation portion of the
   Invoice only. The surcharge amount is based on the most current weekly indicated per
   gallon price at the time a quote is provided to a customer. The per gallon price will be
   derived from the most recently posted Weekly Retail On-Highway Prices using the
   East Coast indicator as published by the US Department of Energy. The information
   can be obtained at

   If the fuel surcharge rises above the maximum displayed price ranges or percentages
   shown above, the MORLLC Fuel Surcharge Table shall be updated utilizing the same
   calculation method and shall be made part of the contract.

5. Minimum Hours:
   a. Weekday (straight time)- 5 hours plus travel time
   b. Overtime- 6 hours plus travel time
    c. Sunday/Holidays- 8 hours plus travel time

6. Tolls: As applicable

II. Packaging/Shipping Materials:

Description         Size                   Best Customer   GSA/FED Pricing
Commercial Tote     26”x 15”x 11” each     $2.25           $2.20
Small Box           17”x18”x13” each       $2.25           $2.20
File Box            16”x 12”x 10” each     $2.25           $2.20
Computer Bin        Dual Ply Each          $11.50          $11.24
Keyboard Bags       Minimum order 50       $.78            $.76
                    bags each
Wardrobe            22x24x48               $9.64           $9.42
Chair Bags          Each                   $1.45           $1.42
Paper Pads          Each                   $2.94           $2.87
Bubble Wrap         Small Bubbles 48’x     $150.38         $147.00
                    500’ roll
Packing Paper       25# bundle each        $8.00           $7.82
China Barrel        18”x18”x29” each       $7.50           $7.33
Duct Tape           3” per roll            $7.00           $6.84
Fiber Tape          2” per roll            $6.00           $5.87
Masking Tape        1 ½ “ per roll         $3.72           $3.64
Shrink Wrap         24”x 250 ft. roll      $24.00          $23.46
Plastic Moving      Rental per crate per   $2.97           $2.90
Crate               week


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