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                                         HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK AUT UMN BREAK 2009-10


To be done in separate practice register up to chapter work energy and power

For Slow learners and average students

      1)    Make master cards for quick revision of formulae and derivations chapter wise.
      2)    Solve and unsolved numericals from N.C.E.R.T

For Bright students

      1)   Download information upto chapter work energy and power helpful in learning concepts on
      2)   Practice at least 10 questions each on IIT , AIEEE, and CBSE based questions
      3)   Make masters cards for quick revision of formulae and derivations chapter wise
      4)   Solved and unsolved numericals .


               AvakaSa gaRh kayaa-iNa

                      kxaa dSamaI

      1 AByaasa puistkayaaM paz catuqa-: evaM pHcama: ³p`%yayaa: tvyat\ AnaIyar SatR Saanaca\ Â matup\ ¸ iNaina ¸zk\ ¸tla\ ¸%va
      ¸Tap\ ¸DIp\ ¸ktR- kma- Baava vaacyama\´ ³pRYz 56 90´

      2 ivaValayapi~kayaa: hotu: laoK: .

                                                              kxaa navamaI

       1 AByaasa puistkayaaM navamaAByaasat: pHcadSaAByaasapya-ntM ir@tsqaanaanaaM pUit-: .

      ³tdntga-to laaoT\ lakar p`yaaoga¸ ivaiQailaDMga\ lakar p`yaaoga: evaM kark p`yaaogaa: saint .´

      ³pRYz: 75102´

2 sainQ`aka inamaa-Nama\\

  ³Anvayaa: ¸Apizt AvabaaoQanaM¸ vyaHjana sainQa ¸ ivasaga- sainQa ¸ sainQacCod:¸ s~I p`%yayaa: ´

  3        ivaValayapi~kayaa: hotu laoK: .

                kxaa AYTmaI
1 Qaatu $paiNa p` + ivaSa\ ³pHca lakaroYau´

             P`acC\      ³pHca lakaroYau´

             nama\       ³pHca lakaroYau´

             kR       ³pHca lakaroYau´

2 Sabd$paiNa          yat\ ³sava-naama Sabd´

              tt\ ³sava-naama Sabd´

              ikma\ ³sava-naama Sabd´

3 p`%yaya:        tumauna        ³dSa dSa p`%yaya yau@t Sabd:´

        @%vaa            ³dSa dSa p`%yaya yau@t Sabd:´

        lyap\         ³dSa dSa p`%yaya yau@t Sabd:´

        @t          ³dSa dSa p`%yaya yau@t Sabd:´

        @tvatu         ³dSa dSa p`%yaya yau@t Sabd:´

4 Apizt AvabaaoQanama\           ³p`SnaanaaM ]%traiNa ilaKt´

5 AnaucCod laoKnama\             yaqaa   sadacaar:

  (2)                    saMskRtvaaNaI



                  kxaa saPtmaI

1 Qaatu $paiNa vasa\ ³pHca lakaroYau $paiNa ilaKt´

             dRSa\ ³pSya´³pHca lakaroYau $paiNa ilaKt´

             pca\ ³pHca lakaroYau $paiNa ilaKt´

2 Sabd $paiNa ilaKt tt\       ³i~Yau ilaMgaoYau´
                     nadI    ³[-karant s~I ´

                     vaair   ³[karant napu´

              iptR     ³?karant pu´

   3 ]ccaarNa sqaanaaina         ³pRYz 86´

   4 ekt: pHcaaSat\ pya-ntM gaNanaa ³1 50´

   5 inabanQalaoKnama\ yaqaa iSaYTacaar: BaartIyasaMskRit: sa%saMgait ³2´

6 inamnailaiKt SabdanaaM vaa@ya p`yaaogaM kR%vaa ilaKt

AiBat: ¸sava-t: ¸inakYaa ¸ pirt: ¸ p`it ¸ ivanaa ¸sah ¸ nama: ¸ ]pir ¸ AQa:

             kxaa YaYzI

                 1       AhM namaaima SlaaokaoM kao ilaKkr yaad krao .
                 2       SarIr ko AMgaao ko naama ilaKkr ica~ banaaAao .
                 3       Paz\ sqaa naI gama\ Qaatu $p laT\ lakar tqaa laRT lakar maoM ilaKao tqaa yaad krao .
                 4       ek sao baIsa tk iganatI saMskRt mao ilaKkr yaad krao.
                                                                XII Class

                                              Holiday Homework Autumn Break 2009-10


To be done in separate practice register from chapter Electrostatics to E.M.Waves

For slow learners

     1)     All formulas
     2)     N.C.E.R.T Numericals solved and unsolved

For Bright students

     1)     Practice of study material issued by website www.zietmysore.com
     2)     Solved and unsolved numerical from, N.C.E.R.T
     3)     Practice at least 10 question each from IIT , AIEEE , CPMT

          Economics Holiday Homework


     1.     Define
                 (i)        Resources
                 (ii)       Goods
                 (iii)      Service
                 (iv)       Market
                 (v)        Economy
                 (vi)       Marginal Rate of Substitution
                 (vii)      Positive economics
                 (viii)     Normative economics
                 (ix)       Scarcity
                 (x)        Utility
                 (xi)       Marginal utility
                 (xii)      Total utility
                 (xiii)     Marginal rate of transformation
                 (xiv)      Cost
                 (xv)       Average cost
                 (xvi)      Total cost
                 (xvii)     Marginal utility

     2.     Difference between;-
                 (i)       Variable cost and Fixed cost
                 (ii)      Short run cost and Long run cost
                 (iii)     Normal good and Inferior good

     3.     What are the economies of scale? Give example and define internal and external economies of scale.
     4.     Define diseconomies and give examples.
     5.     Distinguish between Law of Variable Returns and Law of Returns to Scale.
     6.     Practice at least 5 questions each of Production and Income method.

                                                                  XI –C

           1.    Solve second unit test paper and again correcting the mistakes done earlier.
           2.    Read chapter-2 “Indian Economy” and highlight important points.



1.Read chapter-3 of your economics book and find out at least 5 extra question.

                          Answer those question in your home work note book.

                SOCIAL SCIENCE


     1.    Read chapter 5 of your history, civics, geography book .
     2.    Do the definitions given in Glossary in your note book. In case any word in definition is not clear find out the meaning from
           dictionary and write the meaning in note book .

                                                 Holiday Home work for Autumn Break



1.Exe rcise 7.3 Q.No.-1,2,3,4.

2. Exercise 7.5 Q.No. 1,2,3

3. Add With the help of Diagram
          i) 2/5+3/5        ii) 1/8+1/8

4. Page 146 Ques of Try These Coloumn

5. Activity:

   Prepare a flag and colour it. Guidelines as given Under:-

          i)              take a card board of size 15cm. by 12cm.
          ii)             divide it into any no. of equal parts
          iii)            draw any symbol at the centre.

                                                    Holiday Home work for Autumn Break



     1.          Do Exercise 7.2
     2.          Page 148 Ques of Try These Coloumn
     3.          Page 145 & 146 Ques of Try These Coloumn
     4.          Page 143 & 144 Ques of Try These Coloumn

     5.          ACTIVITY WORK

                   Prepare Power Point Presentation on any one of the following:-

                   i)           Congruence of Triangle
                   ii)          Lines & Angles
                   iii)         Properties of triangles

                                                    Holiday Home work for Autumn Break



1.Chapte r 1 –All solved examples

2. Chapte r2 –Exercise 2.2 Q.No.14,15,16& Exercise 2.4 Q.No. 7,8,9.

3. Chapte r 4-Exercise 4.5 Q.No.2,3,4

4. Chapte r 6-Examples 10,11,12,13.

5. Chapte r 7- Exercise 7.2 Q.No. 1(V,VII,IX,X)

6. Chapte r 8 – Exercise 8.3 Q.No.8,9,11,12.

7. Chapte r 9- Exercise 9.1 Q.No. 4(b,c), Exercise 9.3 Q.No.5

                           Exercise 9.4 Q.No.3(V,VII,VIII)

                                                    Holiday Home work for Autumn Break

                                                                Class IX

     1.     Do Ques of Exercise 8.1 Q. no 1,2,9,10,11
     2.     Prove the following
                 i)         The diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other
                 ii)        Show that each angle of a rectangle is a right angle.
                 iii)       Show that diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular to each other.
     3.     Activity (Do any one of the following)
            i)Model to verify that sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 degree

            ii)Power Point Presentation on

                  a)   Types of Quadrilaterals
                  b)   Types of Triangles
                  c)   Identities you have learnt so far

                                               Holiday Home work for Autumn Break


                                                                 Class X

1. Project Work on any one of the following

     i)          Types of Numbers (eg. Twin no. , Coprime No……etc)
     ii)         Trignometry and its use in daily life
     iii)        Types of Quadrilaterals and their properties.
     iv)         Life of great Mathematician (any three)

     2. Solve question paper of Selection Test

     3. Do Ex-9.1 (of T Book) Q. no-11,12, 13,14,15,and 16

     4. Do Ex – 6.6( of text book) Q. No 1,2,3,4 and 5

                                               Holiday Home work for Autumn Break


                                                                Class XI

  1.Trigonometric functions- Exercise 3.3-Q.no.18to25

                                &Solved Examples 20 to 24.

2. Complex Number- Solved Example 12,13,14,15,16 & Miscellaneous All Questions

3 Linear Inequations – Exercise 6.3 Q.No.-12,13,14,15& Miscellaneous Question no.3,4,9,10,12,13.
4. Pe rmutations& combinations- All Solved Examples & Miscellaneous All Questions.

                                               Holiday Home work for Autumn Break


                                                               Class XII

    Do &Re vise All questions &solved Examples of (NCERT) of the following chapters

    1.    Continuity &Differentiability
    2.   Application of Derivatives
    3.   Integration (Excluding Application of derivatives)

    Re vision Test of above will be on 6/10/09.



    1.   Down load information about deserts & its animals and plants from internet.
    2.   Down load pictures, information on Dussehra.
    3.   Collect pictures, information on mountaineers and famous mountains.
    4.   Three unseen passage with question and answer.
    5.   Three messages.
    6.   30 phrasal verbs.

  CLASS – VI – A, B, C

    1.   Paragraph – 100 words each
    a)       My home
    b)       My garden
    c)       My neighbour
    2.   Find 50 words from news paper – make sentences with them.
    3.   Summary of any episode from discovery channel.
    4.   Discover about yourself then write a small account of it.
    5.   Gather information on astronaut from net and write them in your notebooks and paste it.


    1.         Down load information from net about animals and their young ones.
    2.         Down load information, images from net about any desert region, lifestyle, and occupation as per the desert climatic
    3.         Write a paragraph on your school library – a storehouse of knowledge and paste any relucnt picture.
    4.         Surf internet & collect information &images about different kinds of vehicle. (Air, water, land).
                                                  ivaYaya - ihndI

                                                  kxaa – VII – A,B,C

      1.         rhIma ko daoho ilaKkr – yaad krao .

      2.         idpavalaI %yaaohar pr AaOr maora ip`ya Kola pr inabaMQa ilaKoM .

      3.         rhIma ko daoho ica~a saiht ilaKkr yaad kroM .

      4.         10 mauhavaro Aqa- saiht vaa@ya banaaAao .

      5.         pZ,ae gae pazaoM ko p`Sna – ]<ar tqaa AByaasa yaad kroM .

                                        kxaa – VIII – A, B,C

      1.         saudamaa cairt, paz kI caaOpa[-yaaM ilaiKe .

      2.         praopkar AaOr AnauSaasana pr inabaMQa ilaKoM .

      3.         15 mauhavaro Aqa- ilaKkr vaa@ya banaaAao .

      4.         15 ]psaga- lagaakr tIna tIna Sabd banaaAao .

      5.         pZ,ae gae pazaoM ko p`Sna - ]<ar yaad krao .

                                       kxaa – IX –A,B,C

     1.          bahadur baalak yaa baailaka pr ]sakI bahadurI ka Anauc_od ilaKao .

     2.          BaartIya svaaQaInata saMga`ama maMo Baaga laonao vaalaI maihlaaAaoM ko ica~a saiht naama ilaKao .

     3.          AnauSaasana AaOr samaya ka mah%va pr inabaMQa ilaKao .

     4.          15 mauhavaro ilaKkr ]nako vaa@ya banaaAao.

                paz pa^Mca ka Apizt gaGaaMSa ilaKkr ]samaoM ide gae p`SnaaoM ko ]<ar ilaKao .
               ; SUBJECT-BIOLOGY

 1.   Write model answers to all questions in selection test paper, including both the options of questions with choice
 2.   Complete the project allotted for submission in the practical exam & submit the write up on reopening of school after the autumn
 3.   solve the questions from chapter 1-10 from the hots – study material posted on ziet website-www.ziet.mysore.org.

      1.     Write the model answers to all questions in the second unit test question paper
      2.     Draw neat labeled diagrams of digestive, circulatory &reproductive systems of earthworm, cockroach & frog


      1.     Write answers to question number 1-10 from exercises on chapter-9 Animal Reproduction
      2.     Solve the second unit test paper
      3.     Perform an activity of your choice from chapter -11, 12, 13


    I.       Solve the UT paper.
   II.       Make the PowerPoint presentation from any chapter given in NCERT(Min 20 slides).
  III.       Practice the Exercise of Thermodynamics in assignment copy.
  IV.        Learn the schemes for systematic salt analyses of cations and anions.

                                                            Holidays Homework


                                                                 Class XII

 i.           Solve the selection test paper.
ii.           Practice the following rxn/mech.
                I. Sandmeyrs reaction.
               II. Electrophillic substitution rxn
              III. Finkelstein rxn
             IV. Diazotization rxn
               V. Nucleophillic substitution rxn
             VI. Mech of Sn1 and Sn2
             VII. Elemination rxn
            VIII. Wurtz rxn
             IX. Wurtz fitting rxn
               X. Halogenation
             XI. Nitration
             XII. Sulphonation
            XIII. Fitting rxn
           XIV. Mech of preparation of alcohol by alkenes
            XV. Hydroboration-Oxidation
           XVI. Prepn of alcohol by grignard reagent
           XVII. Prepration of phenols from
                         1) Haloarenes
                         2) Benzene sulphonic acid
                         3) Diazonium salt
                         4) Cumene

       XVIII.     Acidity of alcohol
        XIX.      Oxdn of alcohol
         XX.      Electroplillic aromatic substitution
        XXI.      Kolb‟s reaction
        XXII.     Reimer-Timann rxn
       XXIII.     Rxn of phenol with zinc
       XXIV.      Oxdn
       XXV.       Dehydration of alconol
       XXVI.      Willamsans synthesis

             Sard kailana AvakaSa
    gaRh kaya-


                    kxaa – CzIM „ba‟

   1.        pZ,ae gae pazaoM sao p`Sna-]<ar tqaa AByaasa yaad krao.
   2.        samaacaar p~ - pZ,kr khanaI, kivata, ivacaar Aaid kI kiTMga kr ko ApnaI fa[la yaa ka^pI maoM icapkaAaoM.
   3.        inabaMQa ilaKao :


   4. p~ - ApnaI BaUla ko ilae xamaa yaacanaa hotu p~ ilaKaoM.

5. ApnaI paz\ya pustk sao ek kivata yaa ]nasao saMbaMiQat

  kao[ Anya kaivata caaT- pr ilaKao.

                  HO LIDAY HOMEWORK


                            Business Studies

         Objective Type Questions:

   1.    What does „Centralised Control‟ in MNCs imply?
   2.    Who reconstruct or rehabilitate the sick public sector units?
   3.    Give the classification of organizations on the basis of ownership?
   4.    What are the different options to expand sole proprietorship business?
   5.    What is the maximum number of partners in partnership firm?
   6.    Which warehouse is available on rent for small organizations?
   7.    What are the recent modes of communication?
   8.    What is the common mode of payment under e-commerce?
   9.    Write the full form of B.P.O and K.P.O.
   10.   Name any two risk involved in e-commerce.

         Long Answer Questions:

   11. Why are E-business and outsourcing referred to as the emerging mode of business? Discuss the factors responsible for the
       growing importance of these trends?
   12. Discuss the limitations of electronic mode of doing business. Are these limitations severe enough to restrict its scope? Give
       reasons for your answer.

         Group Discussions:

   13. Read and analyse the “Security and safety of e-transaction: e-business risks” with the help of different medias or books for group
       discussions to be held on 6 th October.2009.

         Proje ct Assignment:

   14. Make a list of Indian Companies entering into Joint Venture with Foreign companies. Find out at least ten benefits derived out of
       such ventures with suitable examples.
                    HO LIDAY HOMEWORK



 O bje ctive Type Questions:

1. How will direct payment by customer affect the pass book balance?

2. Give any one difference between a subsidiary book and principal book.

3. Why is „Journal Proper‟ maintained?

4. Give two examples of entries which appear in a journal proper?

5. Why is petty cash book maintained?

6. What is meant by debit balance in Pass Book?

7. Name two items which are written in add column while starting with debit

  balance of cash book.

 Long Answe r Questions:

8. What do you mean by Bank Reconciliation Statement? Why is the

   preparation of BRS necessary?

   Practical Problems:

  Do question no 15, 22, and 29 to 33 of B.R.S from T.S Grewal.

Application Type Questions:

     1.    In cash Book –cash column cannot have a negative balance that is payment cannot be more than cash balance in hand? Why?
     2.    Grand Marketing has two Bank Account, one in S.B.I and another in P.N.B. Rs. 50000 were transferred from SBI to PNB. What
           entry will you pass to record the transaction in the cash book?
     3.    Anil, the petty cashier of ebony has an imprest of Rs 5000 out of which he pays for petty expenses. He submits th e details of
           payments every 15 days which is reimbursed to him. He submitted the report for the 15 days on is 200 amounting to 4900. He
           has with him unpaid expense voucher amounting to 2500. How much amount should be paid to him?
                     HO LIDAY HOMEWORK


                               Business Studies

    1.     Prepare selection test paper of „Business Studies‟ for retest after holidays.
    2.     Answer all the objective Type Questions mentioned in latest CBSE
         Sample Paper-I & II and Delhi -2009 paper.

    Application Type Questions/HO TS (3-4marks)

    1.  Identify the type or dimension of environment to which the following are related:
              a. Banks reducing interest rates on housing loans.
              b. An increasing number of working women.
              c. Booking of air tickets through internet.
              d. Alcohol beverages are prohibited to be advertised on „Door Darshan‟.
    2. Mohan and Sohan are friends working in surya Ltd. as Production and Sales manager respectively. In an interdepartmental
        meeting Sohan informed Mohan about a change in the marketing policy of the company.
              a. Identify the type of communication used in the above example.
              b. Name & explain any two networks of the type of communication identified in part (a).
    3. The employees of Manik Ltd., a software company, have formed a
      dramatic group for their recreation. Name the type of organization so

         formed and state its three features.

    4.     You are a management guru. You have been asked by a business firm to make its managers understand the importance of
           controlling. Give any four arguments.
    5.     In your school, you observe that books are kept in office, chalks in the library and office records in the staffroom.
           How will that affect the achievement of school objectives? Which aspect of management is lacking here and why? As a manager,
           what steps will you take to rectify the short comings?

                                   HO LIDAY HOMEWORK



 1. .Prepare selection test paper of „Business Studies‟ for retest after


 2. Answer the entire objective Type Questions mentioned in latest CBSE

     Sample Paper-I & II and Delhi -2009 paper.

3. Solve all the questions of those units that have been discussed till yet

     mentioned in Delhi-2009 paper .

                                    HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK

1.The students will visit National Museum during autumn break and prepare a report on the tour and the importance of the tour?
2.Question paper questions will be done as a holiday home work?
3.What are four varnas and what were the functions?
4.What were various states and name their capitals during Mahajanpadas periods?
5.What was Ashwamedh yajna ? Who were invited to it?
6.Who we re Gautam Buddha and Mahavir Jain ? What were their teachings?
7.What was importance of taxes? How these were collected?

1.How is “trabeate” principle of architecture different from the “Arcuate”?
2.What is Shikara?
3.What is Pie tra-dura?
4.What are the elements of a Mughal chahar garden?
5.Paste monuments of Mughal period?

1.          Glossary words-
    Ste reotype.
If you have someone working as a domestic help in your house or locality talk to her and find out a little bit more about type . Who
are he r family members? Where is her home ? How many hours does she work ? How much does she get paid? Write a small story
base d on these details?

Tick the correct answer –
 (a)Mosses and lichens found in :
   1) Desertic vegetation
   2) Tropical Evergreen forest
   3) Tundra vegetation
 (b)Thorny bushes are found in :
   1) Hot and humid tropical climate
   2) Hot and dry desertic climate
   3) Cold polar climate
 (c) In tropical evergreen forest one of the common animals is :
   1) Monkey
   2) Giraffe
   3) camel
 (d) One important variety of coniferous forest is :
   1) Rose wood
   2) Pine
   3) Teak
 (e) Ste ppe grassland is found in :
   1) South Africa
   2) Australia
   3) Central Asia
2. Match the following :

i) Walrus                     a) Soft wood tree
    ii) Ce dar                    b) An animal of tropical deciduous forest
   iii) Olives                    c) A polar animal
   iv) Ele phants                  d) Temperate grassland in Australia
    v) Campos                      e) A citrus fruit
   vi) Dawns                      f) Tropical grassland of Brazil
  6. For fun fill the crossword table( from Chapter -6 of geography book)


Q.1- What was Birsa‟s vision of a golden age? Why do you think such a vision appealed to the people             of the re gion?

Q.2-What was the demands of Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi that was refused by the British ?

Q.3- In what ways did the British change their policies as a result of the Rebellion of 1857?


Q.1- Write in your own words what you understand by the term „rule of law‟. In your response include a fictious or real example of
a violation of the rule of law.

Q.2-Write glossary words of lesson-5?

   1. Acquit

   2. To appeal

   3. Compensation

   4. Eviction

   5. Violation


Q .1- Give reasons :-

      a) In India agriculture is a 0primary activity.

      b) Diffe rent crops are grown in different region.

Q.2- Distinguish between the following :-

      a) Primary activities and tertiary activities.

      b) Subsistence farming and intensive farming.

Q.3- Give reason :-
     a) Environmental aspects must be carefully looked into before building huge dams.
     b) Most industries are concentrated around coal mines.
     c) Pe troleum is referred as “Black gold”.
     d) Quarrying can become a major environmental cause.

  S.S.T (H.H.W)

Q.1 Discuss the significant difference between Himalayan and the Peninsular rivers ?
Q.2 Compare the East flowing and the West flowing rivers of the peninsular plateau ?

Q.3 What were the two construction related mitigation techniques referred to in the story?

Q.4 What were the contents of the disaster preparedness and response plan?

Q. 5 Explain briefly the factors which led to the enclosures in England?
Q. 6 Who was Captain Swing? What did the name symbolize or represent?
Q. 7 Why were Indian farmers reluctant to grow opium?

Q.8 Why do we need a constitution?
Q.9 Define the terms :-
   a) Apartheid
   b) Constituent Assembly
   c) Constitution
   d) Preamble
Q.10 Give the guiding values of Indian constitution?

1. Why was the first world war referred as the first modern Industrial war?
2. Critically examine how the British companies gradually asserted monopoly right in India?
3. Explain 3 reasons for the decline of Indian textile industry by the end of 19th century?
4. “In many parts of world the expansion of trade and a closer relationship with world economy also        meant a loss of freedom
and livelihood.” Justify the statement by giving examples?

1. What is rat hole mining?
2. What is essential to prevent mining from becoming killer industry?
3. Why was Gramodan and Bhoodan movement called as Blood loss revolution?
4. Which type of millets is rich in iron, calcium, other micronutrients and roughage?
5. Discuss the occurrence of minerals and there formation?

1. Why de posits in the bank account are called demand deposits?
2. Why banks are willing to lend to the poor organized in SHGs ?
3. Give a fe w examples of industries where the small manufacturers have been hit hard due to competition.
4. What is the main source of income for bank?
5. What complaint do farmers of developing countries have against developed countries government?

1. If castism and communalism are not considered for the society than feminism is considered healthy as all these three divides the
society on the lines of caste, religion and gender? Justify
2. “Politics base d on caste identity alone is not very healthy in a democracy” Give your opinion
3. “Political parties are partial, partisan and lead to partition. Parties divide the people” Do you agree with the statement.

Holidays Home Work class-VII sc ience

     1.    draw neat and labeled diagrams of-
     (a)   human digestive system
     (b)   Digestive system of ruminant
     (c)   Human respiratory system
     (d)   Section of human heart

     2.    Solve Second Term Question paper
     3.    reasoning based paper from chapter 1 to 10 given in exercise

Holidays Home Work Class X (science)

Unsolved HOT S questions of chapter 1,2,3,6,8,10,11 of N.C.E.R.T from www.zietmysore.org
                                                         AUT UMN BREAK

                                               HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (CLASS-V)                         SUBJECT-ENGLISH

1.Revise all the syllabus covered so far.

2.Do atleast 3 unseen /Comprehension passage in holiday HW notebook.

3.Write a paragraph on the following topics:

i)Durga puja               ii)Dussehera

4.Write a letter to your friend inviting him to visit you during Dussehera holidays.

5.Read atleast one storybook given below:

i)Robinson crusce by Daniel Dafoe

ii)Gulliver Travels by Jonathan Swift

iii)Around the world in eighty days by Jules Verne

Write your views about the book read by you in a paragraph.

                                                                                             SUB- MATHS
           1.Do in H.HW notebook.
           i)Learn and write tables 2-20.
           ii)Find all factors of following
           iii)Find HCF by division method
           a)135,165 b)144,312
           iv)Prime factorisation of

           2.In Activity File                                                             i)Collect some old stamps.Place them on square
           paper and find their area & perimeter.
           ii)Make your own design using tile (pg -84)
           3.Make a toy wind mill using paper(pg-80)
           4.Complete magic square& hexagon in book(Pg-103,104)
           5.Look at the calendar (pg.107).Observe the pattern,find your own magic number.(Act.file)

           SUBJECT -EVS
           1.Visit all historical places and monuments of Delhi and paste their pictures in your scrap book.
           2.Go to National museum,Science museum,Rail museum and Doll museum.Write few sentences on each.
           3.If possible see one of the seven wonders of the world,TAJMAHAL and draw it.
           4.Name and paste5 pictures of astronaut.
           5.Name natural and man made sat ellite.
           6.Draw and label Solar System.

           SUBJECT -HINDI
           Note-work to be done in file
           1.Write a paragraph on DurgaPuja & Dussehera.Paste pictures.
           2.Write and paste the pictures of currencies of the countries given below:
           Saudi Arab,Japan,France,Italy,England.
           3.Write and paste the pictures of 5 things made with rice.
           Note-Work to be done in H.HW note book.
           4.Write five pages handwriting.
           5.Write a letter to your friend telling him how you spent your holidays?

           SUBJECT -MUSIC

1.Learn all alankars taught

2.Learn definitions of –laya,wadi-samwadi pakad,aroh awroh.
3.Learn the song (Tu hi ram hai tu rahim hai).

           SUBJECT - ENGLISH
           1.Write one page cursive handwriting daily.
           2.Learn and write the difficult words of the lessons:
           From poem Donkey to Scholar‟s mother tongue(5 lessons)
           3.Enrich your project files:
           i)Paste 10 news of ten days(main events)
           ii)Write 5 stories,5 poems from the magazines,newspapers and books other than the textbooks.
           4.Write paragraphs on Hellen Keller,Dussehera.

           SUBJECT - MATHS
           1.Learn tables from 12 to 20.
           2.Practice 10 sums of addition,subtraction,multiplication & division daily in your H.HW notebook.
           3.Read the lesson “Carts and Wheels”.

           SUBJECT -EVS
           1.Draw a picture of nest seen by you.
           2.Make a model of nest.
           a)3 animals living on land, water and trees.
           b)Birds who lay eggs.
           4.Draw birds feet, birds beaks(text book pg.no. 133-134)
           5.Solve IInd T erm Unit Test paper.
           6.Learn questions of lessons 13-14.

           SUBJECT -HINDI
           1.Make a boat and learn the poem “KAUN “.
           2. Write a paragraph on Gandhiji along with his picture.
           3.Write 5 Pages of Handwriting.
           4.Find 5 muhavareys from your book and make sentences.
           5.Read daily Newspaper(hindi).Cut and paste 2 main news.

           SUBJECT - MUSIC

1.Learn these songs:

i)ho jai paradhin nahi

ii)tumhi ho mata pita tumhi ho

iii)assamese song (aii matti te )

2.Learn all alankars taught

           1.Learn poems done in the class.
           2.Write 5 cursive writing pages in book.
           3.Project work(Draw and write poems Group wise)
           i)Balloon Man
           ii)Sea Song
           iii)T rains
           iv)What‟s in the mail box
           5.Paste pictures of means of communication.
           6.Write paragraph on:

           SUBJECT -MATHS
1.Make a model of a Clock.                                                         2.Do activities given on Pg.84 and 85 in
Activity file.

3.Learn multiplication tables from 2 to 20.

4.Write tables of 9 & 18 in activity file.

5.Prepare a chart showing your daily routine(T.B Pg no.112)

6.Write 10 sums of subtraction.


1.Make a toy train as given on pg.75.

2.Complete the exercise on Pg.77.

3.In the Activity file draw 5 vehicles and write for what they are used for.

4.Prepare 2 dishes at home without cooking e.g. lemon water,salad,bhel puri etc.

5.Revise lesson 11.


1.Write 10 pages handwriting.

2.Find out from the book:

i)any 10 opposite words

ii)any10 nouns

iii)any 10 verbs

iv)any 10 words containing nukte letters.

v)Write any 10 phrases and make sentences.

3.Do page no. 82,83,84 in textbook.

4.Prepare a beautiful chart.


1.Learn these songs

i)Hind desh ke niwasi

ii)tumhi ho mata pita tumhi ho

iii)tu hi ram hai tu rahim hai

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