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					                                                                                    Volume IV, Issue 7
            FAMILY HISTORY NEWSLETTER                                               July 2010

                              Compiled by Jackson and Sylvia Sonneborn, York, PA

                                                          • On the Home page, click Learn How to Use
      PROPOSED CHANGES TO NEW                             FamilySearch.
                                                          • Click any Help or Help with This Page link. Then
      FAMILYSEARCH AUGUST 2010                            click Tutorials and guides, which appears at
                                                          the bottom of the help panel.
At the present time, a beta (testing) of new              • On the Home page, click Help Center. Then click
features - intended to be implemented in                  the Training & Resources tab.
new FamilySearch in August - is going on in               Updates to the Temple Ordinances List
                                                          The Temple Ordinances List has these changes:
new FamilySearch. If these features work                  The New FamilySearch Web Site August 2010 1
during the testing, they will become part of              • If you assign an ordinance to the temple, you
the new site.                                             return to the spot on your Temple Ordinances list
                                                          from where you started instead of returning to the
New Features as of August 2010                            top of the list.
In this release, the system no longer allows you to       • If you cancel your reservation of a sealing
add new disputes. The system has been translated          ordinance, the system no longer also cancels the
into Russian and Italian. You will also see tutorials,    other ordinances for those same individuals.
updates to the Temple Ordinances list, and some           New Data Entry Templates
changes that help people enter names of Asian             The system now has two new data entry templates
ancestors.                                                to help with the entry of the names of ancestors from
Changes to the Dispute Feature                            Asia:
The dispute feature is being removed from the             • The Mongolian template provides fields in which
system. As a first phase, you can no longer add a         you can enter the names in Cyrillic and Roman
new dispute.                                              characters. The system identifies the characters as
You can still see disputes that were previously           Mongolian so they can be searched and displayed
entered. You can edit the notes of disputes that you      correctly.
added.                                                    Note: If you enter a name in Cyrillic characters using
You can also still remove your own disputes.              the Mongolian template and if you assign the
Eventually, all of the disputes in the system,            ancestor’s ordinances to the temple, the system
including their notes, will be moved to the discussion    sends the ordinances to the Hong Kong China
boards.                                                   Temple.
Instead of using disputes, you are encouraged to          If you use the Cyrillic template and if you assign the
work with other contributors to correct information:      ordinances to the temple, the system sends the
• You can work with a contributor directly. Click a       ordinances to the Freiburg Germany Temple.
contributor’s name to see if he or she has provided       • The Asian template is intended for use with Thai
contact information.                                      and Cambodian names. It contains fields for native
• You can also identify your concerns on the              and Roman characters.
ancestor’s discussion board. To see the discussion        These templates appear in a drop-down list in the
board, click the ancestor’s name to display the           bottom-right corner of the screens where you add
complete details. Then click Discussions, which is        and edit an ancestor’s name.
located in the lower-left side of the details.            Automatic Transliteration of Names from
New Languages                                             Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to Roman
The system has been translated into Russian and           If you enter a name in Traditional Chinese,
Italian. To change the language in which you use          Japanese, or Korean and if you use the appropriate
this system, click Update my user profile, enter          template for that language, the system enters the
your password, and click Preferences.                     name in Roman characters for you. The system
Tutorials You can now use tutorials to learn how          uses the Roman characters
use the system. You can get to the list of tutorials in   to improve the accuracy of the search and possible
several ways:                                             duplicates features. You can correct the Roman
                                                          characters if needed.

TOPIC OF DISCUSSIONS ON NFS                              details about a person, the marriage, or a
                                                         relationship in the family that takes you to a
I have been following this discussion with much          discussion of that detail. The originator of the
interest. All that have commented have given             discussion could flag that detail for the discussion.
good points. There are several documents in the
Help Center related to this Discussion feature.          It is good to discuss all of this in this forum as
Actually they are all a part of the segment of the       some of the movers and shakers of the program
Users Guide for nFS covering discussions. Here           are monitoring this forum, but I think it will make a
is a portion of document 1016381 on the                  bigger impact if everyone interested in this topic
advantages of discussions:                               provides feedback with this kind of information as
                                                         an enhancement request.
The discussions feature provides a cooperative
environment where issues can be discussed and            This feature has a lot of potential, but to be useful,
resolved. It has many advantages over the                it will have to evolve. I suspect the designers put it
dispute feature, which discussions will eventually       up at this time to get it started and also to see
replace.                                                 what additional things the "patrons" would suggest
                                                         before they proceed to improve on it. At least I
•Adding a dispute blocks a user's ability to make        hope so.
the needed corrections. Discussions do not.              Thanks to Bob Givens
•The dispute feature is not cooperative. It is
difficult to question a dispute, defend the disputed              ROOTS MAGIC NOTES
information, or add additional information that
identifies correct information.                          Those of us that are using RootsMagic and want
•The discussion feature lets you work with users         to know more about it should probably consider
who do not allow the system to display their e-          joining the RootsMagic forum. To review options
mail address or other contact information.               and      sign up       for the    forum    go    to
•The sources and reasoning required to resolve a         http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/other/Soft
dispute are valuable and should be preserved             ware/ROOTSMAGIC-USERS.html
with the record. Using the discussions feature to
coordinate corrections preserves this valuable           There are some really valuable tips presented
information     with    the    individual's  record.     there and a number of the forum members are
•A "discussion" sounds less contentious than a           well schooled in using RootsMagic software and
"dispute."                                               are more than willing to share their expertise and
Now that said I will add MHO on this feature. It         Howard
must be a work in progress. The ideal evolution of
this feature to make it totally and ideally functional   RootsMagic website (http://www.rootsmagic.com/)
would have it have include these features:               has some great, short tutorials; message boards
1) Requirement that all contributors to a                and a knowledge base (aka frequently asked
discussion provide email or snail-mail or phone          questions) section. They are all worth the time to
contact info. (In this I disagree with the above. If a   check out. I tend to get soooo excited to start a
patron doesn't want to provide a contact source, I       new software that I dive in before really becoming
don't think they should be allowed to voice their        familiar with all the things it can do.
opinions. - Again IMHO)                                  Good luck!
2) Each contributor to a discussion receives an          ~Pam
automated email when a discussion they are in is
added to. (Maybe a feature that they can turn this       I found Auto Match. After you open RM, click on
off if they desire?) Of course if they have no           the FamilySearch gray tree on the tool bar, it will
email, they wouldn't get a message.                      send you to FamilySearch Central. On
3) A notification tag placed on the discussion           FamilySearch Central at the top of the screen
button to make any visitor to that person aware          there is a list of choices: Find Matches, Share
there has been at least one discussion started.          Data, Ordinances, Temple Work, Import,
4) A flag that could replace the dispute symbol on       AutoMatch.

 Click on AutoMatch and it says: AutoMatch will      Understanding records for Icelandic
try to find FamilySearch matches for each            individuals created by the Extraction
unmatched person in your RM file. RM will            Program including individual names
automatically match your person to FamilySearch,     and place names       By Susan Koyle
but no actual data will be transferred between
you database and FamilySearch.
                                                     Note:       Recently two new knowledge
                                                     documents have been added to the
Just one more thought. Check out my blog as I
                                                     Knowledge Base in new FamilySearch.         I
have links to many training materials for all the
                                                     found them very informative, and I am also
software that is available at the FH centers, as
                                                     acquainted with the author Susan Koyle, who
well as many other training materials online. Look
                                                     was my mentor when I first entered the
towards the lower left column.
                                                     mission field.   I have included these two
                                                     knowledge documents with her permission.
Sue Maxwell
                                                     As I was working with patron Sandi Olsen
                                                     Sechrist in the FH Center last week, Sandi
                                                     mentioned the mess she is having with the
                                                     names of her ancestors from Iceland. I told
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah                   Sandi that amazingly a friend of mine had
                                                     just written a KD (knowledge document) with
http://www.archive.org/stream/pioneerspro            an explanation of naming features from
minen00esshrich#page/16/mode/2up                     Iceland.     So today, I publish this KD
                                                     especially for Sandi and all those of you who
                                                     have ancestors from Iceland.            SHS
                                                     Names were extracted from Birth and
http://www.lds.org/pa/display/0,17884,6684-          Marriage records in all parishes and counties
1,00.html                                            in Iceland. These records represent different
                                                     years but generally covered the early 1700’s
 FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE LISTS THE                      through 1885. Some of the individuals that
101 BEST GENEALOGY SITES FOR 2010                    were extracted were arranged into families. A
                                                     record of these families can be found in the”
                                                     Iceland: Historical Family Trees Database,”
Each year we are pleased to get our copy of
                                                     located in the Community Trees section at
Family Tree Magazine and find the list of the
                                                     labs.familysearch.org. There are over 72,000
best sites for genealogists for the year. Here is    families in this database, which has the
the link to the online version.                      source for the information attached to the
“101 Best Websites of 2010                           husband’s      record. With    the”   Iceland:
7/9/2010                                             Historical Family Trees Database” as a
By David A. Fryxell                                  guideline, it is possible to create families in
From state vital records and censuses to             newFamilySearch without researching the
historical books and immigration data, this          original sources.
year’s 101 Best Websites list features tools         Individual names
that can bust your brick walls -- but not your       Icelandic individuals do not have family
budget. “                                            surnames but have patronymic last names.
                                                     This means that the father’s first name
                                                     becomes the child’s last name with son or
                                                     dottir attached to the father’s name. Early in
                                                     the extraction process, the last names of
                                                     females were changed to son in an effort to
This is a good magazine to subscribe to.             standardize the names in English. Many
                                                     Icelandic first names end in “ur,” but this
                                                     suffix was dropped from the names as well.

Therefore, depending on the time frame that        When combining duplicate records for
the name was extracted, the same person            individuals from Iceland, be sure to do the
could be listed in new FamilySearch in several     following:
different ways: Sigridur Jonsdottir could also     1. Compare the names carefully. Make sure
be listed as Sigrid Jonsson, Sigridur Jonsson,     the father’s first name is the last name of the
or Sigrid Jonsdr. This makes it difficult to       individual you are linking to a family. These
compare records and accurately combine             must always be the same. Children of
them into one individual file. Also, I, e, and a   Arnfinnur Jonsson will all have the last name
are interchangeable in the names.                  of Arnfinnsdottir or Arnfinnson. The father’s
The Icelandic alphabet contains characters         last name of Jonsson becomes useless in this
that don’t exist in the English language. The      process.
most problematic of these is the enlarged P at     2. All four component of the place name must
the beginning of a name such as Þingeyja.          match. The names of farms, parishes and
This character has the sound of “th” and the       counties have been entered in various ways.
word would be spelled Thingeyja in English.        3. The birth dates in the record are critical.
There are other characters as well, but they       Birth or christening dates two years apart for
look and sound like an English letter that can     the same name in a family are probably
be substituted.                                    different individuals. Many families have
Place Names                                        several children with the same name. Do not
All farms in Iceland have names. The record        combine children with the same name in a
for a birth or death should have four              family unless you are sure they are the same
components: the farm name, the parish              individual with the same birth year.
name, the county name and Iceland.                 4.    Compare the       information   in   new
Sometimes the farm name and the parish             FamilySearch with the information in the
name were the same, so only one is                 Iceland: Historical Family Trees Database to
displayed. Marriage and christening records        determine family connections.
have three components: the parish name, the
county name and Iceland. Because the names         Why do ordinances show              completed    for
in Iceland are long, they have been                ancestors from Iceland?
abbreviated       (A-Brds       for      Austur-
Bardarstrandar) or shortened (Vellir for Vellir    Names were extracted from Birth and
I Svarfadardal) so they will fit on the paper      Marriage records in all parishes and counties
family group sheets. This makes it difficult for   in Iceland. Most of the extracted names have
the researcher to match the places where           had ordinances completed and therefore are
events occured.                                    in new FamilySearch, but have not been
The following are all the same place:              combined into families.
Mula, Kirkjubol I Langadal, Nordur-Isafjadar,
Iceland                                            Thanks to Susan Koyle
Mula, Kirkjubol, N-Isfj, Icln
Mula, Kirkjubollangadal, NordurIsafjadar, Ice
Some counties have the same name but have
prefexes of north “nodur” or south “sudur.”
                                                   Salt Lake Family History Expo
                                                   South Towne Exposition Center
When abbreviated the prefix was changed to         9575 South State Street
just the first letter. Parish names that are       Sandy, Utah 84070
three words have been shortened to just the        Registration: Early bird $55 through July 30th
first word. Some parish names have been run        August 27-28, 2010
together into one word. County names have
been elongated, shortened, or abbreviated. In
addition, the same parish names can be found
in several counties.
Combining duplicate records and pulling
families together

INFORMATION FOR NEW FAMILY                              Use your iPad with new FamilySearch
                                                        Here is a good article about featherweight
Please, Please, ask new directors to contact            laptops, etc. from Kim Komando.
familysearch Support at the free phone number           http://www.komando.com/tips/index.aspx?id=9157
and ask to be put through to FH CENTER
Support. There are new forms that need to be            I have MobileTree, and it's a wonderful program
filled out when FHCD's change over.      Also           that lets me view my nFS data on the go. I use it
Support can give the new director some very             in conjunction with several other apps and I can
useful training.                                        do research in the car while traveling.

Wendy Quirke                                            Here's the caveat:          yes, iPad will run
                                                        iPhone/iTouch apps, but many of them are written
Here is the link where you change hours, find           with the tiny 2x3 screen in mind. It is a mistake to
training documents, etc.                                assume that, just because it can run them that it
                                                        should. The iPad will greatly pixilate most of the
http://www.familysearch.org/eng/Library/FHCDir          apps we're talking about.
                                                        The moral of the story: look for trial, lite or free
                                                        versions to try first if there isn't a version made for
Here    is    the    link   to    change      hours:
                                                        iPad. It may not seem like much to spend $4.99
                                                        here or $2.99 there until it won't work right on you
http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library/fhcdirec        device. You wouldn't buy Windows 7 software for
tor/                                                    you XP system and expect it to perform at its
                                                        best. I think the analogy works here too.
Once you are in, then go to Library and then
Update           your        FH         Center.         Maureen
Information will allow you to change the hours.         Sent from my iPhone

I have always had trouble remembering how to            Mobile Tree doesn't sync yet, but it does connect
get into this, but actually did it from home today!     with NFS and runs on the iPod, so should run on
Maybe there is still some life left in the "Grey        the iPad.
Matter"                    after                all!    Here's the link http://www.mobiletree.me/ . I
God                                          Bless!     understand syncing is coming later.
                                                        Randy Bryson
                                                               FAMILY HISTORY EXPOS
LONDON and PROVO, Utah, July 15, 2010 --
Ancestry.com      Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOM) today             Thank you for signing up for a free account
announced the closing of its acquisition of             with Family History Expos. Your account
Genline.se, the leading Swedish family history Web
                                                        will allow you to receive our free E-News
Ancestry is excited to announce the launch of the       and Tips as well as the latest happenings at
Australia Birth, Marriage and Death Index, a            Family History Expos. We encourage you to
compilation of the records of those who were born,      tell your friends about Family History Expos
married or died in Australia between the years 1788     and our free e-newsletter. They can sign
and 1985. Ancestry costs for a subscription, but you
                                                        up and receive our free Research Calendar
can buy it by the month, and you can also use many
of its features without subscription. There is also a   and Timeline at http://www.fhexpos.com/ .
trial membership of 14 days.

    ONE SOURCE FH DATABASES                            compensation to maintain their collection, this
                                                       method enables more collections to be available for
World Vital Records + Webliography                     research. FamilySearch invests in private archives
                                                       by preserving records and making these collections
Ancestor Roots Information: OneSource                  searchable.
Genealogy and Family History Searchable
Databases, has been updated to include                 FamilySearch and some of these archives have
comprehensive national/area records data.              agreed by contract to allow access to those who
http://www.academic-                                   make a significant contribution to this process.
genealogy.com/ancestorrootsinformationdatabases.       Without premier membership, you can usually
htm                                                    search the indexes of these restricted collections;
                                                       however, the images may not be freely available.
Tom Tinney, Sr.                                        There are currently (as of June 2010) no collections
Who's Who in America,                                  that should require premier membership to view
Millennium Edition [54th]                              images. If you see records that require premier
through 2004                                           membership, please report that through the
Who's Who In Genealogy                                 Feedback link.
and Heraldry, [both editions]
Family Genealogy & History                             How do I become a premier member; are the
Internet Education Directory                           benefits available to everyone?
                                                       Yes, they are available to everyone through any of
                                                       the following methods:
                                                       Index records and earn 900 points within a calendar
John Demos changed the name of the group               quarter.
"The New FamilySearch" to                              Belong to a sponsoring organization, such as The
"http://www.facebook.com/l/d1579;new.fam               Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or
ilysearch.org".                                        another company or society that sponsors
                                                       Additional methods of contributing to FamilySearch
WHO ARE INDEXING’S PREMIER MEMBERS?                    may also qualify you for premier membership in the
In the Help Center in new FamilySearch...type in
premier and you will see:                              In the future, family history centers located around
Knowledge Base Document # 109840                       the world will receive access to these restricted
Premier Membership Frequently Asked Questions          collections as well.

General Questions:                                     Why do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of
                                                       Latter-day Saints receive Premier Membership
What is FamilySearch Premier membership?               status?

Premier membership gives you access to view            The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
information (images and indexes) in some record        the largest sponsoring organization of FamilySearch.
collections on FamilySearch.org that might otherwise   Funded by the contributions of its members, The
be unavailable or that you might otherwise have to     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invests
pay to view. While FamilySearch does not charge for    in records and resources for family history research.
viewing this information, sometimes the record         Access to these resources is extended to the
owners do.                                             general community whenever possible.

Why   does     FamilySearch    require      Premier    What is the difference between being a "member"
membership to view these images?                       and being a "Premier member?"

Since we do not own all of the collections we          A member is anyone who has registered for a
publish, and some record owners require                FamilySearch account. Some collections will require

the researcher to at least be a member in order to           Definitions:
view the information in the collection. A Premier            Calendar Quarter
member is someone who has qualified based on the             Three (3) months of a year; the four quarters are
guidelines indicated above.                                  defined as: January-March, April-June, July-
                                                             September, October-December.
Are there ever collections that a Premier member
cannot view?                                                 Collections                      A group of similar
                                                             records that is searchable on Record Search, such
Indexes for most collections will be available to            as England birth records, etc.
premier members; however, some archives require
that you view the images on their Web sites, and at          Restricted Collections
times they may charge to view those images.
                                                             Collections in which either its index or images
Indexing Specific Questions:                                 cannot be viewed without being a FamilySearch
                                                             member or premier member.
When do I have to earn points to extend my
membership?                                                  Member
You must earn 900 points during a calendar quarter.
The first quarter of the year is January through             Someone who has registered for a FamilySearch
March; the second quarter is April through June, etc.        account.
Once you earn 900 points, your premier status is
immediately given for the rest of the current quarter        Premier Member
and the next or following quarter. For example, if you
index 900 points during July, you will earn premier          Someone who has qualified to gain additional
membership that will last through December.                  access to record collections due to indexing 900
At the end of every quarter, the qualifying points are       points in a calendar quarter or being a member of a
reset to zero, much like a cell phone plan that does         sponsoring organization.
not carry over minutes between months.

Why is my expiration date "Never"?
If the expiration date is "Never," you are a member           FACEBOOK INDEXING RECORD
of a sponsoring organization that does not need to
earn points for premier membership.                          Nearly 115 million names have been indexed so far
                                                             this year using FamilySearch Indexing.
Why don't the names indexed add up to what the
points are?                                                  They have set a goal to index 200 million names this
Points are calculated from the number of names               year, and they feel they are on track to beat that.
indexed, and they are given based on the difficulty of
the record. Projects that are easier to index are            To keep updated on the stats, they are placing them
generally worth fewer points, but at least one point is      on their Facebook page. You can see how many
given for each name indexed.                                 names have been indexed so far this year, and even
                                                             how many names the top indexer has done each
How much do I have to index to earn 900 points?              week, and even sign in to index or even just sign up,
Indexing for approximately a half hour every week            right from this same Facebook page. You don't
would usually earn the qualifying 900 points in a            have to even be on Facebook as a user or have a
calendar quarter.                                            profile to see this.

 Where do I find out how many points I currently             You'll have to scroll down a bit to see the stats.
have? Sign in to the indexing Web site, and click My         They will be on the left.
History on the left to see your statistics. It will inform   Go here; this one does work.
you how many points you have and how many are                http://www.facebook.com/familysearchindexing
required for you to attain premier membership; or if
you are already qualified, it will tell you how many         James W. Anderson
points you need to earn during this calendar quarter
to retain your premier membership for the following

             Bogus Genealogy                               MIKE ABRAMSON WILL SPEAK ON USING
                                                              FACEBOOK FOR FAMILY HISTORY

by Chris Rodda                                          Our local Genealogy Club will be having a special
A company called The Historical Research Center         program on 30 Sep 2010 on just this subject. We
has ads plastered all over the Internet and on late-    meet in the LDS Chapel on Hollywood Drive at 7:00
night television, claiming to sell you the history of   pm SHARP. We have light refreshments and the
your family name. The company even claims to            meeting is open to all. Call Jack @ 717-757-2331
provide your “family coat of arms” on wall plaques,     for additional details. Mark your calendar to attend.
coffee cups, and other such mementos. There's only
one problem – it's all
                                                             Census of Ireland 1901/1911
Chris Rodda did some research into the Historical
Research Center and found some interesting facts.       All 32 counties for 1901 and 1911, searchable by all
For one, there is no such thing as a family coat of     information categories, are now available at
arms. (Any advanced genealogist could have told         http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/
you that). As you’ve probably guessed by now The
Historical Research Center is a pseudo-genealogy
franchise business. Don't be taken in!                   New Irish Church Records Online
                                                        FREE! Irish Genealogy, hosted by the Ireland
                                                        Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, has
    Uses for Facebook in Genealogy                      added a large number of new church records of
                                                        baptism, marriage and death to their free Web site,
       Network with other genealogists                 bringing the total to over 2 million church records
       Share what you know with the genealogical       from Dublin City and counties Kerry and Carlow,
         world. Create a Facebook Group page for        plus a subset from Roman Catholic parishes in the
         a specific topic, location, surname, or        Diocese of Cork & Ross. Check it out.
         ancestor.                                      http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/
       Create a Facebook Fan Page for a
         genealogical "product" to help others             Looking for Married Names
         understand what it is and what it can do for
       Set up discussions for Q&A, queries,
                                                        Know a woman's maiden name but not her
         research strategies, etc. using the            married name? Try these strategies:
         "Discussion" tab on Facebook group and
         fan pages.                                          1. Search legal documents, wills and
       Facebook group and fan pages have an                     probate records for her parents-a
         "Events" tab for you to invite people to                daughter may be named in them.
         participate in.                                     2. Seek out obituaries for siblings. Most
       Use the "Notes" tab to post research notes
         or stories.
                                                                 will list brothers and sisters among
       Use the "Photos" tab to share your ancestral             those "survived by."
         photos.                                             3. Check census records for her twilight
       Use the "Links" tab to share your favorite               years, when she may have been
         online resources.                                       living with a sibling.
       Third-part applications are available for            4. Ask, ask and ask. Even your near
         everything you can imagine (polls,                      and dear family members
         surveys, calendars, family trees, etc.)
                                                                 remember things differently.
Source: Cindy Howell, "Uses for Facebook in
                                                                 Source: Family Tree Magazine
Genealogy", Cyndislist Blog, Friday, April 16, 2010,             Newsletter, July 2010.
Read more.

            Consecrated Time                                1940 FEDERAL CENSUS
By Carol Kostakos Petranek
                                                        1940 census will be available April 2, 2012
“I glance up at the clock and am stunned to find that
almost two hours have passed. Where has the time
gone? I have been so focused on translating               Family History websites for
genealogy records that the minutes have seemingly
evaporated - but not into empty space. They have                  Beginners
passed into consecrated time.
                                                        Many websites can help beginners with
Consecrated time: a simple phrase with complex          family history research. This article lists
connotations. To "consecrate" means to make or          several and how to use them.
declare sacred; to devote to a purpose with deep
solemnity or dedication.
Consecration and sacrifice are correlated principles,
as stated by Elder Quentin L. Cook: "Sacrifice is the
crowning test of the gospel. It means consecrating
                                                                It’s MY Responsibility
time, talents, energy, and earthly possessions to
further the work of God."                               "Family history builds bridges between the
                                                        generations of our families, but not by
As we seek and find our ancestors and ensure the        accident. Each member of this Church has
completion of their ordinance work, we sacrifice our
time and resources to bless those whose lives made
                                                        the personal responsibility to be an eternal
ours possible. However, it is our attitude which        architect of this bridge for his or her own
determines if our time so spent is consecrated. Have    family. Not one of my children has any
we "declared" this work to be sacred? Are we            recollection of my grandparents. If I want
engaged in it with "deep solemnity and dedication?"     my children and grandchildren to know
It is our attitude that reveals whether we are
                                                        those who still live in my memory, then I
engaged because we "have to," because we "want          must build the bridge between them. I alone
to," or best of all because we "love to." (Consider     am the link to the generations that stand on
Elder Dallin H. Oaks's October 2007 General             either side of me. It is my responsibility to
Conference address, "Good, Better, Best") If we         knit their hearts together through love and
don't consider this sacred work, we can't count it as
consecrated time.
                                                        respect, even though they may never have
                                                        known each other personally. That which I
Both our spiritual growth and quality of life are       do not in some way record will be lost at my
eminently affected by the consecrated time we           death, and that which I do not pass on to
claim.” Source: Meridian Magazine, Monday, June         my posterity, they will never have."
28, 2010
                                                        Source: "Bridges and Eternal Keepsakes",
                                                        by Dennis B. Neuenschwander, Ensign,
                                                        May 1999
      National Archives Wiki                                   “Lost Family History"
The National Archives has started a wiki                Evidence has been found that William Tell
"for researchers, educators, genealogists,                  and his family were avid bowlers.
and Archives staff to share information and             Unfortunately, all the Swiss league records
knowledge about the records of the                        were destroyed in a fire, and so . . . .
National Archives and about their                          We'll never know for whom the Tells
research." Their wiki is located at:                                       bowled.

What does this picture mean to you?                       DAR Library Online Resources

                                                         The National Society Daughters of the
                                                         American Revolution (DAR) was founded to
                                                         be used as a resource by staff to verify
                                                         genealogies submitted by potential
                                                         members. Since 1900, the Library has been
                                                         open to the general public wanting to learn
                                                         more about their Revolutionary War
                      Ellis Island
                                                         Now some of their information is available
                                                         online through their website
              KEEP NOTES NEATLY
                                                         http://www.dar.org/ At their Online
Time spent writing something on paper and filing it is   Research section you can utilize The DAR
time well spent. Do not trust your memory, or you        Genealogical Research System, a
will find yourself back at the library again. Do not     combination of several databases to
write sloppily or you will misinterpret what you have    organize the large quantity of information
written. Do not use scraps of paper that are easily
                                                         that the DAR has collected since its
lost. Do not use a crayon or lipstick that will be
impossible to read next year.                            inception in 1890.
Source: "Time-Saving Tips for Genealogists", by
Michael John Neill, Genealogy.com                        Information in this database is of
                                                         Revolutionary Patriots whose "service and
                                                         identity have been established by NSDAR."
               Research Questions
                                                         Although not a complete list of patriots, it is
Ask personal questions about your ancestors other        a good starting point for research. After
than birth, death and marriage. Make a chart for         conducting a search on a patriot's name,
your ancestor with his name, birth, death, marriage,     you may find such information as the
spouse, etc. You might have a list of questions, for
                                                         patriot's date of birth, "name of spouse/s’
example,      Immigration,   Occupation,    Religion,
Adoption, Military Service, Spoke Foreign Language,      residence during the revolution, rank and
Family Stories about this Person. These questions        type of service, and the state where the
could also add some color into your gathering of         patriot served." You will also see the DAR
materials on your family as time goes by. After all,     membership numbers of women who have
genealogy is not just about birth, death and
                                                         joined DAR using information from that
marriage. We want to know about the history of our
family. You might just find some interesting facts on    patriot. You may also see an indication that
your family lines.                                       supporting documents or a descendant list
                                                         is available.
Source: "Tips on Gathering your Family Information,
'Research Guidelines'". Genealogical Journeys in
                                                         If you are having difficulty using or
                                                         understanding the database, don't hesitate
   "In this work we cannot fail if we do our part.       to check out the help section. This provides
The Lord will not permit us to fail. This is His         detailed answers about the database and
work. He will open doors in our genealogical             what information it provides.
research. He will bless us as we come to the
temple. No, we cannot fail."                             Source: Family History Expos.com, July 2,
 (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 163)

     Death Records: Thinking                    U.S. Census Mortality Schedules
           Creatively                                  by Dick Eastman
As with much genealogical research, death       Almost all experienced genealogists have
information can be difficult to find.           used the census records to find ancestors.
Statewide death record registration often       However, how many of us have used the
did not begin until the late nineteenth         Census Mortality Schedules? In fact, I have
century or even the early twentieth century.    to wonder how many of us even know what
Earlier death records were maintained at        the U.S. Federal Census Mortality
the local level (town, county, etc.) in some    Schedules are. And why would we find
jurisdictions, but not in all. Locating         them to be valuable?
information about the death of individuals
requires creative thinking and diligent         In 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, and 1900,
research.                                       the U.S. census enumerators were required
                                                to collect all the normal census information
Click on Death Strategies to view tips that     plus even more: information about all
can add significantly to your ancestral         persons dying within the 12 months
search.                                         preceding the census taking. These lists
 Source: GenealogyandFamilyHistory.com          are known as the "Mortality Schedules."
Blog, May 27, 2010                              Mortality data can prove very useful in your
 NARA Online Digitized Images
                                                Read Dick's very informative article at:
The National Archives, Washington DC,           Mortality Schedules
has made the following announcement:
                                                   Researching Your Quaker
Our digitization partners, Ancestry.com and               Ancestor
Footnote.com, have digitized selected
NARA microfilm publications and original
                                                   by Gena Philibert Ortega
records and made them available on their
                                                George Fox founded The Quakers, or the
web sites for a fee. Each partner allows free
                                                Society of Friends, in 17th century England.
searches of some or all index terms for
                                                Fox, like many of his time, did not like the
each title. Access to Ancestry.com and
                                                policies or practices of the Church of
Footnote.com is available free of charge in
                                                England. He wanted a more spiritual
all NARA Research Rooms, including those
                                                religion that believed in God making His will
in our regional archives and Presidential
                                                known to men and women without the
                                                interference of priests or ministers. Quakers
                                                were persecuted for the refusal to attend
The list below includes all microfilm
                                                Church of England meetings and to pay
publications and original records that have
                                                church tithes. Quakers did not suffer
been either partially or wholly digitized by
                                                persecution just in England. Massachusetts
the partners as of March 2010. The list will
                                                Puritans, between 1659 and 1661, hanged
be updated when additional materials are
                                                three Quakers who insisted on joining their
digitized. To view the list click on: NARA

By the time William Penn helped establish         guide not only explains how to use the
the colony of New Jersey and later                Encyclopedia     but    also    what      the
Pennsylvania, there were approximately            abbreviations used throughout the work,
50,000 Quakers in America. The Quakers            stand for. The Encyclopedia is available
ruled Pennsylvania as a "Holy Experiment"         through Genealogical Publishing Company
until 1756 when the military policies             or may be available at a public or university
associated with the French-Indian War             library near you. An online version can be
made it difficult if not impossible for the       found through Ancestry.com. To search the
peace loving Quakers to continue to               Encyclopedia through Ancestry, click on the
govern.                                           "Search" tab, then click on the link for "Go
           Quaker Genealogy                       to the Card Catalog," which is the card
For a list of Quaker Archives, see the            catalog for Ancestry.com resources. On the
website Quaker Information Center.                search page, type the word "Quaker" in the
                                                  keyword search box. Ancestry has other
The Quaker Corner provides researchers            Quaker records available for searching.
with lists of Quaker surnames and links to
online Quaker records, and it is the archive      Another book that can help with your
for the Quaker roots e-mail list archive.         research is Genealogical Publishing
                                                  Company's 1996 book, Our Quaker
Just like any group, Quaker research can          Ancestors: Finding them in Quaker Records
be a little different from non-Quaker             authored by Ellen Thomas and David Berry.
ancestors you have traced. For a glossary         A keyword search for "Quaker" on
on uniquely Quaker terms, consult the             Genealogical     Publishing      Company's
Quaker glossary. This web site is in English      website shows 23 hits that include research
and French.                                       how-to books, record transcriptions and
The American Friend Obituary Index,
available on the Earlham College Libraries        A subject search through the Family History
website, is an index of obituaries found in       Library Catalog for the term "Quaker"
the periodical the American Friend which          brings up various resources, including
was published from 1894 to 1960. The              histories and records. Resources include
majority of obituaries are Friends belonging      Quakers in the United States as well as
to the Five Years Meeting. This index is          England,    Australia,  Canada,     China,
alphabetical by surname and includes the          Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway,
deceased name, death date, place of               Scotland and Wales.
death, age or year of birth. This index does      Source: Family History Expos, Inc.
not contain the actual text of the obituary. If   Newsletter, June 2010
you would like the actual page, you can                         London Lives
request a photocopy from Earlham College
for $5.00 per obituary.                           This free website has posted 240,000 manuscripts
                                                  and 3.35 million names of "non-elite" 18th-century
An important book on Quaker Genealogy is          Londoners. Sources include criminal and court
                                                  records, parish registers, workhouse records and
Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American                more. Registration isn't necessary to search, but you
Quaker Genealogy. A guide to using this           can register to create a personal workspace and link
reference work is available online through        documents together into biographies.
Guilford College website. This one-page           http://www.londonlives.org/

     "A Celebration of Family
            History"                           Online Registration Now Open
                                               for the Baltimore Family
Click on this link to view four videos from
the National Genealogical Society's 2010
                                               History Workshop Sept. 11
conference in Salt Lake City, Utah: NGS
                                               We are pleased to announce that online
  PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR                       registration is now open for the 2010
                                               (12th Annual) Baltimore Family History
Don’t forget the Baltimore Family History      Workshop! The workshop is sponsored by
Conference scheduled for September 11th.       the Baltimore Maryland Stake of the Church
A bunch of us are going to present topics.     of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and
It is a very good event and worth your time    held in Essex, Maryland, on Saturday, Sept.
to       attend.    The      website      is   11.     Please visit our website at
http://www.baltimorefamilyhistoryworkshop      www.baltimorefamilyhistoryworkshop.org to
.org/ Plan now to attend.                      find out more and to register for up to 6 of
                                               our more than 50 exciting classes being
Have you started putting things on your        offered this year.
calendar for 2011? I’m not talking about
the holidays and birthdays, etc, but things    Karen Perry
you want to make sure you remember. I          Registrar/Assistant Directory
put things on my calendar, such as             Baltimore Family History Workshop
haircuts, Temple Trips, when I work the
FHC, Club board meetings and the regular
meetings. Others include birthdays, family
reunions, picnics, Church Conferences,         50 Best Genealogical websites
and of course the days that the Social
Security Check arrives.                        Here is a little something for you to play
                                               around with. Go to this website and look
Sylvia and I have put the first event on the   at the 50 Best Genealogical websites for
calendar that we need to prepare for in        2009. I found some sites that I never
2011. It is the Annual Lancaster County        knew               were              there.
Mennonite Historical Society’s Genealogy       http://www.digitalgenealogist.com/pubs/08
Conference being held on Saturday the          dgjulaugp512.pdf
2nd of April 2011. The conference is held
at their site on Route 30 near the Tanger
Outlets. We will be teaching the group                Thank you Governor
about the new FamilySearch, which could
be available for the public to use a few       I just renewed my driver's license for 4
months before the conference. Wouldn’t         more years. Here in PA, you can opt to
that be nice if the public would have          renew for 2 years if you are over 65.
access by then? Their website is               Remember Vance Packard's 'Planned
http://www.lmhs.org/ We are looking            Obsolescence'? Now, I am one.
forward to the conference and hope that
some of you in the area will attend. Jack

                Question:                              Digitize Your Life Online
Could you please explain the meaning of
                                                                – EOH
"once removed" when people refer to their
                                                 One of Dick Eastman's new projects
genealogy. I always used the 2nd, 3rd, etc,
                                                 involves digitizing most every document
when going back into my families. I was told
                                                 that he has and might need in the future
that it's wrong not to use the "once
                                                 and then having it available at his fingertips
                                                 at any time. You might consider doing the
                                                 same. Today's technology makes it simple
                 Answer:                         to have all your required documents
                                                 available on-line at any time. With today's
When the word "removed" is used to
                                                 technology, what Dick is suggesting is very
describe a relationship, it indicates that the
                                                 much a reasonable option that a person
two people are from different generations.
                                                 has. Not only can you buy gigabytes of
You and your first cousins are in the same
                                                 storage space but you can even buy
generation (two generations younger than
your grandparents), so the word "removed"
is not used to describe your relationship.
                                                 Most of us can hardly fathom that much
                                                 space. You can buy it for storage for your
The words "once removed" mean that there
                                                 own desktop computer, or you can rent
is a difference of one generation. For
                                                 space from companies who will store your
example, your mother's first cousin is your
                                                 records and update your files directly from
first cousin, once removed. This is because
                                                 your computer automatically every time
your mother's first cousin is one generation
                                                 there is a change or whenever you direct
younger than your grandparents and you
                                                 them to. The rental storage is referred to as
are two generations younger than your
                                                 cloud storage. These companies guarantee
grandparents.       This      one-generation
                                                 safety as they back up their data bases on
difference     equals    "once    removed."
                                                 several different servers to assure safety. If
                                                 one unit fails, there are several others that
Twice removed means that there is a two-
                                                 wont. An individual, ordinarily, has neither
generation difference, etc. Check out this
                                                 the money the time or the technical
website for more details and a helpful
                                                 knowledge to assure such safety for their
relationship chart to help you figure out how
different people in your family are related.
                                                     You know your addicted
             REMEMBER                                 to genealogy when...

Some family trees have beautiful                 Your idea of a fun vacation includes a
leaves, and some have just a                     library, a courthouse and a couple of
bunch of nuts. Remember, it is                   You introduce your children as your
the nuts that make the tree worth                descendants.
shaking.                                         Your dream vacation is to spend a week
                                                 at the LDS Library, in Salt Lake City.
~Author Unknown

 Consider Posting Some of Your                                     Question:
       Data to a Web site                      Is there a sure-fire way of getting two PAF
Letting others know about your research        files side by side on the screen at the same
interests is an excellent way to cut down on   time?
your research time, or to avoid spending
time researching records that others have      When I open the second one it closes the
already researched. Users of Family Tree       first one. I want to look at both of them side
Maker and Genealogy.com can easily post        by side if that can be done.
information on their own Web pages at
those Web sites. You can also post                                  Answer:
questions or brief information about your
ancestors to the appropriate bulletin board    Yes there is. In PAF, follow these steps:
at GenForum.                                   Select File > Open and select the first
Source:     "Time-Saving       Tips     for    Select File > Open and select the second
Genealogists", by Michael      John   Neill,   database.
Genealogy.com                                  Select Window > Tile Vertically (bottom of
                                               page on left hand side) and it will put them
                                               side by side.
Google Number Range Search                     This will work for other programs as well.
This little-known feature at Google.com
searches for a range of numbers. For                SYLVIA’S GENEALOGY CORNER
example, enter your ancestor and his birth
                                               Why do we hold reunions? Sometimes I think it’s just
and     death    years   [james   watson       a gathering to see how you compare to everyone
1842..1912]. Don't forget the two periods      else. Do you look as old? Is your car as new or
between the two numbers. You might also        prestigious? What college is your child attending?
try the previous search with quotation         Did you put on more weight than your cousin did?
marks surrounding the name of your             Reunions can be a hassle. But we attend. Two
                                               weeks ago we went to the Hott Reunion in Whitehall,
ancestor for an exact name search ["james      VA. Last weekend it was the Barefoot Reunion in
watson" 1842..1912]                            Windber. This coming weekend it’s another branch
                                               of the Hott Family in Capon Bridge, West Virginia.
                                               Then in September, there’s also my 50 high school
     National Archives Wiki                    class reunion. There’s food to carry, door prizes to
                                               buy, people to greet and for me, newsletters to write.
The National Archives has started a wiki
"for researchers, educators, genealogists,     The Barefoot Reunion Newsletter turned out to be
and Archives staff to share information and    40 pages. Now all of you already know that I am
knowledge about the records of the             quite prolific, so that should come as no surprise.
                                               The newsletter is posted on my Barefoot blog. If you
National Archives and about their              would like to take a look at it, just click on this link:
research." Their wiki is located at:           http://barefoot-family.blogspot.com/
http://www.ourarchives.wikispaces.net For
more       information,      click     here    But the reunion that I really want to talk about is the
Source: "Ancestry Insider", 7/9/2010           one Jack and I attended on July 27. We do not
                                               usually go to this reunion, but we received a call
                                               from a distant relative of mine named Jack Andrews
                                               who recently moved from Cumberland, MD, to TN.

He was inviting us to the Hott Reunion at the Old       gate. There is no road into the cemetery. It stands
Stone Church in Whitehall, VA. Twenty years ago         in the middle of a cow pasture, and 20 years ago we
my husband Jack and I had assisted with the             erected a barbed wire fence around it. We had cut
restoration of the old cemetery of my immigrant         brush and hanging branches, scrubbed the stones,
ancestor George Hott, who came to America in            and set them up in cement if they were loose. I was
1738, and is buried there with his family.              anxious to see how the cemetery had fared. In 1990,
                                                        after we had finished the restoration and taken the
George Hott, Sr., was married to Magdalena Shantz       photos, I had posted them on the USGenWeb
Hott, and they had 4 sons – George, Jr., John,          Tombstone Transcription Project, and 20 years later,
Henry, and Samuel. George, Sr., had come on the         they are still there if you would like to look at them.
Charming Nancy (ship) and landed in Philadelphia.
From there he went to the Berks and Chester             http://usgwarchives.net/va/frederick/photos/tombston
County area of Pennsylvania for a few years and         es/ghottsr/ghottsr.html If you click on the blue links,
then down to the Shenandoah Valley area, finally        you can see the old photos from 20 years ago. Here
residing in Whitehall, Virginia, which is outside of    is George Hott, Sr.’s, tombstone.
Winchester in Frederick County.
                                                        So returning was quite an excursion. We climbed
There he built a 16 room home on a large tract of       over a barbed wire fence and walked back to the
land, which he divided among his sons before his        cemetery. The old gate that Darrell Woodard had
death. His son George, Jr., remained in his father’s    built was still there, and Jack Andrews had painted it
home with his family. John went to Hampshire            for the reunion. My husband Jack’s metal sign was
County, and I am descended from his line. Henry         still there, and the barbed wire was rusty, but it and
and Samuel migrated to Pickaway County, Ohio.           the locust posts, which had been cemented, were
                                                        still standing, and we had kept the cows out.
The reunion we were invited to was the meeting of
the descendants of George, Jr. Many of his sons
became ministers, and one preached at the
Pleasantville U. B. Church (now Methodist) across
from the Hott home.        This group invited Jack
Andrews, Steve Hott, and us to their reunion to
recognize us for restoring the old George Hott
Cemetery 20 years ago from July 4-7, 1990. Jack
and I recalled that those 4 days were almost as hot
as the 103 degrees we encountered on July 27 in
the pavilion by the Old Stone Church, which is a
church built in 1820 not too far from the George Hott
Cemetery. We were sad that 4 of those who also
helped restore the cemetery have died in the 20
years since then: Mary Catherine Hott Kuykendall        A view of the George Hott Cemetery in 2010, twenty years
                                                        after Jack and I helped to restore it. Jack Andrews has
and her husband Bill, her son Darrel Woodard, and       done a fine job of keeping the weeds cut down.
my sister Eleanor Hott Kinnan have all passed away
since then.                                             Returning to the cemetery brought back a flood of
                                                        memories. I was sorry that my sister Eleanor was
The Old Stone Church is now a museum. It has a          not there to enjoy the reunion. I remembered the
large room for worshiping and a school classroom,       good times with the Kuykendalls and their son
where I am sure many of my Hott ancestors received      Darrell, all of whom have died. It was good to see
their education. The Stone Church has its own           Jack Andrews after 20 years, but we were sorry that
cemetery, and many of the tombstones are slabs of       Steve Hott could not be present because of other
stone as those in the George Hott cemetery are.         plans. Four of the 8 are still living.

                                                        Life is strange. My father left West Virginia and went
Jack Andrews has been traveling from Cumberland         to Johnstown, PA, where he and my mother reared
to Whitehall to cut the grass in the old George Hott    9 children. We always visited WVA, though. I left
Cemetery, but Jack and I had not visited the            Western PA and moved to York, PA, and ended up
cemetery for 19 years. We had gone back once for        only 30 minutes away from the place where the
Jack to install a metal sign that he had made on the

Hotts first settled. Now my son has left York, PA,                 THE CHURCH’S WEB SITES
and now lives in Virginia. We have come full circle.

Writing this article gives me time to pause and reflect
                                                          If you have not been keeping up with the
on the hardships that the original Hott ancestors         web sites sponsored by The Church of
endured. They tried life in Pennsylvania, but they        Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you might
found the area of Apple Pie Ridge ideal for raising       want to try them for your research and
apples and other crops. They acquired large               enlightenment. Note the similarity of the
amounts of land, which they farmed and then cut
into parcels for their sons. I am thankful for what
                                                          naming pattern. That makes it easy to
they endured, and my family and I (particularly my        remember. Paste into your browser.
mother, my sister Eleanor, my nephew Mark, my
sister Betsy and her daughter Vicki, and I) have          new.familysearch.org [open only to LDS at
made sure that they have had all the ordinances           this time]
performed for them that they could not receive while
living. After restoring the cemetery and standing on
their graves and scrubbing their tombstones, I feel a     wiki.familysearch.org
closeness and a love for these ancestors that I           forums.familysearch.org
never knew. I know that some day we will meet, and        indexing.familysearch.org
we will embrace as we look into each other’s faces        training.familysearch.org [down for
and see a resemblance. The restoration of the
cemetery engendered a love for these humble
                                                          maintenance until August 15]
ancestors. And that’s what family history is all          pilot.familysearch.org [Record Search]
about.                    By Sylvia (Hott) Sonneborn      beta.familysearch.org or
        THIS is Why We Do It                              For copies of Genealogy News, go to
President Snow said, "I believe that when                 http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pay
the Gospel is preached to the spirits in                  ork/York2Ward/
prison...There will be very few indeed of                 Thanks to Don and Jeanine Hartman of
those spirits who will not gladly receive the             Utah for posting the newsletter online
Gospel when it is carried to them. Why,                   for us. You can contribute your family
because the circumstances there will be a                 history of original York County
thousand times more favorable."                           ancestors to them at
Source: Millenial Star, Jan 22, 1894, p. 49                          http://familyhart.info

        FUN READING FOR THE                               This newsletter is compiled by Jack and Sylvia
           GENEALOGIST                                    Sonneborn, family history consultants, of the York
                                                          2nd Ward for use within the ward. It is also e-mailed
                                                          to parties interested in family history, but it is not an
Author: Elizabeth Watkins has written two
                                                          official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of
“fun”books with a family history consultant               Latter-day Saints slysyl@verizon.net
character: The Bishop’s Bride and The
Honeymoon’s Over.                                         That’s all, Folks!    We hope this
                                                          newsletter will give you ideas to
Suggested by Sis. Cherryle Orrock
                                                          create excitement for family history.
                                                          Jack and Sylvia


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