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									Newsletter                                                                     November 2006

                           This month we are proud to introduce Donayle Whitmore-Smith, an
                           invaluable member of the Missouri Women’s Council board, as our
                                                   guest columnist.

                      Making the Connection Count
This past week I had the most incredible professional opportunity that one could experience. I
was honored with the opportunity to meet three dynamic business women from Africa. The
women had come from Nigeria, Burundi, and Liberia Africa through the International Visitors
Program. The focus of the visit was to learn about how we engage women in business and politics
in the United States. While I was amongst several other groups represented, it was truly revealed
to me the power in the Women’s Council and what we can do to improve women’s business
opportunities and economic growth. It’s always interesting when you come prepared to teach and
you end up learning. That’s exactly what happened with my visit with our guest from Africa.
Each of the women owned for –profit entities and was also founders of non-profits. They all
expressed the importance of reaching back to improve their communities despite the level of
adversity that women face world-wide. These women were able to demonstrate great levels of
success in their endeavors while being caught in the middle of civil war, extreme poverty and
disparities that most of us could not imagine. They in my opinion were the epitome of
womanhood. They had mastered the secrets of using their talents to not only improve themselves
but their communities and countries. I walked away with a renewed sense of direction. I
completely understand that we cannot waste our time complaining and taking inventory of the
things that we don’t have. We must focus on planning and using the tools that are available. In the
United States we are very blessed to have a variety of resources that we can use to improve the
standard of living in our communities. Our scope has to reach beyond personal walls and we
cannot fear change. We must learn to make our connections work. When you encounter
individuals who are empowered to make a change, ask them. If you have the resource to make a
change, then create it. As women we have always possessed the power to create, nurture and
carry our families and communities. This power is no different in business, economics and
politics. Traditionally we have been the standard by which most policy is created or changed
particularly when comes to children and families. Let’s make our connections count, let’s become
the standard by which policy changes to reflect equal opportunity for women in business and
economics world-wide.

                             For Your Information
A Note from Mary Cottom, Executive Director
Community Breast Care Project
    The COMMUNITY BREAST CARE PROJECT began as a dream four years ago when a
group of nurses attended a class in Las Vegas that included training as Breast Health Specialists.
While attending the class, the nurses realized that there is so much more to the treatment of breast
cancer beyond the medical aspect of their treatment.
    Upon their return to Jefferson City, the nurses sought out a group of medical personnel,
concerned community supporters and most importantly breast cancer survivors. Those with
breast cancer felt that they had received good medical care in our area, but that access to answers
to their questions regarding their disease and its treatment was inadequate at times. They also felt
that support from outside sources, such as helping a woman going through chemotherapy who has
no support system, offering a support group for husbands, counseling sessions for children, a list
of women to contact and talk with regarding their experience and a centralized place where
women or their families could go to receive concise information regarding their disease was
    To help address those concerns, the COMMUNITY BREAST CARE PROJECT was formed.
A long time goal of the project was to open a ―House‖ that was non-medical and was warm and
inviting where women and their support system could go to receive the information and support
they needed. After a long search and a long year remodeling an almost 150 year old home, our
―home‖ is now a reality. Our project’s address is 712 E. Capitol just across from the old
    The project is a not for profit foundation whose funding has come from various fund-raising
events and donations from individuals and organizations such as the Missouri Employee
Charitable Donation Campaign. A Board of Directors is in place and the foundation is beginning
formal educational programs and support sessions. We will again apply for funding grants and
are currently involved in setting up fundraising activities. Currently we are seeking support from
area businesses for our ―THINK PINK‖ promotion for the month of October. We have also
placed pink ribbons along High and Capitol Street in downtown Jefferson City. We hosted an
Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on October 3. Area florists are selling pink corsages
for Breast Cancer Awareness day on October 19.
  . There are very few people who don’t know someone who has been affected by this disease.
Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with the disease. Through our efforts as a foundation,
we hope to provide support and education for women in our community.
    Yes, this is a new concept. Yes, there are other programs such as the American Cancer
Society available to those with cancer. We are not here to reinvent the wheel. We are here to go
outside the box and make a difference. Everyone has the ability to make that difference. We are
asking for your support. If you would like to donate time, talent or treasure, you can contact our
project at 573-634-HOPE (634-4673) to leave a message or to volunteer. If you would like to
make a donation, our ma iling address is 412 Rt. T, Jefferson City, Mo. 65l09 or you may mail a
donation to Community Breast Care Project, 712 E. Capitol, Jefferson City, Mo. 65l02.

        We are currently open to the public the following hours:
        Mondays – 11:00 – 1:00
        Tuesdays – 9:00 - 12:00 and 4:00 – 6:00
        Wednesdays – 11:00 – 1:00 and 4:00 – 6:00
        Thursdays – 11:00 – 1:00

        Dr. Laurel Kramer, PhD and Dr. Jackie Henry, PhD are available every Wednesday
        from 12:00 – 1:00.
        Encouragement Through Caring (ETC) – a breast cancer support group meets on
        the 2 nd Thursday each month at 6:30 p.m.

        Community Breast Care Project Meetings – 3 rd Monday each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Women’s Council Survey
With the distribution of this October Newsletter, the Council makes a special request. Your
opinion can make a difference. Please take a few moments to participate by giving the Council
the benefit of your wisdom. Click on the link, There
are fourteen (14) short questions that will take you approximately one minute or less to complete.
It is very important we get your feedback as quickly as possible. In addition, please feel free to
forward this survey link to others who may also be interested.

Friends of the Missouri Women’s Council
The Friends of the Missouri Women's Council was established in 1998 by women whose concern,
insight, and knowledge foresaw the need to raise monies to support and enhance important
programs that promote economic opportunity for Missouri Women.
The Friends of the Missouri Women's Council is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization
governed by a Board of Directors. The By-Laws state that the Friends should be governed by a
Board of Directors. This board is comprised of women from across the state of various ages,
professions and ethnic backgrounds. The supporting member’s classification consists of
corporations, companies, associations, partnerships or other business or institutional entities, or
individuals who are interested in promoting opportunities for women and families. Supporting
memberships may be obtained by paying annual dues of $25 or more.
Friends of the Women's Council Application

Missouri Women’s Council Pink Plate
You can help increase breast cancer awareness as well as provide much needed funds for breast
cancer services by displaying the official Missouri Women's Council Pink Plate on your vehicle.
Funds raised through the sales of the Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate are designated for
the sole purpose of providing breast cancer services, including but not limited to screening,
treatment, staging, and follow-up services. You can participate by making a tax-deductible
donation of $25 or more to the Friends of the Missouri Women's Council by sending a check to
Pink Plate, PO Box 1684, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, along with a completed application.
$25 or more for a 1 (one) year license renewal or $50 or more for a two year (2) license renewal.
The application for the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Plate is now available for download by
selecting the following link.
Missouri Women's Council Pink Plate Application

        Women and Business – Recent News Articles
 The Missouri Women’s Council provides numerous articles of interest that are applicable to a
variety of Missouri women. If you would like the Missouri Women’s Council to find articles on
                  a particular issue affecting women today please let us know.

Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World(TM) To Explore Entrepreneurship From A
Global Perspective
KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As a cultural shift towards entrepreneurship
continues to spread around the world, Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World(TM) will
gather at Barnard College on Thursday, November 2, 2006 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for a
daylong forum that will explore entrepreneurial characteristics, and what factors and personality
traits, sometimes outside of textbook intelligence, can translate to successful business models.
Discussions will focus on whether entrepreneurial skills can be acquired through education and
experience, or if entrepreneurship is an innate ability - if the impulse to become an entrepreneur is
born from instinct, or perhaps a way for women to proactively pave their own road to success and
circumvent a corporate "glass ceiling."

Business school ranked top of class for women
The GW School of Business was ranked as one of the top 10 business schools to provide
opportunities for women in the Princeton Review's "Best 282 Business Schools" report for 2007.

New York Life Launches Web Site That Provides Information on Job Opportunities for
NEW YORK, BUSINESS WIRE -- New York Life Insurance Company today announced it has
launched a new career Web site for women,, that provides easy
access to information about the benefits of a career in life insurance for women at all stages of
their professional development.

Starting a Business: What it takes
What attributes suggest someone's a good candidate to start their own business?
A college degree doesn't hurt — though dropping out didn't stop Bill Gates from launching the
world's biggest software maker. Being rich would solve the problem of start-up financing — yet
Sam Walton got his start in business on not much more than a wing and a prayer.
There are no definitive answers, but the entrepreneurs, private investors and academics USA
TODAY's Jim Hopkins talked with suggested these experiences, traits and skills.

Real Estate Investing Experts Roll-out Top Investment Information Portal for Women &
Families, Poised to Best Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump
Toronto, ON (PRWEB via PRWeb) October 26, 2006 -- Brad & Mary Wozny, a Canadian
mother and son real estate development team, aimed to shock the real estate investment world this
week by unveiling a real estate investing information portal rich
with resources designed with women & families in mind.

Women’s Policy Inc. – The Source on Women’s Issues in Congress
Women's Policy, Inc. (WPI) champions the interests of women throughout the country on the
most significant social, economic, and health issues across the public policy spectrum. With that
in mind, the Missouri Women’s Council would like to provide their U.S. Legislative Updates to
interested readers.
REPORT: Women in Business: A Demographic Review of Women’s Business Ownership
Read the most recent report by the Small Business Administration which analyzes women-owned

                                     Upcoming Events
FastTrac NewVenture series
The FastTrac NewVenture series is presented in partnership with the Missouri Women’s Council,
a division of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. FastTrac New Venture, a
program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, will introduce participants to the key elements of
successful entrepreneurship.
FastTrac NewVenture sessions are led by experienced facilitators and business coaches who
make entrepreneurship come alive by sharing real-world expertise, practical tips and success
stories. Expert guest speakers from the entrepreneurial and small business community are
contributors to the program.
The goal of FastTrac NewVenture is to help you determine whether your business idea has a
market, can make a profit and can provide the money you need. You will build your business plan
one section at a time by conducting the necessary research and answering relevant questions for
each action step.
The ten week session will begin January 4 th from 6:00-9:00 pm at the Extension Training
Center on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia.
For more information please call Mary Cottom, Executive Director Missouri Women’s Council,
573-751-0810 or visit our website at:

Women’s Conference “In Good Company”
New date: February 27, 2007 (originally November 14th )
The Missouri Women’s Council and are working together for the Women’s
Conference ―In Good Company‖ at the Reynolds Alumni Center in Columbia.

      MissouriBusiness.Net and FastTrac Calendar of
      Wednesday, Novembe r 1
              8:30   Springfie ld       Develop A Winning Marketing Plan

              1:30   Joplin
                                         Professional Development Workshop: Module 1:
             PM                          Working Smarter, Not Harder

              8:00   Springfie ld       QuickBooks for Your Business

      Thursday, Novembe r 2

              2:30   Joplin
                                         Investing Ideas for Small Business Owners: Ho w to
             PM                          A nalyze a Company Using Financial Statements
                             Understanding Human Behavior: Keys to Successful
      8:30
              Lee's Summit   Management & HR (Part of the Human Resources
     AM                      Series)

      8:30
              Perryville     How to Improve Teambuilding through Personality

Friday, November 3
      1:15
              Joplin         Starting a Small Business: The First Steps

Monday, Novembe r 6
      5:30   Mobe rly       Starting a Small Business: The First Steps

Tuesday, Novembe r 7

      9:30   St. Louis      FastTrac NewVenture (Session 1 of 5)

      6:00   Columbia       A dvertising, Marketing and Media...The Basics

      3:00
              Kansas C ity   FastTrac Tech (Session 8 of 10)

      6:00   Columbia       FastTrac NewVenture (Class 2 of 10)

      1:30
              Poplar Bluff   Employee Retention Seminar

      8:30   Kennett        Employee Retention Seminar

Wednesday, Novembe r 8
      9:30   St. Louis      FastTrac NewVenture (Session 2 of 5)

      6:00   St. Pete rs    Introduction to QuickBooks (Session 1 of 2)

      6:00   Springfie ld   How to Write a Business Plan

      8:30
              Springfie ld   Creating Impact Through Image & Branding

      1:30   Joplin
                             Professional Development Workshop: Module 2:
     PM                      Presenting Yourself Effectively

      1:00   St. Louis      Starting a Small Business: The First Steps

      8:00   Columbia
                             Using Long Term Care to Attract and Retain Top
     AM                      Performers

      8:30   Jackson        Employee Retention Seminar

Thursday, Novembe r 9
      9:30   St. Louis      FastTrac NewVenture (Session 3 of 5)
      6:00
              St. Pete rs          Introduction to QuickBooks (Session 2 of 2)

      1:00   Jeffe rson C ity     Priciing For Success

      6:00   Jeffe rson C ity     Pricing For Success

      2:30
                                   Using the Internet to Market Products & Services
     PM                            to Governmental Entities

Friday, November 10
      2:00   Joplin               How to Place Your Business on the Web

      9:00   Warre nsburg and
                                   Road to Success for Today's New Products
     AM       Lee's Summit

Saturday, Novembe r 11
      9:00   Columbia             Introduction to Quickbooks

Tuesday, Novembe r 14
      9:30   St. Louis            FastTrac NewVenture (Session 4 of 5)

      6:00
              Jeffe rson C ity     Starting a Small Business: The First Steps

      5:30   Saint C harles       Starting a Small Business: The First Steps

      8:00   Columbia
                                   Getting the Biggest Bang for Your A dvertising
     AM                            Dollar

      9:00   Fort Leonard Wood,
                                   Starting a Small Business: The First Steps
     AM       MO .

      6:30   Mex ico              How to Control Cash Flo w

      3:00
              Kansas C ity         FastTrac Tech (Session 9 of 10)

Wednesday, Novembe r 15
      9:30   St. Louis            FastTrac NewVenture (Session 5 of 5)

      9:00
              Springfie ld         Effective A dvertising & Promotions

      1:30   Joplin
                                   Professional Development Workshop: Module 3:
     PM                            Conflict Resolution Skills

Thursday, Novembe r 16
      6:00   Jeffe rson C ity     The Basics of Writing a Business Plan

                                   Strategic Planning: How Smart Leaders Position
      8:30   Lee's Summit         Their Companies for Success (Part of the
     AM                            Leadership Series)
Friday, November 17

      8:00   Lee's Summit   Starting and Managing a Small Business in Missouri

Tuesday, Novembe r 21
      6:30
              Boonville      Understanding Financial Statements

      3:00
              Kansas C ity   FastTrac Tech (Session 10 of 10)

      6:00   Columbia       FastTrac NewVenture (Class 3 of 10)

Wednesday, Novembe r 22

      9:00   Springfie ld   Mapping Your Marketing Strategy

      1:00   St. Louis      The Basics of Writing a Business Plan

Tuesday, Novembe r 28

      6:00
              Columbia       FastTrac NewVenture (Class 4 of 10)

Wednesday, Novembe r 29
      9:00   Springfie ld   E-Commerce & Internet Marketing: Best Practices

      8:30   Springfie ld   Mapping Your Marketing Strategy

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