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Preston and Forest Dallas Business Listing


Preston and Forest Dallas Business Listing document sample

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									                                                        8111 LBJ Freeway
                                                      Suite 775, Lockbox 113
                                                         Dallas, TX 75251
                                                             June 2009

                  GDRA would like to WELCOME our 2008-2009
                          Founders Club Partners:
                                Nationwide Insurance * Sysco
 Admiral Linen, Ben E. Keith Co., Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Direct Energy, Edward Don & Co.,
      Hardie's Fruit & Vegetable, Medical City Heart, Schepps Dairy and US Foodservice.

Welcoming New GDRA Members!                                            Upcoming Events

                                                                        Mark your calendar!
New members that joined in May are:

General Manager, Pluckers                                            Don't miss any of the great
Dan Weinberger, Weinberger's Deli                                      upcoming events. For
                                                                          current listing and
Jorg Fercher, Jorg's Café Vienna
Chri s Finley, Champion Energy Services                               information, please visit
General Manager, Cotton Patch Café                               
General Manager, Blue Fish
Jim Homan, Thai Orchid
                                                                             June 10
                                                                           NEW DATE
GDRA Tool Chest Educational Series - NEW DATE -                          GDRA Tool Chest
June 10                                                                 Educational Series
                                                                        LaHacienda Ranch -
                      Join us June 10t h to learn:                      Preston / Frankford
                      -Why your business needs to have a P&L
                      -How to get started in creating your P&L               June 23
                      -What the P&L tells you and how to use it as    GDRA Officer Induction
                      a real time management tool                      Texas Grill at Top Golf
                      -How to create positive P&L results on a
                      daily basis                                            June 28-30
                      -How to unleash to power of your POS            Southwest Foodservice
                      system to create better sales and improve                Expo
                      profitability                                   Dallas Convention Cent er
-Who should know your P&L results and why
                                                                        MEMBER BENEFIT
                                                                       TRAEF BOOTCAMP:
LOCATION: La Hacienda Ranch, 17390 P reston Rd., Dallas, 75252         Restaurant Management
COST: $10 per restaurant member                                      for the Real World Training
TO REGISTER: Click here or visit or call 972-671-


GDRA is gearing up to start a new year July 1. Now is the time to get
involved. Here are some ways to do just that:

       The GDRA Golf Tournament sponsored by Sysco Dallas is
                                                                               Dallas, Texas
        coming up September 28 at Eldorado Country Club in                July 27-28, 2009 - 8am-
        McKinney. The tournament raised funds for the GDRA                           5pm
        Scholarship Fund. We are looking for raffle prizes, winning       Location/ Sponsored by:
        team prizes and goody bag items. If you would like to                 US Foodservice
        advertise your company by donating something for the             1992 Forest Lane Garland,
        cause, please complete the attached form.                               Texas 75042
       Would you be willing to have a summer intern in your              Continent al Break fast &
        restaurant? We have culinary high school students from all            Lunch provided.
        over the area who are looking for opportunities to train this    $275 members; $325 non-
        summer. These are junior and senior level students with at                members
        least one year of culinary training. Many are ServSafe            Pre-registration required.
        certified. WE NEED YOUR HELP giving them hands-on-                      Limited to 20.
        experience. Please email Jamee Green with your contact                  Limited to 20
        information.                                                     RES TAURA TEURS ONLY
       Are you or one of your peers intere sted in teaching
        culinary arts? The Dallas area will be adding several new          Bootcamp is an intensive
        high school culinary arts programs in the fall semes ter and     basic training for ent ry-level
        they need good teachers. If you have ever thought about a           managers, and like any
        career in teaching or would like to know more about the            boot camp-it's not for the
        opportunities, please contact Jamee Green at 972-671-             faint of heart. Participants
        4372. You do not have to pocess a current teacher's                run through an obstacle
        certification.                                                     course of key issues and
                                                                           challenges. Finding and
                                                                         retaining QUALIFIED labor,
                                                                              especially unit-level
2009-2010 GDRA Officer Induction - June 23                                managers, continues to be
                                                                          one of our industry's most
                                                                         significant challenges. Boot
Come meet the "driving force" of GDRA at the 2009-2010 Officer            Camp has been created to
Induction at Texas Grill at TopGolf. GDRA President Jerry Walker              address this critical
will be presenting a quick recap of this year's activities and passing              problem.
the torch to the 2009-2010 GDRA President, Baine Brooks. This is a         Due to limited class size,
great opportunity to meet the leadership of our organiz ation and         we accept restauranteurs
mingle with other members.                                                            only.

                                                                          Register HE RE for Dallas
WHERE:      Tex as Grill at TopGolf                                              Bootcamp!
           8787 Park Lane
           Dallas, TX 75231
WHEN:       Tues day, June 23, 2009
           4-6 p.m.
                                                                               Quick Links
           (hors d'oeuvres, beer & wine served and CAS H BAR)
COST:       $25 TRA Members
           $30 Guests/ Nonmembers
All attendees will recei ve a one month free membership to TopGolf.
Bring your clubs if you want to try it out!

TO REGISTER: RSVP with credit card byJune 19 at 972-671-

               Be sure to REGIS TE R TODAY for the 2009
               Southwest Foodservice Expo taking place June 28-

               There are so many great demonstrations and                  Member News
educational sessions during this year's Expo. CLICK HE RE to start
planning your "Expo Experience" and see a complete line up of           Wylie High School Chef
                                                                       Instructor Steve DeShazo

Catch Plano's Todd Grave s - Pre sident,
CEO and founder of Rai sing Cane's, as
he tells his story of making a dream into
one of America's fastest-growing
restaurant chains. (Monday, June 29 at

                     You also will not want to miss Dallas' own (and
                     GDRA Board Member) Dan Landsberg,
                     Tillman's Roadhouse Executive Chef, as he           Now in its 20th year, the
                     faces off in the "Burger Brawl" against Chef           Time Warner Cable
                     Josh Watkins ( Austin). Come cheer on our          National Teacher Awards
                     local favorite!! (Tues day, June 30 at 11:00am)          recognize projects
                                                                         developed by educat ors
                                                                           who often go beyond
                                                                             traditional teaching
                                                                            methods to address
                                                                       different learning styles and
                                                                       reach the greatest number
                                                                            of students. Over its
                                                                       history, Time Warner Cable
Fundraising and Fun - GDRA Foodies & Founders                             has honored more than
Affair                                                                  500 teachers from around
                                                                                 the country.

                                                                       Chef Steve DeShaz o was
                                                                        honored for the Pirate's
                                                                        Cove Cafe program at
                                                                       Wylie High School - a full-
                                                                              service restaurant and
                  "Sittin' on Top of the World" was truly the feeling at      catering business. To
                  the newly renovated Tower Club in Downtown               learn more about the award
                  Dallas on May 15 for the GDRA Foodies &                      and Chef DeShazo's
                  Founders Affair sponsored by Nationwide and                  program, click here.
                  Sysco. The event honors our Founders Club
                  partners and proceeds benefited the GDRA                    PAC Pointer -
scholarship fund and the TRAEF.                                             Legislative Session
                                                                               Ends Today
In addition to the silent auction and Emerald City
Band, one of the highlights of the evening was the
raffle give-away sponsored by American Ice and
Embassy Suites. The proud winner was Mark                                    The 81st Session of the
Burden with Edward Don.                                                      Texas Legislature ends
                                                                           today. There were several
                                                                               issues involving the
Pictures from the evening are available HERE. Order your copies                 restaurant industry
today!                                                                               including:

                                                                            Beer & Wine Permitting
In addition to our annual Founders Club Partners, we wish to thank
our sponsors for the evening:                                              Food Handler Certification
Skyscraper Level                                                                 Smoking Ban
Coke                                                                               Wine Bill
Mrs Baird's Bakeries                                                            Menu Labeling
Republic National Distributing Co.                                               Immigration
                                                                                  Trans Fats
High-Ri se Level
Lott Marketing                                                             A detailed summary of the
                                                                             bills will be provided to
Tower Level                                                                TRA members in an email
Alsco Linen                                                                   update following the
American Ice                                                                     conclusion of the
Andrews Distributing                                                         session. You can also
Crouch & Ramey                                                                     check back to
Metro Linen Service                                               in
Yellow Cab                                                                  few days for a complete
Spire Level
Ace Mart
Refrigerated Specialist, Inc.

Founders Club Feature - SYSCO
                               This month we sat down with Tommy
                               Huffhines, President of Sysco -
                               Dallas, to learn more about Tommy
                               is business.

                               Q: How did you start your career in
                               your industry?
                               A: Started in my wife's family produce

Q: What do you think is the most important principle in business
A: Maintaining the et hical standards that you have displayed
throughout your career.

Q: What does the business community in Nort h Texas need to focus
on in our current economy?
A: People and Quality

Q: How can the restaurant industry make a difference heading into
2010, for business and for community?
A: Do not reduc e their standards.

Q: Who was/is your mentor and why?
A: My fat her- he was simply the best businessman I have ever

Q: Eat out? Or stay in?
A: Mainly stay in because eating out is part of my job.

                                        Did You Know?

      The Restaurant Industry is the 2nd largest employ er in the US (Government is the largest)
       Restaurant Industry's annual sales outnumber the US Agriculture Industry, the US Airline
                         Industry and the US Motion Picture Industry - combined.
      If the Restaurant Industry's economy were compared to that of nations, it would rank the
                                         17th largest in the world.
     The Restaurant Industry serves 130 million Americans every day - or the entire population
               of California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio - combined.

              For more statistical information on the restaurant industry, click below:
                                           National Stats
                                             Texas Stats
                                        Our Sponsor

MarshallMorgan has successfully completed over $500 million in transactions involving loan
            workouts and debt restr ucturing in franchise and real estate loans.

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