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Grant Writing Jobs in Cincinnati


Grant Writing Jobs in Cincinnati document sample

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									Federal Grant Technical
  Assistance Workshop

               Madison, Wisconsin
                      April 27,2010
From the Applicant’s Perspective

 ◦ Developing Community-Based Programs

 ◦ Benefits received from Federal Funding

 ◦ Developing and Writing a Successful Application – Where
   do you start?

 ◦ Methods used to Successfully Apply

 ◦ Lessons Learned from Past Applications

Goal of Today’s Presentation
•First began in 1936 by Dr. Sheldon Teer and Dr. Lorenz Teer
 and their wives as the “Delhi Sanatorium”

• Hospital Service District:
        Richland Parish Hospital d/b/a Delhi Hospital

• Non-profit, 501(c)(3) status

• Designated Critical Access Hospital – October 1, 2005

Richland Parish Hospital
    ◦ Richland Parish
       Northeast LA
       Rural Farm Community

    ◦   Acute/Swingbed – 25 Beds
    ◦   Emergency Room – 24/7
    ◦   Outpatient – Lab, PT, OT, Speech, Radiology, Mammography
    ◦   Delhi Rural Health Clinic
    ◦   Richland School Based Health Center
    ◦   Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center
    ◦   Certified Diabetic Education
    ◦   LifeCare Intensive Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatric Program

Richland Parish Hospital
Population – 20,981
   65 years & older population of 15% compared to a state rate of 11.6%
   African American population of 38% is higher than state of 32.5%
   Population below poverty is 27.9% compared to state of 19.6%
   Uninsured population 22.6% versus state of 21.7%, and
              Healthy People 2010 Goal of 0%
   Heart Disease mortality rate 297.7 versus state rate of 255.2 **
   Diabetes mortality rate of 53.9% versus state rate of 39% **
   Stroke/100,000 a rate of 76.8 versus state rate of 58.7 **
   Population Group Designation Health Professional Shortage Area
              (HPSA) (3,000:1 -4,500:1)
   Medically Underserved Area (MUA)

Richland Parish “Snapshot”
   HRSA Community Outreach – Pre-Diabetes Program

   ORHP Better Health for the Delta – “Growing Up Fit” Childhood
    Obesity Prevention Program (sub grantee)

   HRSA Community Health Center Planning

   BPCRH Small Hospital Performance Improvement


   Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Prevention

   OPH Adolescent School Health Program

   OMH SBHC Mental Health Program

Currently Funded Projects
   Citizens Medical Center -
   East Carroll Parish Hospital –
    Lake Providence
   Franklin Medical Center -
   IASIS Glenwood Regional
    medical Center – West Monroe
   Madison Parish Hospital –
   Morehouse General Hospital –
   Richland Parish Hospital – Delhi
   Union General Hospital -

North Louisiana Regional Alliance
North Louisiana Regional Alliance

 ◦ HRSA Network Development Grant Program
    Staffing – Network Director & Coordinator
    Technical Assistance – Network Development,
     Strategic Planning, Program Development/
    Pharmacy Assistance Program Network
    Regional Community Wellness & Prevention

Collaboration Works!
Better Health for the Delta – Phase I

 Community Based Parish Health Coalitions
 Parish Wide Community Needs Assessment
 Action Plan Development
 Leadership Development for Community

     It all began with seed funding of $17,000!

In the beginning … there is a need
Improving Health Status

√   Elimination of Barriers to Access

   Elimination of Health Disparities

   Assuring Quality of Care

Program Focus
Richland Parish Health Care Needs Assessment Survey was conducted by
      the Richland Parish Health Coalition (January, 2004). A survey was
      developed that listed 17 healthcare related topics and participants were
      requested to select three topics they felt needed to be improved and/or
      expanded. The surveys were distributed to 4,000 individuals by Coalition
      partners. Numerous sites were recruited and include: parish school system,
      parish TRIAD organization, Council on Aging, various churches and health
      care providers. 2,100 surveys were completed and returned for

The three highest areas of unmet need were identified by the survey were as
     Prescription Drug Assistance (43%),
     Health Education & Prevention Opportunities- Diabetes Prevention,
      Teen Pregnancy, STDs, Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Disease Prevention
      (33%) and
     School Health Services (32%).

Richland Parish Health Coalition
Health Care Needs Analysis/Assessment Survey
Better Health for the Delta – Phase I

“Local people coming together for the first time to
  consider solutions to health care problems.”

      When communities work together,
      results are nothing short of
                        Louisiana Legacies, Better Health for the Delta,

Community Involvement
HP2010 Focus Area #7
Goal: Increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of
 educational and community-based programs designed
 to prevent disease and improve health and quality of life.

“While health promotion in schools, health care centers, and
  worksites provides targeted interventions for specific
  population groups, community-based programs can reach
  the entire population. Broad public concern and support are
  vital to the functioning of a healthy community and to
  ensure the conditions in which people can be healthy.”
         Healthy People 2010: Objectives for Improving Health

Community Involvement
LA BPCRH Community-Based & Rural
 Health Program Grant Program 2006

   Community Based Wellness & Prevention
    Program Development

   $50,000 Funding

   Purchased Start-up Equipment, Supplies, Part-
    time Staff Time, and Health Education Resources

Program Development

  The philosophy of the Administration of RPH is the same as
  that of those who pioneered the Healthy People 2010 –
  Healthy Community Strategy. (Adopted Jan 2000)

“A healthy community is one that embraces the belief that
  health is more than merely an absence of disease; a
  healthy community includes those elements that enable
  people to maintain a high quality of life and productivity.”
  Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Program Development
HRSA/ORHP Community Outreach
 Program Grant
   Community Based Cardiovascular Disease
    Prevention Program –          The
    Richland Awareness
         Campaign “TRAC”

   $375,000 Funding over 3 Years

   Purchased Additional Equipment, Supplies,
    Full-Time Staff Time, and Health Education
    Resources for a Parish Wide Project

   Employee Wellness Program Pilot

Program Growth
Original Consortium Members
   Richland Parish Hospital – Lead Agency
   Delhi Rural Health Clinic
   Richland Parish Health Coalition
   Tifton Aluminum Company/SAPA

Consortium Members Added
   Guaranty Bank & Trust - Delhi
   Richland Parish Sheriff Department
   North Louisiana Regional Alliance
    (Regional Rural Health Network)

Program Growth
HRSA/ORHP Community-based
 Outreach Program

“Personal Wellness Profile”:

   Blood Pressure
   Height
   Weight
   BMI
   Cholesterol
   Triglycerides
   Blood Sugar
   Comprehensive Health

Program Growth
Health Outreach Model
   Provides initial follow-up health screenings to the
    general public and at employer sites across Richland Parish;
 Utilizespoint-of-contact screening feedback and education
  to 100% of screening participants;
 Offers regular health education, health promotion, and
  public awareness events in venues across the parish,
  including monthly newsletter for employee sponsored
  wellness program participants; and
 Implements a follow-up contact process (via letters and
  return postcards) for participants with elevated risk factors.

Program Growth
Initial Health Screenings
   Total with “at risk Blood Pressure” (> 130/85) that
    were unaware of their BP elevation – 50%

   Total with elevated Blood Sugar (> 110) that were unaware of
    their BS elevation – 57%

   Total with low HDL (<45) or elevated LDL (> 130) that were
    unaware of their abnormal lipid status – 71%

   Total with elevated Body Fat % - 87%

   Total with elevated Body Mass Index - 76%

Program Growth
Health Education/Awareness
Project Flyers/Brochures – Developed with Education
  and Awareness Information

“Weekly Wellness” Columns in Local Newspapers

Monthly Newsletters Distributed to Employee Wellness Groups

“Healthy Heart” Menu Choices at Local Restaurants

Health Education Sessions – Conducted at the Health Resource
  Center, onsite at Employee Wellness Locations, and other
  Community Locations as Requested

Participate in Community Health Fairs

Program Growth
Project Highlights
   Development of the Richland Health Education
     and Resource Center

   Personal Stories of Healthy Lifestyle Changes

   Successful Employee Wellness Pilot Program

   Unprecedented Access to Health Screenings & Assessments and
    Wellness & Prevention Opportunities in Richland Parish

Program Growth

Richland Community Health Education
& Resource Center
 Development Program Grant

   Regional Community Based
    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    Program - The Regional Awareness
              Campaign “TRAC”

   $100,000 Funding over 2 Years

   Resources to Expand the Program
    throughout the North LA Region

Program Expansion & Sustainability
Employee Wellness Programs

“We Choose to Move!”
HRSA/ORHP Community Outreach
 Program Grant II
   Community Based Pre-Diabetes Prevention
    Program – The Richland Awareness
               Campaign “TRAC”

   $375,000 Funding over 3 Years

   Purchased Additional Equipment, Supplies,
    Full-Time Staff Time, and Health Education
    Resources for a Parish Wide Project focusing
    on Diabetes Prevention in those with Pre-

   Working to circumvent a coming Diabetes
    Epidemic in Richland Parish

Program Expansion & Sustainability
HRSA/ORHP Community Outreach              Program
  Grant II
Community Based Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program
  – The Richland Awareness
       Campaign “TRAC”

“There is an Epidemic in Richland Parish!

  It is called Pre-Diabetes or Elevated Blood Sugar.
  The Richland Awareness Campaign (TRAC) based
  in Delhi has been screening Richland Parish
  residents during the past 3 years for
  cardiovascular risk factors. We have found that
  almost 13% of our residents suffer from Pre-
  Diabetes, which is defined as an impaired fasting
  blood sugar or the inability to effectively handle
  carbohydrates/sugar that is eaten in our diets.
  Our rate of Pre-Diabetes in Richland Parish is
  twice the national average!!”

Program Expansion & Sustainability
Community Health Screenings
Health Outreach Model
   Provides initial health screenings to the
    general public and at employer sites across Richland
   Utilizes point-of-contact screening feedback and
    education to 100% of screening participants;
   Provides additional testing for participants found to
    be “at risk” of Pre-Diabetes – Follow up Blood Sugar,
   Screening to enroll in PDP Program: Blood
    Sugar, HbA1c, 2 hour GTT, Personal Wellness
   Program Participants – Monthly Newsletters;
    Follow up Phone Calls w/Education; and Group
    Education Opportunities

Program Expansion & Sustainability
Program Development

   Bring Evaluator in at the Beginning

   Find a Physician Champion

   Begin with the End in Mind –
        Start working towards Sustainability from
        the very Beginning

Tips for Strong Program Development
Program Development

Community Leaders – Strong Advocates for Community
Health Improvements
Program Development

Community Leaders – Strong Advocates for Community
Health Improvements
Options for Grant Application Development

   Grant Writing Consultants

   State or Foundation Resources

   Staff Grant Writer

So you have a need, now what?
Grow Your Own Grant Writer
   First Lesson Learned: No one can tell your story
    like you can!

   Invest in quality training

   Attend Networking Conferences & Seminars

 In-House   grant writing experience important
    even with the use of a Consultant for Application

“Grow Your Own” Grant Writer
   American Grant Writers Association
    ◦ Certified Grant Writer Credential

   The Grantsmanship Center

   Local Universities
    ◦ Continuing Education Programs
    ◦ Ex: University of LA at Monroe, Cont Ed, Professional
      Development, Online Learning;

   Foundation Sponsored
    ◦ Ex: Free Service of Rapides Foundation – LA

   State Offices of Rural Health

Grant Writing Training Resources
All Federal Funding Applications are now
 Submitted Online

   Registration Instructions & Process through

   Start Process 30 Days before Deadline

   Plan for System Backlogs

Federal Application Process
Basic Grant Application Format

 Face Page
 Table of Contents
 Application Checklist
 Budget & Budget Justification
 Project Abstract
 Project Narrative
 Project Workplan
 Attachments

Application Contents
Common Attachments

   Proof of Non Profit Status
   Staffing Plan
   Key Personnel Bio Sketch
   Job Descriptions for Project Staff
   Letters of Support/Commitment
   Organizational Chart
   Assurances/Certifications

Application Contents
   Start preparing the application as soon as
    possible – the sooner the better!

   Follow the application instructions carefully –
    failure to do so can disqualify the application in
    some cases.

   Read the background information provided in the
    guidance or application – know the funder’s

   Be very clear in the information you provide.

Tips for a Strong Application
   Be organized and logical – even if the instructions are

   Proofread carefully.

   Have someone else review the application and give
    feedback – preferably someone not familiar with your
    program. Did it make sense to them?

   Don’t be afraid to write in first person.

   Spend your time wisely – concentrate more on the
    parts worth the most scoring points.

Tips for a Strong Application
   Make it EASY to read!

   Make it ENJOYABLE to read.

   Be organized and logical – even if the guidance is

   Write to maximize the points allowable.

   Know the Reviewers’ Criteria – and exceed them
    (if given).

From the Reviewer’s Desk
Lessons Learned

   Be prepared for “bumps in the road”
   Right personnel for the positions are critical –
    develop “Social Entrepreneurs”
   Spend time developing tracking mechanisms and
    be diligent in using them
   Strong, supportive Lead Agency with forward
    thinking Administration is vital

Tips for Strong Program Development
                 MACHO MIKEE,


            join your SASSY STEPPERS!

Leadership Makes a Difference!
     are certainly steppin’ it!

                   But where’s
                  MACHO MIKEE?

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!
How will your Community be different in the future
 because of this project?

   3 – 5 years?

   10 years?

            What will be your legacy?

Community Benefits
    New Paradigm of Health Care …..

Community Benefits
       Why We Do What We Do ……..

  Economic Development
        Jobs Created
        Healthier Workforce
        Corporate Wellness & Prevention Programs

  Improved Health Status

  Community Members Served
       Health Education

Community Benefits
   Special Thanks to ORHP!!

Applicant Benefits
     HRSA/ORHP Outreach to Grantees

Technical Assistance Opportunities

Peer Learning Opportunities

Webinars/Conference Calls

Applicant Benefits
       Jinger Greer, CPA, CGW
        RPH, CFO, Director of Grants Mgt
          NLRA, Int Network Director

            Richland Parish Hospital/
        North Louisiana Regional Alliance
              407 Cincinnati Street
                Delhi, LA 71232
                (318) 878-6457

Contact Information

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