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Bache, A. D.
(Sailing Charts, Coast Survey): Potomac River (in four sheets)
Imprint: Washington (DC), US Coast Survey, 1866
All four (thin paper) sheets, b&w with folds as issued, very good or better,
with almost no browning or foxing. These are from the 1866 report of the
Superintendent of the Coast Survey. Alexander Dallas Bache, then
superintendent of the survey, was the great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin.
These sheets are all dated 1864 on the charts themselves. All have elaborate
depth soundings and sailing directions. The images range in size from 58 x
74 cm to 98 x 56 cm, with various topographers and hydrographers. The four
sheets are: 1. From entrance to Piney Point; 2. From Piney Point to lower
Cedar Point; 3. From lower Cedar Point to Indian Head; 4. From Indian
Head to Georgetown. The sheets are numbered on verso 20-23.
$US 495.00

Bonne Rigobert
(Map of Northern Hemisphere): Mappe - Monde, sur le Plan de L'Equateur,
Hemisphere Septentrional.
Imprint: Paris, Hotel De Thou, Rue Des Poitevins, 1787
Very good, copperplate engraved map, b&w as issued, with some
generalized browning. Engraved by Gaspar André. Several tables with
climactic information present, and a spherical represenation of climactic
zones in the lower right corner. This is plate 22 from the "Atlas
Encyclopedique..." by Bonne and Desmarest. The image measures
approximately 23 X 33 cm.
$US 135.00

Bonne Rigobert
(3 Sheet Map Middle East, Western Asia, India): Imperia Antiqua, pars
Orientalis, pars Media, pars Occidentalis
Imprint: Paris, Hotel De Thou, Rue Des Poitevins, 1787
Near fine three-sheet map set, copperplate engravings, b&w as issued, each
image measuring approximately 23 x 33 cm. Engraved by Gaspar André.
These are sheets 5, 6 and 7 from Bonne and Desmarest's "Atlas
Encyclpedique..." Several wind diagrams present. The eastern sheet shows
India and "Taprobana" Island. The western sheet shows portions of
northeastern Africa.
$US 165.00

Bonne Rigobert
(Two Map Set: Roman Empire, east and west sheets): Imperii Romani
Distracta, pars Orientalis [and] pars Occidentalis.
Imprint: Paris, Hotel De Thou, Rue Des Poitevins, 1787
Near fine, two sheet copperplate engraved set, plates 18 and 19, b&w as
issued from the "Atlas Encyclopedique..." by Bonne and Desmarest.
Engraved by Gaspar André. A nice wind rose is present on the lower left of
sheet 18 (the western sheet). Each image measures approximately 23 x 33
$US 135.00

Delamarche, Charles Francois
(Map of early USA): Etats-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale Avec Les
Isles Royal, de Terre Neuve, de St. Jean, L'Acadie &c.
Imprint: Paris, 1785
Very good condition, early outline hand color, nice margins, published when
Delamarche was at "Rue du Foin St. Jacques au College de Mtre. Gervais."
Minimal foxing and marginal browning. The main focus of the map is east
of the Mississippi River, and includes southeastern Canada. There is a table
of the post-revolutionary war states and respective capitols in the lower right
corner. One other interesting feature, below the list of states, is another list
of "proposed states." These entries are from the Land Ordinance of 1784,
which was superceded by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Thomas
Jefferson was involved in these matters, and some of the proposed states (as
of the 1784 document) as listed on this map, were: Silvania, Michigania,
Chersonesus, Arsenistpia, Metropotamia, Illinoia, Saratoga, Washington,
Polypotamia, and Pelisypia. Map reference: McCorkle 785.5. Reference re:
1784 Land Ordinance: McCormick, William and Mary Quarterly, vol. 50,
1993, pp. 112-122. The image measures 18.5 x 24.25 inches (47 x 62 cm.)..
$US 1875.00

Hadol, Paul
(Satirical political map of Franco-Prussian War): Karte von Europa im Jahre
1870 nach einem französischen Holzschnitte
Imprint: Hamburg, Fuchs, 1914
Edition: First Edition Thus
Very good, on thin paper, with original color, folds as issued (now flattened
with some archival tape repair at folds on verso). Mild foxing most evident n
lower margin. These maps, often ephemeral in nature, are now all
increasingly scarce. Although the date on the map is 1870, it was published
by Fuchs ("Verlag von Chs. Fuchs' lith. Inst. Hamburg" in lower right
margin just outside neatline), and the text in the lower margin is in both
German and French. The map image measures 24 x 38 cm. on a sheet 36 x
46 cm. There is a second title within the neatline: Carte drôlatique d'Europe
pour 1870.
$US 1875.00

Keller, Heinrich
(Road Map of Switzerland, Linen - Backed): Keller's Zwente Reisekarte Der
Schweiz. Deuxieme Carte Routiere De La Suisse...1833 (Keller's Second
Roadmap of switzerland).
Imprint: Zurich, 1836
VG, minimal browning, few panels loose. Very uncommon map, corrected
to 1836, with the very detailed fully hand colored image measuring 21.25.5
inches. Original labelled boards scuffed and stained, chipping, but intact
with original label. Enormous topographical and roadway detail, with a
striking appearance. The case measures 8.5x4.5 inches.
$US 275.00

Lotter, Conrad (Seutter, Albrecht Carl)
(Map of colonial northeastern Canada): Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle
France ou du Canada...Terre-Neuve...Nouvelle Ecosse Acadie...T. Conrad
Lotter Graveur et Geogr...
Imprint: Augusburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter and Albrecht Karl Seutter, 1756
Very good copperplate engraving with a right marginal tear not affecting
image, repaired verso with archival tape. Some restoration to left margin
(not affecting main image), and entire map backed with archival paper.
Strong image. Small embossed stamp left lower margin (faint), with
attribution to Seutter in left lower margin just below neatline. The date is
approximate, and predicated on Lotter's partnership with Seutter from 1756-
62. Earlier states appeared in a number of Seutter atlases. Ref: McCorkle,
New England in Printed Maps, entry 730.4, p. 90. The image depicts an area
from parts of Labrador to Nova Scotia. The map has outline and minimal
wash color, with an elaborate, allegorical cartouche. Lotter was Seutter's
son-in-law. The map image measures 58 x 50 cm.
$US 1895.00

Robert de Vaugondy, Didier; Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles
(Word Map): Orbis vetus in utrâque continente juxta mentem Sansonianam
distinctus, nec non observationibus astronomicis redactus, accurante...
Imprint: Paris, apud autorem and Aut. Boudet, 1752
Very good, early hand color, wide margins on laid paper. This is a rather
decorative double hemisphere (eastern and western) image.Two watermarks
visible verso. Two cartouches upper (title) and lower (notes) central map.
The date on the map is 1752, but this is from an "Atlas Universel..." ca.
1757. An image of the map appears in the online David Rumsey Map
Collection. Each hemisphere is 35 cm (13.75 inches) in diameter, on a sheet
measuring 53 x 83 cm (21 x 32 5 inches), including margins. (Ref: Pedley.
Belle et utile, p. 135, no.13.). Map
$US 1895.00

Valk, Gerard and Schenk, Petrus
(Celestial chart, lunar orbits and eclipses): Theoria Lunae, Eius Motum Per
Eccentricum Et Epicyclum Demonstrans.
Imprint: Amsterdam, Schenk and Valk, 1708
Very good, minimal foxing, early color (with more recent enhancement)
copperplate from this 1708 (original version published in 1660 by Jansson)
Schenk/Valk issue of (Andreas Cellarius') "Harmonia Macrocosmica Seu
Atlas Universalis Et Novus." The striking image measures 43 x 52 cm on a
sheet 51 x 60 cm. Numerous cherubim surrond the circular view, as does an
outer circle of a number of signs of the zodiac. There are a couple of pinhole
defects, repaired verso, with no significant loss of imate. Ref: Koeman,
Atlantes Neerlandici, Cel.3.
$US 2675.00

Valk, Gerard and Schenk, Petrus
(Old World hemispheric map with climatic zones): Hemisphaerium Orbis
Antiqui, Cumzonis, Circulis, Et Situ Populorum Diverso.
Imprint: Amsterdam, Schenk and Valk, 1708
Very good, minimal foxing, early color copperplate from this 1708 (original
version published in 1660 by Jansson) Schenk/Valk issue of (Andreas
Cellarius') "Harmonia Macrocosmica Seu Atlas Universalis Et Novus." The
striking image measures 41 x 51 cm on a sheet 50 x 59 cm. Numerous
cherubim surrond the eastern hemispheric view, which is also divided into
frigid, termperate, tropical and torrid zones. There are separate armillary and
habitat zonal spheres in the lower corners. Ref: Koeman, Atlantes
Neerlandici, Cel.3. There are bilateral, faint water-stains in the pink circular
band surrounding the map image.
$US 2675.00
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
(History of Cartography, Geographic description of the Antilles):
Description geographique des isles Antilles possédées par les Anglois.
Imprint: A Paris, De l'imprimerie de Didot, 1758
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardback
This 10.5 inch quarto is in very good condition, sound hinges, 171 pp. with
all 22 maps (several folding), plans and views in very good or better
condition on heavy paper. Contemporary calf boards with original marbeled
pastedowns, two title pages (one decorative with attribution to Bellin),
"Tables des Titres" and "Table des Cartes, Plans et Vues." Six compartment,
banded spine, with red, gilt title label.Triple (French), gilt fillets on front and
rear boards. Bellin was the first chief hydrographic engineer of the French
Hydrographic Office (see Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, revised ed.).
Ref: Beinecke, Lesser Antilles Collection, 215; Sabin 4553. This is an
extremely nice copy.. Book Condition: Very Good. Binding: Full-Leather
$US 8275.00

Berlinghieri, Francesco
(Facsimile atlas; History of Cartography, Ptolemy): Geographia. Florence
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1966
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback , with Dustjacket
As new, 18 inch folio, xiii, 372 pp with (as new) DJ. Third series, volume
IV, with introduction by R.A. Skelton. This is a facsimile of the 1482
edition, originally published in Florence, and contains 31 maps.. Berlinghieri
was an Italian scholar and humanist, and his edition of Ptolemy's work was
the first in Italian. "Through the donation of hand-illuminated copies of the
book to the sons of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, Bayezid and Cem, it served
as an object of cross-cultural interchange between Florence and the Ottoman
imperial court in Istanbul." [Ref: PhD dissertation by Sean E. Roberts,
Cartography between cultures: Francesco Berlinghieri's 'Geographia' of 1482
(Italy), University of Michigan, publication no. 3224732, 2006.]. Book
Condition: As New. Binding: Cloth. Jacket: As New
$US 295.00

Bordone, Benedetto
(Facsimile Atlas, History of Cartography: Book of Islands): Libro ... De
Tutte L' Isole Del Mondo. Venice 1528
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1966
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
Small 13 inch folio, DJ (a bit scuffed) with taped repairs to lower front,
binding sound and internally very clean. Includes the loose erratum slip for
illustration (correction) on p. ix. xii, 166 pp. with introduction by R.A.
Skelton. Third series, vol. 1. From the introduction: "The isolario, or 'book
of islands,' was a cartographic form introduced and developed in Italy during
the 15th and 16th centuries. Like the portolano, or pilot-book, to which it
was related, it had its origin in the Mediterranean, as an illustrate guide for
travellers in the Aegean Archipelago and the Levant." This was Bordone's
best-known work (ref: Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Revised Ed.)..
Book Condition: Very Good. Binding: Cloth
$US 175.00

Braun, Georg and Hogenberg, Franz
(Facsimile Atlas, Cities of the World, History of Cartography): Civitates
Orbis Terrarum
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1965
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
Three, 17.5 inch elephant folio volumes, overall very good in original grey
cloth boards, with minimal fore-edge soiling in a few places (internally
clean). DJ's present with a few, short, edge tears. This is a facsimile of the
complete six volume Civitates (i.e. six vols. in three). Introduction by R.A.
Skelton; preface by R.V. Tooley. The atlas was originally produced between
1672 and 1617, and was a collaborative effort between over 100 artists and
map-makers. The original Latin verso texts are also reproduced here.. Book
Condition: Very Good
$US 1575.00

Cellarius, Andreas (introduction by Robert van Ghent)
(Reprint Atlas; Astronomy): Harmonia Macrocosmia of 1660. The Finest
Atlas of the Heavens.
Imprint: Köln, Taschen, 2006
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
This is an oversized (21 inch elephant folio), reprint copy of the first edition
in the Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam (published by Johannes
Janssonius), with an "introduction by Robert van Gent, one of the leading
Cellarius experts, summarizing the history of celestial cartography from
antiquity to late 17th/early 18th century and illuminating the life and work of
Andreas Cellarius." (from the Taschen website) Van Ghent's details provide
an update over earlier biographies. The 29 plates are reproduced in full
color; 240 pp. The appendix includes historical details of the mythology of
the constellations.. Book Condition: As New. Binding: Decorative Cloth
$US 125.00

Gannett, Henry
(Thematic Maps): Statistical Atlas of the United States, Eleventh Census
Imprint: Washington (DC), Deptartment of the Interior, 1898
Binding: Hardback
Elephant Folio - over 15" - 23" tall. Twenty-one inch elephant folio, original
endpapers and pebbled cloth boards scuffed.. Binding reasonably sound,
internally very good, complete (69 pp.). Reference: Phillips, Maps, 945.
Rumsey list no. 1873b. 63 numbered, colored plates, very little foxing and
no staining. At head of title: Department of the interior, Census office.
Robert P. Porter, superintendent ... Carroll D. Wright, commissioner of labor
in charge. From the US Census site: The census of 1890 was taken, under
the supervision of Robert P. Porter, according to an act of March 1, 1889,
and modeled after that used for the 1880 Census... The results of the 1890
Census are contained in 25 volumes, plus a three-part compendium,
statistical atlas [published in 1898], and an abstract. This is an increasingly
uncommon atlas,.. Book Condition: Very Good. Binding: Cloth. Jacket: No
$US 750.00

Gottschalk, Paul
(2 vols: explanatory text and plates): The Earliest Diplomatic Documents on
America - The Papal Bulls of 1493 and the Treaty of Tordesillas
Reproduced and Translated with Historical Introduction and Explanatory
Notes by Paul Gottschalk
Imprint: Berlin, 1927
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardback
Published by the author. Two volumes, with some dampstaining to the lower
portion of the text volume only. The text itself is clean, and there is no
dampstaining to the plate volume. Original quarter vellum (gilt-lettered
spines) and brown cloth boards. Two 15.75 inch folio volumes. The thinner
of the two is the text volume (91 pp.), which has the translations in English,
the final page of which is "a selected list of maps on which is indicated the
line of demarcation," by E.l. Stevenson. These volumes discuss the four
papal bulls of Alexander VI, and also disscuss the Treaty of Tordesillas. The
plates volume (130 plates) contains introductions to, and transliterations and
translations of the original Latin texts of the bulls and treaty, along with
relevant map images. These bulls are discussed as the "earliest diplomatic
documents in the history of America," and certainly among the most
important. The set was issued as a limited edition ("172 copies printed, of
which 150 are for sale"). The contents of the text volume is actually
replicated in the plate volume, but also is present as a separate volume
without the plates. The maps included (Cantino map, Salviati map, Weimar
map) are reprints from: Edward L. Stevenson, "Maps illustrating the early
discovery and exploaration in America, 1502-1530.". Book Condition: Very
$US 1375.00

Jefferys, Thomas
(Facsimile, History of Cartography): The American atlas, or, A geographical
description of the whole continent of America: wherein are delineated at
large, its several regions, countries, states, and islands; and chiefly the
British Colonies...
Imprint: London, Times Newspapers in association with the Royal
Geographical Society and David Paradine Developments Ltd., 1976
Edition: Facsimile, Limited
Binding: Hardback
Slip-cased 22 inch elephant folio, near fine, in half blue goat-skin and
marbled paper boards. Thirty map sheets originally from 49 copperplates,
based on the copy at the Royal Geographical Society. Slip case with one or
two small scuffs, gilt lettered label. This edition was limited to 200 copies,
this one being unnumbered (not unusual). This is a very attractive
bicentennial facsimile atlas, and certainly one of the most important
cartographic items pertaining to America in the Revolutionary War era. This
particular facsimile, based on the map count and dates, is from the 1777
issue of the atlas (originally issued s in 1776), and printed and sold by R.
Sayer and J. Bennett. For a description of the varied issues see David
Rumsey's online map collection, Ref. 0346b.. Book Condition: Near Fine.
Binding: Half-Leather
$US 1475.00

Lewis, Meriwether; William Clark; Gary E Moulton (editor); Thomas W
Dunlay (assistant editor)
(History, Exploration): The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Imprint: Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska--Lincoln.; Center for
Great Plains Studies. ; American Philosophical Society, 1983
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardback , with Dustjacket
Very good overall, complete set, all first editions issued between 1983 and
2001. Eleven octavo volumes, one quarto (Herbarium), and the atlas folio
(no jacket). All original jackets are present, with a few small nicks to the
upper spine on several jackets, and slight soiling and a small stain on the
cover of v. 2. This set has seen very little use; interior pages are clean. There
is some fading to the spine of the atlas volume. All are first issues. The 13
volumes are: v. 1. Atlas of the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- v. 2. August 30,
1803-August 24, 1804 -- v. 3. August 25, 1804-April 6, 1805 -- v. 4. April 7-
July 27, 1805 -- v. 5. July 28-November 1, 1805 -- v. 6. November 2, 1805-
March 22, 1806 -- v. 7. March 23-June 9. 1806 -- v. 8. June 10-September
26, 1806 -- v. 9. The journals of John Ordway, May 14, 1804-September 23,
1806, and Charles Floyd, May 14-August 18, 1804 -- v. 10. The journal of
Patrick Gass, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806 -- v. 11. The journals of
Joseph Whitehouse, May 14, 1804-April 2, 1806 -- v. 12. Herbarium of the
Lewis & Clark Expedition -- v. 13. Comprehensive index (this list was taken
from WorldCat).. Book Condition: Fine. Binding: Cloth. Jacket: Very Good
$US 3275.00

Ogilby, John
(Facsimile Atlas; History of Cartography): Britannia
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1970
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
Fifth series, vol. II, with introduction by J.B. Harley. This is a facsimile of
the 1675 London edition. Very good condition with minimal scuffing of
covers, xxx1, 204 pp. Ogilby led a colorful and diverse career. This
facsimile edition includes a list of editions and derivatives of Britannia. The
decorative engraved title page by Wenceslaus Hollar is reproduced, along
with the general map of England and the 100 strip maps.. Book Condition:
Very Good. Binding: Cloth. Jacket: No Jacket
$US 450.00

Reynolds, James (with John Emslie, engraver and draughtsman)
(Astronomy, 21 plates): Astronomical Diagrams
Imprint: London, James Reynolds, 1849
Binding: Hardback
This is a 12-inch quarto. No title page is present. The brown, pebbled-cloth
binding is scuffed and rubbed, upper front hinge beginning to separate, with
the 21 steel-engraved plates loose inside, on stiff paper cards, most very
good with minimal browning and foxing. These are hand colored, some
dramatically so. The "Geographical Diagram of the Earth" has two hand-
colored volvelles (one detached from original string). Four of the plates have
transparent portions (colored portions on tissue attached to verso). Cover
title gilt with minimal The 21 plates are mostly dated either 1849 or 1850,
and several indicate Emslie as engraver/draughtsman. The only copies I see
cataloged online (British Library and Linda Hall Library) indicate twelve
plates, decidedly less than what is in this grouping (but this one has plates
pertaining to geology). Some dealers offer individual plates for sale. James
Reynolds was also a mapmaker, publishing at 174 Strand in London, and
"Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Revised Edition" indicates a volume
title "Astronomical and Geographical Diagrams" issued in 1851 (but does
not indicate the number of diagrams). Given the number of plates here, this
is a very unusual offering. The 1849 date is the earliest shown on these
plates, with others showing 1850, and several undated. "J.J. White. presented
by Mr. Oliver." is stampted on the front paste-down. The 21 plates include:
Transparent Solar System, Phases of the Moon, Illustration of the Seasons,
Central Sun and Theory of the Stellar Universe, Geographical Diagram of
the Earth, Comets and Aerolites, Sun and Solar Phenomena, Eclipses, Earth
and Its Atmosphere, Theory of the Seasons and Signs of the Zodiac (this is
in duplicate), Stream of History, Physical Map of the World, Geological
Map of Ireland, Geological Map of England, Geological Map of Scotland,
Diagram of Meteorology, Diagram of Natural Phenomenon, Waterfalls,
Popular Geology. Image sizes vary; the stiff cards are each 11.25 x 9 inches..
Binding: Cloth. Jacket: No Jacket
$US 1675.00

Santarem, Vicomte De (with explanatory texts By Dr. Helen Wallis and A.
H. Simmons)
(Atlas De Santarem; Facsimile of Final 1849 Edition): Atlas Compose De
Mappemondes De Portulans t De Cartes Hydrographiques et
Historiques...Pour La Plupart Inedites...A L'Histoire De La Cosmographie et
De La Cartographie Pendant Le Moyen Age...
Imprint: Amsterdam, Rudolph Muller, 1985
Edition: Facsimile, Limited
Double Elephant - over 25" - 50" tall. All of the loose-leaf 180 (78 sheets)
maps and map fragments reproduced for this wonderful facsimile of the
Vicomte de Santarem's 1849 publication are in fine condition. The linen
clamshelf box is a bit scuffed and rubbed. The orginal prospectus, and the
detailed 79 pp explanatory text (fine condition; separate softcover volume)
are present. Santarem's atlas was a landmark in facsimile atlases (itself not
really a facsimile atlas per se) and the history of cartography, and was
produced in a run of only 300 copies, the same number produced for the
facsimle issue here. Cortesao notes the importance of Santarem's work in his
"History of Portuguese Cartography" (Vol. I, p. 22). This facimile
reproduction is, therefore, quite uncommon in its own right. The works of
Jomard, Nordenskiold, Kretchmer and others followed this signal work. This
is an elegant and impressive double-elephant folio atlas (28 inch high sheets;
most images single page, of variable size).
$US 775.00

Waghenaer, Lucas Janz (introduction by RA Skelton)
(Sea Atlas-- Facsimile; History of Cartography): Spieghel der Zeevaerdt
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1964
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
VG, b&w 17.5 inch folio, DJ absent, covers rubbed (spine title faded) but
binding tight. Internally clean. This is a facsimile reproduction of
Waghenaer's famous sea atlas, origininally publiched in Leiden in 1585.The
atlas text is in Dutch, with a nice 5 page introduction in English by RA
Skelton. This volume was reproduced from the compy of the James Ford
Bell Collection at the University of Minnesota. This atlas was the first
attempt to systematically codify the nautical maps, much as Ortelius' T
heatrum Orbis Terrarum had done for land maps. The book is 256 pp. and
includes 44 double folio charts. Much of Blaeu's nautical work was
profoundly influenced by Waghenaer. This is an impressive facsimile atlas..
Book Condition: Very Good. Binding: Cloth. Jacket: No Jacket
$US 225.00
Wytfliet, Cornelius van
(Facsimile atlas, History of Cartography: Americas): Descriptionis
Ptolemaicae Augmentum, Louvain 1597
Imprint: Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1964
Edition: First Edition Thus
Binding: Hardback
Twelve inch quarto, overall very good, with DJ a bit chipped at edges,
internally excellent. Biographical note by R.A. Skelton, with collation,
biographical reference, literature, and list of various editions. This was the
first separately published atlas devoted entirely to the Americas.xii, 104 pp
text, and 19 map facsimiles (b&w). The Latin text provides information on
the discovery, geography and natural history of the New World (North and
South America). First series, vol. V.. Binding: Cloth
$US 350.00

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