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S. Renee Prasil (5+)
Make a ‗forever‘ project while learning different art skills and/or media each month! Class is limited to 12 students. All
materials provided.
FC-1A) October 15-Masks! Make a mask to wear during your Halloween outing! Afterwards, hang it as a decoration for
your room (if Mom doesn‘t claim it for the den!)
FC-1B) November 19-Scraffito! Make a lovely work of art (fall leaves or feathers or landscape) for your home.
3rd Fri. each month — 4-5:30 PM
$20 MBR/$25 non-MBR per session

Paul Rufe (9+)
Wide-eyed cartooning enthusiasts will learn the tricks of the trade by using pencils, markers, and crayons, to illustrate
characters like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and others in the manga style, as well as characters they create themselves. Class
size is limited to 12.
FC-2) October 11, 18, 25 and November 1
4 Mondays — 5:15-6:30 PM
$50 MBR/$55 non-MBR

S. Renee Prasil (7+)
Ready for a change from video games? Explore the exciting ―World of Art‖ at HAL! Using acrylic paints, pastels, metals,
papers and more, students will work on different projects each session. Students will learn about foregrounds, perspective,
highlights, shading, and other art principles and finish class with multiple works of their own original art. Class is limited to
10 students. All materials supplied.
FC-3A) October 7, 21 — Pets
FC-3B) November 4, 18 — Landscapes
2 Thursdays — 4-5:30 PM
$35 MBR/$40non-MBR

Shelia Cape, Farren Prasil, and/or S. Renee Prasil (6+/if enough students register, a second class for ages 11-
15 will be held from 11:30-12:30PM)
Students learn about the art of that country and create their own ‗after‘ (in the style of) the artist studied. Class is limited to
10 students. All materials supplied.
FC-4) October 14, 28, November 4 –France (acrylic painting on canvas)
3 Thursdays — 10-11AM
$50 MBR/$55non-MBR

Shelia Cape (8+)
Learn solid design principles for creating advertisements, webdesign, posters, and more! This class will be useful in taking a
class project from ―looks OK‖ to ―WOW‖. All materials provided.
FC-5) October 14, 21
2 Thursdays — 1-3 PM
$35 MBR/$40 non-MBR
Shelia Cape (8+)
Participants will learn to use everyday objects and materials to make paper, then use their paper to create a work of art.
Bring scrap paper (non-shiny) from junk mail, newspaper, school. All other materials provided. Class size limited to 10.
FC-6A) October 23 — Treat Bags                  1 Saturday — 1-3 PM
FC-6B) November 11 — Gift tags, Cards           1 Thursday — 1-3 PM
$25 MBR/$30 non-MBR

                       HIGH SCHOOL AND ADULT CLASSES
Harriet Dobbins
Pastel is a great medium for those who have limited time segments for artwork. You will learn about different types of
pastels and different types of paper. The class will cover different ways to apply the pastels and you will complete at least
one pastel work on a subject of your choice. Paper will be provided at class for $10 per sheet, payable to the instructor at
the first class. Maximum number of students-11.
October 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17 (6 Wed.), 10 AM-12 PM
$120 MBR/$130 non-MBR

Harriet Dobbins
Pastel is a great medium for those who have limited time segments for artwork. You will learn about different types of
pastels and different types of paper. The class will cover different ways to apply the pastels and you will complete at least
one pastel work on a subject of your choice. Paper will be provided at class for $10 per sheet, payable to the instructor at
the first class. Maximum number of students-11.
October 4, 11, 18, 25 November 1,8 (6 Mon.), 7-9 PM
$120 MBR/$130 non-MBR

Doris Sisk
Increase the dimensionality of your art! Whether your style is representational, traditional, or abstract and regardless of the
medium you use, this class will introduce you to a variety of grounds and mediums to add excitement to you art-for both
you and the viewers! Supply fee of $7 payable to teacher at first class. Maximum number of students-10.
October 5, 6 (Tue. and Wed.), 9AM-12PM
$50 MBR/$60 non-MBR

Leslie Wood
In the spirit of Halloween, students make a themed journal featuring ‗everything Halloween‖!-from old Bela Lugosi movies,
to Day of the Dead celebrations and Edgar Allen Poe. Participants turn an old book into a fun and scary concoction of
written and visual imagery. The class atmosphere will be filled with Halloween themed music, visuals, and candy to inspire
the creative juices and inner monsters. You will leave the class with a full or partially completed journal (depends on your
speed….) Bring-Black ―stays on‖ ink pad, 2-3 cheap craft paints (black and your favorite colors0, recycled paper/boards
(cereal boxes, mat boards, etc), masking tape, glue or heavy matt medium, 1 lg brush (size 12 or larger. Materials may be
found at WalMart, HobbyLobby, etc. Class limited to 10 students.
October 6, 13, 20, 27 (4 Wed.), 6:30-9 PM
$ 80MBR/$ 85 non-MBR
Walt Schumacher
It‘s easier than you think! Have your own website at ―‖ for less than $4/mo! If you can crop and resize a
photo, type a letter, and move files on the computer, you can have your own website. You can do it all with free programs
provided in class….and a little training! (Great for artists and others who want to advertise their work!)
October 5, 12 (Tue), 6:30-8:30 PM
$40 MBR/$45 non-MBR per session

Walt Schumacher
I have been using ACDSee for the last 20 years! It is about the fastest and easiest image viewer around. I have ACDSee
and PhotoShop always open on my desktop. For a $50 outlay for the program, you can do all of the following with your
photographs: Import and arrange, organize, burn CDs, create instant slideshows, make HTML albums of pictures for
websites, print multiple pictures on a page, rotate, resize, batch rename, email, adjust exposure, color, sharpness, cropping,
and add text to your pictures!
October 26 (Tue.), 6:30-8:30 PM
$20 MBR/$25 non-MBR

Ann Steverson
Classic oil painting techniques will be explored in this class. Students practice wipeout under-painting, color blocking, and
use light and color to create dramatic three-dimensional form. Beginners welcome! Paint, palettes, rags, and medium
provided. Bring your own canvas-any size (or canvas board) and a variety of oil-safe paint brushes. Pumpkins provided if
requested at registration ($8 additional fee), or bring pumpkin or gourd of your choosing. On Saturday-bring lunch or visit a
nearby restaurant.
(3 day workshop) October 8 (Fri.), 6:30-9 PM, October 9 (Sat.), 10:30AM-4:30PM and 10
(Sun.), 1-4:30PM
$190 MBR/$210 non-MBR per session

Shelia Cape
Explore the age-old method of coiling to make baskets from fabric. This class is appropriate for beginners or anyone
wanting to learn a new ―old‘ technique. The same coiling method learned in class can be used later to weave a variety of
materials-pine needles, raffia, yarn, etc. Supply list at HAL.
October 11, 18, 25, November 1(4 Mon.), 1-3 PM
$60 MBR/$70 non-MBR

Dr. Fran Church
With school underway and before the hectic holiday season begins, get a little ‗relief‘ for yourself! Study relief sculpture and
create your own. Class involves serious art study in a spirtit of fun. Class fee includes all materials.
October 9, 16, 23, 30 (4 Sat.), 10AM-12PM
$60 MBR/$65 non-MBR
Leslie Wood
Students will transform ordinary items and junk into majestic angels. In this class, you will learn how to turn non-metallic
items into rusted metal items. You will also learn how to cut, texture and patina copper sheet. And you will learn how you
can use just basic aluminum repair tape and make it look like aged silver. You will also learn some different wire techniques,
as well as some other basic collage techniques; all to make your very own junk angel, using your own images or mine, if
desired. Supply fee of $7 payable to the teacher at first class. Maximum students-12
October 14, 21 (Thu.), 6-9:30 PM
$65MBR/$70 non-MBR

S. Renee Prasil
Join us at HAL and ―pARTy with a Purpose™‖. All proceeds from HAL Education go to help local artists, charities, etc, in
conjunction with our HAL Mission Statement. Come for fun AND ‗real art instruction -with personal attention!- as you help us
help others in our community! Bring your favorite beverage (snacks will be provided) and invite your friends to meet you at
HAL for a relaxing evening out! (This makes a great ‗date‘ night, too!) All materials provided, unless otherwise noted. Class
size limited to 10.
FA-12A) October 15 — Masks and Mayhem: To wear or display, ‗masks‘ are a fun art project! Join us and release your
creative ‗beast‘!
FA-12B) November 19 —Scraffito: Fall Leaves or Feathers are beautiful in the Scraffito techniques (scratch art). You will
learn to prepare your own grounds and more during this fun class.
Every 3rd Friday — 6-8:30 PM
$30 MBR/$35 non-MBR

Walt Schumacher
Learn how to get digital files into the computer. Includes: Cropping and sizing for email and printing. ―Global‖ changes:
color adjustment, contrast, brightness and saturation. ―Local‖ enhancement: spotting, red-eye, burning, dodging and
cloning. Filters. Copying, cutting and pasting. Type & Layer Styles. Profiling and printing. Using pictures with MS Word to
make business cards, labels, etc.
November 2, 9 (Tue.), 6:30-8:30 PM
$40 MBR/$45 non-MBR per session

Leslie Wood
Have you ever wanted to start a journal but not known where to start? Learn this published artist‘s techniques and tips!
Students learn about the many different kinds of art journals and how to create their own. Collage and photo transfer
techniques will be explored along with different artistic writing techniques. Supply list at HAL.
November 15, 22, 29, December 6 (4 Mon.), 6:30-9PM

Don Broome
This overview of matting and framing is done on location at Don Broome Studios. During an approximately 45 minute tour,
students will see how a professional framer selects the proper molding and mat(s) for a piece of artwork, chooses the cuts,
and assembles, mounts, and seals, etc. Discussion of touch ups and repairs will also be covered during this personalized
class. You may take a private showing or request a group class.
Register at HAL, and then call Don directly at 880-3497 or 656-1497 to schedule your introduction to framing.
*$30 MBR/$35 non-MBR (*includes discount of $25 off your first framing job of $40 or more)

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