Preparing for Canada's Future Workforce by january

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									Preparing for Canada’s Future Workforce
Gabriel Bouchard
Founder & VicePresident General Manager Monster

Liane Davey
Principal Knightsbridge

• Crunch in the Labour Market • Workforce Trends • Surviving the Crunch

Crunch in the Labour Market

Demographics Reducing Supply

Economy Increasing Demand

Retail Industry Challenges

A Paradigm Shift


Today’s Worker Is Split in Two Camps

59% Loyalists Opportunists

Workforce Trends

Generation Y is plugged in

Boomers are reinventing themselves

Canada has a new and more diverse face

Employees expect you to increase their market value

Surviving the Crunch

The Power of the Brand

A New Deal -need a deal that works for everyone

Casting the Net Widely -the importance of the internet

Happy Recruiting!
Liane Davey
Principal Knightsbridge

Gabriel Bouchard
Founder & Vice-President General Manager Monster

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