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					Receive Payments Sooner With Tupperware Card!
Tupperware Card Offers Easy Way To Manage Your Business
Commission payments are paid through Tupperware Cards. Using the Tupperware Card as a tool for these payments means we are able to
simplify your business and offer a payment option similar to direct deposit for all Sales Force Members, including those without a checking
account. This
gives everyone the opportunity to use one business account to not only pay for Tupperware orders, but also to receive commissions. And, with
your Tupperware Card order payments, you’ll earn reward points that can be redeemed for free business-building products and materials.
Register today for the Tupperware Card, the preferred payment method for all your Tupperware purchases.

Tupperware Check Card
With the Tupperware Check Card, you'll no longer need to transfer funds from your checking account to your credit card to make purchases. By
linking directly to your existing checking account, the Tupperware Check Card enables the fastest possible payment of your Tupperware
purchases. A record of your transactions will appear on your checking account statement.

Tupperware Debit Card (Not available for Canadian Consultants.)
The Tupperware Debit Card is an excellent option for those who do not have a checking account. It also functions as an ATM debit card and is
tied to a special account set up by a designated bank. Even if you do have a checking account, the Tupperware Debit Card is ideal if you wish
to keep
Tupperware business separate from your personal checking account. You'll have online access to your transaction history at .

How to Sign Up
Sign up for your Tupperware Card in My Sales My Sales Web Application on :
• Select "Next" on the What's Hot page.
• Select "Next" on the Update Personal Stats page.
• On the Party History page, go to the right hand navigation buttons and select "Tupperware Card Enroll" (second from the bottom) and the
Tupperware Card enrollment page will appear. Your enrollment form will automatically contain your Consultant ID and the address that is on file

When you register for the Tupperware Card, all payments using the Tupperware Card earn points for you: one point for each dollar you spend.
For every 3,000 points, you'll earn $30 in credit towards Tupperware products or other promotions that may be offered for a given period of time.
Plus, if you have already registered and are using your Freedom Card, you have already accumulated points.
You may redeem your loyalty points for one of the following coupons:
     Sales Aid Pack 1: Includes 1 pack of catalogs, 1 pack of Customer Order Forms and 1 pack of Flyers.
     Sales Aid Pack 2: 1 bag of Tiny Treasures guest gift assortment (substitutions may occur).
     $30 Tupperware Gift Certificate to be used when ordering Tupperware® products featured in the current catalog.
     You may also choose to accumulate points for higher rewards certificates to redeem at a later time.
     After redeeming points for a coupon, you must order that product from Tupperware. The product is not shipped until you have
          completed your order with Tupperware.
Available Rewards
              Reward                                             Vendor                              Product Code         Point Cost

              $30 Tupperware Gift Certificate                    Tupperware                          FC75                 3000

              Sales Aid Pack 1                                   Tupperware                          FP13                 1000

              Sales Aid Pack 2                                   Tupperware                          FP14                 1000


Coupon FC75 + unique number Tupperware Card (Freedom) Rewards Coupon - $30 Tupperware Active Consultants and Managers who
redeemed Tupperware Card (Freedom) Rewards Program points from Redeem coupon for $30 of TW(class 1,2)on a
Non Party Cons. order. Shipping and sales tax apply - no other coupons (this includes other FC75 coupons) may be on the order

Coupon FP13 + unique number Tupperware Card (Freedom) Rewards Pack 1 Active Consultants and Managers who redeemed a Tupperware
Card(Freedom) Rewards Program points from May redeem coupon for Tupperware (Freedom) Rewards Sales Aids
Pack 1, Item #76253English, Item #76254Spanish

Coupon FP14 + unique number Tupperware Card (Freedom) Rewards Pack 2 Active Consultants and Managers who redeemed a Tupperware
Card (Freedom) Rewards Program points from May redeem coupon for Tupperware (Freedom) Rewards Sales Aids
Pack 2, Item #76255

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