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									Access to Justice Task Force Chair                  Profession Mourns Loss of ATJ Advocate
Charlotte H. Johnson, Ann Arbor
                                                         John Cummiskey (1917 - 2002)
Campaign Cabinet Chair
Reginald M. Turner, Detroit
                                                      Lawyers throughout
President, State Bar of Michigan                the state continue to
                                                mourn the October 2002
Campaign Co-Chairs                              death of John
Scott S. Brinkmeyer, Grand Rapids
Nancy J. Diehl, Detroit
                                                Cummiskey. Because of
                                                his unwavering leadership
Regional Campaign Chairs                        of the profession and
Jonathan W. Anderson, Grand Rapids              because of the ideals and
Michael H. Dettmer, Traverse City
Robert F. Garvey, St. Clair Shores              passion he brought to the
George A. Googasian, Bloomfield Hills           access to justice work,
James F. Graves, Lansing                        John’s legacy is firmly
Ronald D. Keefe, Marquette
                                                established. John’s
Craig H. Lubben, Kalamazoo
Randolph P. Piper, Flint                        commitment to the ATJ
Harold D. Pope III, Detroit                     Campaign dated from its
                                                inception, and his
Special Needs Representative                    lifetime of work for
Elias Escobedo, Waterford                                                   John W. Cummiskey (right) pictured with former State Bar
                                                access to justice for all
                                                                            President Alfred M. Butzbaugh, offers words of thanks after
Corporate Committee Co-Chairs                   is being remembered by      being presented with a resolution honoring his commitment
Robert E. Gilbert,                              scores of donors who        to access to justice.
Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PLC
                                                have made memorial
Thomas A. Gottschalk,
General Motors Corp.                            donations totaling thousands of dollars. For more information on John’s
George W. Madison, Comerica Inc.                career, see http://www.michbar.org/journal/home.cfm (select archived
Special Thanks to Ford Motor Co.                issues, and click December 2002.)
Foundation Committee Chair
William M. Brodhead, Bloomfield Hills            ATJ Fund Contributions Exceed $3 Million
Special Advisors                                      The State Bar of Michigan, in partnership with the Michigan State Bar
Lisa Allen-Kost, Programs & Services
Division, State Bar of Michigan                 Foundation and legal services providers throughout the state, conducted the
John T. Berry, Executive Director,              fifth year of its Access to Justice fundraising campaign during 2002. Nearly
State Bar of Michigan                           $700,000 in cash and pledges was raised during the calendar year. More than
Edmund M. Brady Jr.,
                                                $3,000,000 in pledges and contributions has been raised to date from 3,645
Plunkett & Cooney, PC
Alfred M. Butzbaugh,                            donors. Over 50% of total gifts are being placed by donors in endowment
Butzbaugh & Dewane                              funds to help provide long-term stable funding for legal aid services into the
John W. Cummiskey (1917-2002)                   future. Even so, a higher percentage of donations went to operations during
John W. Martin, Jr., Ford Motor Co. (retired)
                                                calendar year 2002, a result encouraged by the Campaign to assist programs
Jon R. Muth,
Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey, PLC         with current operating money in light of the loss of federal funding in Michigan
Lee B. Reimann,                                 caused by the shifts of poverty populations nationwide.
Women Lawyers Association of Michigan
                                                      For 2002, the Michigan State Bar Foundation distributed $422,325 in
Linda K. Rexer,
Michigan State Bar Foundation                   contributions designated by donors to specific programs. In addition, the
John D. Tully, Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP      Foundation made its second round of grants from the ATJ Fund in 2002.
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ATJ Fund Grows . . .
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                                                                     well within fundraising             Access to Justice Fund
                                                                     industry standards. In                Total with Pleges:
                                                                     calendar year 2002, the                  $3,074,403
                                                                     Bar Foundation                               Planned

                                                                     reimbursed some of the                        Oper.
                                                                                                       Desig.       0%
                                                                     direct costs of the
                                                                     Campaign from the ATJ              35%
                                                                     Fund, with the end
                                                                     result that 87 cents of
                                                                     each dollar contributed          Gen.
                                                                     by donors was invested          Oper.
                                                                     in direct program                6%
                                                                                                                Planned           Endow.
 Minority Outside Counsel Networking Conference organizers and
                                                                     services.                                  Endow.             11%
  supporters celebrate the presentation of a $128,000 gift to Access
 to Justice. From left to right: David B. Cade, Reginald M. Turner,       Reginald M.                            10%

   Nancy J. Diehl, Justice Marilyn J. Kelly, Charlotte H. Johnson,   Turner, president of the
    Alison R. Nelson, George W. Madison, Dennis E. Ross and E.       State Bar of Michigan
                      Christopher Johnson, Jr.                                                          Access to Justice Fund
                                                                     said the Bar was “very             2002 Total with Pledges:
Some $45,000 was awarded to                                          proud of the lawyers,                     $698,685
programs that applied for funds from judges and good corporate citizens                                            Planned
the ATJ Fund for five projects that                  who have made this success                                     Oper.
                                                                                                                     0%             Gen.
improved outreach and civil legal                    possible.” Turner thanked those who                                           Endow.
services to the poor in Michigan.                    made significant personal                        Desig.

       The State Bar’s support for the               contributions and inspired others to do          Oper.
Campaign helps make it possible to                   so. “This Access to Justice Campaign                                              Desig.
assure donors of low campaign costs                  is on the right track and moving full                                              3%

per dollar raised, even considering the              steam ahead,” Turner said.                                           Gen.
Campaign is still in its start-up years.                    The Minority Outside Counsel                                  2%

During 2002 the State Bar’s direct                   Networking Conference gift of
costs for the Campaign totaled 17                    $128,000 was the largest single gift ever   and was the first organized by three
cents per dollar raised (17%), a figure              made to the Campaign. The two-day           major corporate sponsors — Comerica
within the guidelines established for the conference was held in Detroit last                    Incorporated, Ford Motor Company and
Campaign by the Internal Cabinet and                 October to highlight diversity issues       General Motors.

   State Support Center Offers On-Line Tax Help to Low-Income Wage Earners

T    he Michigan Poverty Law
     Program is providing links to
materials on the Earned Income Credit
                                                 file them directly to get an expedited
                                                 return. Forms to claim the Child &
                                                 Dependent Care and Education
                                                                                                 MPLP. “We have outreach materials
                                                                                                 for the ICAN e-file site, including a
                                                                                                 checklist of materials for individuals
through its new website for continuing           Credits are also available.                     who want to use the site” said Kim.
legal education materials available to                 The website runs in both Spanish               MPLP is spearheading Michigan
the public. Both www.mi.lawhelp.org              and Vietnamese, and there is an                 efforts to provide web-based, easy to
and www.michiganlawhelp.org went                 optional video component that reads             use legal materials available to lawyers
live in February. By using these sites,          the screen for the user. “Hopefully,            and members of the public. For more
individuals can produce tax forms (by            this program will keep more of the              information on the MPLP website
answering questions written at a 5th             EIC money going to clients, rather              project, please contact Mia Kim at
grade literacy level) or, if they have           than tax preparation services,” said            miakim@umich.edu.
their own email address, they can e-             Mia Kim, publications attorney at
                           Pro Bono and Client Profile
             Success Story from Legal Services of Eastern Michigan

         Anthony (Tony) Costanzo is                                                      able to pay her debts. Or so she
a practicing attorney at Fortino,                Legal aid is about helping              thought. Marcy began receiving
Plaxton, Moskal & Costanzo, P.C.                 ordinary people with real-              notices that she was delinquent on
in Alma, Michigan. While Tony                                                            her student loan payments.
primarily does insurance work, he               life problems. Client stories            According to the collection agency,
also has experience in different                 from the field illustrate the           Marcy had borrowed $5,500 in 1981
practice areas such as insurance                 day-to-day struggles - and              from a college in Pennsylvania.
defense litigation, municipal law,             victories - of poor Americans             Marcy was devastated and was so
general civil litigation, employer                                                       sure she had paid back her loans,
labor law and negotiations.                      seeking justice under law.              but whenever she contacted the
     Tony has always enjoyed work                                                        collection agency they told her, “we
in the private practice setting.                                                         have heard that story before.” After
Because he has been in family oriented law firms, he has        performing some cursory detective work, Marcy discovered
been able to spend time with his growing family. Tony and       that someone else with the same name had attended a
Teresa, his wife, have an eight year old son, a tenth grade     Pennsylvania school, taken out student loans, and never
son, a daughter who is a senior in high school, and their       paid them back. At this time, the debt had grown to $15,000
eldest son is a junior in college at Central Michigan           and while Marcy tried over and over to resolve the matter
University where Tony obtained his bachelor’s degree.           alone, LSEM was her only hope. LSEM contacted Tony
Upon earning a law degree from the University of Detroit        and he said he would be happy to handle the case.
Mercy Law School in 1981, Tony worked with the                        Tony and Marcy both were shocked at how much red
prosecutor’s office, and then spent approximately six years     tape they had to wade through. Despite the fact the
with a family-run firm in Dearborn. It was there, with          Pennsylvania student had a different social security number,
Robert Grenn and his son Fred, that Tony began to involve       and Marcy was in high school when the Pennsylvania
himself in the many facets of general practice including pro woman took the loan out, creditors still did not believe
bono work. Tony thinks of all his clients as people who need Marcy’s story. Tony helped prove through her driver’s
his help, whether that help is pro bono or not.                 license picture, multiple handwriting samples, and talking to
     Tony says it is a “neat feeling to get to know and         dozens of people that Marcy did not take out this loan.
become friends with your clients.” Often Tony takes on pro      Finally Tony found a person who took the time to listen, and
bono clients because, “I know they need the help…so I tell      Marcy’s name and credit were saved. His dedication,
them to call legal aid and if they qualify as pro bono, I will  support, and guidance truly guided Marcy through her scary
handle the case for them.” Tony also gives his time to his      ordeal. Now she does not have to worry about losing any of
community. Just this week Tony spoke at a career day at a       her modest resources to collection agents or having to live
middle school and answered questions about being a lawyer.      with a damaged credit rating because of the $15,000 that
The questions were fun and the kids had a great time.           she never owed,
                                             One woman in       and is able to move       Save These Dates
                                       particular found Tony    forward in her life.
                                       when she turned to       Marcy has since                September 11, 2003
                                       Legal Services of        graduated from             ATJ Donor Acknowledgement
                                       Eastern Michigan         college, and is now        Golden Anniversary Reception
                                       (LSEM). When             doing very well.             State Bar Annual Meeting
                                       “Marcy” was young she          Thank you                September 12, 2003
                                       had always wanted to     Tony for your            Cummiskey Award for exemplary
                                       attend college. In order helpful and                pro bono service presented at
                                       to do so, Marcy had to   meaningful pro               Annual Meeting luncheon
                                       take out some student    bono work with
                                       loans to pay for her                                    September 13, 2003
                                                                civil legal aid!         Race for Justice, Potter Park Zoo
                                       education. It took some
     Cartoon courtesy of Stu Rees      time, but Marcy was                                       Lansing, Michigan
                                       2002 GIVING CLUBS
                               Acknowledging donations made during the calendar year 2002
      The State Bar of Michigan Access to Justice Campaign and Pro Bono Involvement Committee thank the following
                                              donors for their generous gifts:
   Founder - $100,000 and above           Michigan State Bar Foundation                  Thomas A. Gottschalk
                                          Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones          Green, Weisse, Rettig, Rademacher &
 Minority Outside Counsel Networking
             Conference                          Elizabeth E. Snell                                Clark
                                       Sommers, Schwartz, Silver & Schwartz          Gruel Mills Nims & Pylman
  Humanitarian - $50,000 - $99,999
                                           Benefactor - $5,000 - $9,999                     George W. Hare
     Warner Norcross & Judd
                                           Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick                      Clifford H. Hart
   President - $25,000 - $49,999
                                              Patron - $2,500 - $4,999            Hooper, Hathaway, Price, Beuche &
     Bodman, Longley & Dahling                                                                   Wallace
                                                    Butzel Long
           Dykema Gossett                                                             Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss
 Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn                 McShane & Bowie
                                                                                            Jon H. Kingsepp
  Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone          Sponsor - $1,000 - $2,499
                                                                                            James F. Mauro
 Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey            Jonathan W. Anderson
                                                                                         Hon. Susan B. Neilson
   Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt &                  Charles Borgsdorf
                                                                                            Pepper, Hamilton
                Howlett                        Lawrence G. Campbell
                                                                                         Marietta S. Robinson
     Steward - $10,000 – $24,999                 Vincent G. Carter
                                                                                   SBM Law Practice Management
              Clark Hill                          Lynn P. Chard                                   Section
          Dickinson Wright                      Margaret A. Costello               SBM Real Property Law Section
      General Motors Corporation                 Candace Crowley                           Ralph C. Simpson
    Howard & Howard Community                     Nancy J. Diehl                         State Bar of Michigan
         Reinvestment Fund
                                                  Fifth Third Bank               Zurich American Insurance Company

                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                       LANSING, MI
                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 191

Michael Frank Building
State Bar of Michigan
306 Townsend Street
Lansing, MI 48933-2083

How to contact the
ATJ Development
Campaign Staff:

• Candace Crowley,
  Manager, Access to Justice
  Phone (517) 346-6319

• Jennifer Williams,
  Administrative Assistant
  Phone (517) 367-6421

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