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									Contract for Performance of Independent Contractor Services
This is a contract between Escoe Bliss Communication, Inc. of 1442 Irvine Blvd., Suite 209, Tustin,
CA 92780, herein referred to as “EBC,” and [name], [address], herein referred to as “contractor,” for
the performance of the services described below.

Section I: Parties and Relationship

EBC is an S corporation and is engaged in part in the business of supplying writing and editing,
document management, instructional design, training, organizational change management,
business analysis, and quality assurance services through the use of skilled independent
contractors; contractor is an individual whom by education, training, and experience also provides
such services. The parties intend that an independent contractor relationship be created by this
contract. Contractor is not to be considered an agent or employee of EBC for any purpose.
Contractor further agrees to be responsible for all of contractor’s federal and state taxes, social
security, worker’s compensation insurance, and other liabilities and benefits.

Section II: Duties
Contractor shall provide technical writing consulting or related services to [client], herein referred to
as “client.”

In accepting the above assignment, contractor agrees to use diligence and professional skill in
completing all assigned tasks.

Section III: Consideration

Upon satisfactory performance of the aforementioned assignment and receipt of an invoice every
week, EBC agrees to send to contractor the sum of $[rate] per hour worked, payable every two

Section IV: Cancellation

The parties agree that this contract may be cancelled upon mutual agreement of the contractor and
EBC, or by EBC for any reason at any time including but not limited to the client’s request or the
contractor’s unsatisfactory performance as determined by the client, EBC, or both.

Section V: Confidentiality

It is understood that in the performance of the duties agreed to in this contract, contractor may
obtain information about EBC clients and potential clients, and that such information may include
financial data, methods of operation, policy statements, and other confidential data. Contractor
agrees to restrict the use of such information to the performance of services described in this
contract. Contractor further agrees to return to EBC upon the completion of work any and all
documents (originals and copies) obtained from EBC to facilitate the services described above.

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Section VI: Noncompetitive Clause

Contractor further agrees not to perform any of the professional services that EBC provides,
specifically, writing and editing, document management, instructional design, training,
organizational change management, business analysis, or quality assurance services , for the client
unless EBC has employed the contractor for the provision of such services to the client. This
restriction shall remain in effect for two years after the termination of this contract.

Section VII: Applicable Law

The parties agree that this contract is to be construed as a California contract.

Section VIII: Assignability

Neither party can assign or delegate its rights or duties under this contract without the express,
written consent of the other party.

Section IX: Term of Contract

This contract will become effective immediately and shall remain in effect until the promises and
duties described herein have been fully performed.

Section X: Integration

This contract sets forth the entire contract between the parties and may be canceled, modified, or
amended only by a written instrument executed by each of the parties here, or as specifically
provided in the contract.

WITNESS the hands and seals of the parties hereto, each duly authorized.

Escoe Bliss Communication, Inc.

By __________________________________                       ___________________
   Adrienne Escoe, PhD, President                           Date

By __________________________________                       ___________________
   [name]                                                   Date
   Independent Contractor


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