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MBC LENDING LLC, Independent Contractor Agreement
This agreement, made this      day of          by an d between MBC LEN DING, LLC
referred to as "Company"; an d                referred to as " Loan Officer WITNESSETH:
WHEREAS, Com pany is a licensed Correspon dent Lender firm , enjoying a good
reputation for honest and effective business operations; and WHEREAS, C om pany
desires to employ the agent as an Independent Contractor WHEREAS, the agent is not a
licensed mortgage broker by this state to interview, take application and WHEREAS,
the agent enjoys a good reputation for fair and honest dealing; and WHEREAS, it is
deemed to be to the mutual advantage of Com pany an d the agent to form the
association agreed to un der the terms and con ditions: Loan Officer is referred as agent.


Loan Officer Agrees to:

A. Abi de by the Mortgage Broker laws of this state in dealings with the public; B. Abi de
by the Code of Ethics of the Mortgage Broker Association of ; C Abide by the rules and
regulations of any Mortgage Brokerage Laws that the Company is now or may become
affiliated with; D. Abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the National and State
Associations of Mortgage Brokerage Business , and those of the local Mortgage
Brokerage Laws ®; E. Abide by the rules set forth in Company's Policies and
Procedures. F. Deal honestly and fairly with all clients and customers of Com pany, as
well as with the staff and management of Com pany; G. Observe the fiduciary duties
that Company owes to our principals; H. Take all applications in the name of Company,
and have clients sign the 1003 within 72 hours from the time the credit report was
pulle d.; I. Refrain from making any representations in the name of the company to
condition of property or of title that may, if relied upon, cause loss to a buyer. This
includes statements about structure, electrical service, sewers, appliances, etc.; J.
Refrain from billing any cost or expense to Company's account, unless so authorized by
the Company; K. Pay for all professional licenses and dues; L. Work diligently to obtain
Loans and take application on a timely manner and to promote the business of
Company in every way possible; M . Upon termination for any reason the Mortgage
Broker/Loan Officer may not use for personal advantage, or to the advantage of any
other party, information gained for or from this association and the files or business of
Company; N . To maintain the confidentiality of all information, forms, manuals, etc.
gained for or from the files or business of the Company while with Company, or upon
termination of this contract.

Company agrees to:

A. Abi de by the Mortgage Broker license laws of this state in all dealings with the
public; B. Abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Mortgage
Brokerage ; C. Abide by the rules and regulations of office policies; D. Abide by the
Constitution and Bylaws of the National and State Associations of a Mortgage Broker
those of the local Board of Mortgage Brokerage ®; E. Pay commissions to Mortgage
Broker/Loan Officer according to P ART IV:

F. The Company will not:

1. Withhold from Mortgage Broker. However all Loan Officers will get pay on w-2s. that
means taxes will be deducte d from your commissions. 2. Make any premium payments
or contributions for any worker's compensation or unemployment compensation for
Mortgage Broker. 3. Pay for any automobile or transportation expense. 4. Require the
Mortgage Broker to follow any set schedule; the Mortgage Broker may work or not work
by choice. 5. Pay any salary or any sick pay.


Company and M ortgage Broker:

A. Agent shall have no authority to bind or commit Principal Broker by any promise or
representation. Independent Contractor is to transact all his or her Mortgage business
as an "associate / Mortgage Broker" or as a "Loan Officer" as defined by the Official
Code of Florida. B. Broker may terminate or void this contract if Mortgage Broker
doesn't update their address and phone number when any change occurs. In the event
Mortgage Broker can't be contacted, Principal Broker shall have the right to cancel the
contract. C. Broker will choose to join different organi zations that mandate membership
by all Mortgage Broker. These organizations include, but are not limited to MLS, Board
of Realtors, insurance companies, etc. Mortgage Broker may have to pay their share of
expense and will abi de by the rules and regulations of all organizations Broker
participates in. Also in the event that Federal, State or local laws or ordinances are
passed leading to increased costs to the Broker, then Broker will collect from Mortgage
Broker full amount of said costs. Failure to pay the se costs 10 days from the billing
date will make this contract null and void. D. Mortgage Broker and Company agree that
from time to time, Company may determine that it should pay some e xpenses or reduce
the commission charged to a client and/or customer, or Company may incur expense in
the collection of a commission. In the event this happens, the expenses or commission
reduction will be paid by Mortgage Broker and Com pany in the same proportions as
provided for in the commission schedule. However, in the event said expenses or
commission reduction are due to negligence of either Mortgage Broker or Company, the
negligent party will be responsible for and pa y all expense, or commissions due; i.e. E. If
two or more Mortgage Broker participate in work resulting in a commission, or claim to
have done so, the amount of the Mortgage Broker commission, as provided in the
current commission schedule, will be divided between the participating Mortgage
Broker according to agreement between them. F. Mortgage Broker is obligated to
maintain a complete file on all Mortgage Brokerage transactions for a minimum of 3
years. These files should be made available at Broker's request even if this contract has
expired or has been void or terminated. In the case of Mortgage Broke r is moving away
from Flori da all said files should be turned over to Principal Broker. G. Broker to pay
Mortgage Broker for work begun but not com pleted prior to termination as follows: 1.
Payment to be as originally agreed if Mortgage Broker is in compliance with Florida
Code and if Broker does not have to take any action to close the transaction. Mortgage
Broker must submit agreement of transfer prepared by new Broker prior to receiving
payment. 2. If Broker has to take any action to help close the tran saction, the company
will receive 90% on a 100% program and 100% if Com pany provided lead. 3. Until both
Brokers have approved a direct payment and participation agreement, Florida Code
prohibits Mortgage Broker from any contract with customer/client. H. Mortgage Broker
upon termination agrees and warrants not to copy, give information, or show office
forms, listing presentations, etc. to others without written agreement from Company.
Company an d Mortgage Broker understand that all pa pers, information, instructional
material, forms, presentations, etc. are the property of the Company an d upon
termination, Mortgage Broker agrees to return all these and any other printed materials
to Com pany. I. Mortgage Broker to indemnify and hold harmless Broker/ company from
and against and in respect of any and all liabilities, obligations, assessments, suits,
actions, proceedings, claims or demands asserted against Mortgage Broker or Com pany
and/or Broker as a result of said Independent Contractor's actions to include E&O
Insurance deductible. Mortgage Broker shall pay any an d all judgments, demands,
losses, including any loss of business or credit, costs, expenses, and fees to include
reasonable attorney fees actually incurred for a dvise, information, and/or defense,
incurred by Broker as a result of Mortgager Broker’ s conduct an d/or negligence or
breech of or default in any of this agreement. J. M ortgage Broker or agent is not to
ask for vacation periods, but he/she has to insure that customer's/client's needs are
serviced while absent. 15. Mortgage Broker is authorize d to perform transaction only
with clients located in Florida. 16. Mortgage Broker will comply with all Federal Laws.
K. In the event Mortgage Broker's license lapses, this contract is voided. L. Mortgage
Broker has the right to transfer his/her clients to any new Broker with the proper
transfer forms. M . Salesperson's account should be brought current and all broker's
property returned to Broker prior to te rmination of this agreement. N. Mortgage Broker
will not have to attend meetings. O. This agreement and the association created hereby,
may be terminated by either party hereto anytime upon notice given to the other.
"OFFICE POLICY AN D PROCEDURES" is made a part of this agreement. Said policy to
be amended at the discretion of Broker and become effective upon n otice to Mortgage
Broker. SEVERABILITY: The invalidity or enforce ability of any provision of this
contract shall not affect the invalidity or enforce ability of any other provision hereof.
W AIVERS: No waiver of any breach of any agreement or provision of this contract shall
be deemed a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breech thereof any other agreement
or provision herein contained.

P. SUPPORT PERSONNEL: Mortgage Broker is not to utilize any persons to support his
or her Mortgage Business Activities, paid or un paid, unless and until the Support
Personnel execute “MBC LEN DING, LLC training and is licensed Mortgage Broker in
the State of Florida. The Company Broker's approval for "1099" type com pensation will
be forthcoming with sufficient documentation that Support Personnel satisfies IRS
requirements as a 1099 Em ployee.


Commission and other Compensation

Broker may change agent split if agent required: 1) a lot training 2) day to day
supervision 3) agent keeps on making a lot of mistakes. 4) agent not reliable or
responsible. In the event that, agent quits during that process. The office broker will
select a different agent to close the transaction or transactions and that the departi ng
agent will get pay per principal broker discretion.

**    commission option to 60% to Com pany, 40% to Loan Officers. Mortgage Broker
60% 40% to C om pany Experienced Mortgage Broker may get up 90% commission. All
Agents are aware that processing fee is $695.00.
ASSIGNM ENT: Independent Contractor may not assign this agreement, however Broker
may assign his rights over if qualifying Broker changes.

IN W ITNESS THEREOF, the parties here to have signed and sealed this document on
this date     Month          an d year               .

Mortgage Broker
__________________________________________ Date_______________________

Broker__________________________________________________ Date______________________

BROKER OR BROKER REP RES ENTATIVE License Number________________________
Expiration SSN _______________________________ D.O.B____________________________

Mortgage Broker License #________________ Phone _____________E-
mail__________________         Cell_____________________
Address__________________________________________________________ ____________________

PS. Agent is referred to as Mortgage Brokers or Loan Officers

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