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									                         1 - BUSINESS START-UP INFORMATION

Business Basics
    A pdf covering business plans, marketing plans, managing cash flow, measuring
       performance, financing your business, utilizing technology, insurance options for your
       business, and resources for veteran entrepreneurs.

At A Glance Business Structure
    Compares sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s, S corporations, and C corporations
       (income taxation, liability, self employment tax, loss deductibility, and special

Basic Considerations in Starting A Business
    Leads the prospective business owner through the thought process and what has to be
       done to start a business.

How to Start A Business SBA article)
   Addresses getting started, reasons to start a business, picking the right kind of business,
       choosing the niche you will fill, a pre-business check list, and business plan preparation.

Is Entrepreneurship For You?
     Lists personal questions a prospective business should ask before going into business.

Legal and Tax Issues for Small Business
    Jon Olson’s workshop presentation addressing types of business entities and legal and tax
       issues for small business.

Naming Your Business the Right Way (Joe Recka)
   Addresses screening business names, starting a Wisconsin business, registering the
      company name, and conducting clearance searches.

Partnership Agreement Checklist
    30 points to consider when setting up a partnership agreement.

Pick Proper Business Entity For Your Start-Up (SCORE newspaper article)
     Addresses sole proprietorships, S corporations, and LLC’s

Research is Essential to Business
    Rhonda Abrams’ article as to what a prospective business owner should consider before
       making a financial commitment for starting a business.

Selection of A Business Entity
     Addresses various forms of business entities, considerations relating to selection of
        entity, and advantages/disadvantages of each type of entity

Should You Form An LLC?
    Overview of LLC’s, including pros and cons
What to do When Starting A Business
   Discusses what needs to be done prior to start up, duties connected with start up, and
       ongoing operations.

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