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					          Stevenson PTA E-News – April 28, 2010

Upcoming Events
May 3 – May 7       Stevens on Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week is May 3 – May 7
                    Please help make our wonderful teachers and staff feel special by participating in some or all of
                    the following days:

                     Monday, May 3        Make a card for your teacher using the template from your Friday
                     Tuesday, May 4       Bring a flower for your teacher. (A flower from your garden is fine!)
                     Wednesday, May 5     Draw a picture or write a poem for your teacher.
                     Thursday, May 6      Make a craft or bring a "treat" for your teacher.
                     & Friday, May 7      (Example of treats: her favorite nutrient bar, a token bag of cookies,
                                          some brownies)

                    Parents and Guardians may show their appreciation as well:
                    Please consider contributing classroom materials (paper, glue sticks, books, etc.) instead of
                    knickknacks. Ask your teacher for specific needs.
                    Teachers also appreciate gift certificates of nominal value of all kinds – some may help them
                    purchase the little extras needed in their classrooms.

                    If you have questions, please contact Wendy Ong or Debbie Patel.

Wednesday, May 5    Teacher/Staff Appreciation Celebration Lunch
12:30 pm            Teachers and Staff are cordially invited to a lunch hosted by the PTA on behalf of Stevenson
Staff Room          families on Wednesday, 5 th May 2010, at 12:30pm in the staff room.

Monday, May 10      PRISM Mom’s Night Out
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm   PRISM mom's night out May 10 th, Monday at Crossroads Meeting Room 6:30pm-8:30pm. PRISM
Crossroads Mall -   moms are welcome to join us for this mom's social night out. Please bring your own dinner or
Meeting Room        purchase dinner at the food court, then meet other PRISM moms for a casual dinner gathering.
                    Please RSVP to Yunbo Cassady.

May 13 – May 20     Measurement of Student Progress (MSP): The MSP is the new WASL. Below are the specific da ys
                    each grade level will be testing. If your child is sick on one of the test days, we will work to
                    administer the test to them upon their return if time permits. Please ensure your child is
                    present, well rested and has had a good breakfast during this time. Student performance on this
                    assessment not only helps us determine areas of success and growth of students, but also provides
                    us feedback on the delivery of our instruction. The scores are also tied to our standing with the
                    state and federal governm ents. If you are interested in seeing what the new test looks like please

                    Stevens on’s 2010 MSP Testing Schedule:
                     Date                     Grade              Test
                     May 13 Thursday          4                  Writing
                     May 14 Friday            4                  Reading
                     May 14 Friday            5                  Science
                     May 17 Monday            5                  Reading
                     May 18 Tuesday           3                  Reading
                     May 18 Tuesday           4                  Writing
                     May 19 Wednesday         4                  Math
                     May 19 Wednesday         5                  Math
                     May 20 Thursday          3                  Math

Thursday, May 20    PTA Meeting
6:30 pm             Please come to the next meeting on May 20 th at 6:30pm in the Stevenson library. Everyone is
Stevenson Library      welcome to attend, especially those who are interested in helping at school or with the PTA next
                       year. For more information, please contact Sara Zhong or Shirley Lim.

Thursday, May 27       Bellevue Schools Foundation - Spring For Schools Thursday, May 27, 2010
11:00 am               Spring for Schools is a benefit luncheon held annually at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. Over
Meydenbauer Center     1,000 business and community leaders gather to demonstrate their support of Bellevue schools
                       and students. All donations given at Spring for Schools support programs that benefit every
                       student, every classroom - every day. Click on the link for more information:
                       Support a great cause, have lunch and get to know other Stevenson parents.
                       RSVP with Rita Frost.

Monday, May 31         No school – Memorial Day

Wednesday, June 2      For those of you joining the Spiritridge community next year -
6:30 pm                June 2 nd, 2010: “Adventures at Bellewood” evening. 6:30 PM. You have the opportunity to visit
Bellewood Campus       the Bellewood campus and meet other Spiritridge families. Bring your family to learn more about
                       the move. There will also be an informational session for PRISM families following. More
Wednesday, June 9      information to come.
6:30 pm
Spiritridge Gym        June 9 th , 6:30 PM: Spiritridge’s 40th Farewell Anniversary Party in the gym

Sunday, June 6         PRISM Picnic Potluck
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm      Sunday, June 6th, from 4 – 6pm at the Dome picnic shelter of the Grass Lawn Park in Redmond.
Grass Lawn Park        We’ll bid farewell to our 5th graders and welcom e our new PRISM families.
                       Questions? Contact Susan Hainze or Carolyn Watson.

Friday, June 11        25th Anniversary of PRISM Celebration/Farewell to Stevenson Event
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm      This celebration will be held in the Stevenson Café on Friday, June 11 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Stevenson Café         All current and former PRISM teachers, students and families, as well as the Stevenson staff,
                       specialists and school community are invited to attend this retrospective and dessert potluck.

Volunteer Needs
PTA Volunteers         If you would like to join the Stevenson PTA or help with multicultural activities n ext year,
Needed for Next Year   please contact Adam Dibba. With the absence of the PRISM program next year, we will be in need
                       of many new parents to help keep the PTA running.

PTA & School News
Student Data           As you are probably aware, all public school districts are required to r eport studen t data by
                       ethnicity and race categories to the state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI),
                       according to state and federal rules. Recently, the federal government and OSPI expanded the
                       number of reporting categories for student ethnic and race data. This additional information may
                       help school districts to provide more state- and federally-funded services for students. As a
                       result, you will soon receive a letter asking you to supply new information for your child, by
                       answering a two-part question:
                       · First, identify your child as Hispanic/Latino or not Hispanic/Latino;
                       · Then, identify your child by one or more racial groups. Washington state now has 58 racial
                       categories from which to choose.
                       Letters will be mailed by the end of A pril. Please return completed forms to the school office.

Using the Internet     Last week the 4 th and 5th graders were part of a pr esentation from the Seattle P olice
Safely                 Department r egarding Internet safety. Here are a few keys points we want all parents to be
                       aware of:
                             No one under age 13 should have a social networking site such as Facebook or
                               MySpace. (You must be 13 to have an account s o students are providing false information
                               to sign up for an account.)
                             Playing games on-line can open the door to predators even if you use fake names, change
                               ages or genders. Others can still find you.
                              Always give passwords to parents but never to anyone else.
                              Always report cyber bullying to an adult
                        She showed them how easily someone can find them, their address, school etc. even though they
                        have not published any such information on their own pages, but through their “friends”
                        pages. We strongly encourage you to talk with your children about their Internet usage and the
                        type of information they are posting or submitting.

Green Week Success!!    Our efforts to reduce waste in the Café wer e quite successful! Check out the information
                              We collected a pproximately 120 gallons of recyclable material that would have been
                                previously thrown away! For just one week, that adds up to 600 gallons of material!
                              Even more impressive is that we were able to reduce your garbage by 70% or 380 gallons
                                per day by stacking trays and recycling. That’s about 2 cubic yards per week!
                              About 6 gallons of milk was collected – this was measured to try to encourage students to
                                drink more of their milk in the future, or not to take a milk if they are not going to drink
                                it, so it doesn’t end up wasted and poured into buckets.

                        Thanks to the support of the Green Team we will continue our success and reduce the size of our
                        dumpster and safe the district money while helping the environment!

Clip Box Tops for       Box Tops for Education
Education Coupons       Look for "box tops for education" coupons on boxes and cans that can be cut out and redeemed for
                        cash for our school. Each box top is only worth 10¢, but could be worth hundreds of dollars to
Submit by               Stevenson when combined! Please submit all "box tops for education" coupons, Campbell
Friday, May 28          soup education, etc. to the purple box top collection box in the office by Friday May 28, 2010.
                        Please put all coupons in an envelope with your teacher's name. The class that collects the most
                        coupons will have a party on Friday June 4, 2010. Look for the "box tops" coupon on General
                        Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso, Progresso, Lloyd's
                        Barbecue, Nature Valley, and other products. More information on participating products will be
                        posted at school.

                        If you have any questions, please contact Amelia Kwok.

Superstar Winners for   Superstar Winners for the week of April 19-23:
the Week                We completed our first week of Superstar A wards for Saftey, Respect and Responsibility. There
                        were MANY awards to draw from last Friday for $5 gift cards to Half Price Books. The winners
                           Kindergarten: Selena
                           First Grade: Edmund
                           Second: Jennifer
                           Third: Facundo
                           Fourth: Jayden
                           Fifth: Franklin
                        We’ll continue to draw one Superstar from each grade level each Friday until the end of the year!

Outstanding             We are accepting nominations for the S tevenson Outs tanding Educator and Golden Ac orn
Educator and            Awards for 2009-2010.
Golden A corn           The Outstanding Educator Award is offered by the Washington State PTA to recognize individuals
Award                   who go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun,
Nominations             beneficial, and challenging. An outstanding educator could be a teacher, assistant, custodian,
                        bus driver, administrator or community member.
Submission deadline:
Friday, April 30        The Gold en Acorn Award is offered by the Washington State PTA for recognition of a volunteer
                        who has given outstanding service to all children in the school community… not just an individual
                        who has donated time to help in his/her child’s class or a staff member who is doing a good job. It
                        is to recognize volunteer’s service “above and beyond” a particular job description. Anyone may
                        receive a Golden A corn; however, this is a PTA award honoring volunteers who work for children
                        and youth beyond the scope or responsibilities of a job.
                                Each recipient will receive a gold pin and a special certificate. The Stevenson PTA also
                                contributes $65.00 in the person’s name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation.

                                Please email your nomination to or drop off a nomination form that will
                                be distributed in Friday packets to the Stevenson office by Friday, A pril 30, 2009. Please include
                                the following information:
                                    Nominee’s name:
                                    Parent’s name:
                                    Student’s name:
                                    Reasons for nomination:

                                If you have questions, please contact Debbie Patel .

Bellevue School District News
 FAC Ranks Potential            FAC Ranks Potential Budget Reductions
 Budget Reductions              The Fiscal Advisory Committee has completed its task of prioritizing $4 million (based on a revised
                                estimate of the latest state numbers) in potential budget reductions and new revenue sources.

                                Next steps: The Superintendent will take the FAC recommendations (list of priority items to
                                reduce and revenue enhancements, and lists of items the FAC excluded from its budget cutting
                                recommendations) into account as she puts together a preliminary budget recommendation for
                                the School Board. The Superintendent will present her budget recommendations to the School
                                Board on April 20, 2010, at a Special Board Meeting.

                                To view additional information and documents related to our budget process, visit our 2010-11
                                Budget website and Forms, Meeting Materials & Budget Documents page.

Web Links
Stevenson PTA Website:
Stevenson Elementary School Website:
Bellevue School District Website:
Bellevue School District Calendars:

Stevenson PTA Contact Information
14220 NE 8 Street, Bellevue, WA 98007      425-456-6000    Website:                  Email:
PTA Co-Presidents: Shirley Lim & Sara Zhong Editor: Debbie Patel

To subscribe, send parent/guardian name, student name, and email address to Information in newsletters published by Stevenson
PTA may not be used for purposes of solicitation, either commercially, politically, or ideologically or for any other purpose inconsistent with Washington
Congress of Parents and Teachers by-laws.

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