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									                       Outstanding Programs
5                                                designed to

                    “Elevate, Educate and Inspire”


                               MAY 24-26, 2006
                        THE RESORT AT PORT ARROWHEAD
                                             Lake of the Ozarks
                                                 In cooperation with:

                                   The Federal Bureau of Investigation
                                            US Attorneys Offi ce
                                   Computer Analysi s Re sponse Team
                                American Prosecutors Re search Institute
                             National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse
                                National Child Protection Training Center
                          National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judge s
                                         University of Nevada-Reno
                                       The Supreme Court of Mi ssouri
                              Missouri Office of State Courts Admini strator
                                   Missouri Juvenile and Family Courts
                         University of Mi ssouri-Columbia- School of Social Work
                                      The Missouri Children’s Divi sion
         The Missouri Children’s Divi sion/MJJA Collaborative to Combat Child Abuse and Neglect

                ∆   Each Seminar is Missouri Bar Accredited for 12 Continuing Legal Education Credits
   ∆   The Conference and Each Seminar is approved by the University of Missouri –Columbia School of Social Work for
                                   15.25 contact hours equivalent to 1.53 CEUs!
                             ∆ P.O.S.T. Credits pending for Seminar # 3- Innocent Images
                 ∆ 1 Credit Hour toward Masters Credit offered for Seminar #5 – Courts of Excellence
                              SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
11:00 – 12:30       Registration, Exhibits
12:30 – 1:30                                    General Opening Session:
                                    Welcome: MJJA President – Kim Moeckel
                                                 Keynote Speaker:
                                           The Honorable Michael A. Wolff
                                  Chief Justi ce of the Supreme Court of Missouri
1:30 –3:00          Respective Seminars
3:00 –3:15          Afternoon Refreshment Pause*
3:15 – 5:00         Respective Seminars
5:00 – 6:30         Hors D’oeuvres Reception
                      Compliments of the Resort at Port Arrowhead (Thank you!)
                          Swearing in of MJJA Board of Directors 2006-2008
Thursday, May 25, 2006
7:45 – 8:30          Morning Breakfast*
8:30 – NOON          Respective Seminars
NOON-1:00            Lunch*
                     Special Presentation:
                       Excellence in Juvenile Court Program Award
1:00 – 3:30          Respective Seminars
4:00                 Exhibitor and Raffle Priz e Drawings
                        MJJA’s 2      Annual Quackin’ for Kids Duck Race (poolside!)
Friday, May 26, 2006
8:15 – 9:00             Morning Breakfast*
9:00 –11:30             Respective Seminars
11:30                   Adjourn
    The Exhibition Hall will be open for the duration of the Conferenc e. *Meals and Break s included in Registration Fee.
  Conference meals, breaks and refreshments are provided for paid, Registered Conference participants only. You
  may pay for attendance of family members/guests for meals/breaks in advance through an additional cost of $55.00 per
                        guest, to be included with and i n addition to your Registration Form and Fee.
                   There is space on the Registration Form for you to note such gue st(s) payment.
                                 Seminars are provided for paid, Registered participants only.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: The Resort at Port Arrowhead (previously Holiday Inn Sun Spree) is the host hot el for t he
Conference. A special room rate of $80, Single/double occupancy is available to Conference attendees. Make your
reservations by calling 1.800.532.3575. Please advise the hotel that you are with the Mi ssouri Juvenile Justice
Association Conference. Make your Re servations no later than Friday, April 28, 2006. OR…. NEW! YOU MAY NOW
ALSO      MAKE      YOUR     ROOM      RES ERV ATIONS     ONLINE!!          Go     to  the   Re sort’ s website:, click on re servations. The MJJA Re servations Code for our Conference that
BE MADE 72 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Guest check -in is 4:00 P.M.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Conference Registration Fee is $175.00 for MJJA members, and $240.00 for Non-
MJJA members. Payment must be received prior to the Conference date. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY,
APRIL 28, 2006. Registrations received after the Deadline will be assessed a $25 late fee. (Yes, you may FA X your
completed Registration Form to assure space is reserved for you. (Fax: 573.635.5159). We can invoice your circuit/agency.
We cannot Invoice individuals.
SEMINAR INFORMATION : The seminars run concurrently – Y OU WILL BE A TTE NDING only ONE SEMINAR for the
duration of the three-day Conference. Please check one appropriate Box on the Registration Form for the se minar you
                        st                                                 nd
MOST prefer under “1 Choice”, and an alternative seminar under “2 Choice”. “Walk-Ins” are not permitted.
                        ters in Justice Management Degree offered for Seminar #2 – Courts of Excellence
2006 DEADLINE, your Registration Fee will be refunded less a $25 Administrative Fee. Refunds will
not be issued after the APRIL 28th deadline. Registration Fees will not be transferred to other MJJA
                          CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT ISSUES

This seminar will incorporate a wide range of issues as it relates to child abuse and neglect in the following areas:
Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse: Participants will learn: to develop and coordinate a multi-disciplinary
response to an allegation of child abuse; to find corroborating evidence in every case of child abuse; specific trial strategies
for handling a case of child abuse, including preparing children for court, pre-trial motions that will make children more
comfortable, and cross-examination and closing arguments; Faith Based Collaborations: Participants will learn the dynamics
that cause friction between the faith and child protection communities, the cost of the friction, and concrete strategies for
building bridges between these communities. At the core of this dilemma is that both groups know far too little about the
work of the other. The sad consequence of the “unknown” is that children are more likely to fall through the cracks in our
faith and child protective communities; Juvenile Sex Offenders: Participants will learn to address juvenile sex offenders at
the investigation, prosecution and treatment stages. Analyzing current research and practices, this portion of the seminar
offers suggestions and guidelines to address the needs of juvenile sex offenders, their victims and society. It will also address
the differing viewpoints concerning the prosecution and treatment of child sex offenders and seeks to bridge the differences
and reach a consensus for dealing with this population. Preparing Children for Court: Participants will learn: creative
strategies for empowering children to effectively handle the stress of testifying in court, and: other strategies to modify the
courtroom and the procedures of testifying to reduce the stress level of child witnesses; When a Child Freezes in Court: It is
common for child witnesses to “freeze,” or become unable to communicate in the courtroom. Each child’s emotional state is
unique, children differ in age, biologically, and in their resiliency, and each child has different cognitive, developmental and
language abilities. Trial lawyers have different child interviewing skills, and the child’s level of emotional support will vary.
The nature of the crime committed against the child, the atmosphere in different courtrooms, including the actions of the
judge, defense attorney, and the defendant’s presence all affect the child’s ability to communicate. This presentation will
give information about which factors most contribute to children “freezing” and when it is more likely for children to become
uncommunicative. This program will assist child protection attorneys and prosecutors by providing prevention techniques to
avoid the child becoming uncommunicative and specific strategies for how to respond when the child “freezes”, and;
Memory and Suggestibility: In this portion of the program participants will learn about the dynamics of the forensic
interview process. They will gain an understanding about memory and suggestibility and the proper interviewing techniques
that will assist them in the forensic interviewing process. FACULTY: Victor I. Vieth, Director of Child Abuse Programs,
American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI); National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, National Child Protection
Training Center; Tom Harbinson, Senior Attorney at APRI’s National Child Protection Training Center.


The Standards for the Administration of Juvenile Justice were developed for use by the Missouri juvenile courts and juvenile
justice professionals. These were initially developed in 2000, and revised in 2004 to incorporate standards for child abuse a nd
neglect cases. These standards apply to juvenile courts in Missouri as defined in the Missouri Supreme Court Rule 110.05.
Thus, they are applicable to the juvenile office on the whole and the services they provide, not just the formal processing of
cases in the courtroom. They are premised on the notion that court performance should be driven by core values of equality,
integrity, fairness, and justice. It is the belief of the committee members who developed these Standards, that, through their
implementation, Missouri's juvenile justice offices can become more accountable and responsible to the public and better
meet the needs of the family and children whom they serve.
   This seminar is geared to the seasoned Juvenile/Family Court Administrator and Juvenile Officer. It will provide
participants with the following: history of the development of the standards; the eight (8) general performance areas;
performance indicators, and recommended methods for measuring the standards; how to use the Standards to monitor and
evaluate your work; how to use the Standards as a common framework for understanding and assessing your work and
enhancing performance. For those who are not using the Standards, it will provide you with information on where to begin;
how to prioritize which standards to use, and; what is the court's job for processing Child Abuse/Neglect Cases. A panel of
Juvenile Officers will present how they are using the Standards in their respective courts. This program will culminate in an
interactive discussion regarding the recommended changes to the Missouri Supreme Court Rules, and what has been
accomplished in that regard to date. FACULTY: Gary Waint, Director-Juvenile and Adult Court Programs-Office of
State Courts Administrator; The Honorable Thomas Frawley, Administratrive Judge -22 nd Circuit Family Court; A
Panel of Missouri Juvenile Officers
                                                 INNOCENT IMAGES

Operation Innocent Images is the FBI’s Internet child pornography and child sexual exploitation initiative. In addition to
conducting undercover investigations relating to federal child pornography and sexual abuse offenses, Innocent Images also
provides investigative support for all FBI field divisions and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. This
seminar focuses attention on on-line sex crimes against children. It will include, but not be limited to: different ways,
showing examples of investigating child analysis of offenders-profiling child sexual offenders on the internet, sexual
abduction, homicide. Laws pertaining to sexual exploitation of children will also be presented. The Computer A nalysis
Response Team (CART) portion of the program will discuss: potential problems of executing a search warrant where
computers or computer related evidence is involved; describe what a CART field Examiner or Computer Forensic Specialist
can do to assist an investigation; provide a case study on why the physical evidence at a search can be an important part of
the investigation, and; present what initiatives the FBI is employing to handle the increasing need and continuing challenges
of preserving and obtaining computer evidence. FACULTY: Jennifer Eakin- Agent-FBI, Quantico, VA; Computer
Analysis Response Team (CART) Representatives; Mike Daniels – Special Agent-FBI-Kansas City; US Attorneys Office


  4                               FOR JUVENILE JUSTICE:
                          DELINQUENCY & CHILD DEPENDENCY CASES
Balanced and Restorative Justice is a way of thinking about and responding to juvenile crime and child dependency cases.
Juvenile Crime: Balanced and Restorative justice promotes juvenile accountabilit y in an effort to repair harm to victims and
develop competency skills that allow the juvenile to successfully reintegrate into the community. As a vision for systemic
juvenile justice reform, restorative justice suggests that responses to juvenile crime must strike a balance between the needs
of victim, offenders, and communities. This seminar will help you learn how to reduce recidivism, create goodwill with
victims and your community, and reduce court costs. It will focus on restorative principles, re storative practices (including
Victim Impact Panels, Victim Empathy classes, Restorative Community Service, Victim Offender Medication and
Community Reparative Boards), and information on how to incorporate balanced and restorative justice principles and
implement them in your jurisdiction. Child Dependency Mediation: Provides a non-adversarial setting in which a mediator
assists parties in reaching a fully informed and mutually acceptable resolution that focuses on the best interest of the child
involved in abuse and neglect and/or termination of parental rights cases. FACULTY: Rita D. Pearce , LLC, Kansas City,
MO; Charla Harbour, ADR Program Specialist- 45th Judicial Circuit- Troy, MO

                               COURTS OF EXCELLENCE:

                                  HOW DO THEY FIT?

This session will introduce the Delinquency Guidelines as a comprehensive strategy for raising the standards for juvenile
court performance in delinquency matters, as the Dependency Guidelines have done for Family Courts working with children
as victims, rather than perpetrators. Graduated Sanctions provide an intervention model for delinquency matters, and fold
into the Guidelines as a compatible programmatic strategy for achieving the goals of the Court of Excellence. . This session
will: present the 16 key principles of a juvenile delinquency court of excellence; discuss the history and development of the
guidelines; inform participants about how to utilize the guidelines, and how their jurisdictions can become model sites;
define evidence based sanctions and explain how they relate to the Juvenile Delinquency Guidelines. A copy of the
Delinquency Guidelines recently completed by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges will be provided to
participants In addition, participants in this seminar may earn one graduate credit to apply toward the Master of Justice M anagement
degree offered by the University of Nevada, Reno. Those interested in earning credit will be required to complete the 12 hours of
instruction of this program, and a graded examination. There will be a $40 cost for the credit, coordinated through and paid to the
University of Nevada. For further information about the Master’s Program, visit the website at, or
contact Jane Robinson, Assistant Program Director at For further information about the Courts of
Excellence Course, and especially if you wish Masters credit for this seminar, you must contact Ian Curley of the National Council of
Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) at 775.784.6895 or email Don’t forget to check your interest for
Masters degree credit on the Registration Form. FACULTY: James Buddy Howell, Ph.D.- Criminologist-North Carolina,
The Honorable Tom Rawlings , Circuit Juvenile Court Judge – Georgia; Ian Curley, Program Manager-Juvenile & Family
Law Department-NCJFCJ, Reno
                          MJJA SPRING 2006 EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                      “REGISTRATION FORM”
                             DEADLINE: POSTMARKED BY FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2006

                                   DESPlease print or type to assure accuracy.
                       Please complete a separate Form for each person attending. Thank you.

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Title _________________________________               Address ________________________________________________________

Circuit #/Agency __________________________________________________                       City _______________________________

Phone (     ) ____________________ Fax (                 ) ____________________ State __________             Zip _________________

Email (Very    Important!) ______________________________________________________________________________

Please identify any special dietary or adaptive needs: ________________________________________________________
                                          DO N’T FO RGET TO INCLUDE YOUR REGISTRATIO N FEE!

                                                         SEMINAR CHOICES
          Remembe r, you will be attending ONLY ONE seminar for the duration of the Conference
                                       (Check 1st Choice & 2nd Choice)
  1st Choice    2nd Choice
  ___           ___          Seminar No. 1 – Child Abuse & Neglect Issues
  ___           ___          Seminar No. 2 – Missouri Court Performance Standards
  ___           ___          Seminar No. 3 – Innocent Images __√ Check here if you wish POST credits (add’l fee may apply)
  ___           ___          Seminar No. 4 – Balanced and Restorative Interventions
  ___           ___          Seminar No. 5. - Courts of Excellence–____√ Check here if you wish Masters Justice
                                                 Management Credit (**Please see details for receiving Masters Credit in Seminar #5 write
                                                 up and follow instructions)
          A $25 Late Fee will be assessed on Registrations Received after the April 28, 2006 Deadline.

                                      Please check √ all those below that apply to you:
                       MJJA MEMBER:                                             $175.00
                  NON-MJJA MEMBER:                                              $240.00
        Plus, I include additional amount of $55 for each guest for meals/breaks/refreshments      + $55.00/Guest #___
  Please Note: Conference meals, b reaks and refreshments are provided for paid & registered Conference participants only.
                You may pay for family members/guests through an additional cost of $55.00/person, noted above.
                 University of Mi ssouri-Columbia-School of Social Work Contact Hours & CEU Credits!! :
  Remember, Conference & each seminar is approved for 15.25 contact hours equivalent to 1.53 CEU credits. If
    you wish to receive CEU credits for the seminar you are attending, please enclose a separate check, made
  payable to the University of Missouri for $10. The separate check for the $10 must be made payable to the University.

  **To expedite ___√ Check here if you want CEU Credit, and note that you are enclosing a separate check                        below.

   Complete this Form, Enclose Applicable Fee(s), and mail to be                                         PLEASE NOTE
              received by the April 28th deadline to:                                                   TOTAL Registration
                       MJJA – SPRING CONFERENCE 2006                                                        & Guest Amount
                                 P.O. Box 1332                                                               ENCLOSED:
                         Jefferson City, MO 65102-1332                                                  $________________
                      Attention: Julie Cole Agee, Executive Director
                              573.636.6101; Fa x: 573.635.5159                                          *CEU:$_________
                Question? Please call number above, or email Julie at                   *Separate check for CEUs.
Conference Highlights: “ELEVATE, EDUCATE & INSPIRE”
This Conference offers:
 Outstanding Keynote Speaker!
 Five fabulous Seminars on a variety of cutting edge topics affecting all those who work with and care about
   children, youth and families
 Opportunities to improve skills resulting in enhancement of services to youth
 Well-known and celebrated faculty
 Multi-disciplinary legal, continuing education, Social Work Contact hours & CEUs, and law enforcement POST
 Masters Level Credit!   Thank you University of Nevada-Reno and the National Council of Juvenile and Family
   Court Judges for assisting us in offering Masters Level Credit in Missouri for Seminar #5!
 Exhibitors providing a wealth of information and resources
 Opportunities for networking with juvenile justice professionals, child advocates, educators, law enforcement,
   juvenile justice partners and policymakers from across the nation and the state

  Conference Location & Hotel Information

                      Pleasure Comes Naturally at this Lake of the Ozarks Resort…
The Resort at Port Arrowhead (previously the Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort) offers 207 comfortably appointed
lodging accommodations, including five deluxe suites. Overlooking picturesque Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri,
this beautiful resort is located:
   • Just minutes from shopping, restaurants and nightlife
   • Within minutes of championship golf, two state parks, fishing and the ultimate in boating and recreation.

Here are the directions:
From St. Louis
I-70 West to Kingdom City. Hwy 54 thru Jefferson City to Lake Ozark (about 45 miles from Jefferson City to Lake
Ozark). Turn right at second stoplight on to Business Hwy 54/Bagnell Dam Boulevard. The Resort at Port
Arrowhead is approximately 1/4 mile on your left.

From Columbia
Hwy 63 South to Jefferson City. Hwy 54 West to Lake Ozark. Turn right at second stoplight and follow Bus. Hwy
54/Bagnell Dam Boulevard 1/4 mile to the hotel.

From Kansas City
I-70 East to Hwy 65 South to Sedalia. Hwy 50 East to Tipton. Turn right at stop light and take South Hwy 5 to East
Hwy 52 and follow to Eldon. Turn right at McDonald¹s and follow to Hwy 54 West and on to Lake Ozark. Turn right
at second stoplight onto Bus Hwy 54 / Bagnell Dam Boulevard. The Resort at Port Arrowhead is approximately
1/4 mile on your left.
As an alternative route you can follow Hwy 50 East from Kansas City to Tipton.

From Springfield, Missouri
I-44 East to Lebanon. Hwy 5 North to Camdenton. Hwy 54 East to Osage Beach. Turn left on Bus Hwy 54/
Bagnell Dam Boulevard. The Resort at Port Arrowhead is approximately 1/4 mile on left
                            Missouri Juvenile Justice Association:

“Dedicated to ensuring equal treatment, due process and enhanced opportunities
           for all children within Missouri’s juvenile justice system.”

“The instinct for excellence, that never ending search for quality, gives certain dignity
         to the human spirit. It adds richness to one’s life and performance.
   The Missouri Juvenile Justice Association is dedicated to promoting excellence
                       within Missouri’s juvenile justice system.”

                            Missouri Juvenile Justice Association
                            P.O. Box 1332                                                  Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                               U.S. POSTA GE
                            Jefferson City, MO 65102-1332                                           PAID
              May 24-26, 2006                                                              JEFFERSON CITY, M O
               MJJ A S pring                                                                    Permit No. 22
      Educational Conference!
  Juvenile and Family Court Personnel
  Juvenile Detention Professionals
  Children’s Division
  Division of Youth Services
  Defense Attorneys
  Prosecuting Attorneys
  Law Enforcement
  Guardians Ad Litem
  Court Appointed Special Advocates
  Child Advocacy Centers
  Child Care Providers
  Residential Care Providers
  Youth Service Professionals
  Child Advocates
  Social Service Professionals
  Private Practitioners
  Social Workers
  School Representatives
  Community Leaders
  State Lawmakers
  School Resource Officers
  Anyone with an interest in children!
                                             Committed to children in need of a fut ure.

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