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					ORDER FORM                                                                                                   Merchandise
125 Lilian Drive, Toronto
Ontario, Canada, M1R 3W6
Phone: 416-751-9823, Fax: 416-755-1832                                      CALA GST# 138567912
Toll Free: 1-888-751-9823
E-mail: Web:

All information must be printed clearly or typed.
Please fax or mail the completed form to CALA. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
CALA Member Number                                                              Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Joining Membership Now               $49 + tax              Please visit the CALA website for merchandise details and pictures.
Name: First                                                                     Last
Name and/or address different to CALA records - yes/no – If yes please provide previous name and/or address below.

City                                             Prov./State                    Country                              PC/Zip
Phone: Home           (           )                                             Work        (            )
E-Mail                                                                          Fax         (            )

Available Merchandise
                                                                                                   Member        Member
                               Description                                  Size         Qty.       Price         Price            Total

                                                                                                   $            $              $
                                                                                                   $            $              $
                                                                                                   $            $              $
                                                                                                   $            $              $
                                                                                                   $            $              $
Applicable taxes and shipping charges will be added to each order by CALA.
Method of Payment (Prices subject to change without notice)
VISA              MC             #                                                                       Expiry Date
Name on Card                                                        Authorized Signature
Purchase                                            Cheque                 Note: There will be a $25+tax penalty charge for NSF cheques
Order Number                                       Enclosed                and repayment must be by credit card or certified cheque.

Return/Exchange Policy: NO RETURNS – ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If a return is to be made, it must be in the original packaging, perfect
condition unless received damaged and accompanied by the original receipt. After CALA inspects the 'return', they may deem the product non
refundable because of damage or defacing. All Aqua Belts are inspected before leaving the CALA office or the manufacturer to ensure they are
in good condition. Aqua Belts are not returnable unless they incur damage during shipping and are received defaced.
Damaged products may be returned for exchange only, no refund or credit will be given.

CALA Office               Order Received at CALA                                       CALA Ordered
Use Only
(Date and initials)         CALA Received items                                        CALA Shipped

                                                                                                                                      January 2009

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