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					 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

                                                         May 2002 (#45)

KIAsia NEWS BYTES is a monthly update on the activities of the Kenan Institute Asia. You are
welcome to quote or redistribute any information contained in this newsletter. To subscribe to the
News Bytes, please use the form on KIAsia's homepage.

In this month's NEWS BYTES:


1. Funding approved for US-Thai partnerships to help Thailand improve process control for the
canning industry and logistics and supply chain management certification
2. Roundtable discussion on bankruptcy law reform makes recommendations
3. Volunteer experts help Thai SMEs to become value-added branded apparel marketers and
producers and to better cost products in the household chemicals industry
4. Business plan course on-line launched to help SME managers gain essential planning skills via
the Internet


1. Workshop on livable cities agrees to setup a cities network and website supported by US-AEP
and KIAsia
2. Workshop on regulations and standards for medical waste helps move improved rules towards
official approval
3. Thai officials learn the lessons of decentralization in Asia at US-AEP workshop in Indonesia


1. Debt restructuring training for BankThai completed with high ratings by participants
2. Risk management training for SCB executives completed and assessment of bank processes (1 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

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1. Funding approved for BSOP projects
The AERA Working Group Committee approved funding for the following two projects under the
Business Support Organizations Partnership (BSOP) program.

The funding is to assist Thai low-acid and acidified canned food industries achieve international food
safety and public health standards through technical a training program that meets US-FDA and
USDA regulations. The training will be delivered by a partnership between the USFDA-Approved
Better Process Control School (BPCS) in Thailand, King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Thonburi (KMUTT) and Purdue University. Purdue will provide technical assistance to help BPCS
gain accreditation that can lead to increased exports of Thai canned food products to developed

The second approved project will establish a linkage between the Thai Logistics and Production
Society (TLAPS) and the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). TLAPS and
APICS are to receive assistance from AERA to introduce a pilot APICS training and certification
program in Thailand. APICS is internationally recognized as one of the key industry-standards
organizations for the logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management industries. TLAPS is
partnering with APICS to offer training and testing for APICS’s module one, ‘Basics of Supply Chain
Management’, as part of a five module certification program. The objectives of offering APICS
certification are to enhance the expertise of Thai manufacturing professionals. The certified module
will introduce international standards and best practices to Thailand.

2. Roundtable discussion on bankruptcy law reform
Mr. George M. Kelakos, Co-Chair of International Committee, the American Bankruptcy Institute
(ABI), traveled to Bangkok to conduct a roundtable discussion with the Council of State on the issues
related to bankruptcy law reform on April 3, 2002. The discussion focused on key challenges of the
current Thai bankruptcy law, and suggestions for resolving those issues through legislative reform.
Additional assistance for the Council of State on bankruptcy law review and reform is being

3. Volunteer experts assist Thai SMEs
In the last week of April, Volunteer Expert Jack Wilner from IESC arrived in Bangkok to begin work
with a medium-sized garment manufacturer in Samutprakarn province. Mr. Wilner, a noted expert,
author and trainer in sales and marketing, will be assisting the company in shifting their strategic (2 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

focus away from contract manufacturing to be a value-added branded apparel marketer and
producer. Mr. Wilner will lead the company through a complete strategic planning process and will
help design an organizational structure to support their new focus. The project will last 3 weeks, with
continuous support from the BAC consultants on the implementation of the plan following Mr.
Wilner's final report and recommendations.

Between April 17-May 3, VE Richard Stanley from ACDI/VOCA assisted a medium-sized household
chemical products manufacturer in Patumtani province. He worked with the firm's production team
during the project to help them allocate appropriate costs to their line of products. He used product
characteristics to divide them into 7 product groups, determined their fixed and variable costs, and
calculated break-even point for each product. The firm will now have a systematic way to determine
their product costs and to appropriately set their prices. He also provided recommendations on a
more efficient production line layout for a line of product. The firm appreciated the VE's assistance
and was impressed by his expertise that they wished to request for his return to tackle productivity
and packaging problems in the near future.

4. Business plan course on-line launched
On April 20, an opening ceremony and an orientation session for the Business Plan On-line program
was organized and attended by 45 participants. The program, co-organized by KIAsia Business
Advisory Center, the Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, and the University of
the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), provides Internet-based business management training
that is especially designed for Thai SMEs. During this 4-month course, the SME owners will learn to
develop a business plan to receive financial support or to run their businesses more efficiently and
successfully. The course topics include creating a business plan : vision, mission, operating
objective, SWOT analysis, strategic and operation plan; marketing: concepts, strategies, marketing
mix, and consumer behavior; and financial management: profit and loss statements, financial
forecasts, and cash-flow project. This e-learning course enables SME entrepreneurs to study
anywhere and anytime. The UTCC professors will guide the learners step by step and answer any
questions or inquiries that they may have via emails and a web discussion board. For more
information, please visit

The Business Advisory Center (BAC), Business Support Organizations Partnership (BSOP) are
funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).


1. Workshop on livable cities and city consultation
In order to make cities more livable, the Local Agenda 21 Task Force, the Thailand Environment
Institute, Paak Pack Municipality, and Municipal League of Thailand organized and hosted the city
consultation workshop between April 23-24, 2002. The workshop was supported by the UN-Urban
Management Programme-Asia, Kenan Institute Asia (KIAsia), US-Asia Environment Partnership (US-
AEP), LIFE-UNDP and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. The general
objective of this city consultation workshop was to bring various key partners together to determine a
potential plan of action for sustainable urban development and management, with specific objectives
of mobilizing cities, key institutions, stakeholders and other urban partners to work together and
share lessons learned, experience and urban best practices. About 70 key stakeholders from (3 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

municipalities, associations, NGOs, governmental agencies and universities attended. The output
from the workshop is to form a cities network, to develop a website (supported by KIAsia and US
AEP), to work on the capacity building plan and sustainable urban development workplan.

2. Workshop on regulation and standard for medical waste
On April 29, 2002, the Department of Health (DOH) and the Joint Graduate School of Energy and
Environment, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi organized a technical hearing on
draft regulation and technical standard for medical waste. About 100 participants from all
stakeholders such as concerned government agencies, hospitals, universities, local government
organizations, and NGOs attended this hearing. The Director of US AEP Urban Infrastructure
Program, Mr. Kitti Kumpeera, joined the workshop as a commentator. The workshop was a follow-on
activity to the grant made by USAID to the Thai government 10 years ago to study medical waste
terminology, which was followed by a number of seminars supported by US AEP and KIAsia. As a
result of this workshop, the alternative technologies in the draft regulation plan now include such
technologies as autoclave and microwave, in stead of only incineration technology as in the previous
draft. The regulation is expected to be enacted by the end of this year.

3. Workshop on decentralization in Asia
Between April 7-12, 2002, the International City/County Manager Association (ICMA) organized a
workshop entitled "Cities Matter: Lesson learned in the Age of Decentralization in Asia" in Bogor,
Indonesia. The objective of the workshop was to examine successful cases of progress and
improved governance of local bodies that had lived or were living through decentralization both in
political, administrative, and financial aspects, and to determine the importance these three aspects
had in determining success. The workshop was attended by 30 representatives from 8 Asian
countries. Four participants from Thailand included Mr. Surajitr Yontrakul, Mahasarakarm Mayor; Mr.
Woothisarn Tanchai from King Prachadhipok's Institute; Mr. Dussadee Suwatvitayakorn from the
Department of Local Administration (DOLA); and Ms. Poonsiri Luekuna, KIAsia Deputy Director,
Environmental Management Division.

KIAsia’s environment programs receive funding from the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-
AEP) and from KIAsia’s own endowment which has received contributions from the Thai
government’s Department of Economic and Technical Cooperation, Kenan Charitable Trust, Kenan
Institute of Private Enterprise, US Agency for International Development (USAID), private donors,
and the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP)


1. Debt restructuring training for BankThai completed
The debt restructuring training for BankThai was completed. The 8 training sessions were attended
by 185 BankThai executives and managers - vice presidents, first vice presidents, assistant vice
presidents, senior managers, managers, and assistant managers. The 5-day course in each session
focused on the practical application of tools and methodologies through case studies, exercises, and
negotiation role play. The training met the Bank's expectations; evaluation by the trainees indicated
that Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Corporate Restructuring provided quality workshops and instructors. (4 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

2. Risk management training for SCB executives completed
The 3 training sessions on risk management for senior executives from the Siam Commercial Bank
delivered by the PricewaterhouseCoopers Risk Management Services (PwC) were successfully
delivered. The training was attended by 181 participants including board of director members, the
President, executive vice presidents, and senior vice presidents. As part of the project, an
assessment of the Bank's current risk management organization and practices will be conducted by
PwC in May-June 2002. This is to consider SCB's existing risk management framework and to make
recommendations for improvement.

The American Corporations for Thailand (ACT) is funded by Gold Corporate Sponsors: Unocal,
American International Group; Silver Corporate Sponsor: Motorola; Corporate Supporters: JP
Morgan, Raytheon, Dow Chemical, American Express; Other Supporters: American Chamber of
Commerce in Thailand . The Bank Training Program and IT for Education Program are funded by
the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The University Linkages Program is partly
funded by USAID and partly by the KIAsia endowment.

What’s new at KIAsia website:

     q   KIAsia launches the new design and structure of its website. Please tour around the site at

Upcoming events

May 2
A videoconference class on "Continuing Impact of Economic Crisis in Thailand" at KIAsia delivered
by Paul Wedel, KIAsia Executive Director to the Global Immersion Electives - Southeast Asia
Course, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

May 2-5, 7
Training on leadership skills for Thai community college administrators by the East-West Community
College Consortium led by Mr. H. Martin Lancaster, President, North Carolina Community College
System. The training is funded by USAID under the AERA project with strong support from the US
embassy in Thailand.

May 6-10
Teacher training workshop on analyzing alternatives for community action against malaria,
formulating community plans and projects, and project-based learning for teachers from 25 schools
in Tak and Mae Hong Son Provinces under the Partnerships for a School-based Approach to
Community Action Against Malaria Project.

May 6-12
Training course on competency-based Economics through Formation of Enterprise (CEFE)
organized by the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and
Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, with funding support from Kenan Institute
Asia under the American Corporations for Thailand (ACT) program. (5 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

May 12-17
Portland delegation to visit Rayong Province under the Rayong-Portland Resource Cities

May 13
Visit of a group of MBA students from Michigan State University to the Business Advisory Center.

May 13-15
Seminar on solid waste best practice: train-the-trainer on solid waste operation by FDEP/ATPAC

May 13-17
Training course on packaging under the Model of Community Development for Roi-Et Province
Project organized by the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and
funded by the American Corporations for Thailand (ACT) program.

May 20
Meeting of the Working Group for the Partnerships for a School-based Approach to Community
Action Against Malaria Project.

May 20-30
Senior officials from the Pollution Control Department (PCD) to attend the Waste Expo in Las Vegas
and visit Orlando and Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Washington DC

May 21-22
Workshop to plan training on organizing community consultation to decide on alternatives for
community action against malaria based on situation analysis under the Partnerships for a School-
based Approach to Community Action Against Malaria Project.

May 21-26
Visit of a group of MBAs and Executive MBAs from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to

May 22, 29, and June 5
Seminar entitled "On Becoming a Knowledge-Based Organization" delivered by BAC consultants.
The half-day seminar, delivered in Thai, aims at educating Thai SMEs on the concept and tools of
knowledge management to enable them to manage information and knowledge within their firms
efficiently and to utilize the knowledge effectively to achieve the company's' goals. Topics to be
covered include understanding the concept, internal management of existing knowledge, tools and
applicable technology, progress and success evaluation and case studies. Each session will
accommodate only 15 participants. The participation fee is 150 baht. For further information, please
contact Ms. Yuppadee or Sirirat at 0-2654-5270 ext. 100, 101

May 26-June 5
Prof. Stu Hart and Prof. Ted London from the Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC Chapel Hill to (6 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
 KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002

assist Chulalongkorn and Thammasat University under the Competitiveness and Sustainable
Enterprise Initiatives Program

May 27
KIAsia's U-Links Services welcomes and arranges visits for a group of MBAs from Georgia State

May 28-30
The 2nd training sessions of the Project “Upgrading the capabilities of Post and Telegraph
Department (PTD)’s staff for National Telecommunications Commission’s Secretariat Office” is to be
held for PTD’s staff at PTD office. The main topic of this session is spectrum allocation.

May 30
Arrival of six exchange students from UNC Chapel Hill under the Carolina Environment Program.
The students will be divided into two groups to study and undertake environmental research at the
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi and Chiang Mai University

June 11
Professors from the business schools of Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University and the
University of North Carolina will present to the "Global Forum on Management Education" a review
of their accomplishments in their Sustainable Enterprise Initiative, funded by grants from US-AEP
and KIAsia.

June 14-27
Organic Inspector Training Program for Thai officials. The US-Independent Organic Inspectors
Association (IOIA) is to conduct a training program for Thai Department of Agriculture’s officers to
learn the principles and methodologies to inspect organic crops in accordance with international best
practices. A one-day public seminar on related organic crops will be organized for the government
and private sector to provide information on organic crops principles, to introduce international
standards, and to discuss international market trends.

June 18–June 26
The Appraisal Foundation (TAF)’s experts are to advise the Securities and Exchange Commission
and join in a public hearing on the recommendations for Thailand’s valuation standards for Thai
valuation profession.

June 20-22
The Institute for Management Education for Thailand Foundation (IMET) will deliver the second pilot
training program on community leadership through the provincial Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)
and the provincial Chamber of Commerce in Songkhla Province. (7 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM
KIAsia News Bytes - May 2002 (8 of 8)10/23/2006 11:25:48 AM

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