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					              Minneapolis Area Metro Networking Job Clubs - June 2009

   Group                    Meeting        Format or
                Location                                              Contact
                             Time        Specialization

   Valley       Bethlehem 2nd Monday Non-demoninational            651-439-3450
 Networking      Lutheran     of each  group offering
   Group          Church      month    speakers and  
               490 4t h St N 7pm-9pm     networking
               Bayport, MN

    The      Work Force      Monday                               763-783-4800
 Networking   Cent er       9:30 AM -                        www.mnworkforcecent
   Group     1201 89th      11:30 AM
              A ve. NE
             Suite 220
Veterans Job Work Force      Monday       Veterans Only           763-783-4800
    Club      Cent er       9:00 AM -   Special Job Search   www.mnworkforcecent
             1201 89th      11:30 AM    Topics Each Week
              A ve. NE                   Varied Speak ers
             Suite 220                      Networking

   Sales &     Oak Grove E very -other-        Networking      George B urr 612-669-0455
  Marketing Presbyterian Saturday Specializing in Sales
Professionals Church 2200 9:00 AM              & Marketing
Network, Inc.      Old     (Jan 3rd, Jan       Executives'          Group Web site:
  (SMPnet)      Shakopee     17th, Jan networking support
                  Road           31th,      $50.00 per/year
              (Intersection Feb 28th        $30 per 1/2 year
                  of Old         etc.)          Subgroup
                Shakopee                  networking groups,
               and Penn)                            too
              www.oak grv.
 FEI/FENG       Lee Hecht        Last       Networking and           Mark Richards
  Financial      Harrison   Thurs day of support for financial
 Executives International the month            executive’s           612-859-8869
International     Plaza      7:30 AM - members of FE I and
    (FEI) -     Suite 505     9:00 AM             FENG.
  Financial       7900          Under    FEI membership has Please contact for membership
 Executives International 'Chapt ers -       reduced fee for          information.
 Networking       Drive       Meeting     finance executives
    Group     Bloomington, Announceme in transition – holds
   (FENG)      MN 55425         nts-for    monthly meetings
                             complete        for networking,
                                details        professional
                            Also publish development and
                             bi-weekly       guest speakers
                              listing of  FENG membership
                                senior    is free – must have
                               finance     sponsor to join.
                           opportunities Holds joint Career
                           from on-line, Service meeting with
                              recruiters          FEI.
 Minnesot a                 Tuesdays 9     Networking. The      Meetings by invitation only
Manufacturing               am to 11am        Minnesot a      LinkedIn Group is OPEN to SR
   Network                 (2nd and 4th     Manufacturing     Mfg. Experience. No rec ruiters.
                            Tuesday of Network comprises
                            the month)        primarily of
                                         Minneapolis/St. Paul
                                         based professionals
                                           with at least ten
                                                years of
                                           experience in a
                                           leadership role.
 Starbucks                 Wednesday         Networking             By Invitation Only
                                           Specializing on
                                          Sales & Marketing
    Career         Hilton  3rd Monday        Networking    
 Networking 34th A ve &        of each         Speakers              CareerNet page
 Group The       American       month        Workshops        careernetworking@pmi
 Minnesot a      Blvd East   4:30 pm –        for Project             651-917-6246
Chapter of the Bloomington, 5:30 pm           Managers
    Project         MN       (check the
Management                    website)
  Institute –

  Job Club   Work Force     E very         Pre-registration      For information please call
  HIRE D &     Cent er    Monday              required                  763-536-6000
   DEED      (Hennepin     10:00-        Brooklyn Park, 763-    www.mnworkforcecent
                Nort h)   11:30PM             536-6016        
                 7115      Call for      Special Job Search       Nancy Buysse & Al Miller
             Nort hland information      Topics Each Week
               Terrace                    Varied Speak ers
              Suite 100                      Netowrking
              Brooklyn                      Opportunities
              Park, MN
Veterans Job Work Force    Fridays          Veterans Only        For information please call
    Club       Cent er  10:00-12:00         Special Search               Mark Mann
             (Hennepin Sign up at         Topics Each Week              763-536-6073
                Nort h)   the front        Varied Speak ers     www.mnworkforcecent
                 7115       desk              Networking
             Nort hland                      Opportunities
              Suite 100
                 Park, MN
   The Job      Prince of      Tuesday         Sponsored by                952-898-9388
 Connections     Peace        6:30 - 8:30 Prince of Peace and
    Group     Christian Life       PM         Shepherd of the
                 Cent er                      Valley Churches
              Rooms 200 -                       Networking,
                   202                    speakers addressing
                 200 E.                   job searc h skills and
              Nicollet Blvd.                    small group
  Networking Minnesot a           E very    Usually speakers,                Mike Lang
   Job Club    WorkForce Wednesday            presentations or            952-895-7600
                Cent er -        9am to      topics for the first
                 Dakota           11am    hour, Net working for
                 County                      the second hour.
              2900 County
                Road 42
                Suite 140
               Burns ville,
               MN 55337
  St Hubert's  8201 Main 2nd and 4th            The JTS G is             George Davisson
   Catholic       Street       Tuesday     designed to provide             952 443 0010
 Community                     7:00pm -           spiritual,        George_Davisson@Y
                                9:00pm      physiological, and                  m
                                             moral support for
                                               people that are
                                             going through job
     Going     Community last Monday            Presented in               763-788-9009
 Forward Job     United      of the month conjunction with
      Club      Methodist from 6p-8p Women Achieving
                 Church                     New Directions, a
               950 Gould                         program of
                   A ve                        Resource. The
                Columbia                      group is for both
                 Heights                  adult men & women
               (one block                  job seekers. Dinner
              south of 40th                is provided, and we
              and Cent ral,                  can provide child
               behind the                  care, if needed. It 's
                 Heights                  free, but if you need
                Theat er)                  childcare, you must
Westwood Job Westwood          5:30PM- Networking, periodic         Matthew Beck, 952-457-8866,
  Transition   Community 7:00PM on speakers, and small     
    Group       Church in the 1st and group discussions
              Room #116 3rd Monday
                  3121           of every
                Westwood          Month
               , MN 55331
 Nort h Metro  Church of   Tuesday               NMJNG is a non-              Richard White
     Job           The     evenings               denominational
 Networking    Epiphany      6:30 -              group open to all     Church Offic e 763-755-1020
   Group      1900 - 111th 8:30 P.M.            persons. A positive
              A venue NW                       evening that begins
                  Coon                             and ends with
              Rapids, MN                         prayer. We offer
                 55433                         speakers from time
                                               to time, networking,
                Room 708                         current job leads,
                                                ongoing job search
                                               strategies. One-on-
                                                one work wit h Dick
                                                 White on resume
                                                work, interviewing
                                                  techniques and
                                                 managing career
                                                  transitions; Join
                                                other jobs seekers
                                                  to share and be
 Minnesot a       Various      3 to 4 times      Networking and              Brian Thomas
Management       locations     a year, call         speakers  
  Society                            or                                      952 544 9464
                                 e-mail for
                                location &
 Easter Job        Easter          E very      Intended to inspire
 Transitions     Lutheran       Tuesday at      job seekers, refine
   Group          Church         7:30-9:00       job seeking skills,          651-452-3680
                4200 Pilot          AM             and celebrate
               Knob Road           New         successes. Topics
                Eagan, MN      presentation    change each week.
                   55122            by            Guest speakers,
               Pilot Knob at   professional    discussion groups,
               Diffley Road    recruiter 1st   videos, networking
                                Tuesday of         opportunities.
                               each month
 St. Andrew      13600      Wednesday              Networking               952-937-2776
  Lutheran     Technology 11:30 AM -                            
   Church         Drive      1:30 PM
               Eden Prairie
Job Transition St. Andrew    Monday                Networking,
   Support      Lutheran     7:00 - 9:00    Speakers & Small                 SG
    Group         13600          PM              Group             JITS
ITNetworkers St. Andrew Wednesday            Speakers, small
      @         Lutheran     10:00 AM -     group discussions           work ers
  St. Andrew      13600       11:00 AM        for all Techies ITGroup_Minnesota@y
   Lutheran   Technology                                                   m
 Crossroads       Grace     1st Thursday      Expert Speak ers          Dave Sparkman
    Career     Church of of the Month        and varied career
   Network        Eden        7:30AM -         search topics,
                 Prairie       9:30AM          facilitated and
               9301 Eden Room M209         informal networking,
              Prairie Road                  prayer and support.
              Eden Prairie,                     Small groups
               MN 55347                          available.
    " Back    eden prairie 9-11am – 2                                 Church: 952.934.2327
  Toget her"    assembly        & 4TH                   
Careers Class 16591 duck Thurdsays                                             ml
                lake trail                                                Ron Conroy
              eden prairie,                               
               mn 55346
Wooddale Job Wooddale          Monday          Networking,            Lonny J. Gulden
  Transition     Church        7:15 AM        Accountability,  lonny@c hiefconnectionsofficer.
Support Group 6630 Shady                     Encouragement,                 com
                   Oak                     and Prayer Support Wooddale Church, 952-944-
                  Road                     Job Search P rocess              6300
                                                                    itsg@wooddale. org
  C-Group                     E very 3       CEOs, COOs, &
                               weeks           Senior VPs
                             9:00 AM -       By invitation or
                             11:00 AM             referral
                                              networking, &
   Christ in    Christ       1st & 3rd -       Job Support               952-920-8515
   Career    Presbyterian     Saturday          Workshop
   support     Church        8:30 AM -
                6901         10:30 AM
              Room 316
 Minneapolis    Christ        Tuesday          Job Support          JOHN WE TZEL
 Job Support Presbyterian     6:30 PM         Workshop for    JOHN.WE TZEL@RIGHT. COM
  Workshop     Church       Professional        Managers,       Web Site: www.mjs
                6901             s          Professionals and    Phone: 612-720-6532
             Normandale        $3.00             Others          Hotline: 952-826-7011
               Road                donation
             Room 107
  Women        Christ             Thurs day           Focuses on   
 Networking Presbyterian          6:30 p.m.         career/life skills  hotline at (952) 826-7011
   Group      Church                              development and              Eleanor Ling
               6901                                 job searc h with          952.944.4054
            Normandale                          special emphasis on
            Road Room                               challenges that
             20 on the                            women face. We
            lower level,                          pursue topics and
             next to the                         speakers to appeal
             elevator).                           to both employed
                                                women and women
                                                   in transition. The
                                                    meetings aim to
                                                    opportunities to
                                                  share knowledge,
                                                   experiences and
                                                 learned in an open
                                                    and supportive
    Saint        Saint               E very             Support,       Len Slade and John Barrow
Stephen's Job Stephen's            Saturday encouragement, and
   Search      Episcopal           8:30 am -      networking for job
Support Group Church                9:30 am              seekers                     rt
               4439 W.           in the library                               952-920-0595
              50th Street
              Edina, MN
                55424                Wednesday              Networking             By Invitation Only
                                               Specializing on
                                             Sales & Marketing
  S & D I/T         Pentagon     2nd Tuesday      Individual               Phillip Brooks
  Subgroup            Park        each Month  commercial - 30              651-470-1257
                   4620 West      7:00 AM to    seconds to 2
                   77th Street     9:00 AM   minutes Net working
                   lower level                   & speakers
S & D Supply                      Open to           Individual
    Chain                         Smilin &      commercial - 30
Trans port ation                   Dialin         seconds to 2
 and Logistics                    members      minutes Net working
  Subgroup                          only           & speakers
   Smilin' &                     2nd Tuesday      Networking            By invitation only
    Dialin'                        bi-Month
                                  6:30 AM to
                                   10:00 AM
Minneapolitan Hopkins             Thurs day       Job skills &            David Alrowitz
Toastmasters Area Family          6:45-7:45      Speaking Aids            952-939-9749
   Career      Resource     PM                     T
Enhancement     Cent er    Call for                                      oa
     &         915 Main information                               stmasters.html
 Transition      street
              Hopkins, MN
    Career       Hosanna! 1st and 3rd Prayer focus with                Howie Nelson
 Connections      Lutheran     Tuesday       Networking and            952-892-6344
   A vodah      9660 163rd 7:00 p.m.-        support Biblical
   Services       St West      9:00 p.m.   Workplace values        www.hos
                 Lakeville,     Room 8       Job placement
                 MN 55044        1 0n 1          Non-profit
                 952-435-      Meetings
                    3332        room 2
                            5:30-6:30 pm
Job Transition Maple Grove Thurs day       Whether you have           Becky Peterson
                E vangelical afternoons been in the process Director of Women's and Care
               Free Church 1:00-2:30pm of job transition for a           Ministries
                 8585 Rice     Location: week or it has been       763-420-6485 x105
                Lake Road      Kidzone months, you will find
                   Maple                   hope and support
                Grove, MN                  here. Join us for a
                   55369                     time of prayer,
                                         encouragement and
                                                 sharing of
Holy Name of 155 County 1st.                    Networking           Cheryl Alexander
Jesus Churc h Rd. 24        Thurs day    Introductions & then          763-416-4570
               Wayzata/Me 7:00 PM -         either a speaker,
               dina         9:00 PM      panel discussion, or           Bill Corrigan
               Area         Emmaus          open net working
                            Room          also sends out jobs
                                         from various groups
                                           and recruiters - no
                                            need to come to
                                          meeting if just want
                                          the jobs emailed to
   Mendota       St. Paul's     Meeting Sharing support and Church Offic e at: 651.452.5683
 Heights Job       United     time: 6:30        knowledge;             Tom Saby at:
     Club        Methodist PM alternate         networking
                  Church,    Thurs days        opportunities
                700 Wesley (5/21, 6/4
                   Lane,      and 6/ 28)
               Heights, MN
   Basilica      Basilica of     Monthly     One-on-one work              Janet Grove
 Employment       St. Mary Workshops & with Janet Grove                  612-317-3508
   Ministry      17th and       Individual (ministry leader) and   E-mail:
                 Hennepin meetings as volunteer coaches;
                 A venues,     scheduled          Assistance
               Minneapolis                 networking, locating
                                             postings, resume
                                              work, managing
                                             career transitions;
                                            Monthly workshops
                                                on job seeking
Career Coffee      Career      Beginning Meetings will include e-mailing Career Crossroads at
    Hous e      Crossroads Saturday,         check-in/updates,
                    2736     November 5,       networking and
                  Lyndale       from 9:30     tips/skill building
                A venue So a.m. to 11:00 Cost is $10 per
                 Suite 212,        a.m      person for a 6 week
               Minneapolis                   series of meetings
   Medical      Southview 1st Tues day The mission of the medicaldevic ejobgroup@hotma
 Device Job Seventh Day of every            Medical Device Job     
  Transition     Adventist        month        Group is to give
    Group         Church       at 6:30 pm medical device job
                  5750 S.        "Please            seekers
                Wentworth email for              (engineering,
                     A ve     invitation / quality, regulatory,
               SW corner of industry         purchasing, sales
               Wentworth & experience and marketing etc.)
                  58th St      required"      an opportunity to
               Minneapolis                      discuss issues
                                               relevant to their
                                           particular job search
                                           while meeting others
                                               in the industry.
  East Side         1700      9 - 10 a.m.,                           Audrey Harris-Blount
Neighborhood Second St. Tuesday and                                      612-787-4051
  Services           NE        Thurs day
   Pillsbury    Brian Coyle       Call for   Orientation / must          612-338-3808
Neighborhood Community          meetings          Preregister           to Pre-Register
   Services        Cent er     M-F 7:30 -
    Mpls.       420 S. 15th      9:30 PM
Residents only      A ve.
 TWIN CITY       430 First second and There are speak ers                Ardis Wexler,
EMPLOYMEN         A venue         fourth       the second and        Program Coordinator,
       T           Nort h    Thurs days of fourth Thursdays of           952-417-2117
COLLABORA Suite 620            the month       the month. The
    TIVE       Minneapolis, from 10:00 - goals of the group
                MN 55401 11:00 a.m. at          are to provide
                               the Sabes support, networking
                                   JCC     and advic e about job
                                                 search skills.
   WAND,        3200 Penn 6:30 - 8:30 Services primarily                 Anie Umoeka
   Women        A ve. N.,        p.m.,        for single, working 651-752-8500 or 651-752-8554
  Achieving    Minneapolis     Thurs day      mothers; however,
     New                                        single, working
  Directions                                      fathers also
Medical Suds     Medtech,          Meets           Education,
                Biotech &     Quarterly on        seminars, &               Matt Noah
               Life science     Thurs day          networking             952-934-5424
               professional     evening at       For Medtech,
                     s            various      Biotech and Life
                                 locations          Science
  Net suds      IT & High          Meets           Education, 
                   Tech        quarterly at       seminars, &               Matt Noah
               Professional       various          networking             952-934-5424
                    s            locations For IT and High-tech
   MISRC          Carls on        Monthly                          Seminars for IT professionals
  Research      School of          during
  Seminars      Business        academic
                 - Univ. of   year - call for
               Minnesot a      information
 Employment Westminster Sat. 9:00 AM                                     Ken Huskins
 Transitions Presbyterian - 10:30 AM                       
                  Church    Bates Room                         Claudia Kapitan, 612-332-3421
                12 St. and                               
                   A ve.,
  Minnesot a       2829     Wednesday        We work with                John Coffey
  Teamsters     University      from           everyone;                612-676-3759
   Service     A venue SE 10:00A.M. both union and non-     
   Bureau       Suite 720,   until noon          union
Job Transition JVS - Suite Tuesdays        Job search skills,   Cris Roman, 952-417-2129,
     and            300     10-11:30 am       networking, 
Support Group      13100                 speakers, individual          www.jvsmn. org
                 Wayzata                   check-in time and
               Boulevard,                       support
 Work Force 2098 E. 11th Thurs day             Speakers,               Michael Ellison
   Cent er          A ve.    1:00 PM - networking, current              651-770-4491
                Nort h St.    3:00 PM     job leads, ongoing www.mnworkforcecent
                    Paul                job searc h strategies          651-779-5666
                                         and encouragement
                                           on you journey to
                                         the next job. Coping
                                           mechanisms and
                                           ideas. Join other
                                         jobs seekers to
                                          share and be
 Nort h East Nort h Haven 6:15 PM      Networking, job skill            Richard Brunkow
Work Search      Church,         E very development, and                  651-235-3092
    Group       2240 15th     Tuesday -  Encouragement.           richardbrunk
                A ve East,    Room 102
                Nort h St.
                Paul, MN
Network 24/ 7 Messiah 2nd Tuesday Open Net working,                  Jean Paulsen-Lepley,
                  United    of the Month    Speaker, Table 
                Methodist 7:00 A.M. -          Networking                 612-840-7869
                 Church       9:00 A.M.     Pre-registration
                  17805                   appreciated, but not
              County Road                        required
               MN 55447
  Plymouth      Plymouth Call for a no One-on-one support             Pastor Dan Johnson
  Covenant      Covenant      obligation to clarify and provide           763-559-4300
    Career        Church appointment.         personal help
  Transition       4300                    relative to Career office@plymout
   Support      Vicksburg                  Transition. Go to
    Group         Lane,                    website for list of
                Plymouth,                    individuals and
               MN 55446                     special interests
                                            association with
                                           Career Transition
  Wayzata      705 County 1st Tues day Focuses on spiritual Pastor Carroll, 763-473-9463
 E vangelical Rd. 101 N. of the month needs of individuals carroll.miller@wayzatafreeorg
     Free                   from 7-9 PM in transition Prayer                Jim Villars
    Church                                    support for job
                                            seekers. Offers                     t
                                              mentoring and
                                          sharing of job leads
 Bridgepat h Bridgewood        Support   one-on-one support,             Michele Boeder
   Support        Church    group meets      assistance and               952-736-2779
   Group &       6201 W.        second      accountability -
 Workshops       135th St    Mondays of Special work shops               John Whitmore
              Savage, MN.        each           as needed            952-830-1420 ext 227
                               month at
                             6:30 - 8:30
  SOAR for     St. Odila’s 2nd and 4th The St. Odilia’s Job            Call 651-484-6681
     Jobs        Catholic    MONDAYS Transition Support               Or See Our Web Site
               Community of the Month       Group is a non-  
              3495 Victoria     7-9pm       denominational     
                St. North                  group open to all
                                          persons. The group
                                            coaches people to
                                           take control of their
                                          future and achieve a
                                              successful job
                                               transition. To
                                          accomplish this, the
                                                group offers
                                          seminars wit h guest
                                          mentorship, training,
                                              fellowship and
    AITP -     Nort hwest     Meeting 5:15    1st. Thursday             612-751-2138
Association of Chapter             p.m      September through
Informational      AITP       Dinner: 5:30         May      
     Prof.     Doubletree          p.m
                   Hotel        Program:
               1500 Park      6:30 to 8 p.m
              Place Blvd.
  Women In       Lennox            Day          A vailable to all        Dina Stender
  Transition  Community       Workshops: Women regardless                  www.eac -
                 Cent er      Tues / Thurs, of work experience,
                   6715       9am-3:30 pm education or income
              Minnetonka       Job Skills     level. Job search         612-752-8444
                   Blvd,      Workshops:        seminars held
                   #212        Mondays,              weekly.
                St. Louis      6:00 -8:00          www.eac -
                Park, MN            pm
                 55426                               .shtml
  Starbuck      Starbuck        1 - 2 p.m.   Informal meetings        Youssef Haddad
 Networking coffee shop        Thurs days but we share ideas,
    Group     highway 55                   job leads, & contacts     cell (612) 791-5544
              & Winnetka                    through e-mail. The
               in the strip                group is very helpful,
                   mall                      and made of many
                                                  IT leaders,
                                              managers, some
                                             business people &
  Women           2324         1st & 3rd      Set goals and               Call First
  Venture      University      Tuesday     develop new ideas          651-646-3808
               A ve. West     9:00 -11:00 and leads for your        Career open house
                                 a.m.     job searc h. Network
                                          with others to create
                                            new contacts and
                                          create solid support
                                             systems as you
                                            make that career
Coffee Hour      Quality       Mondays Weekly speakers,               651-647-9322
  Jobs In        Career       10:00 AM -     on Job Search
 Transition    Services     11:00 AM       Topics, excellent directorqcs@qualitycareerservi
                 2515                         networking        
             Wabash A ve                   opportunities, No
               Suite LL1                    Fees, One Stop
                St. Paul                  Transition Center
  Veterans       2480        Open to      Job assistance or            651-644-4022
   Cent er    University    Veterans     Individual Counsel           Job search help
                  A ve.                 no groups/meetings
Veterans Job Work Force Mondays             Veterans Only       For info call 651-642-0363
    Club        Cent er    9:00-11:00 Special Job Search                Neal Krenz
             540 Fairview Sign up at Topics Each Week                  651-642-0735
                 A ve N      the front     Varied Speak ers    www.mnworkforcecent
                St Paul,       desk           Networking
                 55104                       opportunities
WORK FOR Woodland Meeting by Help with res umes,                     Mary J Anderson
  PEOPLE     Hills Church appointment. interviewing, and job Associate Pastor of Resource
               1740 Van       Please       search practices              Ministries
             Dyke Street      contact        provided in a
             St. Paul, MN     Mary J.      supportive, faith-
                 55109    Anderson at based environment.
                            (651) 287
   Dakota     1 Mendota      Monday      A speaker the first WorkForce Cent er #651-554-
   County    Road West, 1:30-3:30                hour                      5955
  Nort hern      #170           PM     and then net working
   Service     West St.                    the second hour
   Cent er    Paul 55118
 Face2Face     Unitarian    first and      A mix of seminar 
 Job Search Universalist       third       material, helpful
 Networking    Church of Thurs day of networking, and
              Minnetonka each month,        speakers, each
               605 Rice 9am - noon            meeting of
                 Street                      Face2Face is
               Wayzata,                   designed to serve
              MN 55391                  professionals in the
              (5 minut es                 Twin Cities metro
                  from                   area who want the
             494/394/12)                  latest methods on
                                            job searc h in a
                                           tough economy.
                                       Networking Clusters
                                          include Sales and
                                        Marketing, Finance,
                                         ram Management,
                                        profits, HR/ Training,
                                            Operations and
                                           Software/IT, Under-
                                            40, The Executive
                                            Forum, and others
                                                as needed.
     New Day           Wayzata 3rd Tuesday Speaker, networking Katherine.poindexter@smithba
      Career          Community   of each    and small group    
    Connection         Church     Month        discussions             952-473-8877
                        125 E
                      MN 55391
     Career   Woodbury Meet 2nd. & Christian aspect of                                       Tom Colosimo
   Transition  Lutheran 4th Thursday    strength and                                         651-739-5144
   Connection 7380 Afton 7:00 PM -   guidance through                         
                Road      8:30 PM      prayer. Guest
              Woodbury     Except       speakers on
                          holidays    relevant topics,
                                        mentoring &

Prepared and up dated by a fellow networker.

Please contact Bruce Hanson at bghanson@m with any changes, corrections,
I am a versatile & adaptable manager, with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and lead at a technical and
non-technical level. A manager of hardware & software: customer service, field service, system, a nd application engineers in
manufacturing, & operations. Working globally, in the areas of IT Mgmt., Production Automation, System Certification &
Integration, SCADA, IC Etch & ATE, Telecommunications & Radio. Specializing in putting systems together, getting them
installed, keeping them running, & training, by managing production & service personnel, vendors, integrators, distributors, &
mfg's rep’s.

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