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Work at Home Businesses Registered with the Bbb


Work at Home Businesses Registered with the Bbb document sample

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									   “Earn a Living Today …
While Building a Retirement for
                                            Leaders of successful companies
Dennis Bloom, CEO       Daniel Bloom, CEO
Chairman of the Board       President
                                            start with a great idea at the right
                                            time and the focused vision to
                                            turn the idea into a reality
                                                             D Magazine 2009
Industry Leader since 1992
Multi-Million Dollar Company
25 Million Dollar Corporate Office

Members of :
•National Association of Health Underwriters
•Direct Selling Association
•National Association of Dental Plan
•United States Chamber of Commerce
•Dunn & Bradstreet listed
Mission Statement

“Our Mission is simple. . . in the next three
years, we want to help a MILLION people learn
how to SAVE MONEY and to PROTECT their
             “Saving America One Household at a time…”

                 AmeriPlan ® has helped over 1 million families
                       save over One Billion Dollars!
According to Harvard Medical School
• About half of all personal bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills

• 68 percent of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance.

• Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the
aftermath of a serious health problem

• 45,000 people die unnecessarily every year due to lack of health insurance

• 100 million people or one third of the country is without dental insurance CBS News

                                             Americans are in desperate need of
                                                    Healthcare Reform NOW!
Saving Money with AmeriPlan®

                        AmeriPlan® Programs are not Insurance
Dental Plus $14.95 Individual $19.95 Household
  •   Almost 30,000 Providers           Plus 3 additional programs at
                                        no additional cost
  •   Save up to 80% on Dental
      Services                              • Vision
  •   No Limits on Visits or Services
                                            • Prescription Drugs
  •   Instant Savings
                                            • Chiropractic
  •   No Age Limits
  •   No Paperwork
  •   No Waiting Periods
  •   Specialists
  •   Orthodontics

                                          AmeriPlan® Programs are not Insurance
Total Health $39.95 per household
                              • Labs
        •Physician            • Experienced Registered Nurses
                              • Diagnostics
        •Ancillary Care       • Excellent Advice
                              • Radiology
        •24 Hour Nurse Line   • Immediate matters
                              • Other issues, questions
        •Hospital Advocacy
                              • Health Library
                              • Mental Health
                              • Saves money and time
                              • Physical Therapy
                              • Spanish Speaking
                              • Diabetic Supplies
                              • Hearing Impaired
                              • Imaging Centers
                              • Washington state residents.
                                *Nurseline is not available to
                                  Wellness Programs and more

                                    AmeriPlan® Programs are not Insurance
            $24.95 month
Services Designed to Make Your Life More Secure

        •Identity Theft Protection
        •National Child ID
        •Family Legal Plan
        •Roadside Assistance
        •Financial Services

                     Are you Protected?
If your ID is ever stolen:
                                                • Proactive Monitoring

                                                • Identity Restoration Services

                                                • $25,000 ID Theft Reimbursement Insurance

                                                • Access to Legal Counsel
                                                                        24/7 access 365 days a year

                                                                       It’s Not if but When!
        *Identity Theft Protection is limited to the primary member.
        Additional family members may be covered for a $2 fee.
 May 3, 2002
Milwaukee, WI
                                                                 Discounted Legal Services
FREE LEGAL SERVICES                             Legal Service              Member

 • Free Consultations                           Traffic Ticket Defense      89.00     199.00      55%

 • Free Phone Calls and Letters                 Name Change                155.00     365.00      58%
 • Free Contract and Document Review            Simple Will with Minors    250.00     530.00      53%
 • Free Government Program Assistance           Trust
                                                Chapter 7 Bankruptcy       750.00    1,500.00     50%
 • Free Small Claims Court Assistance
 • FREE Simple Will for all Family Members      Non-Support
                                                                           275.00    1,490.00     82%

                                                Simple Divorce             275.00    1,100.00     75%
       Get Your Free Will Today!                Regular Incorporation      295.00     585.00      50%

                                                Personal Real Estate       250.00     675.00      63%
     *Court costs and filing fees additional.   Closing
Locked out? Need a tow? Out of Gas?
You need fast, reliable roadside assistance

•   Peace of mind is just a phone call away

•   35,000 reputable service providers

•   Over 1 million cars serviced

•   $75 Sign-n-Drive
Solutions for Financially Distressed Families
Over the last twenty years, a disease of epidemic proportion has infected the American consumer
and has spread to an almost incurable status -- personal financial disorder.

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, do you have bad credit, too much debt?


            Only $14.95 per month
            Save up to 50% off Nationwide

Save thousands of dollars a year on things you use most!

   Dining - Save at over 57,000 dining establishments
   Automotive - Save on auto accessories, tires, oil changes
   Recreation - Savings and fun at over 11,000 locations
   Shopping – Save on items you need and want at 27,000 locations
   and online
Offers online coupons & online
shopping at many major retailers
 Freedom Pass
 $100 per month

Saving MONEY is NOT
about doing without!
It’s about doing what you are
already doing for less!

                   Greatest “Family Savings” Plan
Freedom Pass
   Freedom Pass
                         Includes everything we have
                         shown plus…
                           •AmeriPlan ® CashBack Saver
                           •Dell Computers
                           •JC Penney Portraits
                           •Sprint PCS
                           •Free Conference Calling
                           •Internet Services
                           •Office Depot
                           •Auto World
                           •Dependable Auto Shippers

PLUS…    •Travel
         •Golf                             The Only Product in the Industry
         •Resorts and Condos
                                           where the More You “Use It” the
         •Movies                                   More You Save!
         •Spas and more
                Brand Name Savings up to 50% off Nationwide


              Save 1000s of $$$ a year…. $100 monthly
You have the opportunity to create a large
  income by sharing these services and
    opportunity to anyone in the USA
 Challenges Affecting
  Americans Today

  1         Financial Future
                                             2          Increasing Costs of
                                                        Goods and Services

       Concerned about
                                                  Concerned about
       Financial Future*
                                                  Economic Times
Where will you be in 5 years from now if
                                           Rising cost of food, clothing, gas,
you keep on doing what you are doing?
                                           insurance, automobiles and
Will the Government be there for you
when you retire?
                                           and other everyday items

  How many nights       Total credit card debt grew to $802* billion
 have you laid awake    from $237 billion between 1990 and 2005*
   worrying about
money-related issues?    Many people work four to six months a year
                        just to pay taxes

                        Most people are living paycheck to paycheck

                        Can you afford the lifestyle you want?
                           “Be in the right place at the
1.Work for someone else?   right time and do something
                           about it.”
                                   Ray Croc, McDonald’s
2. Get a second job?

3. A third job?

                           It’s ALL about the timing and Action!
1. Inherit
2. Marry it    Own your own
3. Be a CEO of a large
4. Win the Lottery
•   Extra Income or Full-time Income
•   Retirement
•   Have Own Business
•   Helping Others
•   Leave A Legacy
•   Financial Freedom
•   Meeting New People
•   To be FREE
 58 million people are involved in network marketing
 The network marketing industry has surpassed $100
  billion in retail revenue*

 North American sales have reached over $34 billion**
•   No Headaches
•   No Employees, No Inventory
•   No Boss, No Set Hours, No Set Workplace
•   High Income Potential
•   Huge Tax Advantages
“Half of all businesses are home based.” — U.S. Census Bureau
20-30% Commission

    Daily Pay Advanced      Achievement Bonuses
      Commissions             Over $31,000.00

                              Builder Bonuses
    Residual Commissions-
                              up to 34% of your
Income Examples

Residual Income-The most profitable over time
           Advanced Commission
    Memberships             Cost Per      3-Month     Monthly
                      Dental Plans     Total Health   SecureNet
      # Sold                 Month        Advance     Residual

        100 No                ►$45.00*
      Basic IBO with Kit* $600/Mo.
                              $50.00        $500/Mo.
                                   No persistency
       500 Health will $39.95
       Total This $3,000/Mo.
     chargebacks leave a legacy for your family (Will)
                                  $35.97     $11.99
                              $6,000/Mo.   $2,500/Mo.
        Dental Plus help you retire! $17.97
                          $19.95                        $5.99
       1000          $6,000/Mo.   $12,000/Mo.         $5,000/Mo.
        Secure Net No monthly minimum
                          $24.95      $14.97            $4.99
       2000         $12,000/Mo.   $24,000/Mo.         $10,000/Mo
       Access Saver    requirements
                          $14.95       $8.97            $2.99

              ► Advances are paid Daily!
Income Examples

                                     Achievement Bonuses
   BONUS            TITLE                                    HOW TO ACHIEVE                     Must be Founder’s Club
   $300            3 RSDs                1 SRSD            2 SRSDs     3 SRSDs                   with 8 President Club
 Personal Sales    250 Club           3 consecutive months $250/mo plus in residuals *                  IBOs **

     $500            15%
                   500 Club               15%            15%             15%
                                      3 consecutive months $500/mo plus in residuals *                   15%


                        $31,750 in bonuses!!
                  1000 Club
                                      3 consecutive months $1000/mo plus 10%

                                       2nd Generation


                                                       2nd Generation
                                                                             1st   Generation
                                                                         in residuals *
                                                                        2nd Generation

                                      Be $50k with 2 Pres Club $25k (1 on your frontline)2nd Generation


   $4,000               SRVP                                5%              5%
                                      Be $50k with 4 Pres Club $25k (1 on your frontline) *               5%
                                                          3rd Generation     3rd Generation      3rd Generation
   $6,000                EVP           When was the last time your frontline) *
                                      Be $75k with 6 Pres Club $25k (2 onyou received a bonus?
                                                                                    3%                    3%
                                                                             4th Generation       4th Generation
   $8,000               SEVP          Be $75k with 8 Pres Club $25k (2 on your frontline) *
                                                                                                    1% on 5th
  $10,000                NVP          Be $100k with 8 Pres Club (2 F/Ring, 1 is frontline) *            Generation
                                                                                                        and below *
Income Examples

                                         Freedom      Bonus $$$
    APflex Program                            1            $40
You will earn two extra Bonuses:
                          Special               2            $80
                        FreedomPass member or an APFlex
Cycle Bonuses- Enroll a Acquisition
                                                3           $120
  AmeriPlan® has notBonusearn the $40 butPowerful 6 on
                         Best on all
  IBO and you will the only and the Most if you get
                         your the               4
                       Freedom Passyou earn a cycle bonus up$160
  your left and three on with rightBiggest Cash Payout in the
  Compensation Plan
                       Memberships              5
  to $75. These are points and they are residual. So, after $200
  Home Base Business Industry in addition to what you
  awhile you will earn cycle bonuses automatically!
  have just seen...
                                               10           $400

                                It’s called APflex.
Matching Bonuses- As you build your team on the right side
  of your business in the APFlex program you will start to
  earn 20% of what your team cycles 5 levels down!
 *Must be enrolled as an APFlex IBO
Monthly Memberships Commissions, Freedom
 Daily - - Residuals, Business Builder
Weekly – Cycle and Matching APflex Bonuses
 Pass Acquisition Bonus
Overrides, Achievement Bonus
• Brochures
• Briefings
                       USE SAVE SHARE
• Word of mouth
• Webinars
• Recorded Calls
• Websites - multiple
• Third-party Validations
• Internet Marketing

                            Training is provided online, by phone, and offline
Daily commissions           Freedom Pass provides Daily
                             Acquisition Bonuses
Monthly Residual
Commissions                 Weekly APflex Cycles

Monthly Builder’s Bonuses   Weekly APflex Matching Bonuses

Achievement Bonuses         and all the extra savings

Incentive Programs

Business Benefits

Websites (5)
            BUT WAIT!!!!!!!
                      No Start up cost! Just $50 per month
                      for your overhead.
       We have a Surprise              st
HAS BEEN EXTENDED until June 21 at 12:00 pm
This means your first month for the Platinum IBO
is only $9.95! This for you! try us out!
                    is a great way to
                      $100 for your FreedomPass, $49.95
                      for 2 extra websites you receive, and
                      a one time $30 registration = $179.95
                      This is a great program for the
                      seasoned entrepreneur!
    A                B
Absolutely, I    Before I get
am Ready to     Started I have
get started.      questions.

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