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              Three Problem Areas                                  Care Planning. We do this to help make sure neither you
                                                                   nor your loved ones are caught unprepared. As health
             Deserve Your Attention                                care costs continue to skyrocket, the traditional means of
                                                                   planning for long-term care have been replaced with
Over the years, we have worked with thousands of families
                                                                   early planning today. The early planning process
and business owners. During this time, we have identified
                                                                   includes setting goals and choosing new, non-traditional
three costly problem areas that consistently rear their ugly
                                                                   ways to manage your family’s health care costs.
heads. They are Long-Term Care Planning, Estate Tax
Planning and Gift Tax Planning. So, as a service to our
                                                                   If you have not addressed these critical questions, you’re
friends and clients, we now offer a free analysis in each
                                                                   invited to call us and schedule a free consultation about
area, as follows:
                                                                   long-term care planning.        Without exaggeration,
                                                                   getting this free analysis of your needs may be the
PROBLEM AREA #1: Long-Term Care Planning.
                                                                   most important decision you’ll ever make. So please
Few people want to think about the problem we all face:
                                                                   call today: (858) 618-5510.
our ongoing health care as we grow older. Have you and
your spouse asked yourselves this question: “Who will take
                                                                   PROBLEM AREA #2: Estate Tax Planning.
care of us when we can no longer take care of ourselves?”          With past changes in the law, and more changes ahead,
                                                                   many people think they have avoided the estate tax
Whether you think about your own long-term health care --          monster’s toxic bite. Certainly the subject of estate taxes
or the care your parents will need -- you and your spouse          raises a myriad of questions: For federal estate tax
need to honestly and candidly address these four questions:        purposes, what exactly is an “estate”? When does an
                                                                   estate become taxable? What assets are counted in
1. Who will make decisions about my health care when I             determining if your estate is taxable? What tools can
can no longer make those decisions myself?                         you use to reduce estate taxes? What about state estate
2. How can I make sure I don’t become a burden to my               taxes? What about complicated terms, like Generation
children?                                                          Skipping Transfer Tax, Qualified Charitable Organi-
3. How can I take care of my aging parents?                        zation Deduction, and many others?
4. What choices are available for my own (or my parents’)
long-term health care?                                             FREE ANALYSIS: Pinkerton Doppelt & Associates
                                                                   offer a free analysis of how estate taxes will affect your
FREE ANALYSIS: To help you answer these questions,                 estate. We’ll explain the estate tax liability you and your
our law firm now offers a free analysis of your Long-Term          spouse face -- and suggest ways you can reduce or
                                                                   perhaps entirely avoid estate taxes. Plus we’ll explain
 Read What You’ll Find In This Issue:
 Three Problem Areas Deserve Your Attention                        when you need to take key steps, a subject often
 Perils of Procrastination                                         misunderstood. Please call now to schedule your free
 Meet Roy M. Doppelt and Read What Clients Say                     estate tax analysis. The sooner you learn what lies
 Probating Your Will Opens Your Life To Everyone!                  ahead, the better you can plan to reduce or avoid your
 Two Costly Misconceptions and Dangers of Joint Tenancy
                                                                   tax liability. So please don’t wait one moment longer.
 Meet Walter E. Pinkerton, Jr.
 Request for E-Mail Addresses                                      Call us today at (858) 618-5510.       More…
Three Problem Areas (Cont’d.)                     reduce or avoid your estate tax liabil-
                                                  ity by gifting. We’ll explain exactly            Perils of Procrastination
PROBLEM AREA #3: Gift Tax                         how and when to go about gifting              A man who attended a seminar
Planning.                                         your estate, if that’s advisable in your      stood up and told the audience
Gift taxes are taxes imposed on gifts             situation. Also, we’ll explain if gift-       that his brother had just died.
given to any person while you are still           ing will not help in your circum-             His brother had not suffered an
living. Most people don’t understand              stances. For gifting to work to your          injury or any lingering disease.
the relationship between gift taxes and                                                         But one day, without notice, he
                                                  benefit, you need time. This is be-           died.
estate taxes, which leads to many                 cause federal law limits the amount of
costly problems.       Likewise, many             money you can gift to each person per         The planning and preparation
people don’t realize when a gift                                                                this man was putting into his
                                                  year, so if you hope to reduce your
becomes subject to the federal gift tax.                                                        estate plan was all for naught.
                                                  estate tax liability through gifting,
This is another area where you can                                                              Because he never took action.
incur significant tax liability if you            you need to start early. So please            He never actually set up his plan.
don’t take proper steps. And, as with             don’t delay. The sooner you discover          He wanted to. He planned to.
estate taxes, you can take specific steps         your options and start gifting, the           He expected to. But he died.
to reduce or avoid gift tax liability.            more money you and your                       Please call today and schedule
                                                  beneficiaries will save. Please call          your appointment because none
                                                                                                of us can be sure we’ll be here
FREE ANALYSIS: Our law firm                       today to make an appointment for              tomorrow.
offers a free analysis of how you can             your free gift tax analysis: (858)

   Read What Clients Say…                                      Meet Respected Lawyer Roy M. Doppelt
“In all my dealings with Mr. Doppelt                   Roy Doppelt is a respected                 In 2006, the highly regarded Inter-
he has been honest, forthright and                attorney based in San Diego,                national Legal Directory Martindale-
conscientious. He analyzes problems               California. He has practiced law for        Hubbell awarded Roy for being “Peer
quickly and finds a workable solution,            20 years and works with families and        Review Rated for Ethical Standards
whether it takes five minutes or hours            businesses. His firm represents clients     and Legal Ability.”
of work. I highly recommend Mr.                   in all matters relating to asset
Doppelt’s abilities and service.”                 protection, estate planning, business          Roy enjoys reading and spending
Robert G., Esq., San Diego                        planning, charitable giving and tax law.    time with his wife and two children.
“I have known Roy Doppelt personally                   In 1984, Roy graduated from the
and professionally for over thirty                University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
years. I find him to be the consum-               with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. And
mate professional. He has always                  in 1987, he earned his Juris Doctor
been extremely attentive to any of my             Degree from the California Western
needs. He is easily accessible, always
                                                  School of Law (San Diego). Roy was
returns my phone calls and I can count
on him to give me honest and good                 named in Who’s Who Among
legal advice anytime I need it!”                  American Law School Students. In
Eric N., Chicago, Insurance Agent                 addition, he received the Dean’s
                                                  Award, was named to the Advocacy
Under California Rule of Professional             Honors Board and was admitted to the
Conduct Section 1-400, these testimonials         Order of the Barristers.
do note constitute a warranty, guarantee or
any express of implied outcome of any                  Roy is a member of the California
individual case. First names and initials are     State Bar, the Illinois State Bar and the
used for client privacy and these                 San Diego County Bar Association.
testimonials were provided by former
clients and non-clients of the firm and the
                                                  He is admitted to practice law in all
original of each testimonials is on file at the   California and Illinois State Courts, as
Law Office.                                       well as the U.S. District Court for the
                                                  Southern District of California.

                                   >>> “You’re Invited to Call Anytime!” <<<
“If you have questions about asset protection, estate planning, living trusts, probate, business planning or charitable
giving, please don’t hesitate to call our Toll Free Helpline: 1-877-HELP 411 (That’s 1-877-435-7411).” - Walter & Roy
     Probating Your Will Opens Your Life to Salespeople, Nosy Neighbors – Everyone!
If you want to keep your financial           ty goes to your beneficiaries. (This will see? The balance in your savings
affairs private, make sure you avoid         usually takes months and can cost account. The value of your stocks.
probate. Probate is the court-super-         several thousand dollars.)              The appraisals on your jewelry. (This
vised process of settling your estate                                                is where your neighbors could dis-
after you die.      Simply put, your         One problem is that this entire process cover that your biggest diamond is a
executor takes your will to the court        is a matter of “public record.” This fake!) All this information will be
and asks the judge to distribute your        means anyone can go to the court  given to anyone who asks. Salespeo-
property to your heirs. After all your       with or without a good reason  and ple. Neighbors. Relatives. Anyone!
bills and taxes have been paid, the          ask to see your file. And once he If you set up a living trust, you keep
judge issues his order and your proper-      opens your file, can you guess what he all your affairs private.

                           Two Costly Misconceptions About Wills and Trusts!
Misconception #1: The cost of your           pensive to set up, but are more costly       Misconception #2: Revocable Living
estate plan is only the cost of draw-        after your death because they must go        Trusts are only for large estates.
ing up the documents. No. The cost           through probate and there is qualifica-      No. Revocable Living Trusts are for
of your estate plan is both the cost of      tion of the estate and estate administra-    anyone who wants to avoid costly con-
drafting the documents and the cost of       tion. Revocable Living Trusts may            servatorship and probate proceedings.
distributing property to your heirs after    cost more than simple Wills, but the         In appropriate cases, people with small
your death. Simple Wills are less ex-        cost of settling your estate is much less.   estates can benefit from a Living Trust.

       Meet Respected Lawyer Walter E. Pinkerton, Jr.                                       Dangers of Joint Tenancy
     Walter Pinkerton is a respected         mitted to practice before many federalDanger #1: Only Delays Probate.
asset protection and estate planning         Courts, including U.S District Court  When either joint tenant dies, the
attorney based in San Diego, Califor-        for both the Central and Southern     survivor -- usually a spouse or child --
nia. He has practiced law for 29 years                                             immediately becomes the owner of the
                                             District of California, U.S. Tax Court,
and has extensive experience working                                               entire property. But when the survivor
                                             Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,
with families and businesses. Walter         and the U.S. Supreme Court.           dies, the property still must go through
represents clients in all matters relating                                         probate. Joint Tenancy doesn’t avoid
                                                  Walter enjoys flying, sailing,
to asset protection, estate planning,                                              probate; it simply delays it.
                                             golf, baseball and spending time with
business planning, charitable giving
                                             his wife and two children.
and tax law.                                                                       Danger #2: Financial Problems. If
                                                                                   either owner of Joint Tenancy property
     In June 1968, Walter graduated in
                                                                                   fails to pay income taxes, the IRS can
the top 5% of his class from Philadel-
                                                                                   place a tax lien on the property. If
phia University with a Bachelor of
                                                                                   either owner files for bankruptcy, the
Science Degree. He is a member to
                                                                                   trustee may be able to sell the property
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and PHI
                                                                                   even though the other joint tenant is
SI Honorary Fraternity. In June 1979,
                                                                                   not otherwise involved in the bank-
Walter graduated in the top 10% of his
class from the University of West Los
Angeles Law School, where he earned
                                                                                          Danger #3: Unpaid Debts. If a joint
his Juris Doctor Degree. He was
                                                                                          tenant has debts he has not paid, and
admitted to prac-tice law May 31,
                                                                                          his creditors think he may dispose of
                                                                                          or hide his assets, the creditors may be
      Walter is a member of the Cali-                                                     able to have the assets frozen even
fornia State Bar, San Diego Bar Asso-                                                     before a judgment is entered against
ciation and Ramona Bar Association.                                                       the joint tenant.
Walter is admitted to practice before
all California State Courts. He is ad-

                               >>> “You’re Invited to Call Anytime!” <<<
“If you have questions about asset protection, estate planning, living trusts, probate, business planning or charitable
giving, please don’t hesitate to call our Toll Free Helpline: 1-877-HELP 411 (That’s 1-877-435-7411).” - Walter & Roy
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Pinkerton Doppelt is always looking for ways to go “green” and help the             helped you, we’ll be delighted
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                                                                                            -- Roy & Walter

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