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									                        March/April 2009                                         Volume 7, Issue 4

In This Issue

Business Education News
Program Spotlight: Elk River High School
Calendar in Brief: March/April events
Program News: MCEE; BestPrep, SMG, Minnesota Business Venture (MBV); Junior Achievement

Business Education News                                           —Jean Kyle, Business Education Specialist
                                                                       Minnesota Department of Education
Revised Rules for Career and Technical Education
The 2007 Minnesota Legislature directed the department to revise Minnesota Rules Chapter 3505
pertaining to the operation of career and technical education programs in the state. During that revision,
the department proposed Minnesota Rule 3505.1150 to provide clarity to school districts on the
conditions under which academic credits may be awarded for participation in career and technical
education programs under Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.024(c). The department followed all
requirements in its intent to adopt these rules and did not receive sufficient requests to warrant a public
The administrative law judge has reviewed the proposed rules and, with the exception of four rules that
reference the rubric for program approval, has granted permission for the rules to be adopted.
Information about Minnesota Rule 3505.1150 is available on the MDE Website under Rulemaking.
Minnesota Rule 3505.1150 clarifies the conditions under which districts may award credit for the
delivery of core academic content in Career & Technical Education courses.
The delivery of science, math or art credits in CTE courses is a local district decision based on the
language of Minnesota Statutes 120B.024. There is no Minnesota licensure requirement tied to media
arts. Districts have flexibility and latitude to deliver media arts across the curriculum as long as the
district determines locally that standards are being met with integrity. Music and visual arts require the
teacher to be "highly qualified" under NCLB and districts should refer to the Minnesota Plan for Federal
“Highly Qualified” Teacher Requirements for specific guidance.

Your questions and comments are always welcome: jean.kyle@state.mn.us.

Program Spotlight: Elk River High School                   - Sonja Weiler, DECA & Student Council Advisor

The DECA Depot – Elk River High School Store
The Elk River DECA Depot was founded in 2001 by the seniors of
Elk River High School. The seniors took an unused classroom and
converted it into a school store. At the time, Elk River High School
consisted of students grades 10-12. Then in 2003 big changes took
place. Elk River High School was renovated and the school also
welcomed ninth graders into the building. This also was a big year for the DECA Depot because they
moved to the front of the school. In 2007, the DECA Depot first became Gold Level Certified through
National DECA; this year is the second recertification.
        The DECA Depot has two target markets. The primary target market is Elk River High School
students. The secondary market is parents, faculty and coaches. With this in mind, the DECA Depot has
come up with different marketing techniques to appeal to both of the target markets. The DECA Depot
is open during school lunches and has specials on candy and slushies. To appeal to the secondary
market, the DECA Depot is open during home sporting events, parent-teacher conferences, and other
events held at Elk River High School. The DECA Depot also has supplied many local sport teams with
                                  merchandise from the store such as hockey sweatshirts and hockey
                                  hats. The DECA Depot has become a reputable store not only in the
                                  school, but in the community as well.
                                          Today the DECA Depot is managed by 10 store managers. To
                                  become a DECA Depot manager, students have to be a senior enrolled
                                  in the Advanced Marketing class and apply. Once the managers are
                                  chosen, they are put into three teams; merchandising, financial, and
                                  operations. Each team brings different strengths and skills to the Depot
                                  and each team makes a list of what needs to be done in the DECA
Depot daily.
        The success within the DECA Depot relies on the students and community. By creating eye-
catching displays and using creative marketing techniques, we have created a reputable store with loyal
and dependable customers.
Taken from the 2009 School Based Enterprise Recertification Project

Calendar in Brief                            Visit the Business Education Calendar for links to these events

March 8-10, 2009, Minnesota DECA – State Career Development Conference
March 9-11, 2009, ACTE National Policy Seminar
March 12-14, 2009, Business Professionals of America (BPA)
April 8-11, 2009, National Business Education Association (NBEA) View NBEA Website.
April 14, 2009, Minnesota Business Educators, Inc. (MBEI) Spring Conference
View MBEI Website.
April 29-May 2, 2009, Minnesota DECA – International Career Development Conference

Program News

Minnesota Council on Economic Education (MCEE)                               - Laura Newton
                                                                              Program Coordinator

Looking for an innovative and fun way to engage your students in economics or personal finance?
Minnesota Department of Education
Business Education Today, March/April 2009                                              Page 2
Enter your teams of 3-5 students in the Online Economics Challenge, your local, in-person Economics
Challenge, or the Online Personal Finance Decathlon. Reward student learning in economics and
personal finance with a fun competition. You’ll also help students build teamwork and interpersonal
skills that will last a lifetime.

Economics Challenge Dates
March 25-31 Economics Challenge Online
March 25    Lake Superior Economics Challenge, University of Minnesota, Duluth
March 26    Twin Cities Economics Challenge, University of St. Thomas
March 27    Heartland Economics Challenge, St. Cloud State University
March 27    Southern Minnesota Economics Challenge, Minnesota State University, Mankato
April 6     Great Plains Economics Challenge, Minnesota State University,
April 7     North Dakota State Economics Challenge, Minnesota State University, Moorhead
April 15    Minnesota State Economics Challenge, University of Minnesota, St. Paul

Teams of students compete in one of three divisions (small school, large school, advanced) to answer
questions related to micro, macro, and international economics. Choose either a live, center-based or
online competition. Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to the winning teams and team members.
The top two teams in each division will advance to the state competition on April 15. State winners will
advance to an expense-paid, multi-state regional competition in Dallas, Texas. The winners of that
competition advance to an expense-paid trip to the national competition in New York City. To
register for a center-based competition, call MCEE at (612) 625-3727. Register for the online

Personal Finance Decathlon
March 16-27 Personal Finance Decathlon Online
April 29     Personal Finance Decathlon, State Competition, Federal Reserve Bank
             of Minneapolis

Teams of students compete in an online test which covers 10 areas of personal finance: thinking
economically, earning income, paying taxes, budgeting, saving, financial planning, investing,
borrowing, banking and financial institutions and insuring. The four highest-scoring teams from differ-
ent schools will be invited to compete in a double elimination quiz-bowl contest hosted by the Federal
Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on April 29. Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to the winning
teams and team members. Register online.

Summer Sneak Peek

Personal Finance Camp – Two Dates, Two Locations!
June 24-26, 2009
University of Minnesota, Duluth
July 8-10, 2009
University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Master innovative ways to engage middle and high school students in learning about investing, financial
planning, saving, budgeting and using credit wisely.

Minnesota Department of Education
Business Education Today, March/April 2009                                          Page 3
Program support provided by ING Foundation, the Council for Economic Education and the Warren
Silver Foundation.
2nd Annual Conference on Teaching Economics and Personal Finance: K-12
August 11-12, 2009 – Mark your calendars!
Continuing Education Conference Center
University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Concurrent sessions will address topics for elementary, middle and high school educators. The
conference includes lunches, lesson materials and networking opportunities.

                               Don’t delay! Register for MCEE events today
                                           or call 612-625-3727.

BestPrep                                                             —Bonnie Vagasky, Vice President
                                                                      BestPrep Educational Programs
New Host for BestPrep’s Technology Integration Workshop

This summer, the University of St. Thomas will host BestPrep’s four-day Technology Integration
Workshop. This workshop has been designed for educators who want to integrate 21st century skills and
technology into classroom curriculum.

The University of St. Thomas, located in downtown Minneapolis, is a full-service facility that is located
walking distance from many Twin Cities favorites including the farmer’s market, Nicollet Mall, the
Light Rail Line, skyways and shopping, the Metrodome and the Target Center. The University will offer
two graduate credits for those participating in the workshop (for an extra fee), as well as keynote
speakers and breakout sessions.

The Technology Integration Workshop offers practical ideas for modifying unit and lesson plans to
include effective educational technology. Educators leave the workshop with a new unit that they
developed while onsite, using the techniques learned. By utilizing technology instruction, attendees will
learn how to enhance curriculum by including technology in their lessons rather than creating activities
just to use the available technology. The highlight for many participants is the half-day job shadow in
which each teacher is paired with a business professional that hosts them at their workplace. The goal of
the job shadow is to see first-hand the current technology and workplace skills being used in order to
best prepare students for their future.

View previous lesson and unit plans developed at http://www.bestprep.org/TIW/tiwell.html.
Registration forms are also available at http://www.bestprep.org/TIW.html. For more information
contact Bonnie Vagasky at BestPrep at 763-398-0090 or bvagasky@bestprep.org.

SMG Students Turn a Profit in a Bear Market                 - Ryan Tews, Program Manager

On January 29, more than 120 people gathered to honor the winning teams and individuals at The Stock
Market Game® Awards Ceremony hosted by the Carlson School of Management- University of
Minnesota. The winning teams hailed from Burnsville, Faribault, Hastings, Hopkins, Minneapolis,
Minnetonka, New Brighton, New Prague, Plymouth, Prior Lake, and Savage. The top team from New
Prague High School made over $40,000 during the fall session, earning them an all-expense paid trip to
Minnesota Department of Education
Business Education Today, March/April 2009                                          Page 4
Chicago for their top spot.

Get your students involved in the spring session. There are Open entry/exit dates. Register your teams
Contact Ryan Tews, Program Manager, at 763.398.0090.

Minnesota Business Venture                                       —Andrea Hanson, MBV Director

MBV’s Summer Program for High Schools

The brochures have been mailed to schools and student applications are starting to arrive in the mail.
Once again, BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture summer program for high school students (grades
9-12) is looking forward to a great academic enrichment opportunity.

Students need this opportunity now more than ever! Students throughout Minnesota spend their days in
the classroom, studying and preparing for the next phase in their lives. However, only 17 percent of
high school seniors have taken a money management or personal finance course, and Minnesota
currently does not require any personal finance courses to graduate high school. MBV is the perfect
place to learn business and money management skills, to start networking for future careers and to
prepare for the workforce. The MBV experience often becomes a highlight of a student’s high school

“I learned the essence of what a true entrepreneur really is. The drive, the passion, motivation, and the
work ethic these people have – entrepreneurs are really extraordinary people. My time at MBV was
inspirational and now I do believe I have the tools to eventually become a true, successful entrepreneur.”
Eden Prairie High School student.

July 12-17, 2009 at St. Cloud State University
July 26-31, 2009 at St. John’s University

Early bird deadline: $125 prior to April 24, $175 after April 24. This fee includes room, board, and
program materials. Financial aid is available – see the back of the application.

Please encourage students to attend that value learning, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are looking to
get ahead in life. We look forward to another two weeks of successful and educational camps this
summer. Contact mbv@bestprep.org.

Junior Achievement                                    —Kari Canfield, Marketing & Communications Director
JA BizTown Summer Camp Opportunity

JA BizTown Summer Camp is a 4-day event in the JA BizTown facility, for campers to experience
entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness in hands-on, activities. Campers also learn about
teamwork, leadership, philanthropy, business ethics, character and community. Camp is held 9:00 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. with Extended Learning Opportunities for before- and after-camp care. JA BizTown

Minnesota Department of Education
Business Education Today, March/April 2009                                            Page 5
Summer Camp is designed for 40 campers, in grades 4 to 9.

The week ends with a closing Town Meeting and Ice Cream Social to celebrate the accomplishments.

JA BizTown Camps will be held in the JAUM Maplewood facility on June 22-25 and August 3-6 for
grades 4 -7 and on July 20-23 for grades 6 -9. The cost is $175 per student with discounts and
scholarships available.

For more information on JA BizTown Summer Camps, to register, or to inquire about scholarship
opportunities, please contact Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest, email Jennifer Baldwin,
jennifer@jaum.org or call 651-255-0037.

 Name or Address Change? Email Cherie Carlson with your new information so we can keep you on
the list to receive Business Education Today and other listserv announcements!

Minnesota Department of Education
Business Education Today, March/April 2009                                       Page 6

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