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									the definitive guide to legAl repreSentAtion in the greAter BoSton AreA

  B O S T O N ’ S Who Are the lAWyerS of the yeAr?

  Lawy er s

            2010 edition


  T   his list is excerpted from the 2010 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®, the preeminent referral guide to the legal profession in the United States.
      Published for more than a quarter of a century, Best Lawyers® lists attorneys in 79 specialties, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia,
  who have been chosen through an exhaustive survey in which thousands of the nation’s top lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers. The
  2010 edition of Best Lawyers, which was published in November 2009, is based on more than 2.8 million evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers.
     The method used to compile Best Lawyers remains unchanged since the first edition was compiled more than 26 years ago. Lawyers are chosen for inclusion
  based solely on a vote of their peers. Listings cannot be bought, and no purchase is required to be included. In this regard, Best Lawyers remains the gold
  standard of reliability and integrity in lawyer ratings.
     The nomination pool for the 2010 edition consisted of all lawyers whose names appeared in the previous edition of Best Lawyers, lawyers who were
  nominated since the previous survey, and new nominees solicited from listed attorneys. In general, lawyers were asked to vote only on nominees in their
  own specialty in their own jurisdiction. Lawyers in closely related specialties were asked to vote across specialties, as were lawyers in smaller jurisdictions.
  Where specialties are national or international in nature, lawyers were asked to vote nationally as well as locally. Voting lawyers were also given an oppor-
  tunity to offer more detailed comments on nominees.
     Voting lawyers were provided this general guideline for determining if a nominee should be listed: “If you had a close friend or relative who needed a
  real estate lawyer (for example), and you could not handle the case yourself, to whom would you refer them?” All votes and comments were solicited with
  a guarantee of confidentiality – a critical factor in the viability and validity of Best Lawyers surveys. To ensure the rigor of the selection process, lawyers were
  urged to use only their highest standards when voting, and to evaluate each nominee based only on his or her individual merits. The additional comments
  were used to make more accurate comparisons between voting patterns and weight votes accordingly. Best Lawyers uses various methodological tools to
  identify and correct for anomalies in both the nomination and voting process.
     Ultimately, of course, a lawyer’s inclusion is based on the subjective judgments of his or her fellow attorneys. While it is true that the lists may at times
  disproportionately reward visibility or popularity, the breadth of the survey, the candor of the respondents, and the sophistication of the polling methodol-
  ogy largely correct for any biases. For all these reasons, Best Lawyers lists continue to represent the most reliable, accurate and useful guide to the legal
  profession in the United States.
     Best Lawyers lists are available at “Best Lawyers” and “The Best Lawyers in America”are registered trademarks of Woodward/
  White, Inc.

A SpeciAl AdvertiSing Supplement
                McLane, Graf, rauLerson & MiddLeton, Pa
                                mL c ane,   Graf, rauLerson & MiddLeton   proudLy conGratuLates   32   of its Lawyers seLected    for inclusion in The
                                Best Lawyers in America for 2010. With over 30 years of experience representing Massachusetts clients,

                                the firm’s newest office in Woburn at the TradeCenter 128 complex provides convenient, no-hassle access
                                for its clients. Located just 15 miles outside Boston, the TradeCenter office affords clients the resources of
                                a full-service, large, metropolitan law firm without the traffic, parking and other hassles of a downtown
                                location. With over 90 lawyers firm-wide, half of whom are licensed in Massachusetts, the firm offers clients
                                expertise in many legal specialties. The McLane Law Firm’s size and location enable the firm to provide
                                clients the resources and talent of a large urban law practice with the reasonable hourly rates typically
    FIRM FACTS:                 found in boutique law firms. Technology affords McLane attorneys greater mobility and allows them to
                                meet with clients at any of the firm’s four offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts—saving clients’ time,
  ➤One-third of the firm’s
   92 lawyers selected for      travel costs and inconvenience.
   inclusion in Boston’s
   Best Lawyers for 2010
  ➤Three additional offices     firM   cLients incLude both sMaLL businesses and LarGe corporations operatinG throuGhout           the United States
   in Manchester, Concord       and abroad. Sensitive to the needs of in-house general counsel and their budget limitations, the firm
   and Portsmouth, NH
                                works with clients to manage resources, meet projected budgets and contain costs—which yields
  ➤TradeCenter office
   practice areas: Corporate,   repeat business and solid client relationships for the firm. While many businesses face financial chal-
   Tax, Employment, Trust       lenges in the current economy and are looking at their options more critically, the McLane Law Firm’s
   & Estate, Real Estate,
   Intellectual Property and    skilled legal work and reasonable rates have resulted in firm growth, adding five new lawyers within the
   Commercial Litigation
                                last three months.

2 Boston’s Best Lawyers                                                                                               For more info go to
                                                                                                                                    B o S t o n ’S


                                                                                                                                       2010 EDITION

Our TradeCenter 128 Office From Left: Andrew Botti, Rick Stone, Mark Wright*, Dan Norris, Larry Plavnick,                           McLane, Graf, Raulerson
Ryan Swartz, Donna Killmon, Steve Burke*, John Colucci, Tamsin Kaplan, Mike McCluskey, David Moynihan,                                 & Middleton, PA
Dave Wittmann, Bill Zorn*, Bill Norman                                                                                                2010 Best Lawyers
                                                                                                                                       Peter D. Anderson
                                                                                                                                      Alexandra T. Breed
                                                                                                                                        Steven M. Burke
the   Lawyers resident at the firM’s         tradecenter   office, opened in   2008,   speciaLize in   corporate law, commercial      Steven V. Camerino
                                                                                                                                        Linda C. Connell
litigation, employment law, intellectual property, real estate, tax and estate planning. With the recent addi-                       Charles A. DeGrandpre
tion of a Boston tax litigation specialist and a merger with well-respected, Beverly-based business law firm,                            R. David DePuy
                                                                                                                                      Thomas J. Donovan
Colucci Norman, the McLane Law Firm has increased the depth of existing practice areas including small                                    Denis P. Dillon
business, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, employment litigation and tax controversy.                                      Bruce W. Felmly
                                                                                                                                        Joseph A. Foster
                                                                                                                                       Wilbur A. Glahn III
cLient   service has aLways heLd a top priority at         McLane. the   firM’s cLient service proGraM      includes mail surveys       Rolf E. Goodwin
and in-person interviews, seeking insight on what clients need and expect from the firm and identifying                               Thomas W. Hildreth
                                                                                                                                        Ralph F. Holmes
areas for improvement. Surveys conducted by the client service program reveal that 98% of clients surveyed                               John E. Hughes
would refer others to the firm for legal services. The McLane Law Firm also has demonstrated significant                                Linda S. Johnson
                                                                                                                                       Sarah B. Knowlton
dedication to pro bono and community service and encourages all attorneys to commit 30-50 hours annu-                                   Charles F. Leahy
ally to pro bono services. McLane continues to be recognized both for its individual attorneys’ efforts as well                        Mary Susan Leahy
                                                                                                                                       Jack B. Middleton
as the firm’s overall commitment to the community through legal assistance.                                                            Barry Needleman
                                                                                                                                      Jeanmarie Papelian
                                                                                                                                        Michael J. Quinn
                                                                                                                                         John E. Rich, Jr.
                                                                                                                                          Peter B. Rotch
                                                                                                                                      Richard A. Samuels
                                                                                                                                       Gregory H. Smith
                                             3 0 0 tr a d e C e n t e r, s u i t e 6400
                                                                                                                                         Robert A. Wells
                                             w o B u r n , Ma 0 1 8 0 1                                                                  Mark A. Wright
                                             P h : 7 8 1 .9 0 4 .2 7 0 0 F a x : 781.904.2701                                            David Wolowitz
                                    lane.c om                                                                           William V.A. Zorn
For more info go to                                                                                                  Boston’s Best Lawyers 3
m c l A n e , g r A f, r A u l e r S o n & m i d d l e t o n
                                                                                                            Peter D. Anderson

 Best Lawyers
                      Alexandra T. Breed    Steven M. Burke     Steven V. Camerino    Linda C. Connell    Charles A. DeGrandpre

  R. David DePuy        Denis P. Dillon    Thomas J. Donovan     Bruce W. Felmly      Joseph A. Foster      Wilbur A. Glahn III

  Rolf E. Goodwin     Thomas W. Hildreth    Ralph F. Holmes       John E. Hughes      Linda S. Johnson      Sarah B. Knowlton

  Charles F. Leahy    Mary Susan Leahy      Jack B. Middleton    Barry Needleman     Jeanmarie Papelian      Michael J. Quinn

                      Woburn, Massachusetts Office:
                      300 TradeCenter, Suite 6400
                      Woburn, MA 01801
                      Ph: 781.904.2700 Fax: 781.904.2701
  John E. Rich, Jr.                                               Peter B. Rotch     Richard A. Samuels     Gregory H. Smith
                      Portsmouth, New Hampshire Office:
                      100 Market Street, Suite 301
                      Portsmouth, NH 03801
                      Ph: 603.436.2818 Fax: 603.436.5672

                      Manchester, New Hampshire Office:
                      City Hall Plaza
  Robert A. Wells     900 Elm Street                              David Wolowitz      Mark A. Wright        William V. A. Zorn
                      Manchester, NH 03101
                      Ph: 603.625.6464 Fax: 603.625.5650

                      Concord, New Hampshire Office:
                      11 S. Main Street, Suite 500
                      Concord, NH 03301
                      Ph: 603.226.0400 Fax: 603.230.4448      

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