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The Working Group and Ontario Real Estate Assn.
announce new alliance to put standard forms online

TORONTO (April 10, 2007) – The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate
today announced a new alliance with the Ontario Real Estate Association that gives
Ontario’s real estate lawyers instant online access to the standard real estate forms
that are currently used for property transactions in the province.

Under the new alliance between The Working Group and the Ontario Real Estate
Association (OREA), English and French e-versions of six standard real estate
transaction forms used for residential and commercial property deals in the province
will now be made available online, as facilitated by LawyerDoneDeal Corp. of
Toronto. Access to the forms is available at

The standard forms, which can be completed and revised online, securely viewed by
others involved in a transaction, printed out or saved to a desktop, include:

      Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Residential);
      Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Condominium Resale);
      Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Commercial);
      Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Condominium Resale-Commercial);
      Agreement to Lease (Commercial);
      Schedule “A” – Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

“The Working Group and OREA have joined forces to make these key documents
available online, giving Ontario’s real estate lawyers access to a faster, more efficient
transaction process,” said Maurizio Romanin, President of LawyerDoneDeal Corp.
“With online forms, everyone involved in the property deal will now be on the same
page at the same time – it’s a new way to transact deals and the benefits will be

The availability of online forms will deliver immediate benefits both for real estate
practitioners and the buyers and sellers that they serve, said Lou Radomsky, Outside
Counsel for OREA’s Standard Forms Committee.

“This is a real step forward that will let people serving the entire real estate industry
work better, faster and smarter,’’ said Radomsky. “Now, regardless of the type of
deal, you’ll have instant access to the forms you need to process and finalize the sale
for your client. It is faster and more reliable. And with the forms now online, each
can be updated or revised seamlessly to address any new issues of the day.”

Ray Leclair, co-chair of The Working Group, said this latest initiative involving OREA,
The Working Group and LawyerDoneDeal will ultimately result in better service for
members of the public involved in real estate transactions.
“The Working Group is pleased to partner w ith OREA to provide Ontario’s real estate
lawyers with new ways to increase their efficiency and deliver better service to the
Ontario public,” Leclair said. “The Working Group will continue to pursue significant
new ways to assist lawyers who want to give their clients the highest levels of
service possible.”

Details on the new alliance between The Working Group and OREA are available
online at

Information on LDD's complete services are available at

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About The Working Group on La wye rs and Real Estate

The Working Group, created to assist real estate lawyers, comprises representatives
from the County and District Law Presidents Association (CDLPA), the Ontario Bar
Association (OBA) and the Ontario Real Estate Lawyers Association (ORELA).

About the Ontario Real Estate Association

The Ontario Real Estate Association represents 40,000 brokers and salespeople who
are members of the provinces 43 real estate boards. OREA serves its members
through a wide variety of publications, educational programs and special services.
The association provides all real estate licensing courses in Ontario.

About Lawye rDone Deal Corp.

LawyerDoneDeal delivers state-of-the-art Web-based solutions for the legal
profession and for mortgage lenders, new home builders and other professionals who
work with lawyers as part of the delivery of their products and services. Through its
Internet-based ASP model, LDD is creating efficient new ways for professionals to
work together more accurately and reliably. Visit to find
out more about our solutions.

For more information please contact:

Mark Nusca
Porter Novelli Canada

Ray Leclair
Co-chair, The Working Group
613.591.0594, ext. 2758

Les Alton
Ontario Real Estate Association

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