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					The Top 4 Tools To Creating A World Class Social Media Presence Introduction It is possible for the average person to create a world class social media presence. Many large companies are having a tough time competing with the little guy and that is a definite advantage for us. After all, people want to hear about other peoples thoughts and feelings. They do not want to hear from facelesss corporations. That is what social media is all about after all. In order to be as effective as possible in creating your social media presence you do need to use these 4 main tools. 1. Twitter Twiter is without a doubt the big trend right now in social media. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a platform where you can send short (140 characters or less) 'tweets'. You follow other peoples tweets and they follow yours. This has the effect of a big party and it is amazingly easy to build strong relationships with these short Tweets. 2. Facebook You likely have already heard of facebook. Essentially Facebook is a way to reach out to your customers socially but in a manner where you can provide more information than Twitter. You can provide pictures, articles and even videos so that your prospects and customers get to know you even better. 3. YouTube Channel Video remains hot on the Internet and will for some time. If you are going to record video (and you should), you would be greatly benefited from uploading those videos to your own YouTube channel. This is simply another avenue for your followers to learn more about you and be able to converse with you (they can comment on your videos or even upload a 'reply' video). 4. Blog Having a blog has become almost essential online. Here's the thing...with your blog you can provide more detailed information on yourself and what you do. You are not limited to what kind of content you can provide as you own the site.

So the idea is to build a following on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and funnel that following back to your blog where they can learn more about you and your products or services. Conclusion As you can see, creating a world class social media presence is not easy but it is worth it. You followers will suddenly be saying things like 'I see you everywhere online'. That should not be by accident, rather using this strategy it will be a well designed plan to compel more people to become fans and use your products or services. Brad Gosse has been an internet marketer since 1997. Thousands of people rely on his advice to improve their businesses. If you want to make money online you should try his exclusive internet marketing course. Follow Brad on Twitter Follow Brad on Facebook

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