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					   Home Based Business Club Buyers
    Opportunity Seekers & Entrepreneurs who Buy Products, Services &
                Information to Start a Business from Home

            284,021              Last 12 Months Call for pricing!
                                 Fundraiser Rate
                                                                                                          Source            Web Generated
The Home Based Business Club Buyers list reaches business opportunity seekers
                                                                                                          Unit of Sale      $40 to $1,000
and entrepreneurs who are specifically looking for ways to start a home based
business.                                                                                                 Selections

Individuals on this list have made inquiries or purchases through a network of                            Gender            $7/M
consumer web sites, all of which share the common theme of helping entrepreneurs                          State/SCF/Zip     $7/M
make money with their own business. Sites that collect phone numbers and postal                           Keycoding         $5/M
addresses perform outbound direct mail and telesales to convert leads into buyers.
The sites include:                                                                                        Email             $65 Flat
        eHome Opportunity –; themed with living the
                                                                                                          A signed List Rental Agreement is
         dream lifestyle from working at home.
                                                                                                          required for all test orders. Sample
        Internet Based Biz Site –; themed with
                                                                                                          mailing piece is required for List Owner
         having a real business at home to work easier, enjoy life, and control debt.
                                                                                                          approval. All orders are placed on a
                                                                                                          reciprocal rental basis.
Individuals on this list have a burning desire to acquire their own personal wealth,
and are willing to pay for information, kits, and programs to help them turnkey their                     All rentals are for a one-time usage
success. Buyers spend anywhere from $40 to $1,000 for money making programs.                              only. Cancellations after processing will
These entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers have an affinity towards high-risk                            incur a $50/F fee, $10/M running
entrepreneurial and SOHO type businesses which will enable them to supplement or                          charges and applicable shipping costs.
replace their primary income. They also share a common interest in speculative
investments, real estate, and other high-risk ventures which will enable them to                          Re-uses must be cleared by the List
                                                                                                          Owner prior to mailing.
acquire large profits in little time.
                                                                                                          Order Minimum     5,000
The Home Based Business Club Buyers represents an entrepreneurial cross-
section of the U.S. population. They are looking for ways to own their own business                       Updated Monthly
and exceed their financial goals. They are receptive to a wide variety of money
making, small business, and financial/investment type offers.                                             Rev. 05.01.10

                                                                                                           Home Based Business
All Money Making Offers, New Business Offers, Financial/Investment Offers, Real                               Club Buyers
Estate Offers, Home-Based Business Opportunities, Multi-Level Marketing
Opportunities, Credit Card Offers, Magazine/Subscription Offers, Sweepstakes &
Lotto Offers, Personal Improvement Offers, Seminars & Training, and more!

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