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									                    2008 SIX SIGMA SURVEY PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT

                                      CUSTOMER COMPANY INFORMATION

                      Customer Name:
                      Customer Address:

                                        SURVEY CONTACT INFORMATION

                      Survey Contact and Title:
                      Telephone Number:
                      Email Address:

                              CUSTOMER INVOICE & PAYMENT INFORMATION

                      Invoice Contact:
                      Telephone Number:
                      Fax Number:
                      Email Address:
                      Purchase Order Number:
                      (if required for invoices)

                                                   PARTICIPATION FEE

                      Participation fee:                                 $495.00
                      Fee for Optional Features*:                           -
                      Total Amount to be Invoiced:                       $495.00

By signing below, Customer acknowledges its acceptance of the 2008 Six Sigma Survey Participation Agreement:
Authorized Signiture                                                         *Describe any optional features:



           Please return BOTH pages of executed completed Agreement to: FAX number 781.464.7356
                                                                                                   Initial below where indicated
                                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

Customer Participation in 2008 Six Sigma Survey:
The Customer named in the Order Form above agrees to submit the input requested by the 2008 Six Sigma Survey during the
applicable period and purchase the Six Sigma Survey results at the standard participant price. Failure to provide the survey
input may result in Customer being charged the non-participant price of $995 for the survey report.

License to Use 2008 Six Sigma Survey Results:
Customer accepts a nontransferable license to use the Six Sigma Survey results provided to Customer subject to these Terms
and Conditions. Customer agrees that the Six Sigma Survey will be used by Customer solely for internal purposes and will not
be sold, shared, licensed or otherwise made available to any person or entity who is not an employee of Customer, other than
consultants or onsite contractors of Customer who are subject to a non-disclosure agreement which limits their use and
disclosure of the Six Sigma Survey. Customer will be responsible for the use of the Six Sigma Survey by its employees,
contractors and consultants. Customer is authorized to provide the input requested by the Six Sigma Survey and will comply
with all local, national or international rules, regulations and legislation relating to the handling and delivery of survey data and
other compensation and survey information. Customer will not copy or modify all or any portion of the Six Sigma Survey or use
the Six Sigma Survey to develop, enhance or market products that are competitive with the survey. Should access to an on-
line data retrieval system be made available to Customer via the customer site, it shall specifically be considered
part of the Six Sigma Survey, and Customer’s use thereof shall be in compliance with the terms of this Agreement (access to
any such system shall be limited to the 12-month period commencing on the date the Six Sigma Survey results are first
provided to Customer).

Use of Customer Data: and its affiliates will keep all survey data provided by Customer confidential and will only use such survey data for
the Six Sigma Survey. Neither Customer’s data submissions nor the Six Sigma Survey results will be used as a source for’s consumer web product, Salary Wizard. The Six Sigma Survey results are reported in aggregate fashion so that
individual or company pay levels cannot be determined. Survey data provided by Customer that has been aggregated and
anonymized shall be considered derivative works belonging to and its affiliates.

Additional Terms:
Customer understands and agrees that (1) the Six Sigma Survey is the property of and its affiliates and is
protected by U.S. and international intellectual property laws and treaties; and (2) the Six Sigma Survey and any results
obtained or derived from their use are provided as-is, without any warranty, express or implied, of any kind. The liability of or its affiliates, will not exceed the total fees paid by Customer for the 2008 Six Sigma Survey. This Agreement
shall prevail over any terms and conditions appearing on Customer’s purchase orders for the Six Sigma Survey to which notice
of objection is hereby given. This Agreement may only be amended in writing signed by Customer and by, Inc. This
Agreement will be interpreted according to the laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Customer
may not assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of, Inc.

Fees & Payment:
The Participation Fee and fees for any optional features set forth in the Order Form includes Customer’s use of Six Sigma
Survey and any additional custom reports and report formats ordered by Customer. The Participation Fee and fees for any
optional features shall be due and payable by Customer upon receipt of invoice and excludes any applicable taxes. Invoices
will be sent annually. Upon written notice to Customer for failure to pay, Customer’s permitted use of the Six Sigma Survey may
be suspended.

                                               , Inc.            Indicate Acceptance by Initialing Below
                                                         160 Gould Street
                                                       Needham, MA 02494
                                                          800.573.7781               CUSTOMER INTIALS: _______________

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