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									                                                                                                      East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                                          Partners              2009
          Goals                               Description                                Details                        2009 Goals             In Charge      (current/potential)      Timeline    Funding    Completed
                                                                                                          Job Creation goals
Expand employment and         Rebuild a commercial                        Support development that                     1.Participate NHS                   NE Entrep Fund, EHCC,      Participate LISC and
training opportunities,       strategy/corridor design and                preserves neighborhood scale                 in Unified                          City, At Home Storefront   in Code     City
particularly for lower income implement process                           and livability, and that creates             Codes                               loans (NHS, LISC), D@W     designs
residents and Facilitate                                                  jobs: 1) Revise planning codes               process; 2                                                     and get
business development and                                                  to encourage flexible                        and 3 .                                                        HBA up
expansion that respects                                                   development as it applies to the             Support                                                        and running
existing neighborhood                                                     neighborhood (ex reduced                     implementatio
character and provides                                                    parking, setback requirements)               n of form-
needed goods and services                                                 2) Ensure value and protection               based zoning
                                                                          of neighborhood-based                        (design in
                                                                          commercial districts and                     2009)
                                                                          existing residential areas, 3)
                                                                          Create supportive environment
                                                                          for mixed-use developments to
                                                                          create pedestrian friendly
                                                                          environments and retail job
                                                                          opportunities, 4) Positively 4th
                                                                          Street theme to promote new
                                                                          businesses on 4th Street from
                                                                          Burrito Union through 6th Ave
                                  Identify feasible ways for             1) Create a list of priorities for business   #2 - size,            HBA & NHS     At Home Econ Dev           Sept.       LISC, NHS
                                  adaptive reuse of vacant               district improvements, 2) Obtain zoning       ownership, value,                   Committee, CC (tree
                                                                         and ownership information to develop a        #3 - city survey or
                                  commercial properties to               list of available properties, 3) Identify     NEEF?
                                                                                                                                                           planting with EAG $s),
                                  encourage opportunities for            neighborhood preferences and needs                                                NHS/LISC Storefront
                                  business formation                     for new business activities by                                                    Loans, City, Campus
                                                                         conducting neighborhood surveys, 4)                                               Neighbors, NEEF
                                                                         Work with local economic development
                                                                         organizations to develop plans for
                                                                         adaptive reuse of properties and
                                                                         marketing strategies, 5) Support the
                                                                         efforts to secure CDBG and private
                                                                         financing for business activities

                                  ID and develop EH business              1) Support allocations of CDBG               Façade       HBA, NHS               Complete Streets -         Dec         Lisc/NHS
                                  districts as community gathering        and other resources, 2) Support              improve-     Façade                 FitCity, MIC, Johnson
                                  places by encouraging mixed-            the creation of gathering places             ments on 4th Improvement            Controls/ISD709, City;
                                  uses that fit within the                and physical improvements                    St.                                 Chester Cr entryway
                                  neighborhood character.
                                  Promote opportunities for new
                                  shops and restaurants at street
                                  level with housing above.
                                  Visually improve local business

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                                                                                                East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                     Partners             2009
          Goals                               Description                                Details              2009 Goals   In Charge     (current/potential)    Timeline      Funding   Completed
                                  Work with education, business,          1) Conduct survey to ID           Identify     NHS           NE Entrep Fund,         on the shelf
                                  public and nonprofit partners on        potential incubator properties,   vacant                     Greenstone Alliance
                                  a Hillside business incubator to        2) Conduct real estate            properties
                                  support current business owners'        feasibility study                 create
                                  growth and stability for future                                           commerical
                                  entrepreneurs wanting to start                                            inventory
                                  businesses in East Hillside.

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                                                                                                 East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                               Partners          2009
          Goals                             Description                                Details                  2009 Goals      In Charge          (current/potential)  Timeline    Funding     Completed
                                  Support the redevelopment of            1) Neighborhood support for         Establish       Armory Arts &     Charrette Stewardship  Oct         HRA,
                                  the Armory/Plaza District as an         development efforts of the          feasible        Music Grp         Grp, HRA, LISC, Plaza              AAMC
                                  anchor to enhance the EH.               Armory facility and surrounding     revitaliza-tion                   merchants, HBA, Duluth
                                                                          areas                               plan in 2009?                     Preservation Alliance

                                  Maximize opportunities for              Support the award of contracts                           City, HRA    Duluth At Work, WiCC,
                                  employment of residents of color        to lower-income eligible                                              NHS, Bldg Trades,
                                  and women in all construction           contractors.                                                          NCLT/Common Ground
                                  Establish ongoing dialogue with         1) Approach key elected             Determine if East Hillside        EH CC, At Home, LISC,
                                  medical district institutions to        officials to set up meetings with   still a priority Community        Duluth at Work, NHS
                                  create a Health Alliance with the       residents and medical district      with CC          Club
                                  neighborhood for workforce              leadership, 2) ID entry level       members,
                                  development opportunities,              positions w/in the medical          survey
                                  accommodate expansion                   community w/ opportunities for      residents to
                                  opportunities, and to promote           advancement, 3) Create job          see what
                                  health care for EH residents.           training and recruitment            skills they
                                                                          systems to recruit                  have and
                                                                          inexperienced low-income            need to obtain
                                                                          residents into entry level          jobs; work on
                                                                          positions and support their         crime prev
                                                                          advancement and success.            and other
                                                                                                              priorities from

                                                                                                      Housing Goals
Increase home ownership in        Create and implement a program          1) Identify likely housing          Initial surveys in   HRA          At Home Housing         Sept.                 3rd St multi-unit
the EH neighborhood over          to convert single family/duplex         candidates through windshield       Snap areas                        Committee, NCLT,                              cluster explore
the next five years by five       rentals to home ownership               surveys and neighbor                completed. NSP                    Campus Neighborhood                           for opportunity
units per year (and into          working with local non-profits and      identification, 2) Identify         funded to support
future years) until the           the City. Perform at least one          developer(s) and partner(s), 3)     Purchase-Rehab-
neighborhood achieves a           successful conversion in 2007 to        Develop financing and               Resale. HRA
home ownership rate of            demonstrate feasibility. If             feasibility scenarios, 4)           implementing
50% by implementing the           feasible, complete twenty more          Purchase initial house and          Campus
following strategies.             over the next four years.               complete rehabilitation, 5) Sell    program; goal - 2
                                                                          initial house on the market         properties

                                  Provide down payment                    1) investigate and support          10 new               NHS & CHUM   HRA, NCLT, AT Home    Oct.
                                  assistance incentives to                efforts to create and deliver       homeburyers                       Hsg, CAD, Emerging
                                  purchase homes to at least ten          down payment support to local                                         Markets Homeownership
                                  new home buyers annually                home buyers, 2) Perform                                               Task Force
                                  utilizing existing and new              outreach to existing renters to
                                  programs                                inform them of local resources

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                                                                                                East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                               Partners         2009
          Goals                              Description                                Details                 2009 Goals           In Charge     (current/potential) Timeline   Funding     Completed
                                  Expand housing/home ownership           1) Inform neighborhood renter       Fannie Mae          NHS, CAD       NCLT, WCDO, At Home Sept.
                                  opportunities for families and          households in these target          unavailable as      (FAIM)         Hsg Comm, Emerging
                                  people of color through home            markets of homebuyer                a partner.                         Markets Task Force,
                                  buyer education, outreach, as           education and down payment          Organize one                       HRA
                                  well as development and delivery        assistance, 2) work with local      homebuyer
                                  of programs to assist emerging          religious institutions and Fannie   education
                                  market populations.                     Mae to develop new financing        class in EH in
                                                                          tools for these markets and         2009. Flyer
                                                                          reach out to potential home         neighborhood
                                                                          buyers, 3) Host home buyer          s to reach
                                                                          education classes in EH (30,        renters; assist
                                                                          resulting in 10-15 buyers)          30
                                  Ensure availability of resources 1) Establish neighborhood small            At least five       NHS, CHUM      HRA, At Home Housing Sept.
                                  to improve and maintain existing grant program for exterior                 rehabilitations                    Committee, Comfort
                                  housing properties in EH. At     improvements, 2) Support                   should occur                       Systems, MP, AEOA,
                                  least five rehabilitations shouldcontinued participation and                each year w/                       Banks, United Way, CSS
                                  occur each year w/ an emphasis   delivery on NHS rehab                      an emphasis
                                  on exterior improvements.        programs, including new                    on exterior
                                                                   preservation loan fund, existing           improvements
                                                                   CDBG and NR Revolving Loan                 : 1.Small loan
                                                                   funds, and Community Fix-up                program
                                                                   fund, Duluth HRA, NCLT rehab               exists for
                                                                   and home ownership, 3)                     exterior
                                                                   Support new allocations of                 improvements
                                                                   HARP, DOORS, and HOME                      . Explore
                                                                   funding for EH neighborhoods,              DEDA
                                                                   4) Explore new partnerships                refunding
                                                                   with city code enforcement to              HARP grant
                                                                   ensure regulatory actions for              program. 2.
                                                                   unimproved and deteriorating               Originate ___
                                                                   properties, 5) Implement                   rehab loans
                                                                   community-based paint projects             from various
                                                                   in EH (need partners/sponsors),            agencies in
                                                                   6) Host community meetings                 09. Apply for
                                                                   with City code officials to                DOORS funds
                                                                   improve information exchange               in July 2009. f
                                                                   and accountability.                        Provide list of
                                  Develop and implement strategy 1) Develop a list of                         blighted
                                                                                                              Update list in      NHS & HRA      NCLT & At Home                             1) List
                                  for re-use of vacant/blighted    vacant/blighted properties, 2) ID          2009. Identify                     Housing Committee                          completed
                                                                                                              best options for
                                  properties. Create at least five potential re-uses/feasibility, 3)          reuse. Include in
                                  home ownership units per year    Develop sources and budgets                NSP or Campus
                                  as a result of this activity.    for feasible properties, 4)                Neigh.
                                                                   Demolish properties past                   Stabilization
                                                                   salvaging, 5) Prioritize projects          Implement both
                                                                                                              programs. 2 units
                                                                   creating home ownership                    in EH
                                                                   opportunities for low and
                                                                   moderate income residents, 6)
                                                                   use vacant lots for gardens or
                                                                   pocket parks if unbuildable/no
                                                                   sewer hookup, etc.

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                                                                                                 East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                          Partners          2009
          Goals                              Description                               Details                 2009 Goals    In Charge        (current/potential)  Timeline   Funding   Completed
                                  Support opportunities for               1) Support allocation of CDBG       NHS re: #1;  HRA & City      At Home Committee, Mn Nov.
                                  redevelopment/rehabilitation of         funds to development efforts to     Preservation                 Hsg, NCLT, NHS,
                                  resident owned and occupied             reclaim under utilized duplexes     Loan fund                    neighborhood walkers
                                  duplexes and triplexes including        and triplexes, 2) Support           established;                 using prepared template
                                  incentives for lower income             downpayment assistance and          Promote HRA                  from NHS
                                  residents                               home buyer education targeted       rental rehab
                                                                          at encouraging purchase/rehab       program;
                                                                          of duplexes and triplexes, 3)       Complete 2-3
                                                                          Support efforts to establish a      properties
                                                                          Preservation Loan Fund to
                                                                          assist homeowners and
                                                                          landlords to rehabilitate
                                                                          residential structures including
                                                                          duplexes and triplexes.

                                  Maximize opportunities for              Support the award of contracts                    City; NHS      At Home Committee,
                                  employment of residents of color        to Section 3 eligible contractors                 advocate for   WiCC, HRA, others from
                                  and women in all housing                                                                                 HIRE program
                                  construction activities
                                  Preserve current efforts to                                       Smooth
                                                                          Support efforts of non-profits to        LISC                    WCDO, At Home
                                  provide affordable housing for                                    conversion of
                                                                          address housing needs of low                                     Housing Committee
                                  families and single heads of                                      WCDO
                                                                          income persons not served by
                                  households in EH                        the marketplace adequatelyproperties to
                                  Organize and package existing 1) In conjunction with              Complete       NHS                     HRA, NCLT, At Home
                                  undeveloped land in the EH     Community Development,             inventory.                             Hsg, City
                                  neighborhood for the           inventory and package existing Defer any
                                  development of home ownership vacant parcels in EH for            other
                                  opportunities. Over five years development. Focus initially on implementatio
                                  create at least 20 new home    undeveloped land within the        n until market
                                  ownership units.               sewer buffer and appropriately improves in
                                                                 zoned, 2) Issue RFPs for these 2010.
                                                                 parcels to existing for profit and
                                                                 nonprofit developers for a
                                                                 variety of home ownership
                                                                 opportunities in the EH
                                                                 neighborhood, 3) Select
                                                                 successful respondents and
                                                                 incorporate funding gaps into
                                                                 AT Home Funding requests and
                                                                 CDBG priorities

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                                                                                                 East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                          Partners                  2009
          Goals                               Description                             Details                2009 Goals        In Charge      (current/potential)          Timeline   Funding   Completed
                                                                                                Community Development
Establishsupport and                                                                                        after-school & The Grant       Little Treasurers,United
expand programs for youth,                                                                                  summer         Collaborative   Way, CHUM, local
teenagers, family and                                                                                       programs @                     churches, NHS, EHCC,
neighbors to gather in safe                                                                                 Grant Rec w/                   City of Duluth; 6th Ave
places at appropriate times,                                                                                YW, Vista                      E, bike and walkability
Serve at least 150                                                                                          Workers,                       issues = FitCity, MIC,
households,                                                                                                 theater                        bike clubs, Johnson
                                                                                                                                           Controls, ISD709 ,
                                                                                                                                           United Way, City, EHCC
Create a neighborhood             Facilitate process to get a vision                                      Formalize Fit     NHS            Marketing efforts include
that's a healthy place to         of what a Health District is from                                       City                             NHS neighborhood
live, work, and play through      neighborhood residents,                                                 partnership;                     brochure, Fit City efforts
the designation of the            businesses, At Home partners                                            create a
neighborhood as a Health                                                                                  resolution for
District.                                                                                                 City's
                                                                                                          for East
                                  Continue to support Grant               In conjunction with school      Grant School      ISD709/NHS     NHS, Johnson Controls, EH
                                  School as a neighborhood                administration, promote the     process                          CC and CH CC; Grant School
                                                                                                                                           Community Collaborative,
                                  resource                                school to the local school-age completed                         Kathy Bogen and Jay
                                                                          population, attend/support      including site                   Newcomb, Public Works/traffic
                                                                          family functions, and promote   layouts, joint                   engineering
                                                                          activities in the neighborhood  campus; 6th
                                                                          for school age children.        Ave
                                  Work with local universities,           1) Assist in the implementation trash cleanup,    Campus         CHUM re: Renters
                                  colleges, and new residents to          of six events per year          plantings,        Neighbors'     association, Landlord
                                  create activities that bring            consisting of neighborhood and Creek              'potlucks'     education, NHS; UMD,
                                  students, neighbors together for        family gatherings or program to Cleanup; At                      CSS, Keep America
                                  community improvement                   implement landscaping of        Home BB                          Beautiful campaign,
                                                                          public places, community        outreach                         SHIP health promotion
                                                                          gardening opportunities with                                     projects (if funded),
                                                                          local garden clubs, and                                          Friends of the Park
                                                                          potlucks, 2) Coordinate student
                                                                          community service projects with
                                                                          local colleges, secondary and
                                                                          public schools

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                                                                                                 East Hillside Revitalization Plan

   EH Revitalization Plan                                                                                                                                 Partners             2009
          Goals                              Description                               Details                 2009 Goals             In Charge      (current/potential)     Timeline   Funding      Completed
                                  Request to exceed the 15%               Begin discussions with                                    EHCC          City, NEEF, At Home,                            Duluth at Work
                                  limits of CDBG funds for job            regulators on the feasibility of                                        Duluth at Work                                  piece completed
                                  creation activities offered by          increasing funds for job training
                                  community based development             activities
                                  organizations; also community
                                  service activities
                                  Establish ongoing dialogue with         1) Approach key elected             Health Fair,          EHCC          Fity City, NHS, CHUM,
                                  medical district institutions to        officials to set up meetings with   Job Fair,                           EHCC, CHCC, LISC,
                                  create a Health Alliance with the       residents and medical district      Healthy                             City-wide CSI activities
                                  neighborhood                            leadership, 2) ID existing mtgs     Community,
                                                                          where neighborhood input could      relationship-
                                                                          be inserted on expansion and        building
                                                                          development opportunities, 3)
                                                                          Explore hosting joint events to
                                                                          address community
                                                                          employment and health issues,
                                                                          4) Convene potential
                                                                          health/medical partners in the
                                                                          broader working relationship to
                                                                          improve the health of the
                                                                          neighborhood and its residents,
                                                                          5) Continue Hillside
                                                                          Homeownership incentive
                                                                          program (HIP)

                                  Crime Prevention                        Block watch groups                  Establish a           NHS           CSI, Duluth Police
                                                                          established, NNO events             Citizen's Patrol to
                                                                                                              reduce crime in
                                                                                                              East Hillside,
                                                                                                              gs; increase
                                                                                                              attendance at CSI

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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsEast Hillside
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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsEast Hillside
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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsEast Hillside
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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsEast Hillside
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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsEast Hillside
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                                                                               East Hillside Revitalization Plan

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                                                                                          Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                             Details                 2009 Goals        In charge      Partners         2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                                Timeline
Economic Development

To have a neighborhood             Offer incentives and funding            1) Support revitalized HBA, 2)    1) Grocery        HBA &          Existing and
with businesses that are           through local and state                 use Charette, Comp Plan and       store             NHS            new
easily accessible and supply       agencies, including down-               4th Street Plan as active,        preserved; 2)                    businesses,
convenience, but also              payment assistance and loan             guiding documents                 work with City                   City, NE
provide the opportunity for        availability, with priority given to                                      on form-based                    Entrepreneur
residents to invest in their       entrepreneurs from w/in the                                               codes for                        Fund,
local community - small            neighborhood                                                              flexibility in                   Storefront
retail, cafes, grocery.                                                                                      promoting CH                     loans, NHS,
                                                                                                             to businesses,                   Zeppa,D@W
                                                                                                             as well as                       , residents to
                                                                                                             pleasing 'look'                  patronize, At
                                                                                                             about the                        Home Econ
                                                                                                             business district                Dev Comm

                                   Develop Arts and Cultural               Create an action strategy         1) Consultant    DSADDC          NHS and
                                   District                                                                  hired by May w/                  other funders
                                                                                                             before years
                                                                                                             end, 2) hold two
                                                                                                             events in CH,
                                                                                                             3) determine
                                                                                                             of ISD709 bldgs

Increase the opportunities of      1) Develop funded job training          Note: do we know # of CH           D at W is 25%      1) Duluth    SOAR,
low income residents by            programs that will develop the          people looking for jobs, what      increase over 3    at Work,     CHUM,
providing programs for job         skills of the residents. Place          their skills are, what openings at yrs                NE           APEX, LISC,
training and skill                 emphasis on training for                businesses exist or will in the                       Entreprene   City, NHS
development.                       businesses and services within          future? What about employment                         ur Fund
                                   or close to the Central Hillside        from home? Who are the key
                                   neighborhood, 2) Establish              officials? Any particular reason
                                   partnerships with the                   that residents are not applying
                                   neighborhood medical                    directly with HR at hospitals and
                                   institutions for job training           related businesses? Any
                                   opportunities, 3) Approach key          success?
                                   officials to set up meetings with
                                   residents and business

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                                                                                    Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                        Details                2009 Goals        In charge    Partners       2009     Funding    Completed
            Goals                                                                                                                                    Timeline
To place qualified and             1) Initiate placement programs                                      D at W is 25% Duluth at         NHS
trained individuals in             or agreements with area                                             increase over 3 Work
employment. This will raise        businesses (ex. Hospitals or                                        yrs
overall employment and             hotels), 2) Identify entry level
lower the percentage of            positions within the community
population living below the        with opportunities for
poverty level.                     advancement
To provide access to               1) Work with the DTA to create                                                          Communit DTA,                                  CAD's Jump
transportation from the            subsidized bus passes for                                                               y Action     ARDC/MIC,                         Start Duluth
neighborhood to various            working residents and provide                                                           Duluth's     United Way                        program
employment centers w/in            more bus routes to                                                                      transportati
the city. This will give           business/commercial districts,                                                          on
residents a means of getting       2) Initiate car-sharing                                                                 committee
to and from work and will          cooperatives, 3) Create a
broaden the area in which          recycling program for used
they can pursue                    bicycles for residents
Improve the storefronts of         1) Continue storefront            ? About amount of funding                             NHS         HBA
businesses in the area and         rehabilitation program w/         available in 2009?
encourage lower-level retail       incentives (loans and grants) for
w/ upper-level residential         business owners who comply, 2)
units.                             Support mixed-use development
                                   projects that reflect the
                                   character of the neighborhood.

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                                                                                          Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                              Details                 2009 Goals       In charge    Partners       2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                            Timeline
Housing Goals
Convert rental units into          1) Identify potential properties        Longterm stake, investment in      Study data to       HRA &      NHS,
owner-occupied residences.         for owner conversions. 2)               ownership, increased home          ID potential        NCLT       Comfort
Achieving a higher owner-          Provide programs or incentives          ownership and longevity, less      conversions in                 Systems,
occupied percentage will           for down payment and loan               transient and less turnover; ex.   CH                             MP, AEOA,
provide more stability in the      assistance to encourage first           restoration and sale:                                             Banks, NCLT
neighborhood.                      time buyers to pursue home              homeowner rehab loans,
                                   ownership                               purchase rehab/resale, ISD709
Expand home ownership by           1) Increase availability of low-                                           1) conduct         NHS,       WiCC,
providing buyer education          income housing loans and                                                   classes,           CAD, HRA NCLT, At
information and by making          payment assistance, 2) Increase                                            publicize                     Home
Central Hillside properties        housing rental vouchers, 3)                                                programs, 2)                  Housing
more affordable.                   Publicize the availability of                                              sell/rent                     Committee,
                                   incentive programs and                                                     affordable NHS                realtors,
                                   homebuyer workshops.                                                       condos,WiCC                   lendors,
                                                                                                              and NCLT                      NeigborWork
                                                                                                              properties                    s brochure
Improve the overall quality        1) Ensure rental units are up to                                           Rental rehab,      1) CHUM, Comfort
of housing by conducting           code by enforcing housing and                                              FAIM,              City, 2)   Systems,
necessary maintenance and          license requirements, 2)                                                   Homebuyer          HRA &      MP, AEOA,
renovation upgrades.               Encourage renters and owners                                               education,         NHS #s, 3) Banks, CAD,
                                   to maintain their homes by                                                 downpayment        DOORS, NCLT, Mn
                                   offering loans and other                                                   and closing        4) NHS & Hsg, Hsg
                                   assistance programs directed at                                            cost               CC, 5)     Access Ctr
                                   improving housing conditions, 3)                                           assistance,        CHUM
                                   establish a small grant program                                            homeowner
                                   for exterior improvements, 4)                                              assistance
                                   develop volunteer programs that
                                   assist with seasonal clean-ups
                                   and haul-away projects,
                                   implement community-based
                                   paint programs, 5) Tenant's
                                   Remedies Act

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
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                                                                                    Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

 CH Revitalization Plans                 Description                              Details                2009 Goals        In charge   Partners       2009     Funding   Completed
           Goals                                                                                                                                    Timeline
Housing Goals continued:
Develop new housing infill in 1) Create a list of                                                      ID and then         1) NHS 2) Hsg Access,
vacant or abandoned lots      vacant/blighted properties, 2)                                           fix/demolish;       City and   Police Dept
                              Demolish properties past                                                 hold owners         HRA, 3)
                              salvaging, 3) Develop sources                                            responsible         TBD by At
                              and budgets for feasible                                                 (enforcement        Home Hsg
                              properties, 4) Offer assistance                                          by City and         Comm,
                              to home builders in the form of                                          ordinance           WiCC,4)
                              loans, grants, and tax credits, 5)                                       changes             TBD by At
                              Explore landbanking.                                                     possibly)           Home Hsg
                                                                                                                           Comm, 5)
                                                                                                                           explore w/
                                                                                                                           At Home
Provide better living              1) Enforce fair housing laws and                                                        1) CHUM NHS, NCLT
conditions and rental              educate landlords on their                                                              & City, 2)
opportunities for the rental       responsibility to not discriminate,                                                     ?, 3)
population.                        2) Work with local housing                                                              CHUM, 4)
                                   organizations to provide better                                                         CHUM, 5)
                                   rental vouchers/assistance for                                                          CHUM &
                                   livable rental space (not sub-                                                          HRA
                                   standard), 3) Set up programs
                                   with organizations to create
                                   spaces for long term affordable
                                   housing for people at risk, 4)
                                   establish tenants assoc, 5)
                                   landlord trngs.

Reuse of Nettleton School                                                                              Begin
                                                                                                       with 1)
                                                                                                       community and
                                                                                                       2) Grant-
                                                                                                       Nettleton to
                                                                                                       provide input to

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
Updated:                                                                                                                                                                             18
                                                                                    Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

   CH Revitalization Plans                     Description                        Details                2009 Goals        In charge      Partners        2009     Funding   Completed
            Goals                                                                                                                                       Timeline
Create an inviting and more        1) Conduct a neighborhood                                           Focus on #2,        2) NHS &     Foundations,
livable environment that is        survey to find out the service                                      esp youth 4)        CHUM w/      United Way
characteristic of a close knit     needs of the community, 2)                                          event planning      Communit     & 'Grantors
community. Increase public         Increase and support programs                                       (ex. Juneteenth,    y Club, 4)   Alliance',
services to support a              for the youth and elderly to                                        movies in park      ?            YM, YW,
diverse community.                 ensure their needs are met, 3)                                      Also -                           Woodland
                                   Establish new location for                                          Marketing and                    Hills, IDS709
                                   community groups to meet, 4)                                        outreach
                                   Initiate a citizen leadership                                       materials (ex
                                   group that will arrange events at                                   brochure) -
                                   the Hillside Community Center,                                      purpose?
                                   Washington Center, Nettleton                                        Positive articles
                                   School, Sacred Heart Music                                          in print
                                   Center, Cascade Park and at
                                   area churches

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
Updated:                                                                                                                                                                                 19
                                                                                         Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                             Details                2009 Goals        In charge     Partners        2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                             Timeline
Physical Infrastructure

Solve inadequate parking in 1) Work w/ SMDC to create                                                                           HBA         East Hillside
Central Hillside            shared parking facilities for their                                                                             CC, SMDC,
                            employees and residents, 2)                                                                                     residents,
                            Encourage owners of multi-unit                                                                                  NHS, City
                            buildings to increase the off-                                                                                  Zoning
                            street alleyway parking                                                                                         efforts
                            availability for their residents, 3)
                            Designate and post off-street
                            resident permit parking areas, 4)
                            Promote the DTA Park and Ride
                            Program for those working in
                            downtown or in the medical
                            district area.
Reduce crime throughout     Initiate neighborhood watch                    Conduct and encourage           Reduce               NHS-CSI     CHUM, City
the neighborhood            programs by organizing                         attendance at monthly city-wide burglaries and                   police
                            interested neighborhood                        CSI meetings, encourage         muggings
                            residents and local law                        summer block parties, expand
                            enforcement officers who are                   block watch formation, track
                            familiar with the neighborhood                 crime data, respond to hotspots
                            and the citizen watch group.                   (SARA)
                                   Provide for better street and 1) Develop a lighting plan for             2) determine if     NHS-CSI     City,
                                   area lighting throughout the  blocks that need new street                crimes are at                   residents
                                   neighborhood.                 lights and submit to the City of           night
                                                                 Duluth, 2) Initiate a
                                                                 neighborhood block program
                                                                 that encourages neighbors to
                                                                 turn on their front and alley lights
                                                                 during evening hours to provide
Eliminate tax forfeit lots and 1) Sell city-owned vacant lots to Process and forgiveness of                 Identify vacant                 City, NHS,
other vacant/blighted areas adjacent property owners and         taxes needs to be resolved                 and foreclosed                  St. Louis
to reduce loitering and other encourage other vacant lots to before moving forward                          properties in                   Cnty
crime-related behaviors        be developed, 2) Transform                                                   SNAP areas;
                               available vacant areas into                                                  work with city,
                               community parking lots or                                                    county tax
                               garden areas.                                                                office, land
                                                                                                            owners and
                                                                                                            neighbors, to
                                                                                                            demolish and

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
Updated:                                                                                                                                                                                     20
                                                                                          Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                             Details                 2009 Goals        In charge     Partners         2009     Funding   Completed
           Goals                                                                                                                                              Timeline
Increase pedestrian and            1) Post speed warnings and/or           1) and 2) 6th Ave East, 7th                           Fit City?   MIC/ARDC,
vehicular safety                   add stop signs in high                  Street,, 4th Street, 3) 2nd and                                   ISD709,
                                   pedestrian areas, 2) Create             3rd Streets to 2-way, as well as                                  Johnson
                                   more visible crosswalks near            6th Avenue East below 3rd                                         Controls,
                                   Nettleton School and other                                                                                neighbors,
                                   major crossing areas, 3) Explore                                                                          FitCity, bike
                                   converting one-way traffic routes                                                                         clubs, 3) City
                                   into two-way routes for better                                                                            engineers
                                   vehicular circulation and to slow
                                   down traffic.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
Updated:                                                                                                                                                                                       21
                                                                                    Central Hillside Revitalization Plan

  CH Revitalization Plans                      Description                        Details                2009 Goals        In charge     Partners       2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                       Timeline
Physical Infrastructure

Beautify the neighborhood          1) Develop a volunteer garden                                       3) Cascade     3) City          NHS w/ 1)
with more green space.             committee for maintenance and                                       Park,                           CC 2)
                                   seasonal clean-ups of                                               Community                       ISD709,
                                   overgrown and/or neglected                                          Club Park, and                  Johnson
                                   areas throughout the                                                Sports Court                    Controls, 3)
                                   neighborhood, 2) Coordinate                                         cleanup                         CC, League
                                   school and community programs                                                                       of Women
                                   that create new green spaces,                                                                       Voters,
                                   3) Implement an adopt-a-garden                                                                      residents
                                   program with neighbor
Repair damaged streets,            Develop a list of priority areas                                                                    NHS, City,
alleys, curb ramps, and            and submit them to the City of                                                                      CC
driveways                          Duluth, City Streets Program

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsCentral Hillside
Updated:                                                                                                                                                                               22
                                                                                          Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                   2009 Goals             In Charge   Partners           2009       Funding         Completed
Goals                                                                                                                                 (current,          Timeline
                                                                                   ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GOALS
Lincoln Park neighborhood             Expansions to existing and         1) Offer incentives and   1) Duluth @ Work - 1) Duluth @
                                                                                                                              1) Econ Dev Comm,                     1) CDBG,
has businesses that are              new businesses will provide         funding through local                                City, SOAR, CHUM,
                                                                                                   25% asset increase Work & LPBG,                                  LISC, 2) New
                                     more job opportunities to           and state agencies,       w/in 3 yrs 2)      At Home NYS, LISC, NEEF -                     Mkt Tax
easily accessible and
                                                                                                                              CREATE artists &
supply convenience, but              residents, offer fair wages,        including down-           Implement          Economic Dev                                  Credits,
also provide the                     decrease area poverty and           payment assistance        Business Retention Committee, 2)
opportunity for residents to         bring in more economic              and loan availability,    and Expansion>     LPBG    Businesses                            equity, Zeppa
invest in their local                vitality to the neighborhood.       with priority given to                               programs 2) LISC,                     Foundation,
                                                                         entrepreneurs from                                   Duluth Area                           etc.
                                                                         within the                                           Chamber of
                                                                         neighborhood.? 2) ID                                 Commerce, MN
                                                                         and grow spin-off                                    Power, HRA, banks,
                                                                                                                              construction cos,
                                                                         businesses for job
                                                                                                                              existing business
                                                                         creation re: Heritage                                owners, City, DEED,
                                                                         Sports Center/Clyde                                  (cont. below)DEDA,
                                                                         Park development                                     Conbi Northspan,
                                                                                                                              and univ of MN
Identify and create                  1)ID and educate interested   Marketing and           1) Work with LPBG 1) NE            Econ Dev
connections to support and           residents re: how to start up Outreach needed -       to market, perform Entrepreneur    Committee, LISC,
increase the development of          a home-based businesses       integrated into current intake services, 2) Fund, 2) LPBG, Duluth Area
                                                                                                                              Chamber of
home-based businesses                and the benefits of working   promotions as much as promote the 'At       3) LPBG
                                                                                                                              Commerce, MN
throughout the                       and living in the same        possible                Home' Storefront                   Power, HRA, banks,
neighborhood. Improve the            proximity, 2) Sell the                                Enhancement                        construction cos,
storefronts of existing              storefront rehabilitation                             program resulting                  existing business
                                     product with incentives for                           in 1 or 2 new                      owners, City, 3C?
businesses and encourage
                                     business owners who comply.                           storefront loans                   _______________
development of lower-level                                                                                                    Partner-LPBG for
                                     3) Create connections &                               processed, 3) Add
retail and upper-level                                                                                                        item 1
                                     promote the development of                            new or expand
residential units.
                                     mixed-use properties that                                     current businesses
                                     reflect the character of the                                  to the district with
                                     neighborhood and use of new                                   a total square
                                     Unified Development Code                                      footage of at least
                                     (City)                                                        1,000 sq ft

Create a cooperative &/or  1) Sell the benefits to                       Needs development of      Determine efficacy LPBG                                          LISC? Ext
association of similar     businesses 2) Research and                    concept and need by       and complete                                                     office?
                           approach businesses to
business types for retention                                             LPBG                      research in 2009,
and/or expansion           create more partners to                                                 primarily foe BR
                           implement RevitalizationPlan                                            and E
                           and identify gaps/needs, 3)
                           work with UMD Extension
Establish and/or promote a Contact area banks and                        Primary use will be for   Explore possible fit LPBG & NEEF   UMD School of                 Lake
grant &/or loan program    federal agencies to create new                working capital and       of loan program                    Business,                     Superior
for small businesses in    loan and grant programs;                      expansions. Could be a    with BID                    Northspan, APEX,              Iniative
Lincoln Park               'sell' in LP area                             micro-loan program.       '09. Begin survey                  Banks, DEDA
                                                                                                   in late '09 or early

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                              23
                                                                                          Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                    2009 Goals           In Charge      Partners           2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                                   (current,          Timeline
Re-use empty buildings or            Include analysis of prep of         Review and update          Advocate with        LPBG           Northspan, City of                      Mohaupt,
underutilized properties to          building, land sites                inventory of buildings     Duluth City                         Duluth, Chamber,                        Stewarts,
develop new business                                                     and properties that are    Council, Mayor                      NHS Duluth, At                          Heritage
districts that will create                                               potential economic         and other city                      Home Econ Dev                           Sports
more jobs within the                                                     development                officials re:                       Comm, ISD709                            Center
community                                                                opportunities; identify    Concourse,                          properties, DEDA
                                                                         potential                  Garfield Ave and                    (Garfield), APEX,
                                                                         tenants/purchasers         Clyde Park                          DEED, private
                                                                         and implement.                                                 developers
                                                                         Complete initial
                                                                         incubator feasibility
                                                                         and imple.
Improve                              1) Investigate car-sharing, 2)      Infrastructure             29th Avenue Safe LPBG's             ARDC/MIC, City,                         Car-sharing
transportation/accessibility         Contact the City's Building         Committee established;     Route Corridor     Infrastructure   Public Works,                           not feasible
w/in LP for jobs, retail and         Code Department to ensure           advocate with the          designed; new DTA Comm              ISD709, DTA,                            at this time
sports facilities                    accessibility requirements are      Duluth City Council,       routes added.                       FitCity, CAD,                           (ie HourCar),
                                     being met, 3) Work with the         Mayor and other city       Create an                           Chamber                                 Jumpstart
                                     DTA to create subsidized bus        officials; Build on West   comprehensive                                                               begun by
                                     passes for working residents        Middle School              plan for                                                                    CAD
                                     and to provide alternative          Development, Safe          transportation and
                                     bus routes, 4)Complete West         Routes to School,          infvrastructure
                                     Superior St Overlay, 5. Create      FitCity, and resurfacing   within Lincoln
                                     29th Ave Safe route corridor.       of Superior St;            Park district by
                                                                         complete research of       end of '09
                                                                         new alternate bus
                                                                         routes and present
                                                                         concept plan to DTA

                                                                                             HOUSING GOALS
Increase home ownership              1) Provide and increase             Marketing and              Hold ten             NHS & Comm At Home Hsg
opportunities by providing           programs for down payment           Outreach; conduct          workshops for        Action Duluth Committee, local
buyer education                      and loan assistance to              campaign for donations     homebuyers in                      lenders, AEOA,
information and by                   encourage buyers to pursue          for funding                Lincoln park                       Comfort Systems,
providing down payment               home ownership, 2) Publicize                                   neighborhood.                      MP, Salvation
loan/assistance programs             the availability of homebuyer                                  Assist at least 40                 Army, Habitat for
for individuals looking to           workshops                                                      homebuyers to                      Humanity
purchase property as
owner occupied.

                                                                         Homeowner rehab -          Implement at          HRA & NHS Comfort
                                                                         loans                      least 30 loans in               Systems, MP,
                                                                                                    Lincoln Park                    AEOA, Banks,

                                                                         Purchase                   Implement at         HRA & NCLT Comfort
                                                                         rehab/resale;              least five as part              Systems, MP,
                                                                         foreclosures               of NSP-funded                   AEOA, Banks,
                                                                                                    activities                      NCLT, NHS,

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                              24
                                                                                        Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                 2009 Goals           In Charge         Partners            2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                                   (current,           Timeline
                                                                         Rental rehab -          ?????                HRA & AEOA Comfort
                                                                         weatherization and                                      Systems, MP,
                                                                         energy loans                                            Banks, NCLT,
                                                                                                                                 Mn Hsg
                                                          Employee assisted       1-2 dp loans                             NHS          SMDC, LISC
                                                          housing - HOPE
Establish a home           1) Develop neighborhood        Lincoln Park has        1) 3, 2) #s?                             NHS          volunteers - CC,
improvement program for    volunteer programs that        access to full array of                                                       area churches, At
necessary maintenance and assist with exterior            NHS programs, as well                                                         Home Housing
renovation upgrades for    improvement projects, such     as MHFA Fix-up Fund                                                           Committee,
home owners and invest     as painting, seasonal clean- loans. Neighborhood                                                             Northland
property owners to improve ups and "haul away" days for will hold annual clean-                                                         Foundation/Valsp
the overall quality of     furniture or large appliances, up for furniture/large                                                        ar Paints for
                           2) Create a small loan or      applicnces. NHS                                                               future
                           grant program to encourage operates a single repair
                           home owners to improve their program using it
                           housing condition.             NWRLF.

Reduce housing density               1) conduct a survey of all          Vacant, blighted,       Complete,            1) NHS &          NCLT, NHS, At                            Survey
throughout the                       dilapidated or abandoned            foreclosed properties   update survey in     HRA, 2) City      Home Housing                             completed,
neighborhood                         properties and discuss              - fix or demolish;      2009. Identify       of Duluth, 3)     Committee, St                            City and
                                     splitting those lots between        zoning process re:      dimensions re:       NHS               Louis Cnty, City                         NHS
                                     existing landowners, 2)             development of lots     lots too small for                     Planning, LPBG                           mapped for
                                     Review setback and lot size                                 development.                           & Commuity                               SNAP
                                     requirements for all new                                    Contact                                Gardens, review
                                     housing projects to ensure
                                                                                                 contiguous                             nat'l vacant
                                     appropriate density, 3) set up
                                                                                                 property owners                        prop study
                                     a neighborhood architectural
                                                                                                 to determine                           recommendatio
                                     review process w/ incentives
                                                                                                 interest.                              ns, Form-based
                                                                                                                                        codes, Habitat
                                                                                                                                        for Humanity

Provide housing                      1) identify potential                conduct survey of      ReUse survey         BHS, HRA &        HRA, ISD709,
opportunities for the                properties for senior housing       seniors re: needs;      completed.           CHUM as           Benedictine Heath
retirement community and             units, 2) set up a committee        convene/participate     Market study         Village Center,   System, CHUM,
assisted living facilities for       to coordinate housing efforts       in Lincoln School       complete.            LLC               Johnson Controls,
the elderly population               within the senior community         Reuse                   Architectural                          Holy Family
                                                                                                 rendering                              Catholic Church,
                                                                                                 complete.                              LISC

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                            25
                                                                                         Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                   2009 Goals       In Charge   Partners             2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                           (current,            Timeline
Provide better living                1) work with the City's              Establish                Rebuild Tenant's CHUM        City Police, Fire,
conditions for low income            Building Safety Dept to             relationship with         Assn with help of            NHS, CC, City
residents, specifically for          ensure that housing codes           City Building Safety      Char Klun w/                 Attorney, area
the rental population                are being enforced, and that        Dept to insure            regular monthly              churches, At
                                     inspections and licensing           enforcement;              meetings with                Home Housing
                                     requirements are being met,         Tenant's Association      growing turnout,             Committee, City
                                     2) enforce fair housing laws        established,              special                      Bldg Safety, Hsg
                                     and educate landlords on                                                                   Access Ctr, HRA,
                                                                         Nuisance Ordinance,       education,
                                     their responsibility to not                                                                CHUM w/ CSI
                                                                         Tenants Remedies          landlord
                                     discriminate, 3) work with                                                                 team, LISC
                                                                         Act worked on with        meetings to
                                     local housing organizations
                                                                         City, landlords,          accomplish items
                                     to provide better rental
                                     vouchers/assistance for
                                                                         community police          from Action list.
                                     livable rental space (not
                                     substandard), 4) set up
                                     programs with organizations
                                     to create spaces for long term
                                     affordable housing for people
                                     at risk

                                                                                   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS
Develop a new community                                                  1) Conduct a                                           CHUM, NHS,                                Harrison
center (or build onto the                                                neighborhood survey                                    United Way (youth                         rebuilt in
existing one) that will                                                  to find out the needs                                  organiz), CC, B&                          2008,
increase services and                                                    of the community, 2)                                   G Club, DAI,                              Heritage
activities for families,                                                 Initiate a citizen                                     DAYC, At Home                             Sports
seniors and children in LP                                               leadership group                                       Core Partners                             opened in
                                                                         that will coordinate                                                                             2009; Clyde
                                                                         service related                                                                                  Park late 09
                                                                         events and deliver
                                                                         advertisements, 3)
                                                                         Partner with schools,
                                                                         youth programs and
                                                                         the City to promote
                                                                         activities for children
                                                                         and teens, 4)
                                                                         coordinate w/
                                                                         Lincoln Park School
                                                                         to offer alternative
                                                                         spaces for
                                                                         community activities

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                       26
                                                                                        Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                 2009 Goals          In ChargePartners           2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                         (current,          Timeline
Increase community events Create list of desired new                     1) begin discussions Maintain and      NHS & LPBG as City, Salvation    Events:
in the park and add          community events and                        with the City's Park keep current      convenors     Army, B&G Club,
recreational fields to       programs                                    and Recreation       LPBG website, as                Heritage, Harrison
encourage sports and                                                     Department to create well as placing a               CC, United Way
outdoor events to stay local                                             new sports fields    listing of vacant               re: City/ISD709,
                                                                         and/or a skate park, properties and                  DYAC, DAI,
                                                                         2) Work with area    job openings on                 Community
                                                                                                                              Gardens, ISD709
                                                                         schools and colleges    the website in
                                                                         to coordinate           collaboration
                                                                         specialty events such   with NorthSpan.
                                                                         as Art in the Park ,    Events to
                                                                         outdoor                 include: Flower
                                                                         environmental           Fest (NHS w/
                                                                         classes, fishing        CC), Spring
                                                                         workshops and           Cleanup (CC),
                                                                         seasonal                Community
                                                                         picnics/carnivals, 3)   Gardening
                                                                         ask local businesses    (Comm Garden
                                                                         to donate items to      Project and
                                                                         support events, 4)      UMD), Events
                                                                         promote Heritage        (Walleye Fishing,
                                                                         Sports Center           Turkey Bingo,
                                                                         activities,             Bike Race, Clean
                                                                                                 Sweep - LPBG)

Promote a safer, cleaner             1) initiate a                                               3) on hold, 4)      1) and 2) - LP     City police, NHS,             1) Lincoln
and more friendly                    neighborhood/citizen watch                                  monthly citywide    Citizens Patrol,   LPBG, At Home                 Park
atmosphere that is                   program between area                                        CSI meetings, as    3) on hold, 4)     partners, CSI,                Citizen's
characteristic of a close            residents and local law                                     well as Block       LPCP & LPBG,       Harrison CC                   Patrol
knit community                       enforcement officers, 2)                                    Watch events        5) LPBG                                          established
                                     develop periodic block                                      organized                                                            and
                                     gatherings to encourage                                     through the LP                                                       growing, 2)
                                     neighbor interaction, 3)
                                                                                                 Citizens Patrol                                                      Block
                                     coordinate a 'welcome wagon'
                                                                                                                                                                      Watch and
                                     to welcome newcomers into
                                                                                                                                                                      NNO events
                                     LP, 4) Host neighborhood
                                     walks to tour the sidewalks,
                                     clean up graffiti & trash, and
                                                                                                                                                                      each year
                                     promote overall safety, 5)
                                     Develop an "Adopt a Barrel"

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                  27
                                                                                       Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details              2009 Goals            In Charge        Partners             2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                                (current,            Timeline
Repair inadequate local              Conduct survey of all            Submit list to the      Do list of priorities for Community    NHS in SNAP
streets, alleys, sidewalks,          rundown or in need of repair City of Duluth, City        repair. W Suprior         Club-LPBG    areas, City of
                                     streets, alleys, walks and                               resurfacing and                        Duluth, Citizen
storm and sanitary sewers,                                           Streets program and
                                                                                              finding funding for
and bridge structures                sewers and list with priorities advocate for                                                    Patrol,
                                                                                              street scape
                                                                   shortened repair           amenitiesr-street
                                                                   schedule; establish        lights and benches                     Comm

Increase the neighborhood            1) create a neighborhood      Infrastructure
                                                                   1 & 2) Infrastructure Create 29th Ave            LPBG's          NHS, City, Parks
connection with Clyde Iron           circulation plan that         Committee 3) LPBG Safe route                     Infrastructure and Rec
Park and other green                 incorporates better           entryway signage      corridor                   and Street-
spaces by creating better            pedestrian, vehicular, and    through Early Action Identify locations          scape/Beautiti-
circulation routes. Enhance          public access to the Clyde    Grant, 4)    5)       and resources              fication
the overall streetscape              Iron Park, 2) Develop a       community garden      for urban                  Committee
appearance, gateway                  lighting plan for blocks that                       coomunity
                                     need new street lights and
entrances, and                                                                           gardens with a
                                     submit to the City of Duluth,
neighborhood green spaces                                                                commercial
                                     3) Identify key entry points
by improving signage,                                                                    comonent in
                                     into the neighborhood, begin
adding boulevard trees and                                                               2010
                                     schematic designs for
street lighting, and                 gateway landmarks/icons,
maintaining parks and                build, 4) Coordinate a parks
trailheads                           assessment committee to
                                     address the maintenance of
                                     Lincoln Park, the Superior
                                     Hiking Trail and other green
                                     spaces in the neighborhood,
                                     5) Conduct a survey of
                                     possible vacant lots that
                                     could be converted into
                                     community gardens

Increase pedestrian and              Reduce accidents                    1) Conduct a traffic Planning and          LPBG's           City, City Police,                        Harrison
vehicular safety                                                         study to identify    identify              Infrastructure   MIC, Harrison                             Xing
                                                                         intersections and    resources 09,         Comm             CC/Neighbors w/
                                                                         corridors that need                                         HOPE,ARDC, MIC
                                                                         traffic calming
                                                                         devices, 2) post
                                                                         speed warnings
                                                                         and/or stop signs in
                                                                         high pedestrian
                                                                         areas, 3) Create
                                                                         more visible
                                                                         crosswalks near
                                                                         major pedestrian
                                                                         circulation routes

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                         28
                                                                                          Lincoln Park Revitalization Plan

LP Revitalization Plan               Description                         Details                   2009 Goals          In Charge       Partners           2009       Funding   Completed
Goals                                                                                                                                  (current,          Timeline
Remove blight from the               Determine blighted buildings        1) conduct a street by     1)Update blight      NHS           HRA, City, Police,                      Blight survey
neighborhood                                                             street survey of          survey, pick up in                  AT Home Hsg                             complete in
                                                                         abandoned or neglected    expanded SNAP                       Comm, NCLT                              SNAP areas.
                                                                         buildings, and vacant     areas / vacant lots,
                                                                         lots that need            2) expand citizens
                                                                         attention, 2) begin a     patrol for drug
                                                                         neighborhood task         activities/loitering.
                                                                         force to address          3) refer buidlings
                                                                         loitering and drug        to HRA for
                                                                         activities, and to        demolition;
                                                                         remove rubble and         promote DOORS
                                                                         garbage from targeted     program (when
                                                                         areas, 3) begin           funded) for demo of
                                                                         demolition on buildings   garages/small
                                                                         that cannot be salvaged   structures.

New Activities
Western Middle School                Determine placement on site,                                  Complete by 2009    NHS/ISD 709
Placement                            orientation integration with
                                     neighborhood and overall
Marketing LP                         Community Leadership                                          Complete by 2009    NHS
                                     Connecting the Dots III             Serve on committee to                  26-Sep LISC, At Home
                                                                         implement                                     Partners

updated 3-12-09

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsLincoln Park
Updated:11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                             29
                                                                                                                                 Morgan Park Revitalization Plan

MP Revitalization Plan                         Description                                                     Details                                                       2009 Goals                            In Charge      Partners          2009     Funding   Completed
       Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Timeline
                                                                                                                                  Improve Housing Stock
1. Upgrade and maintain    1. Establish a neighborhood housing-                   Publicize and outreach to homeowners and landlords through           Complete two homeownership rehabs and one rental HRA & NHS              At Home
existing single family     improvement program that assists with renter           flyering, posters, and direct mail in April, and enhanced            rehab in 2009. Due to concrete block construction,                      Housing
homes, multifamily units   and homeowner associations and exterior                electronic presence on Facebook in order to improve both             explore alternative heating systems and                                 Committeee,
and apartments             improvements - Publicize and market availability       interior and exterior conditions.                                    weatherization applications. Share at August picnic                     Comfort
                           of homeowner rehab, rental rehab loans and                                                                                  event.                                                                  Systems, MP
                           grants.                                                                                                                                                                                             (Dean Talbot),
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               AEOA, Banks,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               MN Housing,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               City's Bldg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Safety Dept re:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               code violations,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Alliance re: in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               floor heating,
                           2. Create a neighborhood development steering          1) Because of their unique historical perspective, include           1) create a volunteer grp to organize and assist with Morgan Park       NHS, CHUM,
                           committee to provide guidelines for new                residents who have been in MP the longest, 2) research               seasonal cleanups, painting programs (ie trim paint    Board of         Historic
                           development and housing preservation within            current planning and zoning requirements, 3) develop a               on 88th) and haul away days for furniture and/or large Directors        Preservation
                           the neighborhood                                       reporting procedure for the steering committee, 4) create            appliances, 2) contact landlords, renters and                           groups,
                                                                                  guidelines for new hsg development - lot sizes, spatial              homeowners to address requirements of shared-                           community club,
                                                                                  standards, density, height restrictions, bldg materials and          usage agreements and homeowners assns.,3) find a                        landlords,
                                                                                  design elements, 5) create guidelines for historic                   legal rep who specializes in contractual agreements                     churches,
                                                                                  preservation - how to preserve, new additions and historic           between owners & renters of housing units;                              NCLT, CAD for
                                                                                  appropriateness, demolition procedures, 6) research grants           determine the bylaws and committee members of                           1st X
                                                                                  and other funding assistance to help establish program               new assns, 4) ensure rental units are up to code by                     homebuyers
                                                                                                                                                       enforcing housing and license requirements through
                                                                                                                                                       the City's Bldg Safety Office, 5) encourage renters
                                                                                                                                                       and owners to maintain their homes by publicizing
                                                                                                                                                       loans and other assistance programs directed at
                                                                                                                                                       improving hsg conditions, 6) research w/ NCLT and
                                                                                                                                                       HRA a model project (4-plex).

                           3. Homeownership Assistance                            FAIM, homebuyer education, outreach to realtors on                   Five units in 2009                                        CAD, NHS
                                                                                  available programs
                           4.Historic Preservation; Historic District/Plan for 1) create a neighborhood committee to lead the effort, 2) contact       Implement survey to determine support for historic        Morgan Park   National Trust
                           US Steel homes                                      the MN Historical Society, Duluth Preservation Alliance, Duluth         district designation and land mark designations.          Community     for Historic
                                                                               Heritage Presevation Commission for assistance and advice; find         Establish feasibility in 09 and determine "sell" points   Club,         Preservation
                                                                               out parameters/requirements for development of a historic district,     (ie economic incentives, tax credits for landlords).                    (Chris Morris @
                                                                               3) conduct a professional historic resources survey to determine
                                                                               which properties aer applicable for historic registration. This could
                                                                               lead to a nomination to designate MP as a national register for                                                                                 Midwest office),
                                                                               historic places district, 4) work w/ the City of Duluth Heritage                                                                                MN State
                                                                               Preservation Commission to establish the historic district                                                                                      Historical
                                                                               boundaries and to designate MP as a local historic district.                                                                                    Society, Duluth
                                                                               Determine which properties will be included in the district (renter-                                                                            Preservation
                                                                               occupied vs owner-occupied homes, or the 88th Ave corridor only,                                                                                Alliance, MN
                                                                               etc)., 5) study other districts or "centers of excellence" for                                                                                  Preserv
                                                                               similarities, challenges, and successes (local cities, within region                                                                            Alliance
                                                                               and nationwide), 6) see mentors re: how to guidance and next
                                                                               steps, 7) determine where funding will come from; research grant
                                                                               programs and contact city, county, state and national agencies for
                                                                               potential assistance, 8. Develop a plan for implementation by end                                                                               and Morgan
                                                                               of 2009.                                                                                                                                        Park
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Club, Valspar,

          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsMorgan Park
          Updated: 11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            30
                                                                                                                            Morgan Park Revitalization Plan

MP Revitalization Plan                 Description                                                                Details                                           2009 Goals                          In Charge      Partners         2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Timeline
2. Increase the number Purchase rehab/resale                                     1) ID potential properties for owner                          Properties are identified                              HRA & NCLT,   At Home
of owner-occupied                                                                conversions (demo project?), 2)                                and downpayment/loan                                  WiCC          Housing
                                                                                 provide programs or incentives for
dwellings                                                                        downpayment/loan assistance to
                                                                                                                                                incentives are in place.                                            partners,
                                                                                 encourage, 3) publicize the                                       We will publicize                                                realtors,
                                                                                 availability of homebuyer workshops                           homebuyer workshops in                                               Comfort
                                                                                 in Duluth                                                           Morgan Park                                                    Systems, MP,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AEOA, Banks

                          Vacant, blighted properties                            Fix or demolish; check on zoning, conduct inventory (update Properties are identified. In 2009. Inventory            NHS, and      At Home
                                                                                 07 SVCNDA); focus on SNAP areas. Completed but need to completed in 2009 - blighted properties to City Code          MPAC          Housing
                                                                                 maintain and determine response to.                         Enforcement for action                                                 partners, City

                          Marketing and Outreach                                 Establish Homeowners Association & Renters Association,       Complete all activities in 2009. Community Club will   NHS and       CHUM, At
                                                                                 Create program materials, conduct housing fair, distribute    fulfill role of Homeowner's Association and market     MPCC          Home Hsg
                                                                                 NeighborWorks brochure                                        neighborhood through brochure to realtors. CHUM                      Committee,
                                                                                                                                               will form Renter's Association.                                      local lenders &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    realtors, AEOA,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Systems, MP

New senior housing                                                               1) Determine need for new sr hsg units through door-to-door Explore private sector options. Develop site list.       HRA and MPCC. churches, NHS,
options -                                                                        survey, 2) ID potential sites, 3) ck zoning requirements, 4) set                                                                   CHUM, Park
condos/townhomes/scho                                                            up committee to coor hsg efforts w/in sr community; ID target                                                                      State Bank
ol reuse                                                                         tenants, 5) ID potential developers and investors, 6) begin
                                                                                 schematic design phase ensuring that it fits the character and
                                                                                 historic appropriateness of the neighborhood.

         D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsMorgan Park
         Updated: 11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 31
                                                                                                                                Morgan Park Revitalization Plan

MP Revitalization Plan                         Description                                                    Details                                                 2009 Goals                          In Charge       Partners         2009      Funding   Completed
       Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Timeline
                                                                                                                        Increase Economic Development Activity
Reestablish local          New businesses that meet neighborhood needs 1) Conduct site survey of available locations, 2) develop                  Determine feasibilitty in 2009. George G to discuss   SVCNDA?        NHS, Lakeview
business district          (ie hardware, local market, coffee shop) and business plan, 3) ID developers/investors, 4) ID funding, 5)              with Kris @ SVCNDA since the MP residents are                        Store building
                           create jobs                                  provide loan assistance, 6) offer relocation incentives, 7)               currently drawn to the Wduluth market                                landlord,
                                                                        zoning compliance re: conducting business in residential                                                                                       Restaurant
                                                                        areas. Do an ESRI survey of Morgan Park residents and                                                                                          owner, NE
                                                                        perhaps the Riverfront neighborhood.                                                                                                           Entrepreneur
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Fund, Morgan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Park Middle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       School, At

                           Improve storefronts of existing businesses and 1) Find and obtain funding assistance, 2) Approach business Perform one façade improvement ifrom 2009-10.                     NHS            At Home Econ                 LISC
                           encourage mixed use development (upper level owners, offer incentives, 3) Support mixed-use development Continue to support restaurant development.                                         Dev Committee
                           residences)                                    that reflects neighborhood character

                           Convert Morgan Park Middle School into a               1) Create exploratory committee, 2) conduct study re: bldg      Exploratory committee exists consisting of MP and     ISD709/NHS     At Home          Need to
                           mixed-use building                                     conversion capabilities and cost estimates, 3) ID potential     surrounding neighborhoods. Need to conduct cost                      partners,        discuss
                                                                                  bldg users and contact, 4) review City's compreh land use       studies, review city's comp plan and zoning, id                      MPCC, NHS,       training
                                                                                  plan for compatibility, 5) Ck zoning policy, 6) Contact legal   potnetioal uses. Schedule dependent of acceptance                    Johnson
                                                                                  reps to begin drafting contractual agreements and               of community of closing of facility.                                 Controls - E
                                                                                  ownership/leasing documents, 7) ID construction cos, 8)                                                                              Kaiser, City,
                                                                                  develop strategy plan for phases and implement.                                                                                      DEDA

2. Riverfront              Ideas include marina, boat rentals, fishing            1) Create a steering committee, 2) ID exact boundaries of       Dependent on sale of U.S. Steel property sometime     MP Steering   DEDA, St.
development                charters; related issues include water                 development area, 3) ID scale and possible types of use, 4)     in 09 or 10.                                          Committee,NHS Louis River
                           quality/polution, land acquisition, riverfront         study current studies and zoning requirements, 5) ID                                                                  .             Citizens Group,
                           access, development funds developer and need           environmental issues like pollution and wildlife habitat, 6)                                                                        UMD, Judy
                                                                                  Obtain public input, 7) determine primary users, 8) discuss                                                                         Gibbs and
                                                                                  construction impacts on community and decide if project                                                                             Northshore
                                                                                  should be built in phases or all at once (Due to pollution                                                                          Hiking Trail
                                                                                  issues, only viable uses for site are industrial)

          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsMorgan Park
          Updated: 11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    32
                                                                                                                                Morgan Park Revitalization Plan

MP Revitalization Plan                         Description                                                    Details                                                    2009 Goals                    In Charge         Partners       2009      Funding   Completed
       Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Timeline
                           Enhance the connection between the St. Louis           1) Determine ownership of land between neighborhood and Complete 1 and 2 in 2009. Identify lead partner. Trail
                           River and the MP neighborhood                          riverfront, 2) conduct a site analysis study to assess the       development will address these issues in 2009.
                                                                                  condition of the land (ie stability, floodplain limits, ordinary
                                                                                  high water elevation, wetlands, etc.), 3) establish & work with
                                                                                  the St. Louis River Alliance to ensure environmentally
                                                                                  friendly/sustainable actions are taken, 4) obtain input from
                                                                                  community on what they would like to see happen, and for
                                                                                  ideas/issues, 5) research current accessibility requirements,
                                                                                  such as minimum slopes and widths to ensure safety, 6)
                                                                                  determine if the connection will be a true public access that
                                                                                  requires parking or will just serve the immediate
                                                                                  neighborhood, 7) determine what type of access is best
                                                                                  suitable for the area (ie trail corridor for pedestrians and/or
                                                                                  bicycles, paved or unpaved), 8) begin discussions on
                                                                                  maintenance and upkeep responsibilities of the City and

3. Increased                                                                      Education/ training for employment                                25% incr in income                              Duluth @ Work City, SOAR,        w/in 3 yrs
Employment                                                                                                                                                                                                        CHUM, LISC
4. Reclaim former Atlas    Work w/ Ikonics, Port Authority; ideas once land       1) Create steering committee, 2) ID potential purchasers, 3)      Check with DEDA for schedule of activities.     DEDA, City,
Cement Site and US         reclaimed - airpark, golf course, garden center        Begin negotiations w/ US Steel, 4) conduct site analysis re:      Dependent on Sale.                              Port Authority,
Steel Site for new         and nursery, interpretive trailway, bicycling          potential contamination areas, demolition, topography,                                                            MPCC, Ikonics
businesses                 center                                                 utilities, 5) Determine best reuse of site, 6) obtain public
                                                                                  input, 7) contact potential developers

                                                                                                                                  Physical Infrastructure
1. Improve visibility @    Lighting, signage, landscaping                         1) create a neighborhood circulation plan that incorporates                                                       MNDOT, City,      Duluth
entrances                                                                         better pedestrian, vehicular, and public access into the                                                          MPCC              Preservation
                                                                                  neighborhood, 2) determine where new MP signage should                                                                              Alliance,
                                                                                  be placed, 3) contact RR authorities to discuss condition of                                                                        SHPO, DTA,
                                                                                  existing bridge overpasses and future improvements                                                                                  MIC (ARDC)
                                                                                  (painting, safety), 4) contact MNDOT and City for signage,
                                                                                  lighting and planting requirements/standards, 5) begin
                                                                                  schematic design process for gateways, landmarks and

2. Enhance overall         Neighborhood supported beautification projects         1) develop a lighting plan for blocks, bus shelters and areas
streetscape appearance,    to improve image and promote resident pride, ie        that need better pedestrian and/or area lighting, 2) research
neighborhood green         gears moved, flower fest, banners up and               historic lighting standards used at old US Steel plant, 3)
spaces and improve         establish Anderson Park                                coord a parks assessment committee to address
lighting throughout the                                                           maintenance of inadequate green spaces in the
neighborhood                                                                      neighborhood; recruit volunteers for mowing, brush clearing
                                                                                  and general cleanup, 4) contact city planning and zoning
                                                                                  office to inquire if changing street names is feasible (ie 88th
                                                                                  Ave W to Morgan Park Dr), 5) conduct a survey of possible
                                                                                  vacant lots that could be converted to community gardens

          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsMorgan Park
          Updated: 11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 33
                                                                                                                                 Morgan Park Revitalization Plan

MP Revitalization Plan                    Description                                                        Details                                                2009 Goals      In Charge        Partners        2009     Funding   Completed
          Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                    Timeline
3. Efforts to connect MP Plant new crabapple trees along Grand Ave,                                                                               Banners completed in 2009
with neighboring         banners, standardized lightpoles
communities along
Grand Avenue and St.
Louis River

                             conversion of railroad corridors into new trailway                                                                                                  MN Rails to      Judy Gibbs
                             systems                                                                                                                                             Trails system,

                             WW Trail Extension project                            Remapping and proposal for pedestrian trail                                                   UMD students     Judy Gibbs,
                                                                                                                                                                                 (Follis)         MIC/ARDC,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  DART, Fit City

                             New railroad corridor                                 Light rail proposals
                                                                                                                                     Community Goals
1. Promote a safer,          1) Continue to support the neighborhood Citizen                                                                                                     MPCC             NHS, At
cleaner, and more            patrol watch program and recruit more                                                                                                                                Home
friendly atmosphere          volunteers, 2) Get involved w/ and encourage                                                                                                                         partners,
characteristic of a close-   more neighbor participation in CC events, such
knit community               as cleanup days, 3) organize block
                             gatherings/neighborhood socials to encourage
                             new neighbor interaction

2. Increase                  1) initiate a citizen leadership group that will                                                                                                                     United Way
neighborhood services        conduct a neighborhood survey to find out the                                                                                                                        Youth
and programming for          service needs of the community, and that will                                                                                                                        Agencies, ISD
youth, family and seniors    help coordinate new programming events, 2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                  709, City,
for MP residents and         assess the condition of the Goodfellowship
surrounding                  Community Ctr for potential improvements, 3)
communities                  establish possible new locations for community                                                                                                                       Environmental
                             grps to meet, 4) work with Service Learning                                                                                                                          organizations
                             participants to assess goals for SL Grant and
                             revitalization efforts, 5) participate in nearby
                             district activities to strengthen bonds between
                             adjacent neighborhoods

3. Create better physical 1) create a committee to coordinate efforts, 2)
connections between       contact neighboring communities to gain input
neighboring communities and seek involvement, 3) contact the RR
                          companies, the DNR, the DOT and the City of
                          Duluth to begin discussions on the feasibility of
                          rails to trails conversion, 4) conduct a
                          neighborhood survey to determine the need,
                          desire and preferences of each community, 5)
                          study precedented projects (Souix Line) to see
                          how it's been done before, 60 explore and seek
                          fudning options (city, county, state, national
                          grants, private fundraising).

           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c48395-a277-4f3f-88ad-ea03024be910.xlsMorgan Park
           Updated: 11/14/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                            34

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