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									UCP Central PA
Board of Directors
Marion C. Alexander
Janak Amin
Joanne Book, Esquire
Frank Clark, Esquire
Sandra Drummond
Ben Francavilla
Todd Getgen, Esquire
John Hickey, Esquire
Karen Horan
Dwayne Keller
Gerard C. Kramer, Esquire
                                     UCP Central PA-
Gregg Mace
Richard Michaelian
Christopher Rockey
                                    Schmidt, Ronca, & Kramer, PC
Karen Roland
Jackie Singel
George T. Sweeney
Tonia Leitzel Ulsh
Paul Wagner
David Weakland
William Wilkison
Life Board Members

Lawrence B. Abrams III, Esquire
                                    Attitude Essay Contest
Doris Brunner
George E. Ferrey, Jr.
Glenn Hoffman
William J. Kaldes
Shaun O’Toole, Esquire
Susannah J. Rothman
Todd Vander Woude

                                     For more information contact:
                                          Shawn Kaup
                                  Community Relations Coordinator
                                    skaup@ucpcentralpa.org or
                                       717-975-0611 x 233
                       UCP Central PA
                       The mission of United Cerebral Palsy of Central
                       Pennsylvania, Inc. (UCP) is to assist infants, children,
                       youth, and adults, with disabilities, and their families,
                       achieve their goals of development, growth,
                       independence, and full citizenship. We encourage
                       and strengthen skills and capabilities for each
                       individual so they may become as independent as

                       UCP is one of the most comprehensive agencies in
                       the United Cerebral Palsy network. For more than 52
                       years, we have been a leader in assisting people with
                       disabilities. UCP provides services and programs for
                       more than 2100 children and adults, with disabilities,
                       and their families.

                       Services are provided in 11 Central Pennsylvania
                       counties. UCP operates from 15 facilities: the Capital
                       Area Children's Center, eleven adult day programs,
                       and three group residences.

                       At UCP Central PA, more than 92 cents of every
                       dollar raised goes directly to programs and services.

                         Who We Serve

   UCP Central PA      UCP Central PA provides services to diverse groups
  925 Linda Lane       of people – not just those with cerebral palsy. Over
 Camp Hill, PA 17011   94% of our program participants have developmental
   (717) 737-3477      and acquired disabilities other than cerebral palsy.
    or Toll Free:      UCP Services are needed now more than ever due to
  1-800-998-4UCP       the increased number of children diagnosed with
                       autism, and premature and low birth weight babies,
www.ucpcentralpa.org   who have a greater probability of developmental
                       History of the Contest
Just before Christmas, 1993, a young girl in Ft. Wayne, Indiana wrote a letter to Santa Claus
asking for one day at school during which the other children would not make fun of her
because of her disability. Amy Hagadorn has cerebral palsy, walks with a limp and sometimes
uses a wheelchair. The local newspaper published her letter, the national media picked up on
the story, and letters from every corner of the world began pouring into the Hagadorn
household. Ft. Wayne even had an “Amy Hagadorn” day, complete with a parade and Amy
riding on a float.

Two years later, the “ATTITUDES” Essay Contest was initiated through the joint efforts of
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana and the Indiana Governor’s Planning
Council for People’s with Disabilities. In March 1996, 38 children in Marion County
responded to an invitation to participate in the contest; four children were awarded cash prizes;
all essayists received “ATTITUDES” buttons and certificates of participation.
Including the 1999 contest, more than 1300 essays have been submitted from 81 schools
throughout Indiana, thanks to the encouragement of 143 teachers of grades 3 through 8. Three
first place and second place winners have been honored each year at a luncheon and the essays
of more than 100 children have been published in four booklets. In 1998, Amy’s story was
included in the Chicken Soup for Kid’s Souls book.

The “ATTITUDES” essays were hand-written and typed on computers; some included
computer art or hand-written illustrations. Some children with disabilities wrote of their own
experiences; typically developing children interviewed people with disabilities; others wrote of
their observations; still others wrote fictional accounts or poetry. The children wrote about
disabled veterans, grandmothers with Alzheimer’s, celebrities with spinal cord injury and
polio, and local heroes with cerebral palsy. They wrote about school friends with mental
retardation, diabetes, learning disabilities; and they wrote about relatives with hearing or visual
disabilities and those with multiple sclerosis or arthritis.

The essays included expressions of pity and awe; many children admonished non-disabled
adults not to be inconsiderate nor too helpful to people with disabilities. Each essay illustrated
amazing wisdom and the basic kindness of each author. Each writer clearly thought about the
challenges experienced every day by people with disabilities and about the barriers created by
people with “bad attitudes” (those with and without disabilities). Some essays created new
ways of thinking or talking about people with disabilities; some criticized the stereotypes that
have historically limited people with disabilities. Many essayists were knowledgeable about
laws relating to education, employment and access for people with disabilities.

The authors, we hope, represent a generation of Americans who will understand and
value the ABILITIES of all people. They recognize that a disability becomes a handicap
only when structural or attitudinal barriers made it so…and they’re determined to help
break down those attitudinal barriers.
                           Attitudes Essay Contest
    Get an Attitude! Since 1999, UCP Central PA’s annual essay contest for
    school students from grades 3 through 12 encourages young people to
    write about persons with a disability that they have met, read about, or
    saw in a movie, and how their opinion of persons with a disability has
    changed for the better. Each year, hundreds of young people participate
    from school districts throughout Central PA. Essays are anonymously
    judged by teachers and other parents, with cash awards, buttons and
    certificates of appreciation given as top awards in three categories.

How to get started
    1.       Call UCP’s Community Relations Department at 717-975-0611.
    2.       Distribute participation packs to students.
    3.       Generate excitement
    4.       Collect essays and mail them to UCP.
    5.       Plan an assembly to congratulate the winners!
                                     It’s that easy!!

Program Facts
         The program runs September through April.
         There are four age groups 3rd & 4th grade, 5th &6th grade, 7th &
           8th grade, and 9th through 12th grade.
         More than 350 packets are mailed to schools in Central PA.
         Average participation is 400 students.
         In five years, more than 2,400 essays have been submitted.
         All participants receive a button and a certificate of
     More than $1,000 in awards are given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
          winners in each category.
               Contest Rules & Guidelines
Any Central Pennsylvania school student in grades 3 through 12 may enter the contest.

(A) Grades 3 and 4            (B) Grades 5 and 6
(C) Grades 7 and 8            (D) Grades 9 through 12

    1. Each student may submit only one entry.
    2. All entries should be typed or legibly printed on 8-1/2 by 11 white paper.
    3. Entries should not exceed 500 words (count every word except the title).
    4. Entries must include a completed entry form, (copies are acceptable).
    5. All work must be original.
            (Parents, it’s ok to check for spelling and grammar but not content!)
    6. Entries must be submitted to UCP Central PA no later than January 31, 2006.
    7. No entries will be returned, so be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

     1. Interview a child or adult with a disability and describe his/her experiences with the
        attitudes of others, OR
     2. Read a book about people with disabilities and describe the impact of attitude on
         their lives, OR
     3. Write about your own observations or feelings about attitudes toward people with

    1. All essays will be judged on the basis of creativity, originality, quality of writing,
       and understanding of the issue.
    2. A panel of professional judges will select the winners in each division.
    3. Winners will be announced and prizes handed out at your school’s year-end awards
       assembly in the spring.

Mail essays with entry form attached to:
       Attitudes Essay Contest
       c/o UCP Central PA
       44 S. 38th Street
       Camp Hill, PA 17011
                       Person First Language
                                     Examples to use and share

Labels not to use…                                People First Language…
the handicapped or the disabled                   people with disabilities
the mentally retarded or he’s retarded            people with mental retardation
                                                  or he has a cognitive impairment
my son is autistic                                my son has autism
she’s a Down’s; she’s a Mongoloid                 she has Down Syndrome
birth defect                                      has a congenital disability
epileptic                                         a person with epilepsy
wheelchair bound or confined to a                 uses a wheelchair or a mobility
wheelchair                                        chair or is a wheelchair user
she is developmentally delayed                    she has a developmental
he’s a crippled; lame                             he has an orthopedic disability
she’s a dwarf (or midget)                         she has short stature
mute                                              is nonverbal
is learning disabled or LD                        has a learning disability
afflicted with, suffers from, victim of           person who has…
she’s emotionally disturbed; she’s                she has an emotional disability
normal and/or healthy                             a person without a disability
quadriplegic, paraplegic, etc.                    he has quadriplegia, paraplegia,
she’s in Special Ed.                              she receives Special Ed services
handicapped parking                               accessible parking
                          Attitudes Essay Contest Entry Form


Grades 3-4     Grades 5-6          Grades 7-8        Grades 9 - 12

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________________________________ ZIP CODE: _______________

TELEPHONE: (___) _________________ EMAIL: _________________________________

I certify that this is my original work (signature): ___________________________________

SCHOOL: ___________________________________________________________________

TEACHER: __________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR TEACHER: _______________________________________


Mail to:       ATTITUDE Essay contest
               c/o UCP Central PA
               44 S. 38th Street
               Camp Hill, PA 17011

Essays must be submitted to UCP Central PA no later than January 31, 2006

If you have any questions regarding the contest please contact Shawn Kaup, Community
Relations Coordinator at skaup@ucpcentralpa.org or 717-975-0611.

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