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Charter Schools Institute
State University of New York

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The State University of New York Board of Trustees today voted to approve more than $425,000 in grants that will
help public charter schools in Buffalo and Rochester develop and implement their academic programs.

"The Trustees are committed to assisting public charter schools as they endeavor to provide their students with a
high quality education," said Secretary of State and Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Randy A. Daniels, who also
co-chairs the Trustees Charter School Committee. "Public charter schools are changing the face of public education
in the Empire State by creating real educational choices for children and their families, particularly in urban areas."

"These grant programs have been created by the state and federal governments to help new public charter schools
get off the ground and meet the many expenses associated with starting-up and implementing their programs," said
Trustee and Charter Schools Committee Co-Chair Edward F. Cox.

The Stepping Stone Academy Charter School in Buffalo was awarded a federal Public Charter School Program
(PCSP) two-year planning and implementation grant totaling $350,000. Federal planning grants assist groups in the
refinement of rigorous academic programs, development of assessment and accountability designs, and the
professional development necessary to successfully implement such plans once students arrive.

PCSP implementation grants may be used to inform the community about the public charter school, acquire the
operating equipment, systems, and educational materials or supplies necessary for successful implementation of the
proposed educational program, as well as the acquisition and/or development of curriculum and other initial
operating costs not met from State or local resources.

Stepping Stone Academy Charter School opened in September.

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School in Rochester will receive a $79,949 grant made available through the State
Stimulus Fund (SSF) program, which was proposed by Governor George E. Pataki and included in the New York
Charter Schools Act of 1998. The SSF grants provide funding for a wide range of start-up and implementation costs
of public charter schools. They also can be used for capital improvements and as "seed" grants for applicants
seeking to prepare proposals for new charter schools.

Grant summaries follow:

School: Stepping Stone Academy Charter School, 900 E. Ferry St., Buffalo

Enrollment: 300 students, grades K-5
Type of Grant: PCSP Planning and Implementation Grant
Amount Awarded: $350,000 over two years
Purposes: $144,495 for such items as development of new assessment, accountability, and reporting mechanisms;
board training; and professional development. Also, $205,505 for such activities as technology acquisition;
development of programs in video production, culinary arts, performing arts, literacy and language; deployment of
AmeriCorps/VISTA and Teacher Corps members; development of positive social behaviors; community
building/resource development; legal counsel; and travel expenses.
School: Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School, 938 Clifford Ave., Rochester
Enrollment: 160 students in grades K-3
Type of Grant SSF Start-Up Grant
Amount Awarded: $79,949
Activities Funded: Minor renovations and remodeling to include: new windows, air conditioning; exterior masonry;
grading and seeding; signage; and installation of kitchen exhaust system.

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