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Business Guaranteed Home Mlm Success


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									    All New! All New! All New!
Former Teacher Turned Entrepreneur Has Your Very Own…

   “Economic Stimulus Package That Delivers
     YOU Guaranteed Money Every Month!”
  “Get Paid       $13,920.00       Every Month For Sales And Residuals We
                           Automatically Make For You.”

Best Of All, It’s Practically FREE To Secure Your Spot!

My Auto-Pilot Marketing System Takes Off And Guides You Straight To Riches!
Demand my “Astonishing FREE Founders Report” and you’ll know exactly how to get…

                    Guaranteed Money!
Coming Right To Your Door Every Single Month! After Month, After Month!
Just Imagine… No Personal Selling! No Computer Needed!                   No MLM!
No Talking To Anyone!   No Special Skills!   No Work! (Unless You Want To) No Gifting!

Raking In The Cash Feels Good! Unlimited Income Potential! Easy To Understand!

Dual Compensation Plans! Proven System That Works! Fully Automated! Ground Floor!

Other People’s Time! Other People’s Money!          Multiple Pay-lines! Perpetual Leverage!

World-Wide Wealth Explosion! Get In Before The Big Boys! Works Like Magic!

Cheap To Start!    Blueprint To Wealth!      Your Founders Level Spot Puts You On Top!
Welcome From Chris Hollinger    Wichita, KS 12:37 AM Monday April, 7th.

Dear friend,

Do you want to finally kick inflation and this bad economy to the curb and out of your life
forever? If so, then this letter demands your full attention!

   *   I’m as serious as a hungry Mountain Cat! Not only is it high-time for your
   very own Personalized Economic Stimulus Plan but…

“The Timing Could Not Be Better For You To Rake In Massive Profits And
Accomplish Every Financial Goal Then It Is Right Now!”
Here’s why…
      As you may know, I’m semi-famous for helping people all around the U.S. and even the
world Make Huge Sums Of Money by developing marketing systems that work with proven
timely opportunities. Recently, I was compelled to build an amazing program from scratch!

       With the onslaught of a world-wide barbaric economy, millions of good, honest folks, just
like you have been pushed and stretched to the brink of financial disaster.

They are grasping for the life preserver of “Economic Stimulus” that could very
                      well be attached to a sinking ship!
     Together, my Founding members and I are rescuing these “Economic Castaways” one
success story at a time and guess what? You could be next.

“The cool thing about this is: We’ve only just begun, so there is still a window of
opportunity for you to join us as a Founding Member and lock down a spot that is
guaranteed to pay you a “Founders        Bonus” every month!”
The Why:
       Last Summer and early Fall I witnessed a dramatic slump in sales as did many of my multi-
millionaire colleagues around the country. Some of whom just gave up and retired or moved
on to other businesses. But not me…

      Rolling up my sleeves and getting to work was a better option and I’m so glad I did. I
simply had to know why people were not buying. Plus, when the going gets tough, the tough
work harder!

       So I called and asked 127 people from all over the country one simple question.

   What Exactly Do You Want In A Home-Based Business Opportunity?
       In my astonishing special report you’ll learn everything they shared with me.
For now you have to know that I listened and then created an opportunity so solid that many
of the same folks that I interviewed became my first Founding members. But not…
Just Once! Many purchased multiple Founding positions!
Here’s why:

They witnessed history! The perfect “Home-Based Business” created from their specific wants,
needs and specifications! It is exactly what they told me they wanted, plus a whole bunch
more! 100% proven marketing and wealth-building strategies and principles working
harmoniously to generate wealth like never before for them… AND FOR YOU!

“As we spoke I could literally see the light bulbs turning on and glowing bright above their
heads! They got it immediately!”

You could hear the enthusiasm in their voices! They knew it was real, powerful and RED-HOT!

Soon you will witness for yourself the revelations detailed neatly in my FREE REPORT that give
you a once in a lifetime glimpse into the lives of a highly elite group of heavy-hitter insiders.
Typically the “Founders” positions in paradigm shifting opportunities are reserved for ultra-rich
and powerful marketers. It makes perfect sense to launch new “BIZ-OPPS” this way. But…

    Just imagine if these same “Big Boys” came in UNDER you and
         helped build your Guaranteed Monthly Bonus Check!
That’s just one of the Million Dollar Idea’s that I made when I created the perfect opportunity
from scratch! I made it for you and the millions of good, hard working folks that are tired of just
being another cog in the wheel!

What IF? Instead of costing more than an arm and a leg, it was practically FREE!

What If? Instead of you working like a rat in a maze, everything happened automatically!

What IF? Instead of attaching a shop-vac to your wallet, it guarantees you commissions!

What IF? Instead of empty hype and blind hope, you receive proven results!

What if? Instead of wasted time learning “poppycock” strategies, proven wealth building and
marketing principles were applied for you! AUTOMATICALLY!

What IF? Instead of having to talk to people, you never have to talk to anyone!

What If? You were the person that people claimed was making “Obscene Profits”, would
YOUR PROFITS still seem obscene? What good could you do with un-limited income?

What IF? Instead of fiddling around with computers, you never needed a computer!

 And Never Give Yourself Even The Slightest Ray Of Sunshine At An
                    Opportunity Of A Lifetime!
Say it isn’t so… Why not shed some light on the rest of your life and at the very least promise
me that you’ll take a look at what is already changing the lives of just a few lucky folks around
the country. I say just a few, because we’re only just per-launching! Here’s what some of my
Founders had to say.

“Thanks for introducing me to The Direct Response Cash Delivery and Auto-Pilot Marketing System. This
program is AWESOME! I made $600.00 in my first two weeks in the program. This is truly a business
opportunity that everyone can be hugely successful at.”              Glenn Beverly Lewisville, TX

“My wife and I have worked with Chris Hollinger for six years now and I can tell you beyond any shadow
of a doubt, he is one of the sharpest marketers I have ever known and also the most down to earth, no-
nonsense straight shooter!”
                                                                   Olen Miller El Paso, TX

“$1200.00 in just 15 days and lots more on the horizon! Keep up the fantastic work!”
                                                                      Al Turner

 Normally, I Would Ask That You Send $5.00 To Me To Prove That
 You Are Serious About Slapping The Nay-Sayers And Negative
             Slackers To The Curb, But Not This Time!
Because I promised my current “Limited Group” of Founding Members That I would not over-sell
the Founding Membership position, I’m obligated to send you a Free Report based only 2 easy
promises from you.

       1. My free report gives you all the secret details of this new and exciting opportunity but
          you must hurry! I must hear from you in the next 10 days. After that I may have filled
          my limit and will no longer even be able to send you a Founders Level Report!

 “ I hope you agree that you have everything to gain by sending for my FREE “FOUNDERS LEVEL’
REPORT. The worst thing that will happen is that you will learn the secrets driving this little known
opportunity. The best thing that can happen is that you will see what I see, feel what I feel and know
beyond any shadow of a doubt that history I being made and that you are already part of it!

       2. My other condition, aka promise: Because your name came to me on a select list of serious
       opportunity seekers I ask that you keep the secrets revealed in your customized report
       confidential. Due to the fact that I’m not inviting “Big-Time” marketers at this time I have to be
       careful how fast this information gets out. To quickly, and my limited number of Founding
       Positions will be gobbled up before you have time to decide.

 So if you agree to grant me these 2 simple requests, and all this sounds good to you, then
please send for my FREE FOUNDERS LEVEL REPORT this very minute. Do so knowing that I
promise that what I’m doing right now is in the mutual best interest of my founders, myself and
for you! Just fill out the enclosed no-obligation response certificate and mail or fax it to me fast!


                                                    Chris Hollinger


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