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									                       Housing Goal Team Meeting Minutes
                                Monday, December 5, 2005
                          First Bank of the Delta - Cherry Street
                                 12:00 p.m.until 1:30 p.m.

Members Present: Kenya Sharp, Joe Black, Robert Martin, Mindy Maupin, Gracie
Gonner, Jack Horner, Michael Boone, Ever Jean Ford and Steering Committee
(Housing) Liaisons, Walt Cunningham and Mr. Frierson.

The Housing Goal Team meeting was called to order by E. Ford. Mr. Martin offered
prayer followed by group introductions.

1. Ever Jean presented an addendum to the November 7th minutes to include
the homeless shelter as part of a goal team objective. Mr. Martin motioned for the
minutes and addendum to be approved as written. Mr. Walt Cunningham seconded the

II. Reporting from goal teams

Goal One: Commission housing market studies for Helena, West Helena, Marvell,
Elaine, Arkansas in order to access the need for additional housing in Phillips
County and determine the specific types of housing needed.
This goal has been completed as reflected in the November 7th minutes.

Goal Two: Develop and implement a general neighborhood revitalization and
development plan in cooperation with the municipalities in Phillips County and
existing neighborhood organizations.

Mike Boone, Chair – Over 50 structures have been abated in Helena with the 2006 goal
being 50 more structures in Helena and 10 each in both Lakeview and Elaine. They met
with an asbestos specialist and to date they are abiding by rules for demolition of
contaminated buildings. More letters are being sent to property owners. Beginning
January 2006 work will move into Elaine, Lakeview, and West Helena but start off small
with the goal of each city becoming self-sufficient. Hopes are to get the ball rolling and
each city take control of their own projects. Funding for this project has came from two
$50,000 grants to the city. Other funding has been pursued through HUD bit the
application was not funded. They are working on finalizing a proposal for more funding
by the end of the year. Local contractors bid on the demolition jobs. However, where
asbestos is involved, an individual out of Little Rock will be contracted for the removal of
hazardous materials.
Goal Three: Construct a quality affordable housing complex that includes 20
units (2 and 3 bedrooms) as a replacement for existing substandard housing that
exists in the historic corridor from the Mississippi River bridge to downtown
Helena and in the Over the Levee area.

Kenya Sharp, Chair – The funding application from ADFA will not be reviewed until
January. Even though there is not a set date to begin construction, we are looking to
break ground in the first quarter of 2006.

Goal Four: Complete the Brownfield planning study and obtain Brownfield
designation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Work in
cooperation with the Brownfield’s Assessment Program to return abandoned
commercial and industrial properties, whose reuse may be impeded by real or
perceived contamination to active economic and community reuse.

Joe Black/Michael Boone - Chair(s) – Reasonable progress is being made with a 3
million dollar application for funding county-wide projects is in the pipeline. Funding will
be available through tier one and tier two funding. Tier one will be through HNB, 1st
Bank, and SFP. Tier two will be cities/municipalities. Fifteen properties in Phillips
County have been identified.
The Ohio Street business incubator building can apply directly to EPA for a clean-up
grant which does not have to be paid back. (Construction had started through a 1.3
million dollar grant for work force training through PC but was delayed due to
Funding can be accessed for property clean-up if the owner was unaware of
contamination prior to purchase, not if they caused the contamination. Non-profits can
receive up to 40% funding or a free and clear grant. Private owners will be eligible fro
loams as low as 1% interest.

Goal Five: Initiate specific neighborhood revitalization and development plans in
the “Over the Levee” neighborhood.

The update of this goal is reflected in the November 7th minutes.

Goal Six: Develop and implement a homeownership program that educate
prospective homebuyers on skills such as budgeting, family economics, general
home buyer and renter education and the benefits of Individual Accounts so that
new homeowners are better equipped to maintain their homes in good order.

Mindy Maupin- Chair- ongoing training continues

At this time recommendations were made for individuals that need to be at the table:
Calvin King (AR Land & Farm), Lee County CDC (Renee Wilburn), New Hope Church
(Mrs. Williams), Construction Business Owner (Derwin Sims), Helena Housing Authority
(Lionell Moss), Independent Mortgage (Ms. Bynum).

III.     Big Ticket Project Items

       a. Cherry Street Housing
          Kenya Sharp-Chair- To qualify for historic tax credit the home has to be within
          the boundaries of Porter and Elm and have been built before 1935. Tax credits
          will only cover 20% of the eligible costs and if the home is out of the boundary, it
          will only cover 10%. Tax credits do not completely fund a project. The money is
          easier to use in one concentrated area, but even with that it would take multiple
          layers of funding to complete a project. Tax credits are out there but money will
          be needed for lawyers and syndications. One organization will need to be the
          buyer and deal solely with the project because all rules have to be followed
          exactly as stated.

       b. Cleburne Hotel
          Joe Black-Chair-Conversations have been held with the property owner, it
          Needs a lot of renovation, which will cost about $5-$6 million dollars and
          of that, it will take $300,000 alone to fix the roof. The repairs exceed the
          current property owner’s resources, she needs to find investors perhaps
          by appealing to the historical significance of the property. Some other
          ideas would be to donate the bldg to a non-profit, list as Brownsfield, or
          seek out a federal program that will stay. Housing could be another

       c. River Condominiums
          Jack Hornor and Steve Toney-Chairs-Jack reported that we would need to
          speak with the Helena Improvement District and the Corps of Engineers.
          The procedure would be to submit a proposal to the corps which can be a
          lengthy process. (Joe mentioned the corps is going to take an active role
          with Brownfield in 2006 so this might help with the condominium project.)
          Jack mentioned the old Armour factory building (behind HNB) might be a
          possibility for condominiums.

       d. Brick Street and Walking Bridges
         Robert Martin, Terrance Oliver, and Oscar Hoskins- Mr. Martin reported for
         the group. He walked all of the bridges and they are in good shape, they
         probably only need some cosmetic work. Some of the brick streets are in
         desperate need of repair. The city wanted to fill the pot holes with concrete,
         but due to the history of the brick streets and protest by citizens, concrete
         was not used. However, the replacement bricks come from St. Joseph
         Missouri and are very expensive. Joe suggested doing a feasibility study for
     this project.

   e. Renovation and Preservation
      Kenya Sharp-Chair- This is combined with Cherry Street Housing project..

   f. Homeless Housing
      Gracie Gonner, Mindy Maupin, and Sue Key- Gracie reported out for the
      group. The shelter committee met November 30th. At this meeting they
      discussed funding and working with churches and other organizations so
      as to offer as many support services as possible. The group is currently
      looking for a building, some options are the Southwestern Bell and Daily
      World buildings. Some suggested funding sources are ADED’s website for
      CDBG funds and DHS as another potential.

Ever Jean, Mr. Frierson, and Mr. Cunningham reported out from the meeting with
Clinton School Students. There will be two students working with our goal team. What
can they do for us? The team agreed to come back to the next meeting with

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