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					             Starting a new Consultant Checklist

1. ( ) Watch The Arbonne Opportunity Video @ and/or
2. ( ) Listen to the Discover Arbonne call ( ask your sponsor to send
   it to you)

                      Ask 4 questions...
         1. What surprised you most about the call?
         2. What did you like BEST about the call?
         3. Who do you know personally that would be interested in
         Arbonne’s products, Opportunity, or both?
         4. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being I never want to hear the
         word Arbonne again and 10 being I get it show me how to
         do this business, where do you see yourself?

         If 1-5: ask them to host a get together, sign them up
         and get their order

                       Consultant that is 5 or above…
         What information can I provide you to move you closer to a
         What I recommend is that you talk with my VP who has
         more experience with the questions or concerns that you
         Make an appointment to do a 1 on 1 or 3 way call with your

3. ( ) Sign up New Consultant or Upgrade if already a Preferred

4. ( ) Place initial order using Business Builder (BB) Options.

5. ( ) Order business Aids (Catalogs, order forms, applications,
   invitation lists, etc)

6. ( ) Order business cards/postcard invitations
   “The Place”
7. ( ) Fill out Action Plan with “Why” and 100 person contact list
   What are their dreams, desires, and goals?
   What do they want from their Arbonne business?
   What is their “WHY”?
   How much money do they want to make? By when?
   How many hours can you commit each week to your Arbonne
8. ( ) Schedule Strategy session
       1. Help new consultant with wording of “I” story (to use at
           presentations)- Week 2 Skills Coaching on Deanna’s website
           ( the answer to the
           “What do you do?” question.
       2. Verbiage for booking and prospecting. Practice and roll play.
           Role play again if necessary to help them become confident
           and create competence.
           for consultant resources
9. ( ) Give new consultants your open date and schedule 6-10
   presentations in first 30 days. 1-2 may be business launches.
   ****Give them 2-3 days only (no longer) to book their
   presentations. You cannot hold your calendar open, you may miss
   out on some presentations for yourself. Always stay in personal
   ****If they book 6 or more presentations in 1 month, I am there
   for every one. If they book less than 6, I understand, but I only
   help with the first 2. Wouldn’t you rather have me there training
   you for 6 rather than 2?
   ****Presentations 1 and 2…. Sponsor does everything start to
   finish. The BB watches and learns.
   Presentations 3 and 4…. New BB does Sea salt scrub, Tell their
   “WHY”, games, and close with sponsor (3 Ways to Save, orders,
   Presentations 5 and 6….. New BB does most if not the whole
   party. Sponsor is there for questions, support, etc.

   Go through their 100 person contact list, highlight 3-5 people for
   their “dream team” to talk to about the opportunity. Practice
   again. Have them make these calls within 1-2 days and call you
      Don’t wait until you launch, these calls should be done right away!
      Always encourage finding business partners in the first month.

   11. ( ) Getting Started webinar with Sara Langum

   12. ( ) Schedule next coaching session
     *Practice their “why”.
      *Practice verbiage for scheduling presentations, role play to help
      them feel comfortable.
      *Go over how to do one on ones (webinar on
      *Role play the presentation, sampling on hand, and close

   1. ( ) Plug into trainings, conference calls and monthly team
      meetings, stress the importance of staying connected. Once a
      month team meetings are a must. We have seen it…People that
      stay connected (attend meetings, participate in conference calls)
      are successful.

Great Resources... consultant resources, (Cheryl Yesberger
NVP) (Cleary Maly ENVP) (Deanna Herrin ENVP)
 Training Videos * Re9 group presentation, Selling, scheduling,
sponsoring. (Cecilia Stoll ENVP)
Recorded Dream Team Calls 1-6

( ) It is their responsibility to learn about the products. Read the
catalog, Arbonne University, Learn and Burns, Product Knowledge call
with ENVP Rachel Sinclair (

( ) Teach new consultant how to go District and focus on Activity.
       *$4800 in 1 or 2 months (w/ $800 PRV)
       *$6000 over 3 months ($800 PRV, $2000 in last month of

( ) Follow the “NVP Roadmap to success”. It is a proven system. It

( ) Help your new Business partner find business builders and duplicate
this same process.

( ) Work 1-2 levels down to ensure duplication of the system.

( ) Have FUN and enjoy the journey!

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